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857 Interlocked Hands

 Cai Songyin brought Tan Dongbang to the master bedroom in the Prime Minister's residence on the second level.

Tan Guiren followed them to the second level. However, when she saw that they had entered the master bedroom, she stopped following. She thought that since mummy had not been home for so many days, she would have many things to speak to daddy about. She did not want to disturb them. She would go and take a look again after they were done.


Cai Songyin stood at the entrance of the master bedroom. She looked at the bedroom that had once filled her with excitement. She looked at the decorations she had once put so much effort into. She felt a pang in her heart. The tears that she thought had dried up began flowing down her cheeks again.

She turned around and dabbed them dry.

Tan Dongbang handed her a tissue as he lowered his voice to say, "Songyin, I am truly sorry. This was my fault. You can hit me or scold me, whichever makes you happy, but please do not ignore me. You are the only woman in my heart..."

Unfortunately, while words like those sometimes worked on little girls, still lacked meaning in Cai Songyin's ears.

Cai Songyin was not young anymore. Her daughter was already in her twenties. She was someone who could do as she wished in the media industry. Why would she be blinded by Tan Dongbang again because of sweet nothings like these?

However, she could not fall out with Ta Dongbang just like that. She could not, simply because they had too much to lose.

As for love, it had vanished the moment she saw the short clip of Tan Dongbang and Gu Yanran.

To give herself some pride and gracefulness, she'd returned to her parents' while she was seeing red. If she stayed, she was afraid that she might take a knife and kill Tan Dongbang in a fit of anger...

However, committing a crime against a man who'd had an extramarital affair was just not worth it.

After almost a month at her parents', she could finally face Tan Dongbang with a peaceful mind.

"Dongbang, we have been married for so many years. You committed a grave mistake," Cai Songyin said as she took out her phone and showed Tan Dongbang a clip that she had not shown to the public. It had been taken in this master bedroom. "Look, if you wanted to have an affair, why did you do it on my bed?! Who do you think Gu Yanran can be? She left so many hints here on purpose so that I would find them!"

Tan Dongbang's expression turned angry after seeing the clip.

Gu Yanran had promised... She had promised that she would never tell Cai Songyin...

However, the evidence was right there. Tan Dongbang was so full of guilt that he took Cai Songyin's hand and knelt in front of her.

"Songyin, Songyin... Please forgive me just this once. I will remember your kindness for the rest of life! Really! Gu Yanran has put me in such a bad spot that the committee is reassessing my ability to be Prime Minister. I have no other options anymore. You know how many years I worked hard to be the Prime Minister!" Tan Dongbang pulled on Cai Songyin's hands and begged earnestly. "We've known each other since we were young. I have liked you since I was a young man. You are the only one I love!"

Cai Songyin almost laughed out loud at that.

He only knew how to say "You are the only one I love" when he was faced with impeachment. Why hadn't he thought about who he loved when he was in bed with that woman?!

Cai Songyin used all her determination to control herself and not push Tan Dongbang away.

She took a deep breath, looked up, and closed her eyes to cool herself down before helping Tan Dongbang up. "Dongbang, get up. How can you do that? You are the Prime Minister of the nation. You do not have to kneel before me."

"Songyin, help me! Please help me! I do not want to be the Prime Minister who gets impeached! I still want to go for re-election! Songyin, have you forgotten about the promises we had made to each other in the past? Have you forgotten about our aspirations?" Tan Dongbang hugged Cai Songyin by her shoulders. "As long as you help me to get through this, I swear that I will never look at other women again in my life!"

Did he really think she would believe words like this?

Cai Songyin smiled cunningly. "There would be no need for that. You are the Prime Minister of this nation, how could you not look at other women? How could you work?"

"I don't care. I will only listen to you from now on, I promise."

Tan Dongbang's assistant and associates had all applied for "medical leave" recently. They all wanted to avoid getting involved with Tan Dongbang's impeachment. They all felt that there was too much evidence against him. It would be too hard for him to get away scot-free.

As such, the only people he could seek help from were his family. The Tans were a family of scholars. They were all disgusted by the things he had done. Even though they had not shown their displeasure publicly, they refused to help him.

The only one who could help him was his wife, Cai Songyin. As long as his wife agreed to stand alongside him in times like this, he would be able to get through it smoothly.

He had looked up the presidents and prime ministers of other countries who'd had extramarital affairs while in office. They'd all managed to get through the hard times by having their wives beside them.

Cai Songyin knew about this as well, which was why she had decided to return. No matter what, they were husband and wife. She had decided that, even though they had no love for each other, they would be a couple who benefited from each other.

Moreover, they had a daughter together.

For her daughter to be able to marry well in the future, she could never allow Tan Dongbang to be impeached.

However, in front of Tan Dongbang, she did not need to say such words. Men were all lowlifes in her eyes. The only way to get them to be obedient and listen was to tempt them with treats, like a carrot to a rabbit.

Cai Songyin was filled with hatred and disgust for men.

Tan Dongbang looked at Cai Songyin nervously and nudged her. "Songyin, tell me, what should I do?"

The cabinet had already made up a jury and sent investigating officers to gather evidence of Tan Dongbang having an extramarital affair. They were going to use that against him to question his moral values and working capabilities.

As long as the investigating officers managed to convince the jury, Tan Dongbang would be impeached immediately.

Cai Songyin chuckled. "You are scared now? If you'd known it would come to this, would you have done it? I am tired. We will talk after I rest for a couple of days."

"...But the court has already begun gathering evidence!" Tan Dongbang was almost desperate. "I have not been able to eat or sleep for the past few days. I have aged more than a decade since you've been gone!"

"I know. I have already engaged a lawyer." Cai Songyin waved him away absentmindedly. "Also, I want to change all the decorations and furniture in this room. You won't stop me, will you?"

"No, I will not. Change anything you want." Tan Dongbang breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Cai Songyin had engaged a lawyer. He was a Prime Minister. There were many things he could not do on his own that someone else had to do it in his place.

Since his assistant and associates had all left him, he found it embarrassing to engage a lawyer on his own...

After thinking things through, Cai Songyin was still the best to him. Tan Dongbang had made up his mind to love Cai Songyin with all his heart henceforth.

He left the master bedroom and closed the door. Tan Guiren was watching him the door of her room. "Daddy, is mummy still angry?" Tan Guiren whispered and pointed to the door of the master bedroom.

"She is a lot better." Tan Dongbang looked relieved. "Go and accompany your mummy. She loves you the most."

"Sure thing!" Seeing that Tan Dongbang was leaving, Tan Guiren entered her parents' room to visit her mother, Cai Songyin.


It was late morning on the weekend. Gu Nianzhi woke up from her dreams and did not wish to move. She remained in bed and began scrolling her phone.

Ma Qiqi returned with breakfast and knocked on her door. "Nianzhi! Are you up?"

Gu Nianzhi replied, "Yes I am up, but not awake yet."

"Lazy bum, wake up! I have savory and sweet bean curd, millet porridge, spring onion puffed pastry, and beef buns. Which would you like to have?"

Gu Nianzhi had initially intended to stay in bed. However, when she heard Ma Qiqi mention all these breakfast delicacies, she felt her tummy rumble.

She got out of bed and washed up quickly before joining Ma Qiqi at the dining table.

Both of them sat around the dining table and had a great time having their breakfast.

After a little while, Ma Qiqi's phone rang.

The moment she heard the ringtone, she took her phone out and turned to Gu Nianzhi. "Give me a minute while you continue eating, okay? I need to answer a call." With that, she ran back to her room, closed the door, and answered the call.

Gu Nianzhi guessed that it was most likely from Yin Shixiong. She made a face at Ma Qiqi's door and continued having her breakfast.

Ma Qiqi came out from her room within five minutes of taking the call. Her face was flushed, and she looked better than ever.

Gu Nianzhi took a beef bun and placed it in front of her. "You are finally settling down. Tell me, when are you guys going to get married?"

"Nonsense! Why would it be so soon?!" Ma Qiqi smiled as she took a bite of the beef bun. "I want to enjoy the romantic times of being in a relationship. Why would I want to get married so soon and turn into a fierce wife?"

This genius, beautiful, 19-year-old lady felt as though she'd been shot right in the head...

Gu Nianzhi could not help herself but blame Huo Shaoheng silently. It was all his fault that she had become a "fierce wife."

Ma Qiqi babbled on about her imaginary ideal relationship to Gu Nianzhi. Then, seeing that Gu Nianzhi had gone silent, she contemplated for a while before realizing what might be going on Gu Nianzhi's mind. She whispered to Gu Nianzhi, "Nianzhi, are you missing Huo Shao?"

Gu Nianzhi shook her head. "Why should I miss him? Don't be silly."

"Then why did you look like that?" Ma Qiqi folded her arms and very much wanted to interrogate Gu Nianzhi. "Also, tell me... You were interlocking hands with Professor He at his apartment the other day. Are you trying to have an affair?"

Gu Nianzhi laughed. She patted Ma Qiqi on the shoulders. "Do you use that phrase like that?! Qiqi, my dear Qiqi, why didn't I realize that you are not that clever?"