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854 Do Not Let Them Live

 When the stilted building collapsed, the gun exploded as well and turned into nothing but scrap.

Thankfully, they had used a shooting machine for the test shot instead of a human. If Song Haichuan had used a human for that test shot, most likely, that person would have been blasted into bits and pieces as well...

Huo Shaoheng turned the projector off, and the screen went dark. At the same time, the lights in the meeting room went up.

The standing committee members all wore grim expressions, and no one spoke for a long time.

Huo Shaoheng did not push them for a response. "As you can see, we have been unable to produce a usable weapon with this material yet. Someone else managed to do it before us, however. Not only did they manage to manufacture a weapon with this material, they even managed to ship it into Di Capital to commit a crime."

His expression became stern. "I would like to remind every single one of you here, that with the discovery of such weapons, all our existing security measures would be for naught the moment they decide to mass-produce the weapons."

Because other than being able to destroy cement, this portable weapon would be able to fire bullets that had enough power to shoot through multiple human beings. That would mean that bulletproof vehicles and physical bodyguards would all be useless.

The safety of the standing committee could not be guaranteed.

"...Such things. How on earth did they manage to get past the security at the train stations and the airport? Must we set security checks on the expressways in the future as well?" one of the standing committee members asked, looking extremely worried.

Huo Shaoheng looked at the information in his hands and replied: "What we have now are only guesses. The texture of this material is similar to plastic. Therefore, no current security measures would be able to detect any abnormalities. Our guess now is that they dismantled the weapon and shipped the parts in before fixing them back after they managed to get through the security checks."

"Such atrocity! How could we have missed them?" One of the standing committee members who had a bad temper slammed his fist onto the table. "It had better not be anyone from our side that leaked the information. If it was someone from our side, I must request military sentencing and shoot this bastard of a traitor to death!"

Huo Shaoheng nodded in the direction of that committee member. "I second military sentencing of that person."

He continued reporting on the incident that had happened that morning. "However, even though the opponent was cruel and had a futuristically powerful weapon, we had more than enough human resources on our end. Therefore, we were able to provide the best form of protection for our citizens in the nick of time. Other than the death of the shooter when he decided to self-destruct, no other injuries or deaths were reported."

General Ji breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "That is good, then; that is good. I have long said before-if Shaoheng were the one handling matters, I would be able to rest my mind."

He looked at the standing committee members who were present: "What do you think about this?"

The committee member in charge of armory had initially wanted to interrogate the shooter, in the hopes of knowing where he got the weapon. However, when he heard that the Huaxia Empire had had it 17 years ago, and its manufacture was put on hold due to the manufacturing costs, he remained silent.

Another committee member was in charge of military research. He contemplated and told Huo Shaoheng, "The experiment that academician Song was doing seventeen years ago for the army was, and still is, top secret. There are only five people who knew about the details of the experiment to date. One would be academician Song himself, the other is myself, and another one is Senior Colonel Huo Guanyuan. Then finally, the last two people who know about it would be Madam Song Jinning and one more..." He looked at Huo Shaoheng before continuing. "...Would be Bai Jinyi."

Bai Jinyi actually did not know about the details of the experiment 17 years ago. However, when the experiment failed, leading to Song Haichuan's death, Song Jinning's mental breakdown, and Huo Guanyuan passing away because he was present, Bai Jinyi became the director of the Institute of High Energy Physics. She also took over this experiment and therefore became one of the people who knew the details of it.

"...However, I am not sure as to how many people knew about the existence of the newly discovered material. We will have to investigate again. I can vouch for the first four people who knew about the experiment that they will never leak confidential information to others."

He did not dare vouch for Bai Jinyi.

She was someone who did not mind killing people for mere research data. Moreover, her second elder brother, Bai Yusheng, was a traitor who was on the run in America.

Huo Shaoheng furrowed his brows. "Bai Jinyi has been sentenced to a lifetime of prison, and she is currently there."

"We can sentence her again." General Ji had a cold expression on his face. "If she was the one who leaked the information, she would be facing a death sentence and not a mere lifetime of prison!"

What an utter load of bullshit!

Their prisons would never keep traitors alive!

Huo Shaoheng did not protest: "It would not be convenient for me to intervene here. I believe all of you who are present would be more curious than myself to know whether she had leaked information."

General Ji looked at the committee member who was in charge of military research and said, "I will let you handle this. You will interrogate her personally. If she is the one who leaked the information, there would be evidence."

Huo Shaoheng supported General Ji's order as well. "If any one of you requires help overseas to look for leads, the Special Forces would cooperate fully with your demands."

The standing committee member who had a fiery temper suggested, "I think we can get the Bais to help us. Namely, minister Bai Jiancheng and Colonel Bai. They are both people with a strong sense of justice, and would not be biased even if it was someone from their family."

General Ji remained silent.

Huo Shaoheng understood what General Ji meant and said, "I do not think that this would be a good idea. Let us concentrate on Bai Jinyi, because there would be an issue of confidentiality if we get too many people involved."

When it came to confidentiality, no one in the meeting room had a stronger power than Huo Shaoheng.

They all nodded their heads, and they arrived at a consensus.

Seeing that they had come to an agreement, General Ji announced the end of the meeting. He wanted everyone to get to what they were supposed to do and investigate the leaking of information on the experiment 17 years ago.

Huo Shaoheng sent all the standing committee members away until there was only General Ji left.

He stood in the empty parade square in front of the building of the Special Forces and whispered to Huo Shaoheng: "...You have to investigate properly why they would want to use such a weapon to assassinate Nianzhi."

"I know." Huo Shaoheng whispered back. "By bringing the material up, I was just trying to cover the main issue."

He did not want the standing committee members to put all their focus on Gu Nianzhi...

Because Huo Shaoheng and General Ji had intentionally brought their focus elsewhere, the "victim," who was supposed to be concentrated on by the army, had been forgotten about just like this.

The standing committee members were attracted by the "newly discovered material" and reopened the case on Song Haichuan's failed experiment 17 years ago from the ancient files in the archive.

The Military Supreme Council formed a four-person highly confidential group for this, in order to investigate the people who knew about the discovery of that material from the failed experiment 17 years ago.


Gu Nianzhi returned to school and went to He Zhichu's apartment in the Professor's building in B University with Ye Xuan and He Zhichu himself.

Neither Ma Qiqi nor Yin Shixiong went.

Ma Qiqi had not been able to sleep for the entire night. Moreover, she had just managed to get to the guy that she had liked for a long time. She was too excited, and it led to her feeling drained. She was exhausted. The moment she returned to school, she headed immediately back to her dormitory to sleep.

Yin Shixiong sent her back to the dormitory and returned to the headquarters immediately to report to Huo Shaoheng.


When Gu Nianzhi arrived at He Zhichu's apartment in B University again, she told Ye Xuan emotionally, "It has been hard on you. However, this should be the last time. Gu Yanran most likely will not look for trouble with us anymore."

Ye Xuan did not look well. Perhaps he was overly tired, or perhaps he had not managed to put the past behind him.

Gu Nianzhi look at him and said kindly: "Would you like to take a shower first and rest?"

Ye Xuan was indeed exhausted. However, he looked seriously at Gu Nianzhi and said, "I will go and fall asleep. When I wake up, I will tell you everything I know."

"No hurry." Gu Nianzhi looked at him and comforted him with a smile. "You will have your chance to talk, especially in court."

"Okay. I will be your witness." Ye Xuan was determined to go all out and fight Gu Yanran in court.

"That would be great!" Gu Nianzhi clapped her hands. "Okay. Go and have a shower first. I will make you a sandwich and a cup of hot milk. Go to bed after eating."

Ye Xuan did not reject her kindness. He stood up and asked He Zhichu: "Mr. He, may I know which bathroom can I use, please?"

He Zhichu brought Ye Xuan to the bathroom in his guestroom and brought him a brand new set of bathing essentials. Then, he came out of the guestroom.

Gu Nianzhi was making a sandwich in the living room and heating up a glass of milk in the microwave.

When there was no one there to watch, her face did not have that happy and worry-free smile that was so sweet and adorable anymore.

She stood behind the island alone, and her back bent with stress. She tried her best to fight everything, not allowing anyone to see her weariness and fear.

He Zhichu felt a pang in his heart.

Stuffing both hands in his pockets, he stood behind her quietly for a while before coughing lightly. "What are you thinking about, Nianzhi?"

He walked over slowly and leaned against the island.

Gu Nianzhi raised her head slowly, and her big eyes had something to them that made He Zhichu's heart skip a beat.

"Professor He, why would they want to assassinate me? Would it be due to the inheritance of the Gus?"

He Zhichu was speechless and he finally managed to find words to respond to Gu Nianzhi's question: "What do you think? If it weren't due to the inheritance, then why else would you be assassinated? Humans die for money, and birds die for food. People can resort to any means for the sake of money. Moreover, the inheritance of the Gus is not mere millions or tens of millions. We would be talking about way more than that."

Gu Nianzhi's furrowed eyebrows slowly relaxed. It seemed like she had come to a decision. Nodding slowly, she said calmly, "All right then, since they will not let me live, I shall not let them live as well."

Just a sentence, but He Zhichu understood her anger and determination. He nodded approvingly; this was the Gu Nianzhi he knew.

"Yes. Just like that. When others do not allow you to live, you do not have to think about them either. There will be people who like digging their own graves, so we should grant them their wishes."

Gu Nianzhi smiled. "Professor He, don't you think that whatever I said just now was pure evil, and not thinking properly?"

"Nope. Why would you ask that?" He Zhichu raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "In my heart, whatever you said would be right. Whatever you want to will be what I want to do. If you're thinking of pure evil and not thinking properly, then I would not be thinking properly for a long time either."

Even though his tone was cold and aloof, the content of his words was as warm as a blazing fire.

It was this sharp contrast that gave He Zhichu his unique charisma.

Gu Nianzhi fell silent.

She had wanted to laugh, but what was this feeling of warmth and contentment? Why was she touched when he said those things?