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853 Who Were the Ones Who Knew the Truth

 Huo Shaoheng and his men took over the case the moment the police barricaded the area after the incident in the morning.

The matter was extremely serious, so everyone considered it a priority. Other organizations had tried to take charge of it as well, but they did not succeed, because General Ji had specifically ordered that this incident was to be handled by the Special Forces.

Only General Ji's interference made it easy for Huo Shaoheng to take control of this case.

He thought about it as he rode swiftly back to the headquarters of the Special Forces. General Ji had already brought the standing committee from the military Supreme Council to wait for him at headquarters.

Because Huo Shaoheng had informed General Ji that the incident might be relevant to what happened 17 years ago to Song Haichuan, the previous director of the Institute of High Energy Physics, General Ji did not inform Huo Shaoheng's father, Huo Guanchen, about the meeting even though he was also one of the members of the standing committee.

Huo Guanchen and Song Jinning were not exactly on great terms. General Ji felt that Huo Guanchen should stay away from anything related to the family of Song Jinning.

Huo Shaoheng had no objections to this decision.

He took his suitcase into the meeting room in the Special Forces building and saluted everyone from the standing committee. "Greetings, Sir!"

General Ji waved at him. "Sit down. Tell these couple of old men here what exactly happened."

Huo Shaoheng did not sit down. Instead, he turned on the multimedia projector in the meeting room and showcased what he had managed to find online for high-energy materials. Then he presented them with the scraps of materials he had found today and began.

"Generals, I have invited you here today as I have an important item to report to all of you." Huo Shaoheng aimed his laser pointer at the projector screen. "Take a look. This was what happened this morning. No construction road work caused the dents on the ground. This is the footage of the entire incident this morning, with a perfect view of what happened."

The screen lit up, and the incident from that morning showed on the screen.

Everything had been blasted, and that made everyone tense. The footage looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie in high definition.

The footage dumbfounded even the standing committee members and General Ji, who were exposed to all kinds of missions. They watched with their mouths agape.

"What on earth is this? Do we have it?" The standing committee member in charge of weapons was almost red-eyed. "If we do not have that, I propose that we place an immediate order for it!"

They were all soldiers. Therefore, they understood that weapons were of high importance in a war. Long gone were the olden days, when soldiers fought with swords and spears.

Huo Shaoheng clicked a couple of times on the control station, and the screen changed. This time around, it showed a weapon that looked oddly like a gun with only half the barrel.

Huo Shaoheng introduced the image: "This mock-up armory image was done up based on information from everyone present at the scene this morning. The new armor-penetrating bullets that thoroughly damaged the cement pedestrian walkway this morning were all fired from this gun with a short barrel."

"Are you certain that that thing is a gun?" One of the standing committee members could not believe that a weapon that destroyed an entire cement walkway could look like a gun.

Huo Shaoheng, however, nodded. "We had seven to eight guys there. They all saw it with their own eyes and confirmed that the weapon looked like this. They fought with him nearby, and this image was established after comparing the memories of the gun from everyone from all angles."

"But is this possible?" General Ji asked moodily. He could not understand no matter how much he thought about it.

How could such a small thing have such power?

Moreover, the length of its barrel was only half of a normal gun's. The bullet had to gain enough speed in half the time. An increase in speed meant greater friction. Greater friction meant emitting a great amount of energy and heat within an extremely short amount of time.

The energy and heat that the bullet would produce would be too powerful for any gun to take and would cause an explosion in the barrel. Up till now, no guns had been able to overcome this problem.

Then how did that thing do it?

Huo Shaoheng clicked again and explained. "The key to our question would be the material used to manufacture that weapon."

He placed the plastic bags containing the scrap materials onto the table. "I arrived slightly later than everyone because I made a trip down to the Institute of High Energy Physics, to get the people there to test for the components of this material."

"And what did the tests reveal?" General Ji asked with narrowed eyes.

Huo Shaoheng showed Song Jinning's test results on the screen. "Look. This is the manufacturing material. Its creator was Song Haichuan, the previous director of the Institute of High Energy Physics, a world-renowned high energy physicist, who passed on."

"Seventeen years ago?" One of the committee members was taken aback.

"I have confirmed that the material for this gun was the same one that my grandfather found seventeen years ago while doing an experiment for the army. However, due to the hefty manufacturing price of the material, it had been placed in the testing phase without releasing it to the public. Therefore, it was not mass-produced."

However, it confirmed their suspicions when the assassination happened this morning.

"Moreover, that explosion by my grandfather's failed experiment caused the death of everyone working on it. I only got to know about this after checking on some information." Huo Shaoheng was upset. "I would like to know who would be so powerful and influential that they would know about this type of new material and send the information to the outside."

"Major General Huo, even so, how could you assume that one of us had informed on our own country?"

Huo Shaoheng looked at the standing committee. "I want to know who was the one who protected Song Haichuan in the dark that time. Also, who were the ones who knew the truth of this discovery by Song Haichuan?"

According to what he knew, there were fewer than five people who knew about this incident. It was impossible to believe that the traitor hid among these five.

These were all people of high status. They had power, money, and fame. They were also loyal to their country and the army, and considered their careers of utmost importance; they were people with long-term plans.

To be in such a position but still prefer to help the enemy? If that was the case, it would mean that they were brainless.

"The bullets that this gun contained were extremely special. Look at this CCTV footage. One of our guys was standing in front of Gu Nianzhi. Had he not pushed her away, she would have been shot through by that bullet. It would not help even if someone were shielding her from the front. With a power that huge, it could shoot through even four or five humans."

With that, Huo Shaoheng demonstrated the supposed scenario with magazines.

The screen showed the footage when Song Haichuan was doing experiments 17 years ago. All of a sudden, they heard a gunshot. Then, in the blink of an eye, it hit the target for the experiment: one of the pillars of the abandoned building.

The building swayed before collapsing with a crash.