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849 Lurking Forces Ⅷ

 Even though the sounds from the gun were silenced, the bullets shot were like grenades, or even stronger. They landed on the cement sidewalk and created dents and damaged the entire walkway.

Pieces of cement flew all around and smashed into the cars at the traffic light. The drivers sounded their horns in shock.

A quiet morning had suddenly become chaotic.

The passengers and drivers in the cars looked on, shocked out of their lives, at the scene like live action out of a Hollywood movie, unfolding in front of them. They were scared stiff and lost the energy and strength to open the car doors and escape.

Gu Nianzhi was hugged tightly in He Zhichu's embrace, and they managed to roll to the side of the entrance of the police station in no time.

Two police officers rushed out.

"Get down! They have guns!" In a moment of panic, He Zhichu could only shout like this. However, he knew that whatever the shooter had was way stronger than just a gun. Even though it was nowhere near comparable to his magnetic grenade gun, it seemed like its shots were more deadly.

He Zhichu's magnetic grenade gun was the master control gun, and whatever the shooter had was the main output of it.

Thankfully, the police officers were well trained. Upon hearing He Zhichu's words, albeit not knowing if the situation was real, they knew that they had to get down when their opponent had guns.

They went down in one swift motion.

Immediately after, they heard sounds of silenced bullets again, and the entire cement walkway in front of the police station was damaged. The ground in front of the police station was almost cracked.

Even though He Zhichu had managed to roll into the police station behind the metal door, he was not able to hide behind a wall or pillar. On the contrary, he remained on the ground and protected Gu Nianzhi's head with all his might.

Gu Nianzhi took the opportunity to look around when He Zhichu looked up. She then realized with a shock that there was a shooter in the building opposite them, and he was firing.

Looking at the thoroughly damaged cement ground near them, Gu Nianzhi was speechless. What on earth was that person shooting with? He was seriously inhumane!

Such vicious cruelty!

Having gone through the ordeal in the forests of the Alps, Gu Nianzhi had developed an immunity to situations like this. She was not fazed, but instead a sense of excitement built up in her. She could not wait for the entire situation to be as messed up as possible, so that she could pick up a gun as well, to compete with the opponent to see whose shooting skills were better...

Sadly, before Gu Nianzhi was done trying to imagine herself as a sharpshooter, she saw seven to eight trained professionals closing in on the building opposite them.

Seeing how they were poised, Gu Nianzhi guessed that they were members of the Special Forces.

Then where was the normal-looking man who was protecting her out there just now? And what about the woman in her mid-40s?

Gu Nianzhi could not help herself and strained her head to take a peek.

Two of them, one on the left and the other on the right, got down in front of the metal entrance of the police station. They were armed and looked like they were prepared to pounce to her side to protect her should anything happen.

She turned around and looked at He Zhichu. He had the same look as the two members of the Special Forces.

Gu Nianzhi felt tears well up in her eyes. She remained still-extremely still, so that she would not be a burden to He Zhichu.


The members of the Special Forces had split into two routes and moved swiftly toward the building where the shooter was hiding. The rounds from the shooter were strong and fierce, but they were not afraid at all. They had almost been attacked and harmed in their homeland. They would never take this lying down.

The Special Forces were well trained. On top of that, they were well coordinated. They made only a couple of hand signals before deciding on the plan to be executed. They split into three teams and closed in on the place where the shooter was hiding.

On the top floor of the building, a tall man used the walls of the building, which were the height of half a man, as a hiding point. He was hugging a semi-automatic sniper. He looked through the target and aimed in Gu Nianzhi's direction.

When he finally realized that he had been ambushed, the members the Special Forces were already within two meters of his radius.

"Put down your gun. Raise your hands. Put them behind your head and squat near the wall. Listen to my instructions; if not, my gun does not recognize anyone." The leader of this operation from the Special Forces raised his gun calmly and aimed at the shooter's head.

With only two meters in radius, the man would not be able to escape no matter how capable he was.

The Special Forces were trained to shoot and kill opponents armed with guns as long as the situation was almost out of control. They would never allow them a single chance to escape.

Huo Shaoheng had said before that the only opponents that would not worry them were opponents whose hearts had stopped beating.

When the shooter realized that he had been ambushed, he did not show signs of fright. He retained his posture without moving. His hand was still holding the gun like he was preparing to shoot any time.

The members of the Special Forces looked at him nervously. Everyone had a gun, and all of them took aim. They were prepared to shoot as long as they sensed that that gunman had any intentions.

The shooter paused for a second. His hand clicked, and he turned the gun around.

The Special Forces who surrounded him thought that he was going to put up a struggle and began shooting.

The shooter did not turn the gun toward them. Instead, he aimed at his own heart. With a click, he pulled the trigger.

Bam! The crowd heard a soft but strong explosion. It looked like a small grenade detonating in front of them.

The shooter's body blew into pieces and was a mess of blood, body parts, and organs. The entire top floor of the building was a scene replicated from a gory horror movie. Anyone passing by would have thought that a carton of tomato ketchup was spilled. There were red and blackish human remains everywhere...

As well trained as they were, the members of the Special Forces had not been exposed to such a scene, even during training.

They were elites, however. They were able to use the final ounce of their rationality to call the forensic scientist from the Special Forces to the scene of the crime. They had also called specialists from the explosive and armor departments and activated the protocol for barricading the area.

They could see that the gun and bullet the man used were not normal.

To be more specific, they had never seen anyone from any country use bullets of such strength and power. They also did not know which guns would be able to withstand bullets of such power and still not shatter or backfire.


When Huo Shaoheng arrived at the scene after receiving the news, they had already barricaded the area. No one could get close, and even the residents who were staying in the building were requested to leave. The government put them up in hotels, and they were not to return to the building until all investigations were over.

Because Yin Shixiong was accompanying Ma Qiqi in the police station with Ye Xuan, the persons who arrived with Huo Shaoheng were Zhao Liangze and some other soldiers.

"What's the updated situation?" Huo Shaoheng arrived at the scene but did not enter. He merely folded his arms and looked on from the barricade.

The specialists in the area were all covered in white protective gear, and they were armed with different equipment as they combed the entire area.

Zhao Liangze headed off to look for the person in charge of the area to learn about the situation. He returned and informed Huo Shaoheng softly: "It's like this, Mr. Huo; you already knew what happened in front. Nianzhi's bodyguards realized that people were trying to assassinate Nianzhi, but when everyone moved in on this building, that person chose to shoot-oh, not shoot-but to explode himself."

Zhao Liangze narrated the scenario to Huo Shaoheng: "We had seven to eight of our people here. They all saw him turn the gun toward himself, aim it at his heart, and fire. Then his body exploded like a balloon, into pieces, and he splattered everywhere -like how you see it looks like right now."

Huo Shaoheng covered his nose with his hand and coughed. "What weapon did that person use? I see that the cement walkway in front of the police station is damaged like a cannon fired on it."

Zhao Liangze laughed bitterly. He turned and pointed at the armor specialist: "That specialist said that this person used armor-piercing bullets...only cannons could withstand their firepower."

"Are you trying to imply that that shooter was carrying a miniature cannon around? Tell me, with Di capital's security, how on earth did he bypass all of them and smuggle that damn thing here?" Huo Shaoheng pointed at the scene. "This is Di Capital's Sihuan district. Most of the senior colonels reside here, and therefore it is one of the places with the best security in Di capital."

Zhao Liangze shook his head. "That specialist could not understand it as well. He is now trying to collect the scraps of the weapon to see if he could make anything out of them."

Huo Shaoheng said nothing. He folded his arms and stood outside the barricade and looked at the entrance of the police station.

It was right there that Gu Nianzhi was assassinated again.

These people seem too arrogant.

With all his security measures around Gu Nianzhi, he could not believe that there would still be people who wanted to try to assassinate her...

"Where is Nianzhi? Is she okay?" Huo Shaoheng asked, without even turning around.

Zhao Liangze replied: "Nianzhi is fine. Professor He was with her then. According to our people, Professor He was swift in his actions. When no one else had noticed the shooter's aim was on Nianzhi, he had. They all had thought the only thing that was attacking Nianzhi was the rider and the motorbike..."

"There was a motorbike as well?" Huo Shaoheng turned around, and his brows furrowed. "What was that?"

Zhao Liangze repeated the scenario to him and pointed at the entrance of the police station: "There-it was there. Nianzhi was standing along the road, waiting for Professor He to get his car over. It was the peak period when people were going to work. The traffic was packed. A motorbike speeded toward her all of a sudden, wanting to snatch her bag and use the bike to ram into her along the way. We had two people near her then. They protected her left and right. Only Professor He noticed that Gu Nianzhi was the target of a shooter. Then, he lunged forward from the back to save her."