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841 Catch Up

 "Professor He is back!" Gu Nianzhi's eyes glittered as she left Ma Qiqi and Yin Shixiong to greet them.

This time, He Zhichu had a driver, so he was dropped off right in front of his building. As soon as He Zhichu looked up, he saw Gu Nianzhi's smiling face and his thin, cruel lips curved into a happy arc. His cold expression didn't appear so indifferent anymore.

Opening the car door to get out, he stood in front of Gu Nianzhi and replied dryly, "The car hasn't been parked yet, don't be running around."

Gu Nianzhi looked up at He Zhichu, her exquisite little face illuminating as bright and beautiful as the sun. "Professor He, you're back! Congratulations on Professor He's great victory! When Professor He gets involved, he does the work of two people!"

Gu Nianzhi continued pouring on the flattery. Although He Zhichu knew that she was using honeyed words to flatter him, his heart still bloomed with happiness.

"You're overdoing it." He Zhichu patted her head. He gestured towards the vehicle. "Ye Xuan is in the car."

Gu Nianzhi poked her head over and waved at Ye Xuan, who sat motionless inside the car. "Welcome home, Ye Xuan!"

Ye Xuan's feelings were extremely conflicted. On the way here, He Zhichu had told him that he wouldn't have come to the United States to rescue him if not for Gu Nianzhi. It was because Gu Nianzhi had asked for his help that he decided to step in. He Zhichu asked Ye Xuan to thank not him, but Gu Nianzhi. Ye Xuan knew what he had done to Gu Nianzhi, especially when danger befell her in Germany...

And yet, this young girl had still saved him over and over again.

When Ye Xuan thought about this, his nose began to sniffle and tears threatened to fall from his eyes. He fiercely turned his head away so Gu Nianzhi couldn't see his watering eyes.

Through the darkly tinted windows, Gu Nianzhi couldn't clearly see Ye Xuan's expression. However, she was able to see his dramatic head-turn. She shrank back her hand somewhat nervously and pulled at He Zhichu's sleeve as she pouted in the direction of the car. "Professor He, what's wrong with Ye Xuan? Was he injured?"

He Zhichu took one glance before knocking on the car window. "Come out of the car."

Ye Xuan opened the other door and came outside. Inhaling deeply, he straightened his collar and turned around to give Gu Nianzhi a smile. "Miss Gu, it's a pleasure to see you."

Gu Nianzhi was a bit unaccustomed to Ye Xuan's politeness, but she could also understand it. No one would be in a cheerful mood after being incarcerated in the United States.

"Hello, welcome back." Gu Nianzhi nodded at him with a smile. Her eyes were like dots of pitch-black paint, her pale face akin to a flawless piece of beautiful jade. She thoroughly exuded grace and gave off energy like sunlight.

Gu Nianzhi had changed since childhood. Before Huo Shaoheng, Gu Nianzhi had a gloomy personality and a short temper. And even after, she still displayed those traits when chatting with Ye Xuan online.

Of course, Ye Xuan hadn't drifted from her because of her temper. He was infinitely patient with those he cared about. Once, he had even been like that to Gu Yanran.

"Yes, I'm back. Thank you for saving me once again." Ye Xuan walked over and extended his hand out to Gu Nianzhi, "Don't worry, let me rest for a night and I'll tell you everything tomorrow."

In that moment, Gu Nianzhi's eyes seemed to light up like the stars in the sky. However, she suppressed the happiness in her heart and was purposely polite. "How could that be right? You should rest for two days..."

From the side, He Zhichu shook his head with a smile. Grabbing Gu Nianzhi's shoulder with one hand, he said, "Come on, we should go upstairs first. What are we doing here?"

His hand slid down until he held Gu Nianzhi's and pulled her towards the main lobby of the professors' building.

Ye Xuan stared at their interlocking hands for a while before starting to follow them.

Yin Shixiong and Ma Qiqi had been observing the entire time in silence-they didn't even dare to breathe too loudly. After the three of them left, they finally followed.

Yin Shixiong called after them. "Professor He? On behalf of Huo Shao, I'd like to welcome you back!"

He Zhichu had long noticed Yin Shixiong and Ma Qiqi standing there. But they didn't speak, so he ignored them. Now that Yin Shixiong finally spoke, it was something He Zhichu didn't like hearing. He continued to ignore them and squeezed Gu Nianzhi's hand tightly as they quickly walked to the elevator.

Gu Nianzhi was overcome with joy, so she completely failed to notice how inappropriate it was for He Zhichu to hold her hand like that. She was too busy studying He Zhichu's face and trying to discern if he had suffered any injuries in the United States. "Professor He, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He Zhichu glanced at her briefly. "Why, do you want something to happen to me?"

Gu Nianzhi quickly shook her head. "Of course not. But I saw the news from Little Rock, it looked like something serious happened. I was worried..."

"Worried about what?" He Zhichu replied nonchalantly.

The pair entered the elevator and stood at the rear. He Zhichu quickly glanced at Yin Shixiong and Ma Qiqi, who had walked into the elevator like they knew this place and stood facing the mirrored doors. Standing between the two pairs was Ye Xuan.

Gu Nianzhi said quietly, "...I was worried you were injured."

Lifting He Zhichu's hand, she studied it carefully to find it didn't look like anything was wrong. She twisted her hand away.

However He Zhichu grabbed her hand even tighter and replied dryly, "Don't squeeze so hard. I twisted my arm and strained the muscles in my shoulder, as well as my leg."

Ye Xuan said nothing. He was blushing a bit so he could only look up at the ceiling. He never expected the stern Mr. He to lie so easily.

However, Gu Nianzhi got nervous as soon as she heard this. "Really? I assumed that it wasn't very peaceful over there." She quickly relaxed her grip and stopped struggling. She carefully squeezed He Zhichu's elbow. "Where was it twisted? Do you need an orthopedist?"

In the mirrored door, Yin Shixiong could see He Zhichu's movements. He'd also heard the professor's words, and he couldn't help snorting. "I happen to know something about orthopedics. Professor He, do you need my assistance?"

He Zhichu cooly met Yin Shixiong's eyes in the mirror. "No thanks. I'm worried you might make it worse."

Gu Nianzhi saw Yin Shixiong and recalled how Yin Shixiong had said earlier that he was "representing Huo Shao." Her mood had somehow calmed. When the doors opened, she allowed He Zhichu to hold her hand as they all left the elevator and walked to his suite together.

After they entered the room, He Zhichu finally let go of her hand and faced the others. "Please sit." He then turned to Gu Nianzhi. "Prepare coffee and snacks for the guests, I'm going to get changed." He went to his bedroom as if there was no one else there.

Gu Nianzhi frequently came to He Zhichu's suite to attend classes, so she was also accustomed to making coffee for everyone and quickly agreed. "Okay!"

She turned to the guests. "What kind of coffee do you want? There's cappuccino, latte, black, or I can make milk tea."

Ma Qiqi immediately said, "I want a cappuccino, but I'll give you a hand."

Gu Nianzhi nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Qiqi." Her beautiful eyes looked towards Yin Shixiong and Ye Xuan. "What about you guys?"

"Black coffee, no milk or sugar," Yin Shixiong said.

Ye Xuan had just gotten off a long flight, so he didn't want coffee. "Do you have green tea?"

Gu Nianzhi smiled. "Yes, I'll make you one."

The women went to kitchen, where Gu Nianzhi quickly found the coffee, milk packs, and tea leaves. She began the preparations. Ma Qiqi helped by grinding coffee beans.

"Nianzhi, you make coffee here a lot?" Ma Qiqi quietly asked as they worked. Gu Nianzhi's familiarity with this place made her look like the lady of the house.

Of course, He Zhichu's tone with Gu Nianzhi just now had also been intimate and without any regard for others. There was a frightening tacit understanding as well as a hint of something deeper.

Ma Qiqi looked at Gu Nianzhi with concern as she recalled the quiet Huo Shaoheng. She couldn't help sighing. The two girls looked down as they worked. Soon afterwards, they heard the doorbell followed by the sound of the door opening. Someone had arrived.

After changing, He Zhichu emerged to find Huo Shaoheng standing in the living room of his suite.