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815 Enemies Bound to Meet on a Narrow Road

 Ye Xuan had lived in the United States for many years, so he knew that the wisest decision to make now was to remain still.

At the moment, he was just glad that he was wearing his pajamas in bed. Otherwise, he would be very embarrassing if someone were to remove his blankets.

Police officers wearing bulletproof vests and helmets barged into Ye Xuan's room and pointed guns to his head as they tore off the blankets.

Under the blankets, Ye Xuan was on his side. He had no weapons in sight.

The police offices sighed in relief and shouted at him, \"You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say will be used as evidence in court. You have the right to obtain help from a lawyer. If you can't afford legal fees, the court will appoint a free lawyer for you.\"

Ye Xuan remained motionless. He knew that he not only needed to stay silent, but he also had to stay motionless.

As soon as he moved, there was a possibility of getting shot in the head.

The police officers saw that Ye Xuan was being cooperative, so they didn't give him a hard time.

One officer came up to put handcuffs on him, so he could finally get up from the bed.

Putting on shoes, Ye Xuan looked up at the police officers who had barged into his room and asked, \"May I ask what my crime was? Why am I being treated like this?\"

One police officer still aimed his gun at him and expressionlessly said, \"You are suspected of murdering Mr. Vanderbilt's entire family. You will come with us now and wait for your lawyer to come to the police station for questioning.\"

Ye Xuan's heart plummeted.

Mr. Vanderbilt's entire family had died?!

He finally understood that Gu Yanran didn't have any love for him at all.

Though he had stayed with her for so many years, it didn't mean anything in Gu Yanran's heart.

He was her bedmate, and it was just the literal meaning.

Right now, she wanted him dead.

This trap not only got rid of him, but it also eliminated that lawyer.

In other words, the lawyer was really Uncle Gu's lawyer.

It was all his fault. He was the one to bring death to Mr. Vanderbilt's entire family.

Ye Xuan's expression instantly darkened. He looked down and inhaled deeply to stop his voice from choking. \"I need to call my lawyer.\"

\"Go ahead.\" The police raised his gun. \"Where is your phone?\"

Ye Xuan pointed under his pillow.

One police officer fumbled for his phone from under the pillow and placed it in Ye Xuan's hand.

Ye Xuan rubbed his phone and opened the call log. He thought of Gu Yanran as soon as he saw that lawyer's number.

He could no longer trust Gu Yanran anymore.

This lawyer also had very close ties to Gu Yanran. She had even introduced her to him before.

If he contacted that lawyer, he would be placing his life in Gu Yanran's hands. This was a woman who did everything possible to make him die.

Ye Xuan thought about it for a while and decided to find a new lawyer.

He looked online for a while and found the lawyer who was the closest to his location and charged the highest fees to represent him.

Ye Xuan's case had the highest local exposure, so the layer instantly agreed once he got Ye Xuan's call. He quickly drove over to the hotel.

As soon as the lawyer arrived, he hammered out a bunch of Ye Xuan's rights to the police and said he wanted to get him released on bail.

The police officers didn't promise anything and said they would talk more once they took him to the police station.

This was a normal working procedure, so the lawyer went with Ye Xuan.

The fully armed police officers left the hotel with a man wearing a hood on his head. Everyone soon realized this was related to the arson case at Mr. Vanderbilt's home.

The Special Operations Forces field agent quickly sent news back to the Huaxia Empire.


It happened to be past 8 p.m. in the Huaxia Empire when Huo Shaoheng received the news.

\"What? That lawyer's entire family was murdered? The local police said that Ye Xuan was the one who did it?\" Huo Shaoheng began to frown when he looked down at the emergency report submitted by his subordinate.

He stood behind his desk. His body was leaning forward as he held a fist on his desk. After staring at the report for a long time, he gruffly replied, \"The real is fake, and the fake is real. This was a fairly good play of two birds, one stone.\"

Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong both stood across from him. Their expressions were grim.

Zhao Liangze said, \"I already translated the field personnel's secret report. Did you see it yet?\"

Huo Shaoheng nodded. \"I saw it. You go ahead with your work. I can discuss this with Big Xiong.\"

Zhao Liangze was still in charge of summarizing and organizing the large-scale intelligence from the German Federal Intelligence Service. He was so busy every day that he never stayed in one place. He immediately saluted and left.

Yin Shixiong asked Huo Shaoheng with concern, \"Huo Shao, in other words, was that lawyer real? Was Gu Yanran not lying this time?\"

That woman was too sly and told too many lies. Even the occasional truth she told was assumed to be a lie by other people.

They really couldn't be too vigilant against her.

Huo Shaoheng was also thinking the same thing, but he wouldn't be shifting the blame because of this.

\"From the current perspective, it should be real.\" Huo Shaoheng straightened his back and said, \"It's not that she's sly. It's that the person behind her is an expert in playing with people's heads. Not only are they are an expert, but they also have great mobilization power.\"

Huo Shaoheng turned on the wall-mounted TV in the office. \"Look, this is an American TV news report about the case.\"

Yin Shixiong turned around to look at the TV. Among the yellow mountains was a small, lush green town with mountains and lakes.

As the TV news camera changed footage, Huo Shaoheng picked up a laser pointer and drew a circle around the house that had been burnt to the ground. \"You see, a huge house that had been burned to the ground in one night and without anyone noticing it. Not a single person inside escaped, and Ye Xuan was conveniently framed for it. This crime seems difficult or one person to commit.\"

\"You're saying that someone bought a local gang and hired them to do this?\" Yin Shixiong quickly looked down at the information. \"Do we have information about gangs in Utah?\"

Huo Shaoheng sat and leaned against his desk, crossing his arms as he lazily stretched his legs forward. He thought about it and said, \"It may not have been a local gang. If you've ever followed the illegal immigration problem in the United States, you'd know that for someone in the United States to find illegal immigrants from South America to commit these crimes, it only costs $500 per murder.\"

Yin Shixiong thought for a moment.

\"Do you mean that the crime was committed by local illegal immigrants from South America who had been hired?\"

\"That's only one possibility. Of course, it could also be a local gang.\" Huo Shaoheng began to faintly calm down. \"Since it's speculation, we should consider all sorts of situations.\"

He sat back down behind his desk and didn't look up as he said to Yin Shi Xiong, \"Go see Qiqi and leak this news to Nianzhi.\"

Yin Shixiong replied, \"Yes!\"

He knew how important this was. He immediately agreed and turned around to pack up so he could get ready to go to B University to find Qiqi.

Ma Qiqi received a call from Yin Shixiong saying he was coming to visit her and taking her and Nianzhi for dinner. He asked if they were free.

Ma Qiqi happily answered, \"'I'm free, I'm free!\"

Soon after, she decided on a place for dinner with Yin Shixiong and went next door to find Gu Nianzhi. \"Nianzhi, Nianzhi, Brother Xiong is coming to treat us to dinner. Can you come?\"

Gu Nianzhi happened to be free that day. Although she hadn't finished her paper, she had been exhausted the past few days and wanted a break.

The next day was the second day of trials, so she needed to relax.

Like how many students partied hard just before major exams, Gu Nianzhi also wanted to relieve her stress.

She instantly agreed and immediately went to shower. She put on a face mask and got changed.

After much preparation, it was time for Yin Shixiong to pick them up.

Gu Nianzhi and Ma Qiqi got into Yin Shixiong's car. She purposely sat in the back seat so Ma Qiqi could take the front passenger seat.

Yin Shixiong turned around to look at her and laughed. \"Nianzhi, are you not busy today?\"

\"I'm going to court tomorrow, so I need to relax today,\" Gu Nainzhi nonchalantly replied as she held her phone to play a game. \"You guys chat. Just pretend I'm not here.\"

Ma Qiqi's face flushed as she purposely coughed and said, \"Nianzhi, what nonsense are you saying?\"

She quickly turned around to happily chat with Yin Shixiong.

Although Yin Shixiong thought it was funny, he liked listening to Ma Qiqi speak and began chatting with her.

They talked happily. The car grew lively.

Gu Nianzhi wanted nothing more but to put on her headphones on so she could have some peace and quiet.

Luckily, they soon arrived at the restaurant Yin Shixiong made reservations at.

It was a Tan's private kitchen restaurant, so the typical person couldn't get reservations.

Yin Shixiong had made reservations with Huo Shaoheng's name.

He chose this place because it was more private and easier to speak inside.

Unfortunately, they discovered that fate was going against their wishes when they walked in.

Gu Yanran and Jin Wanyi were eating there as well.