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813 Going In Together

 In her email to the court, Gu Nianzhi wrote, \"Due to estate cases requiring a longer time to complete the verification, I would like the court to not spend too much time on the adoption documents. I suggest verifying assets at the same time.\"

After she sent the email, she got attention from the court processing her case.

Honestly, the court didn't want to waste too much time on the adoption documents.

They weren't fools. According to the law, regardless if someone was adopted or not, either an adopted daughter or biological daughter enjoyed the same inheritance rights as long as there were no additional wills.

The court also didn't understand why Gu Yanran's side insisted on making a big deal out of the adoption papers.

Even if they weren't able to produce adoption papers, there was still identification provided by the Barbados government proving Gu Nianzhi's identity as a daughter of the Gu family. They didn't understand why Gu Yanran was so obstinate about it.

After Gu Nianzhi sent her email, Jin Wanyi's documents requesting to delay the trial were finally delivered to the court.

The court personnel took a look. She wanted to delay the trial for three months just to find adoption papers.

This was basically contempt of court...

As a result, the court accepting the case heeded Gu Nianzhi's suggestion and refused Jin Wanyi and Gu Yanran's request to delay trials. They decided to go in it together.

They issued the next trial date, which was the following Wednesday, and requested Gu Yanran to submit the Gu assets inventory to prepare for verification. At the same time, they allowed Jin Wanyi and Gu Yanran three months to continue searching for adoption papers.

Jin Wanyi received the court's decision and was so angry that she knocked over her entire cup of coffee. The brown coffee splashed all over the table and even dirtied the carpet.

After Jin Wanyi lost her temper, she still had to call Gu Yanran. \"Yanran, the court has rejected our request to delay for three months. The next trial date has been set for next Wednesday. Have you worked out your assets inventory?\"

Gu Yanran was instantly unhappy. Jin Wanyi was useless. She couldn't even get a three-month extension.

Luckily, she had already called that other person and gotten advice from her.

Otherwise, she was bound to lose if she only relied on this Jin Wanyi.

Gu Yanran turned on her computer to look at the inventory she had completely reorganized and sent it over to Jin Wanyi. \"Lawyer Jin, this is the inventory of the Gu assets. After you take a look, you can submit it to the court.\"

Jin Wanyi quickly glanced over it and was secretly flabbergasted at the huge Gu fortune.

This magnitude of wealth was not something a wage earner could ever expect.

Even for someone who made an extremely high wage amongst other workers, it would be impossible to earn that much money.

When she thought of it, Gu Yanran's behavior always had a sense of penny-pinching about it, even though the Gus were so wealthy.

Before Jin Wanyi had gotten to know Gu Yanran well, she had been scared by her attitude.

Now that she knew her well, Jin Wanyi shook her head and had quite a bad impression of Gu Yanran.

She entered the information into her computer and said, \"Yanran, make another copy of the inventory and sign your name on it. I'll send your signed document to the court.\"

\"I still need to sign it?\" Gu Yanran was putting up a bit of resistance. \"Can't it be submitted to the court as is?\"

\"Of course not. The court will process it as an invalid document,\" Jin Wanyi patently said. \"We have to submit the inventory tomorrow, so hurry up.\"

Gu Yanran curled up on the huge couch in the living room of her villa. She looked at the bleak autumn scenery outside the French windows. After taking another sip of red wine, she printed another copy of the inventory while she was drunk. She signed her name and sent it to Ji Wanyi.

Jin Wanyi quickly sent out the signed inventory to the court as soon as she received it.

The court received the inventory and quickly ordered personnel to send letters inquiring about the balance and value of Gu Xiangwen's accounts to the banks, investment funds, and patent registration agencies according to the address on the inventory.


Ye Xuan arrived in Little Rock, Utah. He didn't immediately go visit Mr. Vanderbilt, who was quite famous in the small city.

Little Rock was a small city that only had a population of 4,000 or 5,000 people. It was smaller than a village in the Huaxia Empire.

Almost everybody knew each other in this city.

Ye Xuan didn't expect that the person handling Gu Xiangwen's legal affairs and helping him establish his will would be such a plain-looking, unknown lawyer as kind as Santa Claus.

Mr. Vanderbilt was nearly 80 years old, but his spirits were high. Surprisingly, his appearance was youthful. He took his grandson and granddaughter to walk their dog and go outside every day.

\"Hello, Mr. Vanderbilt.\"

\"Are you taking a walk or walking your dog?\"

On the way, there was a countless stream of people greeting the kind old man.

The old man chuckled and sometimes stopped to chat with people. Other times, he would bend over to pick up his family dog's waste from the lawn.

This extremely normal person had a huge client like Gu Xiangwen.

Ye Xuan initially thought it was unbelievable. After observing this old man for a few days, he grew more familiar with him and was even more certain that he was the lawyer handling Gu Xiangwen's legal affairs.

The old man's aura was similar to Gu Xiangwen's. It was an attitude of warmth, tolerance, and kindness. He also had a good temper.

Ye Xuan wasn't sure if he would even feel more familiar if he interacted with him.

As Ye Xuan thought this, he finally walked out from the large tree he had been hiding behind. He headed in the old man's direction.

Ye Xuan remembered the typical autumn evening in the United States. The almost disappearing sunset stretched everything's shadows very long.

Ye Xuan walked toward the sunset and said to the old man, \"Hello.\"

Mr. Vanderbilt's eyes squinted as he glanced at him and gave a kind smile. \"Child, you've finally come over.\"

\"You discovered me a long time ago?\" Ye Xuan was a bit surprised.

\"Yes, you are too obvious. Although you change into different clothes and shoes every day, your aura doesn't change at all. Regardless if you wore a plumber's uniform or a delivery man's clothes, your aura remains the same. If you want to disguise yourself as someone else, it's best to disguise yourself after carefully studying that person's aura.\" The old man was polite and smiled at Ye Xuan with the small thrill from his own judgment.

Many people of that age had dementia. They often didn't recognize their partner of several decades, let alone be able to observe a stranger for several days.

This old man had a clear head and spoke methodically and logically.

By now, Ye Xuan completely believed that his person was Gu Xiangwen's legal advisor.

\"Mr. Vanderbilt, I'm sorry to bother you. I hope you can forgive me.\" Ye Xuan bowed politely. \"My name is Ye Xuan. You should be familiar with the name, Kevin Ku?\"

The old man had been smiling peacefully, but his smile froze for a second when he heard that name. He quickly composed himself and shook his head. \"No, I don't. You've mistaken me for the wrong person.\"

\"Mr. Vanderbilt, Uncle Gu has been in a vegetative state for seven years now. Don't you care about your largest client?\" Ye Xuan balled his hands into fists. He wanted to grab the old man's shoulders and fiercely shake him to knock some sense into him.