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811 Secret Aler

 After Bai Yueran left, Huo Shaoheng sat alone in the office and contemplated matters for a long time. As he stared at the computer screen, it had already turned blue.

What Bai Yueran said was reasonable.

Huo Shaoheng had obtained authorization from the military and Senate to monitor the Cabinet and take advantage of the national interests linked to Gu Xiangwen's patients to put Gu Yanran under surveillance. Afterward, they also began monitoring Ye Xuan as a result of him sharing the Gu assets inventory.

Legally speaking, monitoring government agencies like the Cabinet was a completely different concept from monitoring normal civilians like Gu Yanran and Ye Xuan.

The American Snowden incident became a huge scandal that brought great shame to the American government. That was because it was no different than monitoring ordinary American civilians without discrimination, not because they had been monitoring government officials. In modern society, the former was a heinous violation of personal privacy.

Although the United States had its own \"Patriot Act\" to protect its monitoring activities, the truth was that it also knew it was indefensible. As a result, it never dared to make it public.

As most people knew, that incident immediately faced unanimous international public condemnation after it was publicized by Snowden. No one even considered if those actions had been legal or not, which had an extremely negative political impact on the American government.

In modern society, legality was a relative concept.

Legislative bodies could fabricate many unfathomable laws at any moment. They could also abolish many laws that seemed to be common sense at any minute.

As for high-level officials, they had to consider the law, as well as the influence on civilians. This was especially the case when it came to political influence on the department of the Special Operations Forces.

Huo Shaoheng would never forget how the elite officials of the Senate, Cabinet, and military had seriously doubted this point during the establishment of the Special Operations Forces. They wielded too much power, so would they expand their operations to the domestic side?

Also, had Huo Shaoheng actually invested in inappropriate attention on Gu Nianzhi's lawsuit?

If those actions were to be discovered by Gu Yanran, there was no doubt that it would cause unexpected damage to Gu Nianzhi in court. Gu Yanran might even twist the entire estate feud lawsuit into the Huaxia Imperial military's attempt to abuse public power and seize private assets belonging to a foreigner.

If that happened, Gu Nianzhi could lose all chances of victory.

It would also push the discreet organization of the Special Operations Forces to the forefront of attention.

From any perspective, these were not consequences Huo Shaoheng could bear.

He couldn't allow the credibility of the Special Operations Forces, which he had established himself, to suffer a fatal blow. He also could not allow Gu Nianzhi to suffer in silence.

After much thought, Huo Shaoheng came to a conclusion. Gu Yanran had an expert in the background. This person had a deep understanding of how the Huaxia Empire operated.

He stared blankly ahead and continuously played with a round gold coin in his hand. He suddenly slammed it loudly on the desk and swiped his fingers to conceal the gold coin in his palm. Picking up the internal phone line, he sent out a series of commands to completely withdraw all surveillance on Gu Yanran and Ye Xuan.

Afterward, he stood up from behind the desk and smoothly grabbed the navy blue thin wool uniform coat from the coat rack. With a shake of his arms, he put on the coat and strode out of the office.

After getting into his car, Huo Shaoheng drove to the second-hand apartment Gu Nianzhi had purchased in Hepingli District on the Fourth Ring Road.

As he used the key card to open the door, Huo Shaoheng messaged Gu Nianzhi: Come to the new apartment in Hepingli. I have something important to discuss with you.

He rarely texted Gu Nianzhi. To express his caution this time, he chose to text her.

Gu Nianzhi saw Huo Shaoheng's text when she had just walked out of a classroom.

She had two classes in the morning, which were both finished. She had planned on heading to the library to catch up on homework.

When she saw the text, she hesitated for a second before returning his call.

Huo Shaoheng sat on the lounge chair on the balcony. He had just lit a cigarette when he heard his phone ring. He picked it up and unlocked before his deep and magnetic voice languidly answered, \"Nianzhi? Are your classes over now?\"

Gu Nianzhi replied, \"Huo Shao, what is it?\"

\"Yeah, come here when you have a moment.\" Huo Shaoheng looked up at the sky. It was somewhat dreary. The northwest window came in from the prairies, carrying sand and cold. The temperature was quickly dropping.

\"What can't be discussed over the phone?\" Gu Nianzhi got on her bike. \"I still have to go to the library to do homework.\"

Huo Shaoheng got up to turn on the air conditioner and adjusted the temperature to remain at 23 degrees Celsius. He said, \"It'd be better to talk in person. It's safer here.\"

Their precautionary measures here could ensure their conversation would not be eavesdropped by someone else.

Gu Nianzhi understood right away. \"I'll come right now.\"

She didn't return to the dorm. She got on the bike to rush over to Hepingli District.

She had purchased that apartment due to its convenient location from campus.

Using a shortcut, it only took Gu Nianzhi 15 minutes to arrive in Hepingli District.

She locked the bike to the rack outside the building and went upstairs wearing her backpack.

When she arrived at her own door, she took out a key card. The door unexpectedly opened from the inside. Huo Shaoheng's strapping figure appeared from behind it.

\"Come in.\" Huo Shaoheng moved aside to let her in. His expression was calm and gaze steady. His relaxed expression and movements eased Gu Nianzhi's anxious heart.

She walked inside with a smile and took a look at her apartment. \"When did you get here?\"

\"Less than half an hour ago.\" Huo Shaoheng was as relaxed as if he was in his own house. \"What do you want to drink?\"

\"Can I have a beer if I want to?\" Gu Nianzhi gave a slight smile. She set down her backpack and threw it on the couch.

\"Of course not.\" Huo Shaoheng didn't even hesitate before he turned around to the kitchen. \"I'll get milk for you.\"

Hmph, why ask if you are going to be this way?

Gu Niaznhi discreetly made a face but did not say that out loud. Sitting on the couch, she stretched her legs and sighed deeply.

After a while, Huo Shaoheng emerged carrying a tray with a glass of warm milk and a small plate of muffins.

Gu Nianzhi had just finished class, so she was actually a bit hungry. She accepted the food and didn't hesitate to start downing half the glass of milk before eating a muffin.

Huo Shaoheng cradled a cup of Pu Erh tea as he sat on the couch across from her. He watched her intently.

Gu Nianzhi finished her milk and took a napkin to wipe her lips before asking, \"What is it? Tell me.\"

Huo Shaoheng lowered his head to sip the tea. He set the cup on the coffee table in front of him and slowly said, \"I wanted to tell you something in advance since I don't know what kind of consequences it will cause on your estate dispute case.\"

This way, Gu Yanran wouldn't be able to give Gu Nianzhi a surprise attack when they were in court.

Gu Nianzhi straightened in her seat. Her expression grew stern. \"Does this have something to do with me suing Gu Yanran?\"

\"Yeah.\" Huo Shaoheng leaned back on the couch and crossed his arms. His voice was deep and pleasant. \"The thing is, ever since Ye Xuan gave you the Gu assets inventory, we began surveillance on Ye Xuan and Gu Yanran. We discovered that Ye Xuan also told this to Gu Yanran.\"

\"Uh...\" Gu Nianzhi couldn't help touching her face. \"Ye Xuan probably still has feelings for Gu Yanran...\"

Huo Shaoheng automatically rubbed his chin, wisely choosing not to give any judgments on relationship issues. His voice was calm and steady. \"Afterward, they had a huge fight, and Gu Yanran went to Ye Xuan's office building.\"

Gi Nianzhi listened attentively. When she heard that Gu Yanran told Ye Xuan her father Gu Xiangwen had a lawyer in the United States, her face instantly fell. \"Oh no! Ye Xuan just said goodbye to me. He said he was going to the United States to see someone. Could he be going to meet this lawyer?\"

\"Ye Xuan went to the United States?\" Huo Shaoheng was slightly shocked. He quickly took out his phone to send a message to Zhao Liangze. He wanted arrangements made to have their field personnel in the United States secretly follow Ye Xuan to see what he was planning to do.

Since Ye Xuan had gone to the United States, the Special Operations Forces had much more freedom to act.

Gu Nianzhi watched Huo Shaoheng make the preparations and finally relaxed a bit.

Huo Shaoheng told Gu Nianzhi what he knew and finally said, \"I'm not telling you these things to show off my efforts, but because... Gu Yanran somehow discovered she was being monitored by us and has already filed a complaint about us to the relevant department in the Senate.\"

Gu Nianzhi was shocked.

\"For the sake of your case, and the sake of our organization, I've decided to withdraw all surveillance on Gu Yanran and Ye Xuan.\" Huo Shaoheng watched Gu Nianzhi intently. \"With this case, you can only rely on yourself from now on.\"

Gu Nianzhi understood and knew what Huo Shaoheng had done for the sake of her case.

She was extremely grateful and quickly said, \"I know, you... You didn't need to do that... That's not good for you or your organization. I'll find a way myself. Gu Yanran isn't my opponent no matter how much she struggles.\"

Gu Nianzhi had confidence that she could defeat Gu Yanran's evil plans. Even if she didn't know of this situation, she was still confident that she could quickly react.

\"Do you not appreciate it?\" Huo Shaoheng tilted his head playfully. His handsome face was like a magnet that attracted Gu Nianzhi's gaze.

She used her entire body's strength to avert her gaze and looked down. \"Of course not, I'm not an ungrateful person.\" One could absolutely tell if the other person cared about them or not.

Huo Shaoheng stood up and walked over to sit beside Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi could only feel the couch cushion beside her sink down deep, so she couldn't help but lean in that direction like she was throwing herself at him.

She accidentally fell into Huo Shaoheng's embrace.

Huo Shaoheng loosely hugged her and smiled. \"That was you coming over yourself. I didn't force you.\"

Gu Nianzhi struggled with embarrassment, but Huo Shaoheng's arms slightly tightened around her as he gently spoke to the top of her head. \"Let me hug you for a bit. I can't see you again after today until your lawsuit has concluded.\"

\"Oh? Why not?\" Gu Nainzhi couldn't help asking. She was in Huo Shaoheng's arms and looked up at his beautifully shaped jaw. Her gaze was full of questions and confusion.

\"To avoid conflict of interest.\" Huo Shaoheng looked down at her eyes, which shone as brightly as water, and cherry red lips. He couldn't help but lean down to kiss her on the lips.

This time, Gu Nianzhi didn't shrink away. She allowed him to kiss her. Her large eyes glazed over intermittently. Her long lashes resembled two little fans that concealed the trace of lingering nostalgia deep in her eyes.