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809 The Last Meeting

 Gu Yanran stood in her apartment staring at the messy room and inhaling deeply. She made herself calm down and carefully recalled the suggestions that person had told her over the phone.

She had been worried that she would forget while she was on the phone, so she suggested writing it down with a pen or noting it on her phone.

The person on the phone was extremely cautious. She warned Gu Yanran that memorizing it in her head would be the most secure method.

Regardless if she noted it with a pen or on her phone or computer, traces would be left behind.

As soon as there were traces of those things left behind, it would be possible for others to investigate.

Finally, that person repeatedly reminded her to not underestimate the enemy's abilities, especially that of Gu Nianzhi's boyfriend, Huo Shaoheng.

When Gu Yanran casually told that person Huo Shaoheng had already broken up with Gu Nianzhi, that person was not happy. Instead, she seemed to be shocked and was frozen for a long time before saying, \"Don't contact me again.\" Afterward, she hurriedly ended the call.

At the time, Gu Yanran thought that the connection had been lost. She quickly called back because she wanted to explain to her and ask why she couldn't contact her again.

This time, she no longer heard the phone ring.

She only heard, \"The number you are calling is not in service. Please dial the complete phone number. Thank you for your cooperation.\"

Gu Yanran's heart instantly plummeted. It seemed that person had truly cut off all ties between them.

Gu Yanran had doubted that number in the past because it wasn't a complete phone number. Even after checking all the phone books in the world, she had never found an international phone number that could be reached by only dialing a four-digit number.

When she called it the first time, she still had doubts.

When the call connected, Gu Yanran was finally able to feel reassured.

Now, she could no longer connect to the number.

Her life had truly become prosperous when she became good friends with that person four years ago.

Unfortunately, the friendship only lasted four years. She had to rely on herself from now on.

Closing her eyes, Gu Yanran recalled her plan over and over again in her head until she was confident that she could complete every detail to the extent of that person's request. She finally opened her eyes and headed to the bathroom.

When she was in the bathroom, she looked at her increasingly beautiful face in the mirror. She suddenly raised a hand to slap herself hard in the face until half of it became swollen.

She woke up before sunrise the next day and removed the blankets to check her body. The bright red injuries on her body had already turned violet, which was very good.

Quickly getting up, she went to the bathroom. The mirror reflected her face that was so swollen it appeared to be deformed.

She smiled. The movement pulled at the swollen part of her face, so it appeared somewhat scary.

After having breakfast, Gu Yanran waited a while. When it was 7 a.m. she tied an exaggeratedly and dazzling colored blue and violet Hermes scarf around her head. She wore a cashmere hoodie that was one size too big, cashmere skinny pants, flat shoes, and a large, flat jade bracelet on her wrist. She didn't wear any makeup. She grabbed the clear file she had prepared the night before as she left home.

As she drove, she went around the Imperial Capital in a circle for an hour like she was looking for an address. When it was 8 a.m., she finally arrived at the office building of Ye Xuan's new company.

Ye Xuan's new company created antivirus software called Virtual Vaccine. That meant his company would be the enemy of all computer viruses. There were no computer viruses that could not be eliminated by his company.

This office was located in the high-tech business park on the Fourth Ring Road of the Imperial Capital. There were many other similar small- and medium-sized online and software companies, as well as the office of one of the three major Huaxia internet companies, Qiandu Search Engine Company.

This high-tech business park wasn't too far away from B University.

The corners of Gu Yanran's mouth began to sneer when she thought of that.

Ye Xuan's company rented the 17th and 18th floors of the office building.

This time of day happened to be when most employees working for large companies in the office building were going to work.

There was a steady stream of men and women walking in from the front doors toward the elevator.

Putting on Prada Baroque sunglasses, Gu Yanran elegantly walked over to the lobby of Ye Xuan's company. She politely asked the young girl at the reception on the first floor, \"Hello, my name is Gu Yanran. I'm here to see the owner of Virtual Vaccine, Mr. Ye.\"

The company had been newly established by Ye Xuan, so Gu Yanran hadn't visited before. Ye Xuan had never mixed his personal life with business, so no one there recognized her.

The young girl thought Gu Yanran was there to discuss business, so she quickly asked, \"Do you have an appointment?\"

Gu Yanran took off her sunglasses and smiled at the young girl. She gently said, \"No, but I'm very close to Mr. Ye. When he left my home early this morning, he forgot a document. I've come here to deliver it to him.\" As she spoke, she raised her hand to show the young girl the opaque file she was holding.

The young and talented Mr. Ye just left her home early this morning?!

The receptionist widened her eyes in shock. Based on Gu Yanran's seemingly vague statement, she instantly imagined many erotic scenes.

The receptionist's attitude instantly became polite. \"Please wait. I'll give Mr. Ye's office a call.\"

The internal line quickly connected to Ye Xuan's secretary. He had been working with Ye Xuan for a few years now, so he had an understanding of Ye Xuan's private life. He vaguely knew about his lover of many years, who seemed to be called Gu Yanran.

\"Is it Miss Gu? Ask her to wait. I'll go ask Mr. Ye.\"

The secretary knocked on Ye Xuan's office door. \"Mr. Ye, there is a lady by the name of Gu Yanran downstairs. She says she wants to see you.\"

Ye Xuan didn't expect Gu Yanran to find him so quickly.

He frowned but didn't make things difficult for her. \"Let her come upstairs.\"

The secretary confirmed Gu Yanran's status and quickly returned the call to the receptionist on the main floor. \"Please ask Miss Gu to come upstairs.\"

Ye Xuan's secretary was being quite polite, so the receptionist was even more polite. She nearly walked Gu Yanran up the elevator and even pressed the button to the 18th floor for her.

When Gu Yanran arrived at the door of Ye Xuan's company, she saw that all the cubicles inside were nearly full.

Everyone sure came to work early...

Gu Yanran carried an indescribable sense of superiority about her as she gracefully strode in from the lobby and headed toward Ye Xuan's CEO office.

Ye Xuan was the owner, so his office was in the most spacious and luxurious room on the entire 18th floor.

The side facing the lobby was an entire wall of glass.

Everyone inside could clearly see everything outside, and everyone outside could completely see everything inside.

The culture in high-tech companies was rather open and relaxed, so the bosses were willing to get close to employees. There wasn't as strong of a sense of class concept as with traditional companies.

Gu Yanran walked over and took off the sunglasses of her face as she nodded respectfully at the people looking up at her.

The employees of Ye Xuan's were curious to begin with, but they were all a bit shocked when they saw the obvious signs of swelling on her face that were a result of being beaten.

Gu Yanran didn't mind at all as she walked to Ye Xuan's office and knocked on the door.

\"Come in, the door is open.\" Ye Xuan's clear voice rang out from inside the room.

Gu Yanran smiled and opened the door to walk in.

Ye Xuan's office was like a transparent fish tank. Three of its walls were glass. When one looked out from the south-facing glass wall, they could immediately see the full view of the entire high-tech business park.

Gu Yanran quietly closed the door but deceptively left a small gap open so the door wasn't completely closed.

From Ye Xuan's angle, he couldn't see it at all.

The truth was, he was instantly unhappy when he saw Gu Yanran doing something fishy. He asked with disapproval, \"Why are you closing the door?\"

Things had already ended up like this, so what matter between them couldn't be divulged to others by now?

Everyone already knew anyway.

When he recalled how Gu Nianzhi called him Gu Yanran's \"little wolf puppy,\" Ye Xuan immediately felt a bit aggrieved.

Gu Yanran smiled at him, revealing eight pearly little teeth.

Ye Xuan had never been able to resist her smile, so Gu Yanran smiled even more sweetly when she noticed he had looked away.

She walked over and said, \"Xuan, it was my fault last night. I'm sorry, please forgive me.\" As she spoke, she bowed at him.

Ye Xuan stiffened. He removed his hand from the mouse and folded his hands on the desk with a frown. \"What do you mean by that?\"

\"It was my fault. It was my fault. Please, don't force me anymore. OK? Do you know what my father means to me?\" Gu Yanran's tears came at her will. They instantly rolled down as she cried elegantly and delicately in front of Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan looked at her with shock. He couldn't help but pass her a tissue. \"Why are you crying? As long as you do as I say and don't make things difficult for Gu Nianzhi, what can I possibly force you to do?\"

Gu Yanran accepted the tissue to blow her nose. She cried even louder as she said, \"Ye Xuan! You're heartless! I've been with you for so many years and gave everything to you, but you're still ungrateful! You insist on forcing me, is that right? Didn't you want the Gu assets inventory? I'll give it to you!\" As she spoke, she threw the clear file hard toward Ye Xuan.

It was unknown if the documents inside weren't placed properly or not, but as soon as she threw it, the blank sheets of A4 paper inside flew out and scattered all over the floor.

Ye Xuan recalled the years he spent with Gu Yanran and how they enjoyed good times. He couldn't help darkly say, \"As long as you agree to the conditions I set yesterday, I can wipe out everything from the past!\"

Gu Yanran cried louder as soon as she heard that. Her voice traveled from the crack in the door to the lobby outside. \"Ye Xuan, isn't it OK that I already said it? You and Gu Nianzhi only want to know that my father didn't leave a will, right? Stop forcing me! I can't take it anymore! I just have to tell you, right? My father's lawyer, Mr. Vanderbilt lives in Little Rock, Utah! Go find him! Go see if he has what you want! I can't take it anymore! My father is still alive! He's still alive! I'm not cold-blooded like you and Gu Nianzhi! How could you want to execute the will while my father is still alive? You two are too horrible!\"

As she spoke, Gu Yanran turned around to yank open the door to Ye Xuan's office and ran outside crying.

The employees of Ye Xuan's company had all craned their necks to eavesdrop on the gossip. Several people close to Ye Xuan's office even took out their phones to begin discreetly recording.

Ye Xuan had assumed that Gu Yanran changed her mind and decided to not make things difficult for Gu Nianzhi anymore. He had not expected her old habits to die so hard. His expression turned sour as he angrily slammed the desk and yelled, \"If you know what's good for you, don't let me see you ever again!\"

Gu Yanran wailed as she ran out of Ye Xuan's office. As soon as she went down to the lobby on the main floor, she cried and passed out in front of the elevator.

The crowd waiting for the elevator grew panicked. Everyone quickly called for an ambulance, which soon arrived and took Gu Yanran away.

When the doctor in the ambulance gave Gu Yanran first aid, he unbuttoned her clothes and was shocked to find many purplish marks all over her neck and arms.