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801 The Ignorant Are Fearless

 As soon as Gu Nianzhi said this, the courtroom plunged into silence.

All eyes were turned towards the defendant's lawyer, Jin Wanyi.

Jin Wanyi only heard a buzz in her brain.

Gu Nianzhi's words were like a bucket of ice water that instantly poured over her and froze her heart.

Her burning scalp finally cooled down, and Jin Wanyi shot Gu Nianzhi a conflicted look, unable to muster words in the moment.

The judge waited for a while before saying expressionlessly, \"Defendant's lawyer, can you tell me if you can present legal evidence that the plaintiff, Gu Nianzhi, is the Gu's adopted daughter? If you have this, please present it to the court. The court will verify its authenticity and make a judgement if this case is valid or invalid.\"

Jin Wanyi thought to herself that this document had to be presented by Gu Yanran, but she couldn't tell the court that for now.

She thought about and said, \"Because the plaintiff was adopted in Barbados, it will take some time to obtain adoption documents from there. We ask the court to allow a certain amount of time and reschedule the trial.\"

\"Plaintiff, what do you think?\" The judge looked at Gu Nianzhi again.

Gu Nianzhi recognized this judge. He was President Zhan of the Imperial Capital High Court.

She nodded. \"I have no objection but hope that the other party can offer a reasonable time limit. If they cannot present evidence within this time limit, I ask the court to proceed in accordance with my complaint.\"

It didn't matter if she was an adopted or biological daughter, anyway. As long as it was a legally recognized relationship, she would have the same rights and obligations.

Jin Wanyi grumbled to herself again. She didn't think Gu Nianzhi's thoughts would be so watertight that she wasn't even going to let them drag things out...

The judge nodded in agreement and said to Jin Wanyi, \"Defendant's lawyer, please submit a written request for an extension of the trial. Please clearly write the reasons for the extension, as well as the length of the extension requested. The court will consider this and give written comments to both parties.\"

\"Yes, Your Honor.\" At this point, Jin Wanyi had to agree, even though she didn't want to.

Gu Yanran's face was a bit pale, but she still forced herself to stand up calmly and follow Jin Wanyi outside.

He Zhichu was sitting on the side of the aisle.

Gu Yanran stopped in her tracks when she walked past him, but He Zhichu looked in Gu Nianzhi's direction like he didn't even know Gu Yanran at all. He completely ignored her.

Gu Yanran's lips wavered a little bit, and almost blurted out a sentence before she finally grit her teeth and stopped herself. She didn't say anything and walked out with her head held high. He Zhichu's sultry, shimmery eyes flickered slightly as he slowly stood up from his seat.

Gu Nianzhi walked towards him with a smile and said with renewed energy, \"Professor He, how was my performance today?\"

\"It wasn't bad. Keep working hard.\" He Zhichu patted her shoulder, and they walked out together through the doors of the No. 1 Courtroom in the High People's Court.

On the way, He Zhichu asked her leisurely, \"You're not worried that Gu Yanran's side will directly prove that you're not even an adopted daughter at all?\"

\"What do I have to worry about?\" Gu Nianzhi spread her palms and smiled like a little fox. \"The more they say, the more errors they'll make. I actually want to see how Gu Yanran will smooth out this lie.\"

Gu Yanran and Jin Wanyi originally thought that Gu Nianzhi would be unable to present legal evidence to prove she was an adopted daughter, so her estate dispute case would be invalidated.

But the current situation was that Gu Nianzhi had tossed the responsibility of proving she was adopted back to them, so the tables had completely turned.

As far as the adoption evidence went, Jin Wanyi and Gu Yanran only had two choices now.

They could either present a fake document to prove she was actually an adopted daughter, and in that case, Gu Nianzhi still had the same right as Gu Yanran to inherit the Gu estate, even if the document was fake. Adopted daughters and biological daughters had the same inheritance rights, unless there was a will.

The second possibility was that they wouldn't be able to present any adoption documents. In that case, things could only proceed in accordance with how Gu Nianzhi wrote her complaint. According to her identity on the Barbados government's documents, as Gu Xiangwen's daughter, she still had the same right as Gu Yanran to inherit the Gu estate.

So regardless of what they did, Gu Nianzhi was certain the estate dispute would go forward. Jin Wanyi's attempt to make the court declare her complaint invalid was impossible.

\"Smart.\" He Zhichu praised, then drove to campus. \"Today's court session was pretty good. Come to my place for lunch. My organic farm made another delivery of pork, as well as some free-range chicken.\"

Gu Nianzhi recalled the delicious food she had at He Zhichu's last time, so she nodded. \"Ok, may I invite Qiqi? She's also a foodie and will be sure to like your food a lot.\"

He Zhichu agreed and let her call Ma Qiqi.

The girls giggled on the phone and chatted a bit, then Ma Qiqi immediately agreed to go have food at He Zhichu's place.

After setting down the phone, Gu Nianzhi thought about a possibility, and her expression became slightly stern. She said, \"There's one possibility that Gu Yanran will simply throw Gu Xiangwen's DNA evidence out there. That can indirectly prove I am an adopted daughter, and then they can make a fake will. I wouldn't have any hope at all.\"

During a lawsuit, all sorts of circumstances had to be considered in order to be invincible in court.

However, He Zhichu laughed when he heard this. \"She wouldn't dare.\"

\"Why not?\" Gu Nianzhi was very curious. Turning to look at He Zhichu, she said, \"But I think that is the only thing she can rely on...\"

\"That is also her biggest flaw.\" He Zhichu drove onto campus as he chatted. \"If she dares to throw this evidence out, then the consequences will be so serious, she won't be able to bear it.\"

\"Oh.\" Gu Nianzhi sat back down and thought about it for a while before smiling. \"Professor He, don't speak so firmly. The so-called consequences are only considered by smart people. With Gu Yanran's intelligence, what if she can't even think of what the serious consequences would be? The ignorant are fearless, isn't that right?\"

He Zhichu stiffened. He discovered that Gu Nianzhi's words were quite justified, so he actually had no comeback for them.

\"So I'd better be fully prepared,\" Gu Nianzhi murmured to herself. Closing her eyes, she began to figure out all sorts of reactions the other party could have and how she would cope.


After Ma Qiqi ended her call with Gu Nianzhi, she began to pack in preparation for getting a free lunch at He Zhichu's professor's building. At this time, Yin Shixiong called. \"Qiqi, what are you doing?\"

Ma Qiqi was very happy to hear Yin Shixiong's voice. \"Brother Xiong! Long time, no see! What are you busy with lately?\"

Yin Shixiong looked around at the pigsty he had neatly cleaned, as well as the several fully-fed, fat pigs. He smiled bitterly. \"I'm busy with work, of course... What about you? What are you doing lately? Are you free on the weekend?\"

Ma Qiqi held her phone with one hand and used the other to pick up her purse. \"I was just about to go have lunch with Nianzhi at Professor He's. Professor He has an organic farm, and I heard that they delivered organic pork to him today. It's supposed to be very delicious!\"

As soon as he heard the word \"pork,\" Yin Shixiong seemed to smell something foul. He turned around to look at the pigsty with a shake of his head. \"Ok, Qiqi. I'm going back to work now and will talk to you later.\" He hung up and began to desperately clean up the once again dirty pigsty.

When Zhao Liangze came to find him, he nearly collapsed from the wretched stench. \"Big Xiong, oh Big Xiong. You're truly the tiger who fell to ground level and got bullied by pigs!\" Zhao Liangze nearly fell down from his laughter.

Yin Shixiong turned around to see it was Zhao Liangze. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he threw down the tools in his hand to lunge over. \"Little Ze! Did Huo Shao ask you to come find me?! Can I go back now?!\"

\"Go, go, go! Go to the side! You stink! Go back and wash yourself a few times, and don't go see Huo Shao until the stench is gone!\" Zhao Liangze relayed Huo Shaoheng's order. \"The military elite are all in the conference room. There are important instructions to be conveyed today.\"