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793 Lets Start Over

 Gu Nianzhi took the cell phone from Ma Qiqi's hand in one swoop, scrolled down the web page from the Weibo app, and started to read.

"So it was because Weibo's system malfunctioned yesterday that it restored the data from the day before?" The corner of Gu Nianzhi's mouth raised slightly. "Aiyo! The Prime Minister's residence is too careless. They actually turned on their positioning when they used a small account to do something so shameful."

That Weibo account displayed not only the IP address but also showed the location when it uploaded the video. It was 32 Willow Lane, the Prime Minister's residence!

"Yup, yup! Heaven's net has a wide mesh, but nothing escapes it! The guilty can never escape! Who told them to vilify and stab someone in the dark!?" Although Ma Qiqi looked down on Gu Yanran for everything she had done to Gu Nianzhi, the people at the Prime Minister's residence uploading Gu Yanran's little pornographic video online was quite shameless.

"This affair actually became the hottest topic on Weibo. It sure spread quickly." Gu Nianzhi smiled as she shook her head. "What is that called? A little video dragged down a prime minister? Tsk, tsk. If the impeachment is successful, will Prime Minister Tan hold the record for the shortest amount of time in office since the beginning of history?"

"Yes, up until now, there was probably no one who served a shorter time than he did. Will there be one who serves an even shorter time? That, we don't know." Ma Qiqi winked mischievously. Then she looked Gu Nianzhi up and down. "Hey, when did you come back yesterday?"

"Middle of the night. You were already sleeping." Gu Nianzhi returned the cell phone to Ma Qiqi. "Enough. Go wash up quickly and eat breakfast. Today's Monday. There's still class."

Ma Qiqi nodded slightly, returned to her room, and washed up. Gu Nianzhi also returned to her own room. She yawned as she went to the bathroom. She wanted to wake herself up by taking a shower, but at that moment, she heard her cell phone ringing.

"The priest, the temple, the battle, the bow and arrow, who did they belong to? I like that the you in a sea of faces is a scenery that only belongs to me..." It was Huo Shaoheng's exclusive ringtone.

Gu Nianzhi was momentarily speechless. She slowly walked over, slid her finger across the screen, and answered the call. She put the phone to her ear and politely said, "Hello."

Huo Shaoheng paused for a moment before saying, "Nianzhi, I got the news that Gu Yanran talked to air traffic control demanding an air route. She wants to take her own private airplane to get out of the Hua Xia Empire as soon as possible. She wants to return to Barbados. The air traffic control said her request was in too much of a rush and that there were no air routes in the daytime. They could only prepare one for her after ten tonight. What do you want to do?"

Gu Nianzhi thought of Prime Minister Tan being impeached soon and promptly said, "I want to indict her right now, stop her from leaving the country." She wanted to fight over the family property with Gu Yanran. If it didn't happen in the Hua Xia Empire, then she would need to go to Barbados.

Gu Nianzhi had citizenship in the Hua Xia Empire, but Gu Yanran had citizenship in Barbados. Gu Nianzhi thought about how far away Barbados was. It would be better if she could sue Gu Yanran in the Hua Xia Empire. After all, the Gu family had so much property, they could be found throughout the world. She didn't need to make a special trip to Barbados to sue her.

The important thing was to stand one's ground first and win the lawsuit. Then she could think about executing the problem. Only by giving her a formal complaint first would she then be able to use a court order to ask Gu Yanran to hand over the Gu family's property.

To tell the truth, Gu Nianzhi didn't know how much property the Gu family had at all. She was even wondering if she wanted to hack into Gu Yanran's computer and see what exactly was happening.

Huo Shaoheng never made any comments concerning the law. He only nodded. "Fine, then prepare it quickly. You'll want to ensure that the court summons will be given to her before she gets on the plane or else she will get on the plane for real."

Up until that moment, Gu Yanran didn't have any criminal record. They also didn't have any evidence to prove she had committed a crime. That was why they could not restrict her freedom of movement. However, if she was being sued by someone, and the plaintiff believed she was leaving the country and that it would affect the lawsuit, then the court could confiscate Gu Yanran's passport and not let her leave the country, even if she was a foreigner. One needed to obey the law in the Hua Xia Empire if one were to get involved in legal matters there.

Gu Nianzhi hung up. She thought that in the end she couldn't go to Professor He's place to attend class. She gave He Zhichu a call. "Professor He, I have something I need to attend to. I can't go to class today. Can I have a leave of absence?"

He Zhichu had just finished eating breakfast. He heard what she said and asked, "What happened? What kind of thing?"

Gu Nianzhi told him that Gu Yanran wanted to go back to Barbados, so she had to file a complaint to stop her.

He Zhichu immediately agreed. "Ok, prepare the complaint. Do you want me to take a look at it before it's submitted?"

Gu Nianzhi smiled and graciously declined. "This is a normal case of a property dispute. There's no need to trouble the great Lawyer He. I can do it myself." It was a habit that Huo Shaoheng had instilled in her. It was that one should always rely on oneself if one could do it. Only when one could not do it could one ask for help.

He Zhichu also knew that it was only a complaint. It wouldn't stump Gu Nianzhi. He said in a relaxed tone, "Ok, then. You don't have to come to class today. Quickly finish the complaint and use express delivery to submit it. Clearly indicate that the defendant is going to leave the country soon. Hopefully, the court will hand over the summons immediately and stop her from leaving the country."

"Ok. Professor He, thank you for your advice." Gu Nianzhi ended the call and started to draw up a complaint urgently as she sat in front of her laptop.


At the capital, inside the luxury condominium at Sanhuan, Gu Yanran's face was pale. She didn't look at anything inside the condominium. She only prepared a little bag that she carried with her. Inside it were a few cards and a string of keys.

She held her phone and continuously dialed Ye Xuan's number. However, she always got the same message: "The person you are calling is unavailable."

Just when she had lost track of how many times she had called him and was about to give up in despair, Ye Xuan finally picked up the phone. He didn't say a thing, but Gu Yanran knew he was there.

"Xuan? Go back to Barbados with me. Let's start over, ok?" The moment Gu Yanran realized Ye Xuan had picked up the phone, she cried bitterly. "Xuan, give me another chance. Were all those things you said about loving me all these years fake?!"

Ye Xuan still didn't say anything, but his breathing became a bit louder. One could hear it clearly through the cell phone.

"...Xuan, are you blaming me? I was forced... Prime Minister Tan is the Prime Minister. Whatever it was that he wanted me to do, how could I turn him down?" Gu Yanran remembered the little film from Tan Guiren's birthday party and felt a bit guilty. Although she and Ye Xuan had always maintained a "relationship," she also knew that Ye Xuan loved her deeply. That was why he turned a blind eye when she looked for a boyfriend outside of their relationship. However, now he had seen it with his own eyes. It was even in a public place with numerous people that he saw it. The force of impact was too great.

As for her, she had never regarded Ye Xuan as a boyfriend. He wasn't even considered a spare tire. She never imagined that at that moment, Ye Xuan had already become her last hope. Gu Yanran started to cry harder. "Xuan? Are you listening? I really can't not have you... I only know that you treated me the best after so many people passed me by and so many things happened. Come back to Barbados with me. We will marry the moment we are back! We will have many kids. Many kids! Didn't you want to have many kids?"

Ye Xuan was slightly choking on sobs as he remembered those wonderful days he had with Gu Yanran. Perhaps those days that he considered to be "wonderful" were all a lie. He was even more unable to accept it. "Gu Yanran, it doesn't matter if it was seven years ago or just now. You have always been lying to me." Ye Xuan's voice was very low as he continued, "You think I really don't have a brain and that I only deserve to be fooled by you?"

"Xuan, what are you going to do? Listen to me!" Gu Yanran's heart jumped into her throat. "Xuan, Gu Nianzhi is also not a good person! Think about it. In the past, why would she talk to you anonymously? She also simply looks down on you!"

"'Also looks down?' Then does that mean you actually look down on me?" Ye Xuan laughed grimly. "Gu Yanran, it's best if you stop provoking me. You've provoked me 'til I'm irritated. I will go find Gu Nianzhi immediately and reveal everything about you!"