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788 Can’t Mess With Her

 "Hospital?" Huo Shaoheng's eyes flashed when he heard the word. He quickly understood what unspeakable scenario Yin Shixiong had imagined... Lowering his gaze, he didn't look at Yin Shixiong as he walked past him, only stopping to say, "...The Special Operations Forces require restructuring. You'll take the lead and represent the cadres at the very entry-level by doing kitchen duties to start. Feed the pigs for a few days, then come back and write a report about it."

"Oh?!" Yin Shixiong's face blanched with fear. He didn't say another word before quickly saluting. His expression was anguished as he watched Huo Shaoheng's strapping figure disappear in the direction of the door. Thinking about how he couldn't keep his own mouth shut and had been nosy about the Chief's personal life, no wonder he was being assigned to kitchen duties! Even as the actual Deputy Chief of the Special Operations Forces... Restructuring? What a joke! He was clearly being temporarily demoted! Yin Shixiong wanted to slap himself.


Huo Shaoheng calmly walked out of the official residence and headed directly to the Central Control Room. Although he said he wanted Gu Nianzhi to help him "find evidence," that was only to give her reassurance. He could tell that she was taking responsibility for his mistake again. But it actually had nothing to do with her, so Huo Shaoheng pitied her. Although she kept saying she wanted to break up, she never hesitated to be on his side whenever something happened to him. Walking to the computer in the Central Control Room to sit down, Huo Shaoheng did the same thing Gu Niaznhi had done and hacked into Hermes' official French website. After accessing the site, he couldn't find his order. He was frustrated that the enemy might have altered the evidence once again...

It took him four hours to finally find the "mastermind" behind the missing order. It was Gu Nianzhi. She had changed his order account into hers... But why? Rubbing his chin, Huo Shaoheng stared at the six computer screens and mulled over it. She must've wanted to help him destroy all the evidence. The package was evidence, but the fact that he'd handled something personal during a mission was also evidence. In fact, it was even greater direct evidence. Huo Shaoheng's lips slowly curved into a happy arc.

Fine, if she wanted to play that way, he'd have to make it even more realistic. Huo Shaoheng directly linked Gu Nianzhi's account with his own into a parental account format. Her purchases would be on his bill, making it a true VIP account. That way, it was even more secure. It would appear legitimate, even if anyone called his order into question. The order now appeared to have been purchased through his subaccount. Even though he didn't personally make the purchase, the subaccount enjoyed all his authorization and was basically equivalent to him purchasing things directly.

After solving this problem, Huo Shaoheng did the same thing as Gu Nianzhi had done and entered the system management program for Hermes' official website. He found where the login IPs were saved and downloaded everything to begin data analysis. Huo Shaoheng looked at the estimated processing time calculated by the system. It would take 78 hours, even using the large supercomputer in the Central Control System.


In the evening, Ma Qiqi left home and came back to campus. As soon as she walked in, she yelled, "Nianzhi? Nianzhu? Are you here?"

Gu Nianzhi poked her head out of her room. "Qiqi, you're back?"

"I'm back! What about you? How was your weekend with Huo Shao?" Ma Qiqi winked at her playfully. "Here, come tell Sister. If you tell me a good story, I'll give you candy!"

"Scram!" Gu Nianzhi pushed her away. "I'm on a diet, I don't want candy."

"You don't want candy? Well, I have some home-cooked food I brought back. Do you want some?" Ma Qiqi smugly took out a box of food and wiggled it in front of Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi had been missing Ma Qiqi's home-cooked food awhile. Although the flavor was nothing in comparison to the signature dishes from star-rated restaurants, she could taste the feeling of home in her cooking. "Oh? Really? Then we just have to buy some rice for dinner and then we're good!" Gu Nianzhi happily jumped out of her room. "I'll go buy rice!"

"Hey! Stop trying to change the topic. Hurry up and tell me if you made up with Huo Shao yet!" Ma Qiqi yanked Gu Nianzhi's shirt sleeve. "Did you come back to the dorm last night?"

"Well, we are still friends..." Gu Mianzhi avoided the topic. Aside from everything else that had happened, the bed collapsing yesterday was too embarrassing to mention.

"Friends?" Ma Qiqi rolled her eyes. "You really broke up? Tell me the truth, is Huo Shao still your boyfriend?"

Gu Nianzhi shook her head in all seriousness. "No, Huo Shao isn't my boyfriend anymore." No matter how she saw it, Huo Shaoheng truly wasn't her boyfriend anymore. She didn't lie to Ma Qiqi about that.

"Oh? How could that be?" Ma Qiqi's beaming face gradually faltered. She wanted to ask more, but seeing how Gu Nianzhi appeared unwilling to speak, she swallowed the words back down. When it came to relationships, only the direct parties involved could really know what it felt like. As an outsider, Ma Qiqi had no say about other people's relationships. Ma Qiqi patted her shoulder. "It's fine. Sit here and I'll go buy rice. I'll come back and then we can eat together."

"You're treating me so well! Qiqi, if you were a man, I'd marry you for sure!" Gu Nianzhi showed her loyalty with a smile.

"Nianzhi, if it's true love, gender isn't an issue at all." Ma Qiqi gave her a sultry look. "For you, I'd love to be gay."

"Haha, it's really too bad we can't have it that way then!" Gu Nianzhi muffled her laughter. She turned back to her room to check on the computer program.

Ma Qiqi sheepishly snorted at her before grabbing a container to buy two servings of rice from the cafeteria. When she came back, she saw that Gu Nianzhi had already heated up all the food in the microwave and placed everything neatly on the dining table. The two girls ate from their own bowls and began having dinner. As Ma Qiqi ate, she shared with Gu Nianzhi the gossip she had read that day.

"Oh, right. Nianzhi, today the top-ranked search result on Weibo was your so-called sister Gu Yanran's little video. Hehe, it was much shorter than the one we saw at the Prime Minister's official residence, but all of the important parts were there and it immediately caused an uproar!" Ma Qiqi excitedly took out her phone. "I was quick and saved a copy before it was completely wiped off the internet. Here, I'll you let watch it and spread the seeds of rebellion everywhere!"

Gu Nianzhi didn't watch Gu Yanran's video. She read the comments on Weibo before asking, "Who uploaded this? Someone attending the birthday party at the Prime Minister's official residence took a video and put it up?"

Ma Qiqi found the Weibo account that had posted the video. "Oh? Was the account already deleted? Looks like it..." Before she could finish her sentence, she heard Gu Nianzhi's ringtone.

Gu Nianzhi grabbed it to take a look and laughed. "Speak of the devil, the leading actress of the viral video is calling." She slid her thumb across the phone to answer.

"Gu Nianzhi! You're too horrible! Do you have any conscience at all?! How could you put my video online? I'm your sister! You didn't help me and kicked me while I was down!" Gu Yanran's hoarse and tearful voice emitted from the phone.

"Gu Yanran, stop trying to blame me. Say another word more and I'll add another charge to your list." Gu Nianzhi no longer saw Gu Yanran as her sister at all, so she certainly didn't mince her words.

"So you did it but won't dare to admit it?! Hmph, you're still claiming that someone else played the video at the Prime Minister's official residence, but what's the real truth? It was really you! I'm telling you now that you shouldn't' think you're the only one who can sue. I can sue you! I already found the evidence to prove that you were the one who uploaded it! Gu Nianzhi, wait for the subpoena!" Gu Yanan hung up.

Gu Nianzhi glanced at her phone with a frown. "What a complete idiot. I'm not afraid of a lawsuit, but I don't have the kind of time to waste with her." She still needed to graduate early, and lawsuits really take a lot of energy and get lots of attention. The distraction would seriously impact the progress of her studies. Gu Nianzhi decided to end the battle quickly. Which mentally impaired person had given the idea to Gu Yanran? Who wanted to use a computer program to frame Gu Nianzhi? It's true that the ignorant are fearless. She would make Gu Yanran know she couldn't be messed with! Gu Nianzhi immediately called Gu Yanran back.

The phone rang a few times and Gu Yanran picked up. She said with annoyance in her voice, "What are you calling for? I'm telling you, there's no use in begging for forgiveness."

"I never thought of begging for forgiveness. Why should I beg if I never did anything?" Gu Nianzhi calmly stood up and walked to her room to shut the door. "Gu Yanran, I'll tell you again that I had nothing to do with your video. I'm going to find the account and IP that uploaded your video on Weibo right now and you can see for yourself who you need to sue."

"I already found it, it was your dorm's IP! And you still dare say it wasn't you?!" Gu Yanran's voice was extremely sinister. "You ruined me, so I won't make your life easy."

Gu Nianzhi crossed her arms as she stood in front of the dorm window and sneered. "My dorm's IP? Gu Yanran, it'd be a compliment to call you illiterate. Tell me who gave you that evidence. I'll find the real IP immediately and slap their face with it!"