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787 Destroying the Evidence

 The corner of Huo Shaoheng's lips went up and he made an "uh-huh" sound as he said, "How do you want to find the evidence?"

"Simple, go around France's Hermes official website's back-end. As long as someone tampered with the ordering record, it will leave its mark behind." Gu Nianzhi closed the box and held it to her chest. "I will look at what their system's privacy is like. If it's not difficult, I should have the clue tomorrow."

"...That fast?"

"You're doubting my ability?" Gu Nianzhi raised her eyebrows. She opened the car door with one hand while rudely saying, "I'm getting out. Thank you for bringing me back."

She held the box as she stood under the parasol tree in front of her dormitory. She waved her hand and casually told him goodbye. Huo Shaoheng looked at her quietly. He started his car and drove away.

Gu Nianzhi had only turned to enter her dormitory when she saw Huo Shaoheng's car disappear down the asphalt road.

She was back in her room. First, she took the scarves out of the box and put them in the drawer where she kept all of her scarves. She used scissors to cut it into pieces after analyzing the box inside out and taking pictures of it with her phone again. She threw it into a stainless-steel wastebasket. She found a lighter and lit it and burned it to ashes.

That was considered "destroying the evidence by destroying the corpse". Nobody would ever find the box and use it as evidence to prove that Huo Shaoheng had once attended to personal matters while on a mission...

But the more important piece of evidence was still on Hermes' official website.

Huo Shaoheng had used his own account to buy the scarves. In the future, it would be difficult to explain it in case someone found out the time of the purchase coincided with the time when he was in America on a mission.

Gu Nianzhi took the initiative to suggest helping Huo Shaoheng find pieces of evidence. Actually, she wanted to "destroy" the root evidence of Huo Shaoheng violating the rules.

To her, a person like Huo Shaoheng should not have a single blemish to his reputation while he was working. If there was, then it must be someone else's fault.

After the box had been dealt with, Gu Nianzhi opened her laptop and dragged out her hacking computer program.

Before, she could hack someone's computer system by using her cellphone. Of course, using a laptop computer at that moment would let her have more powerful functions.

That computer program was written back when she was under Zhao Liangze's guidance. After a few years, she had made many improvements to it. She'd even improved the computer by using quantum theory to decipher passwords. She'd greatly improved the efficiency of accessing other people's encrypted systems.

Even if Zhao Liangze had looked at that computer program during the early days, he would have considered himself to be inferior.

But Gu Nianzhi didn't know about that. Not because she was humble, but because she had never compared herself to others before.

To her, using a cutting-edge area of research was as natural as eating or putting on clothes. For example, in quantum theory, many people were still at the stage of proving the theory. However, she was already using it practically.

The "devourer.exe" that she'd used in Germany to take the Federal Intelligence Service Central Control System down, the grain theory, actually had the same amazing satisfactory outcome as when quantum theory was used even though it was of a different approach.

After the computer program was opened, Gu Nianzhi proceeded to conceal her IP as usual. Only then did she drag the French Hermes' official website address to her hacking computer program to conduct a close analysis of it.

The first step was to find the interface of Hermes' official website's computer program and connect with the back-end.

If the front-end and the back-end didn't have an interface at all, Gu Nianzhi's only option would be to find another way in. That would be a bit more troublesome.

She used the opportunity they gave her when they disguised their internal local area network as an external website to hack into the Federal Intelligence Agency of Germany's private intranet. She beat them at their own game.

This time, she didn't know what Hermes' official website would be like. However, from what Gu Nianzhi understood about those online stores, they should be connected.

The ERP system that most online stores used had the front-end connected to the back-end. Furthermore, it was a simple system. The focal point was on the inventory, shipping goods, and keeping a timely record of a few sectors' accounts. Those few sectors also had an automatic system that kept their financial statements.

Most people couldn't get inside the system because that kind of system had all kinds of protections against passwords being entered the wrong way.

But to a hacker of Gu Nianzhi's level, a password was the lowest level of safety and security in a system. To her, with her great little computer program and her great computing ability, no matter how complicated a password, it was all simple to her.

She heard a 'ding'. She entered the website's interlink in no more than two minutes. The system showed that the password had been deciphered.

Indeed, it was just as she had expected. The online website's framework was too simple. It looked fancy with all kinds of amazing flashing animations on the surface, but the truth was that the fundamental structure of the site was still in its first phase.

Huo Nianzhi slid her finger over her laptop touchscreen and quickly entered Hermes official website's back-end.

She saw Huo Shaoheng's purchase record. She remembered the specific date and time perfectly.

She started to search on the other party's database and she found the purchase record from that day.

She quickly switched her own account with Huo Shaoheng's account. She immediately altered Hermes' database history just like how the other party had stealthily altered Huo Shaoheng's shipping address. Gu Nianzhi did it better. She crossed the sea by using a digital trick and switched the whole account.

As a result, the person who had placed the order became Gu Nianzhi.

She then erased any trace of the system being altered.

To Gu Nianzhi, she didn't need to create a "system malfunction" to crudely erase the evidence of it being altered. She just took advantage of the other party's system of updating the back-up initial data everyday and used a little computer program that would completely cover it. It completely altered the other party's back-up.

That way, other than the hacker who had changed the shipping address in the past, a third party would not know that the account that placed the order had been changed.

Even if the IT programmer that Huo Shaoheng called to consult picked up the phone, the programmer would not remember well enough to compare the account.

Gu Nianzhi even gave her account the mark "VIP". Doing so would confuse the other party's memory in a more realistic manner.

Only after she had switched the accounts and altered all the back-up data did Gu Nianzhi entere the second stage of the procedure.

She wanted to see which IP address had hacked into France's Hermes' official website and had changed Huo Shaoheng's sending address on that day.

So much time had passed. The other party also seemed to be very skillful.

Only if one entered the other party's computer program's management system could one see all the IP systems the other party had used. Then filtered out the IP with the appropriate time frame as well as the IP that had something to do with Huo Shaoheng placing the order.

That would require a great deal of calculation ability.

To be safe, Gu Nianzhi downloaded all the IP addresses that had gone onto Hermes' official website that day. She put them inside her own computer program and started to search.

The amount of data was huge. She still needed to verify and analyze it. Gu Nianzhi's little laptop computer was unable to handle all the load.

She looked at the estimated time the computer program gave. It would need 15 hours to completely analyze everything.

It was noon. That meant it would finish computing at three in the morning.

Gu Nianzhi really knew how to plan everything. She immediately pushed the laptop computer to the side to let it do its work. At the same time, she took out her iPad and started to write her thesis.


Huo Shaoheng returned to the headquarters of the Special Operation Forces' encampment ground. He first went back to his official residence to change the clothes he was wearing.

He saw Yin Shixiong coming back as he was coming down from upstairs.

"Everything's done?" Huo Shaoheng carelessly asked as he buttoned the hook and the eye on his military uniform.

Yin Shixiong pressed his lips together tightly and immediately stood at attention. However, the gossip that was right in front of his eyes was practically about to break through the horizon...

Huo Shaoheng raised his eyes and glanced at him coldly.

Yin Shixiong was provoked by that glance and he couldn't hold it in anymore. He chuckled. "Huo Shao, did you just come back from the hospital? Everything's okay with Nianzhi, right?"