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785 Going Against Regulation

 "I said someone was sending me scarves from Germany under your name. If not, how could I be lured to Königssee with one text..." Gu Nianzhi was about to pout again. Her face looked gloomy.

Thinking about it, it was simply the most awkward situation that she was in...

How could she have fallen into the enemy's trap if she wasn't sex crazy and wasn't enchanted by Huo Shaoheng's good looks?!

The moment she saw the words "Huo Shao," she became a love-struck fool.

So, she was yearning to see Huo Shaoheng. For the sake of "keeping it a secret," she hadn't told anyone about going to Königssee to see Huo Shaoheng. As a result, she'd fallen into someone's trap just like that!

Gu Nianzhi hadn't told anybody about that detail because it was too embarrassing.

But even when she was kidnapped and being tortured, she'd always had a hopeful spirit. She was in a battle of wits and courage against those who wanted to hurt her because she firmly believed that Huo Shaoheng was her support. No matter where she was, as long as she was in danger, he would absolutely come to save her.

If he couldn't come, then it must be because he had more important official business.

Between the interest in the nation and his own safety, Gu Nianzhi could understand Huo Shaoheng's choice. She had never thought of blaming him.

Huo Shaoheng was a solider. Gu Nianzhi also understood very well that he, being a soldier, had to sacrifice some of his personal interests.

In the wake of time, in the wake of a kind of danger that had no road to heaven and no door into the earth, in the end when she was subjected to electrocution and had experienced nine deaths and was still able to escape it, that faith was completely beaten and broken only by the image of Huo Shaoheng being with Tan Guiren.

What the h*ll, that was also for the nation's interest?!

At that time, Gu Nianzhi truly understood the difference between Huo Shaoheng and her. She was aware that, in some eyes, she was worth less than Tan Guiren. Because she was an orphan girl that didn't have parents with high social standing and because she wasn't a person that was in that high circle.

She could still remembered her wrath and grievance perfectly. There was also self-abasement and disappointment.

At that time, her many years of faith had broken and fallen apart.

She had always considered Huo Shaoheng to be her religion.

She suddenly realized that she felt that what she'd considered to be sacrifices were completely worthless. So, it gave rise to serious doubts about her relationship with Huo Shaoheng. It also gave rise to serious uncertainty about their future.

Rather than facing a future meeting where the tune would end and the audience would disperse,she would rather be the person that exited the place first.

That was why the first thing she wanted to do when she came back was break up.

Since she wanted to break up, she naturally didn't speak a word of her falling into the trap because of the scarves Huo Shaoheng sent her.

It was too embarrassing!

However, Huo Shaoheng remained silent for a few moments. His eyes were deep and quiet. He looked at Gu Nianzhi and asked, "...The Hermes scarves that were sent were from Germany?"

"Yes. The one sent to my dormitory." Gu Nianzhi sneered and she quickly said, "It's still in my dormitory, but I kept it to remind myself not to do stupid things anymore."

Not because I still have feelings for you.

Only after Huo Shaoheng was silent for a short while again did he ask, "Then did you... receive a box of Hermes scarves that were sent from France?"

Gu Nianzhi shook her head. "No... why do you ask?"

Huo Shaoheng pressed his lips together and said in an unenthusiastic manner, "When I was in America, I specially went to the Hermes official website to order a birthday present for you. They were Hermes scarves and I sent them directly to your flat in Sanhuan."

Gu Nianzhi's eyes became bigger at once. "You... you... you... Say that again! You really sent me Hermes scarves?!"

Huo Shaoheng nodded and didn't say anything. However, his deep black eye showed that he was puzzled.

"You didn't receive the Hermes scarf that I sent from France, but you received the Hermes scarf that was sent from Germany, and it was also a birthday present?" Huo Shaoheng's face was solemn as he confirmed it again because that detail was too important. So important that he might need to completely reverse the direction his deduction was going in the past.

Gu Nianzhi was shocked. "You really... when you were in America, you still kept on thinking about buying me a birthday present? Didn't you say... didn't you say... that when you are on a mission you can't do any... any personal activities?"

That was why she'd later realized she that had fallenl into someone's trap. She even deeply regretted it because she didn't listen to Huo Shaoheng and had actually believed that Huo Shaoheng would send her a gift when he was on a mission and make an appointment to see her.

"We can't," Huo Shaoheng muttered. He suddenly hugged Gu Nianzhi tightly. "But I went against regulation..."

That was why he'd received his punishment immediately.

Just a bit more and Gu Nianzhi would have left him forever.

Huo Shaoheng had a burst of post-traumatic stress. His back suddenly started to sweat and it immediately soaked through his black t-shirt.

"But I didn't get it?!" Gu Nianzhi clenched her fist. "Where did you send it? Oh, you just said it was to the flat in Sanhuan... I haven't been there. Have you been there?"

Huo Shaoheng had been there, but it was only to see if Gu Nianzhi was there or not. He didn't think about if there was a package that hadn't arrived.

"Wait, I will give Sanhuan flat's property management a call first." Gu Nianzhi took out her cellphone from her bag and immediately called Sanhuan flat's property management.

Even thought it was a weekend, Sanhuan flat's property management didn't take days off. There were also people working on the weekend.

When the phonecall went through, Gu Nianzhi quickly asked, "May I ask if a package was sent there from France a month ago? It was for building 5 room 1801's Gu Nianzhi?"

After property management checked and denied it, "No, we didn't receive any package for building 5 room 1801." It didn't matter if it was delivered from within the country or from outside of the country. There were no package there.

That was strange...

Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng. "You're sure you successfully placed the order?"

Huo Shaoheng took out his phone and directly checked his Hermes online account. There was a shipping record of his purchase. He was dumbfounded when he checked it.

He clearly remembered filling out a shipping address from France, but looking at his account at that moment, it showed a shipping address from Germany!

Furthermore, the address to receive it was also changed from the imperial capital's Sanhuan apartment to Gu Nianzhi's B University's dormitory address!

Furthermore, the shipping address in Germany was from the Rosslau district and was also Li Haiqing's crime spot!

Wasn't that too much of a coincidence?

Huo Shaoheng's face looked livid.

He had never been played like that before.

Huo Shaoheng didn't say a single thing. He immediately called Hermes's French website's VIP service line.

It was also a 24-hour service line. Every customer that had his high status had their very own service line.

"Hello, I want to inquire about something. I placed an order online a month ago. Why did the shipping address change? You must give me an explanation." Huo Shaoheng spoke French fluently. His tone was very strict.

The customer representative over the phone quickly said, "Please hold on one second, Mr. Huo. We will investigate it immediately!"

Huo Shaoheng became angry. The consequences were very serious. Especially to a luxury goods industry like Hermes.

Huo Shaoheng was a big customer. A big financial backer.

Hermes headquarter's IT department's best programmer was immediately called over. After bustling about, they found out the reason in under 15 minutes.

They explained it to Huo Shaoheng like this: "Mr. Huo, during that time, our system was malfunctioning. That was why your sending address accidentally changed to the German address. But I already checked it for you. Your item has already arrived. Miss Gu already got it and signed for it."

Huo Shaoheng put the phone down. His facial expression did not relax. Rather, it became graver.

Huo Shaoheng looked at Gu Nianzhi and asked her with a deep voice, "...That box of things, where did you put it?"

"In my dormitory." Gu Nianzhi was very confused. "But that doesn't make sense! Even if the system did malfunction, it would not be so smart! If it was only the shipping address that changed, then it is still a bit feasible. However ,even the addressee's address had changed and the address is in the Huaxia Empire which is thousands of miles away. That is too smart... are they sure it was a system malfunction? Not a man-made malfunction?"

She had always thought that it was a series of stratagems. From the very beginning, to the scarves sent from Germany were a trap, to the text she later received from "Huo Shaoheng" in Munich. It was all a part of someone's plan. It was all faked.

But looking at it at that moment, that series of stratagems was of a much higher level than she had preconceived!