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774 Birthday Party 17

 Cai Songyin had always been proud of the sound quality of the top-grade stereo surround sound system imported from Germany. However, today was the first time she hated how the sound quality was too realistic. If this was an impersonation, then their skills were far too impressive... Tan Dongbang's voice was so familiar to her and had spoken in her ears for so many years that she could hardly tell the difference from this impersonation! All their beautiful, youthful memories, their romantic and loving past all suddenly collapsed under the blow of the two people's explicit pillow talk emanating from the stereo. Cai Songyin stood expressionless in the middle of the room and slowly raised her increasingly shaky hands to cover her ears as she screamed madly, "Ah-!"

It's fake! It's fake! This isn't real! Cai Songyin wanted her screams to overpower the disgusting sounds from the stereo, but she discovered that no matter how loudly she screamed, those intimate conversations found a crack to delve into her ears, brain, and heart. Unable to stand the toture, Cai Songyin finally burst into tears and cradled her head in her hands as she sat on the floor. The floor was covered with a fine-quality handwoven wool rug imported from the Middle East. She opened her eyes to look at the vine pattern on the rug while she screamed and cried her heart out. The bedroom had excellent sound insulation, so no one outside would hear her, even if she screamed until she lost her voice. She took this opportunity to vent without any self restraint. After crying, Cai Sonyin supported herself on the ground to slowly climb up. Grabbing the remote on the vanity, her face was ashen. At this moment, the voices in the stereo had already changed like a movie montage changing locations.

She heard someone saying urgently, "...Where's the Prime Minister? He needs to sign this document right away!"

"Just wait, the Prime Minister... is in a meeting." The person speaking was totally serious and was none other than Tan Dongbang's chief secretary. His tone and inflection proved that he was totally aware of what Tan Dongbang and Gu Yanran were doing. Cai Songyin completely froze. The chief secretary's words clearly proved that these shameless adulterers were actually having a tryst in the Office of the Prime Minister!

She couldn't take it anymore and raised her arms to viciously throw the remote towards the wall-mounted speakers. There was a loud bang, and the top-quality speakers fizzled a few times before retreating into silence. Cai Songyin panted as she stood in the bedroom for a long time before she expressionlessly dressed herself and looked in the mirror to put on a coral-colored lipstick. This color would brighten her skin tone. Her face was currently dark and oppressive, so she couldn't go out in public without some brightening.

Taking out her phone, she opened the control system for the speakers and logged in to find the file containing the sounds so she could download it onto her phone. To her surprise, the file was actually a video file with sound. If she played it on her phone, she could not only hear the voices but also see the footage! On the phone, she saw the two people on the bed twisted in all sorts of positions, and the last shred of hope in her heart died. The voice wasn't an impersonation, nor was this a trap. It was actually her beloved husband. They had been friends for decades, yet his image totally collapsed in front of her. She knew she was done for, and her life was unsalvageable now. Their many years of love didn't overcome this man's political ambitions. There was no way she could ever support Tan Dongbang ever again.

A shrewd person like Tan Dongbang would only see Cai Songyin as his burden that would drag him down in the future. No wonder he couldn't wait to get involved with Gu Yanran. She was the wealthiest person in Barbados and had a fortune that rivaled a nation's. She was also young, beautiful, and was in her prime. There was no single thing in which Cai Songyin could win against her. She was nearly 50 and at her age, losing her marriage and husband meant losing everything. But if these two people thought Cai Songyin would obediently retreat from the stage, then they were seriously mistaken. Tan Dongbang wanted to get rid of her? Gu Yanran wanted to use her to get ahead? Dream on...

Cai Songyin expressionlessly began using the professional video editing software on her phone to begin editing the video. She had originally worked in media, so making video edits like this was a piece of cake. First, she blurred out the background and Tan Dongbang's body and face to only reveal the general image of the bed. Then she also processed his voice until it couldn't be recognized. As for Gu Yanran, Cai Songyin enhanced clarity and contrast tools to even preserve the high resolution so that her body was explicitly exposed on the screen. Even the obvious birthmark on her right breast could be clearly seen. Finally, Cai Sonyin selected the most shocking part of the footage to save into two files. One was a two-minute short film, while the other was a 30-second spotlight feature on Gu Yanran. She uploaded the original video file to her cloud drive and protected it with a password before deleting the backup on her phone. She then used her phone's video player to watch the two-minute short film several times to ensure that it didn't reveal even a sliver of Tan Dongbang in it. She finally smirked. Taking several deep breaths, Cai Songyin walked out solemnly.

She came down the winding staircase, and when she was halfway down, she saw that the projector was in use downstairs. On the white projection screen that was as tall as a wall was the pink diamond crown Gu Yanran had gifted to Tan Guiren. Afterwards, she overheard Gu Nianzhi accuse Gu Yanran of stealing her possession to curry favor with someone else and even say she would make sure to take every single thing back...

Because of her daughter, Tan Guiren, Cai Songyin had always disliked Gu Nianzhi. But somehow she felt strangely elated to hear Gu Nianzhi berate Gu Yanran. Just as their ancestors said, the enemy's enemy was a friend. Cai Songyin snickered as she took out her phone to connect to the projector's control app and discreetly send the two-minute short film she had just edited onto the video player for the projector. Because all the electronics in the Prime Minister's official residence were controlled by a smart system, all the other places aside from the bedroom could be controlled by a phone instead of remotes. She only needed to download a central control app, and Cai Sonyin happened to use this app to upload the two-minute short film. Afterwards, Cai Sonyin logged into her own secondary Weibo account to upload the 30-second spotlight feature on Gu Yaran...


Gu Nianzhi had just berated Gu Yanran and threatened to "expose her" and make her "prostitute herself," so the words were still echoing in everyone's ears. Gu Yanran's sorrowful look gained sympathy from many as they thought Gu Nianzhi was being too aggressive and crossing the line. Suddenly, the dimmed projector illuminated with a beam of light once again to shine onto the projection screen ahead. It turned on by itself. Everyone's eyes were naturally glued to the beam of light and looked towards the projection screen. In the blink of an eye, two people tossing around in bed suddenly appeared on the white screen! The man's body and face had been blurred out, so no one could tell who it was. However, no one would really care, even if they could see it, because the woman's body and face on the screen captured everyone's full attention! Everyone only needed one glance to immediately recognize that the woman curling like a snake around the man was Gu Yanran!

Yin Shixiong's eyes widened, and he quickly glanced around before covering Ma Qiqi's eyes with one hand. "Don't look at it!"

Ma Qiqi was eagerly watching it, so why wouldn't she keep looking? Stomping her foot down, it caused Yin Shixiong so much pain that he jumped away. Ma Qiqi could then widen her eyes and watch the short film clearly, as the female lead was just standing not far from her.

The hall echoed with Gu Yanran's soft and alluring sex sounds. She was not the typical siren. People who had just thought Gu Nianzhi was being too aggressive immediately changed their perspective. This Gu Yanran was too big of a hypocrite! If it wasn't for this adult rated film, barely anyone would've known Gu Yanran had such a side to her!


Gu Yanran was already very humiliated after arguing with Gu Nianzhi. She never thought that something more embarrassing awaited her! Starting at her own naked body on the giant screen, she saw that the resolution was extremely high with enhanced contrast and color treatment. She began to black out! Without thinking, she looked at Prime Minister Tan, but he looked at her like she was a ghost and stumbled as he nearly ran upstairs to escape.

Tan Guiren turned around to glance at the screen and was also shocked. Covering her mouth, she stood on the winding staircase and didn't know what to do. Cai Songyin was the only one to slowly walk down the stairs step by step to stand before Gu Yanran, who was shaking uncontrollably. She covered her smile. "Miss Gu, what are you doing? Today is Little Darling's birthday party. How could you be so careless as to play your private video and share it with everyone?"

Gu Yanran couldn't stand it anymore and turned around to point at Gu Nianzhi as she screamed, "You're too shameless! How can you play such a thing to get back at me!? You violated my privacy!" In her anger, she even forgot to claim the video was Photoshopped. Of course, with a high resolution video like that, whomever she accused of using Photoshop would have had to possess incredible skill.

This incident obviously had nothing to do with Gu Nianzhi. She rolled her eyes and already knew who was behind it all. Spreading her palms, Gu Nianzhi said calmly, "Gu Yanran, don't bark up the wrong tree. Why would I have your filthy things? Look carefully at who the male lead in the video is. This video was most likely made by the male lead's wife or girlfriend."

Gu Yanran instantly understood that it wasn't Gu Nianzhi but Cai Songyin who was behind this! She then looked at the continuously replaying video and felt even more humiliated and angry. Lunging over, she frantically tried to shut off the projector, but for some reason, she couldn't turn it off. On the screen, she continued to tumble, and everyone in the hall got over their initial shock to find the video more and more hilarious.

The quick-reflexed people took out their phones to record it. However, even people who didn't record it on their phones but saw it with their own eyes had a hard time erasing the endlessly looping video from their heads. It was made far too well! Even special original footage from Japan couldn't rival it. There was a beautiful soundtrack, emotional dialogue, and although the male lead had been blurred out, that left even more to the imagination.

Amid the chaos, He Zhichu and Huo Shaoheng walked inside. They glanced at the video replaying in the hall, and Huo Shaoheng folded his hands unhappily behind his back as he said coldly, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a birthday party at the Prime Minister's official residence-not an adult-rated party. Please show some self-respect."