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769 Birthday Party 12

 Jin Wanyi had a guilty conscience. She couldn't help but take a quick look at Prime Minister Tan.

Prime Minister Tan only looked nervously at Cai Songyin who had raised her brows little by little as he repeated, "She's uttering nonsense...She is only a student. What does she know about going to court?"

"Prime Minister Tan, it's unreasonable for you to say it like that." Ma Qiqi didn't know why she was so happy when she saw that Gu Nianzhi was finally calling Jin Wanyi out. She also spoke up to support her. "You say our Nianzhi is only a student? Did you know that Attorney Jin, the one you hired to represent you, is the opponent our Nianzhi defeated one year ago? Not to mention, our Nianzhi traveled to Germany to go to court for one of our country's innocent overseas student who was a victim. She overturned the whole city of Rosslau's senate, government, and police headquarters! You said she doesn't know how to go to court? Haha, if she doesn't know how to go to court, then this Attorney Jin probably doesn't even know how to write the words 'go to court!'"

Ma Qiqi's words really did not leave them with any dignity. Yin Shixiong laughed out loud and pulled Ma Qiqi toward him, reprimanding her in a low voice. " Blindly talking about what truth? Watch the play from the side."

Jin Wanyi started to look scared. Not only because of the piercing words that Ma Qiqi had said, but also because Yin Shixiong was acting like he cared, even though she knew that he didn't as he looked at her eyes. She couldn't express the pain it caused her.

After Gu Nianzhi got Ma Qiqi and Yin Shixiong's backing, she grew even more confidence and vigor. She took the initiative to attract Jin Wanyi's attention. "Attorney Jin, do you have something to say? Do you want to bet? Hitting yourself in the face is quite embarrassing. If you voluntarily give up, I will not look into it."

"Look into what?" Cai Songyin had been looking on from the side for a long time. She didn't think of it before, but when she saw Tan Dongbang, Jin Wanyi, and Gu Yanran's uneasy facial expressions, her heart unexpectedly sunk.

What happened that she didn't know about?!

At that moment, her mind was replaying every scene from the court. Slowly, a thick and heavy fog started to condense at the bottom of Cai Songyin's eyes.

"Gu Nianzhi, are you telling the truth?" Seeing that Tan Dongbang and Jin Wanyi didn't want Gu Nianzhi to speak, Cai Songyin stretched out her hand to stop them. She jutted her chin at Gu Nianzhi, motioning for her to continue speaking.

Gu Nianzhi smiled as she sighed. She used her hand to arrange her hair by her temple and said in an indifferent manner, "Mrs. Tan, I'm a lawyer. To consult a lawyer, the fee is paid by the minute. Also, you would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That way, people with high aspirations won't be able to steal my methods."

Saying it like that made Jin Wanyi felt a bit guilty. She actually didn't want to bet with Gu Nianzhi, but she also wanted to hear what kind of methods Gu Nianzhi had. At that moment, she had been singled out by Gu Nianzhi. She practically jumped backward. She looked a bit alarmed and bewildered. She stuttered, "Is there also a charge for consulting about common laws? Gu Nianzhi, you're really evil!"

"I'm evil?" Gu Nianzhi smiled as she walked toward Jin Wanyi. "The ideas I come up with are worth tens of millions of dollars in the country. You don't want to spend a penny and yet you want to listen. You also want to use my methods in court, but you accused me of being evil?! Is there any kind of logic in this world? Attorney Jin, no wonder you were the opponent that I defeated a year ago. Turns out, you didn't use your energy to improve your professional skills. On the contrary, you harbor evil intentions and use the skills you do have on dishonest practices."

Jin Wanyi's stomach shrank when she heard that. She didn't feel good. It was just as Gu Nianzhi had said. She had gone against her original intention of being a lawyer. Jin Wanyi's eyes rested on Gu Yanran.

When she had defended Cai Songyin, Jin Wanyi had made a list of different defenses and the results they would have. Gu Yanran chose one that could save Tan Dongbang and completely destroy Cai Songyin...Tan Dongbang had been present at that time. He hadn't said a single thing. It was as if he was implying that he agreed.

She really never thought that Gu Nianzhi could discern this just from watching the courtroom broadcast on T.V.! This young girl really had boundless potential...

Jin Wanyi's eyes couldn't help but look at Yin Shixiong again. She saw him beaming with joy as he listened attentively to the tall and bubbly girl next to him speak. He didn't notice her at all. How did her life become like this? There was no big break in her career. Now, even the man she was secretly in love with was snatched away by somebody else...

While Jin Wanyi was in a trance, Gu Nianzhi turned her head to Cai Songyin. "Mrs. Tan, when the lawyer representing said that you did reallocate the campaign fund, it didn't matter that you returned it within three months. Those words already gave you a life sentence. In people's hearts and eyes, you would forever be that person that used the campaign fund. In the future, when you would appear with Prime Minister at a campaign fundraising event, people would retreat a three-day march and would no longer donate to Prime Minister Tan."

The people in the hall that heard what Gu Nianzhi said all wore meaningful smiles. That young female lawyer really did have skill. Compared to most lawyers who could only do things according to what their client wanted, one could immediately distinguish which one was superior and inferior. She not only defended for one's innocence, she would eagerly and sincerely defend the client's reputation.

To those politicians, reputations were more important than anything else. No matter how unworthy of it they were when they were in a private place, as long as it was not disclosed to the public, they could still behave with integrity. If their bad deeds were disclosed, it meant one's political career was already over.

Cai Songyin's dried and cracked lips trembled intensely. She turned her head and looked at Tan Dongbang. Prime Minister Tan's eyes were evasive. He didn't dare look her in the face.

She looked at Gu Yanran again. Gu Yanran was actually looking at her face and said, "Mrs. Tan, don't be trickdc by my little sister's words. She's liked to boast since she was young. Who knows how many people she's tricked by the lies she came up with..."

Gu Nianzhi's facial expression changed. Was Gu Yanran shedding all pretense of cordiality? That was exactly what she had been looking for. The truth was, every time she saw that older sister's hypocritical face as she pretended to be nice, she really wanted to throw up.

Gu Nianzhi stood in front of Gu Yanran. Her facial expression was grave and stern as she sneered. Her deep and dark eyes were fixed on Gu Yanran as she said in a cold manner, "Gu Yanran, don't open your mouth and lie. Although I'm your sister, I will sue for slander if you talk like that. I will be a pair of pants with you. Do you believe me?"

Gu Yanran's pupils dilated. Her whole body trembled.

"Apologize. I want you to apologize immediately." Gu Nianzhi took a step forward again. "Don't think that I don't remember the things that happened when I was younger. It's not up to you to slander and tarnish me."

"You already said that you don't remember the things that happened when you were younger, how could you say that I slander and tarnish you?" Gu Yanran presumptuously thought that she found a flaw in what Gu Nianzhi had said and immediately fought back.

"You're talking to me about evidence? Fine." Gu Nianzhi pointed her finger. "One, you said when I was younger that I lied and tricked people. Where is the witness? Who can prove that I actually lied and tricked people when I was younger?"

"Is me proving it not enough?!" Gu Yanran smiled coldly. "You don't remember, but it doesn't mean that I don't remember!"

"Haha, Lady Gu Yanran, you are a person who is ignorant of the law. You are the accuser. What you say can't be used as evidence. Just like when you play ball. You can't be a player and be the referee. That's why you have to prove that I said those kinds of things. You have to bring out human testimony and material evidence that proves I said those things. If you couldn't bring it out, you are slandering me."

Gu Yanran opened her mouth. She suddenly remembered that one time when all the old servants of the Gu family back in Barbados had been suddenly attacked and killed. She quickly shut up.

"Can't say it? Oh, I think I remember. That one time when all the old servants of the Gu family that were in Barbados were kidnapped and killed. Lady Gu Yanran, am I right?"

Gu Nianzhi's memory was very good. At that moment, she firmly believed that Gu Yanran had a problem. The ability to think about and connect things that happened that long ago was very scary...