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758 Birthday Party 1

 Gu Nianzhi finished watching the live broadcast of the first trial and quickly compiled several doubtful areas. Firstly, Cai Songyin's legal team somehow directly admitted she had misappropriated campaign funds, and that was also the more serious error. With a case like this, there would be no legal repercussions, even if there was actually misappropriation of campaign funds as long as it was reimbursed in a timely manner.

However, in terms of morals, she had already lost. The voters would forever remember that Prime Minister Tan had a wife and financial supervisor who misappropriated campaign funds. If he wanted to run for re-election, it almost guaranteed he wouldn't be able to raise any more money as long as Cai Songyin was by his side. So why did Jin Wanyi have to publicly admit guilt during her argument? Since there was already proof from the running account that the funds had already been repaid within three months, it would've been possible to directly defend the use of funds as normal campaign team needs. It was inflow and outflow of cash anyway, so Gu Nianzhi didn't believe that Jin Wanyi and her team hadn't consulted professional accountants. So why did they have to leave such a large loophole?

Secondly, it was even more ridiculous to blame a temporary worker for the outlandish post. This reason was enough to fool netizens, but using it in court as a legitimate reason guaranteed Cai Songyin's doom. It was directly burying a ticking bomb with her.

In the end, the only purpose Gu Nianzhi could see in all of all this was targeting Cai Songyin. The Prime Minister was able to completely extricate himself from the case, and it was very likely Cai Songyin wouldn't be sentenced because it was very difficult to judge if she had broken the law. However, her reputation was completely ruined, so she could never help Tan Dongbang campaign again. It could be said that with this case, Cai Songyin was the only one to be ruined. This was quite interesting. Gu Nianzhi shut off her phone and propped her head on her hand as she mused at her desk.


After the live stream of the trial, some people were happy while others were aggrieved. Tan Guiren witnessed her own Mommy lose composure in court and be taken away by the bailiff, so she instantly burst into tears. Gu Yaran and Tan Dongbang had to console her together for a very long time before she finally calmed down. Tan Guiren was exhausted from crying and went back to her room to sleep. Tan Dongbang adjusted her blankets and said with pity, "This child was really spoiled by her Mommy and me." He then glanced at Gu Yanran. "Yanran, you need to spend more time with Little Darling from now on. You're strong yet gentle, and very capable, too. I hope that you can positively influence Little Darling."

"Mr. Prime Minister is too kind." Gu Yanran was delighted and shocked by his compliment. She left Tan Guiren's room with Tan Dongbang to return to the dark, empty hallway in the office.

Tan Dongbang sighed again. "If only Little Darling could be like you. I really wish I had a daughter just like you."

Gu Yanran suddenly stopped and stared at him. "Prime Minister, you know that I don't want to be your daughter."

"Is it shameful for you to be my daughter?" Tan Dongbang instincitvely looked away. "I'm old enough to be your father."

Gu Yanran suddenly got excited. She looked up at Tan Dongbang without concealing the admiration in her eyes as she said quietly, "I've always dreamed of having a father like you. But when I really came to your side, I'm also glad you're not my father. Otherwise, what would I do?"

Tan Dongbang shut his eyes and only heard all the blood in his body rush to his brain. His eardrums thundered, and he nearly couldn't hear anything except for Gu Yanran's seductive voice echoing in his ears. His arms instinctively grabbed Gu Yanran's waist. Gu Yanran pushed opened a door in the hallway and pulled Tan Dongbang inside. The room was pitch black, and the curtains were drawn so they didn't know what room it was. Tan Dongbang had already pressed Gu Yaran onto the sofa and began kissing her madly. He hadn't felt like this in a long time...


Gu Yanran woke up the next day and saw that Tan Dongbang was still blissfully asleep by her side. She was incredibly satisfied. Drawing circles on Tan Dongbang's chest, she waited until he woke up. Tan Dongbang wasn't young anymore, so his stamina couldn't compare to Ye Xuan's. However, he gave Gu Yanran incomparable emotional satisfaction.

"You're awake?" Tan Dongbang opened his eyes to see Gu Yanran's elegant, beautiful face. Squeezing her hand, he leaned over to kiss her.

"Yeah." Gu Yanran smiled happily and sat up in bed. "It's almost Little Darling's birthday. I want to host a grand birthday party for her. What do you think?"

"Really? I forget about it. I've been so busy lately." Tan Dongbang also sat up and had an even better impression of Gu Yanran now. "I'm very happy you're nice to Little Darling."

"I know, but I want you to understand I like Little Darling because you like her. I'll treasure everything you love." Gu Yanran's sweet talking was very advanced, and Tan Dongbang hadn't felt this way for many years now. He had been married to Cai Songyin for decades, so they were already completely acquainted with each other. He no longer felt the same thrill as he did with Gu Yanran... But he also loved his daughter. She was the apple of his eye. Gu Yanran understood this well, so that's why she was so kind to her.

Besides, Tan Guiren was just a daughter, so she would be married off with a bit of dowry when the time came. She wouldn't get in Gu Yanran's way at all. She knew that Tan Dongbang and Cai Songyin had tried hard to match Tan Guiren with Huo Shaoheng. Originally, Gu Yanran thought that was impossible, but knowing that Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng had broken up, she suddenly felt it wasn't that impossible, after all. Although Huo Shaoheng wasn't interested in Gu Yanran, he treated Tan Guiren differently. Also, Gu Yanran cleary saw how he treated Tan Gurien at the airport, so Gu Yanran would completely win against Gu Nianzhi if she could get Tan Guiren to steal Huo Shaoheng and bring him over to their side.

Gu Yanran became even more friendly when she thought of this. After breakfast, she visited Tan Guiren. She was draped in a gown and sat still in front of her vanity. "Little Darling, what is it?" Gu Yanran sat by her side and smoothly brushed her hair. "It's your birthday in two days. Your father said he'll host a grand birthday party for you. He'll invite all the important elites from the Imperial Capital to celebrate your birthday. What do you think?"

Tan Guiren hung her head dejectedly. "My Mommy's trial isn't over yet. How can I be in the mood to have a birthday party?"

"Little Darling, you can't think that way." Gu Yanran held her hand and urged, "You think a birthday party at the Prime Minister's official residence is just a party? It's also a social occasion, and many important things are decided on such social occasions. If you want your Mommy's case to conclude quickly, then you should happily host this birthday party and then find a chance to plead to those important elites..."

Tan Guiren was convinced. "Really?"

"Of course." Gu Yanran took her hand. "I also have news to tell you."

"What news? Is it about my Mommy?" Tan Guiren answered instinctively.

"Well, it's about Huo Shao."

"Huo Shao?" Tan Guiren seem to take a long time when she heard the nickname before she suddenly understood what it meant.

"Right, I heard he broke up with his girlfriend, Gu Nianzhi."

"How do you know?" Tan Gurien's eyes widened.

"Gu Nianzhi told me herself. Don't forget, Gu Nianzhi is my so-called sister." Gu Yanran smiled faintly, an amused gleam in her eyes.