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756 This Is for Your Own Good

 Gu Yanran's voice was very quiet as she gently apologized to Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhi began to frown. "It doesn't matter. I enjoyed my birthday." She paused, then asked Gu Yanran, "Have you visited Father lately? How is he?"

Gu Yanran replied vaguely, "You don't know how Father is doing? He's within your boyfriend's jurisdiction..."

"I don't know. I broke up with Huo Shao." Gu Nianzhi was getting impatient. "If there isn't anything else, I'll be hanging up now. I still have lots of homework." If Gu Yanran didn't even care about her own biological father, then Gu Nianzhi felt she shouldn't be such a busybody.

Gu Nianzhi ended the call, and Gu Yanran still held the phone. As she looked at the scenery outside the window, a smile slowly formed on her face. How wonderful... Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng have broken up. This was reasonable, since Gu Yanran didn't think any man could stand that Gu Nianzhi had gone through that kind of "kidnapping..." Huo Shaoheng was no exception. Gu Nianzhi's greatest support should be gone now. Gu Yanran truly sighed in relief.

After that, Gu Yanran began to contact Tan Dongbang even more frequently. Tan Dongbang even gave Gu Yanran the position of personal assistant at the office of the Prime Minister so she could officially enter the official residence. Gu Yanran purposely buttered them up, so even Tan Guiren became a good friend who would confide everything to her. As for Cai Songyin, she was asked to lay low under the recommendation of the legal team and political aides. She would avoid public appearances to avoid continued public attention on her incident. Because of this, she moved out of the Prime Minister's official residence and went to live alone in the Tan's previous residence. After an excruciating two-week wait, the First Lady's trial for misappropriation of campaign funds finally began.

"Sister Gu, today is friday, and next Monday, my Mommy's trial will begin. I want to go back home to stay with her. Will Sister Gu come with me?" Tan Guiren looked at Gu Yanran with puppy dog eyes, hoping she would accompany her. She heard that Cai Songyin's temper was very bad as of late, so Tan Guiren thought Gu Yanran might be able to cheer her Mommy up with her glib tongue.

"Little Darling, I'm very busy lately, and Mr. Prime Minister has several talks this weekend. I won't be able to spare time." Gu Yanran declined politely and continued, "Actually, Mrs. Tan loves you the most. She'll be very happy as long as you can stay with her."

"You think so?" Tan Gurien sighed again, her mood not too cheerful. She believed that her Mommy wanted to see her Daddy most of all right now, but he was always saying he was busy, so he hadn't even visited her once in the past two weeks. Tan Guiren thought about it and went to go look for Tan Dongbang. "Daddy, do you have free time this weekend? Mommy is going to court on Monday. Do you want to make some time to be with her?"

"Sweet Darling, your Mommy only needs to see you to cheer up. How about you go spend more time with Mommy on Daddy's behalf? Daddy is very busy. There are many talks this weekend, and I can't reschedule them." Tan Donbbang'se excuse was somehow an echo of Gu Yanran's.

Tan Guiren pouted. She had no choice but to go back to the Tan's previous residence alone and spend time with Cai Songyin.

Cai Songyin had lost a great deal of weight in the last two weeks. After experiencing the harsh reality of falling from the precipice to rock bottom, she wasn't as haughty as before. After waiting at the door for half the day, she only saw Tan Guiren come alone. Cai Songyin didn't conceal her disappointment from her face well, so Tan Guiren saw it clearly. She felt pained but didn't know how to console her Mommy, so she could only squeeze her hand and murmur, "Mommy, are you feeling better?"

"Mommy is alright. Little Darling, you've gotten thinner." Cai Songyin composed herself and held Tan Guiren's hand as they walked inside together. "What do you want to eat? Mommy will make it for you."

"Ok, I want dried pork floss egg rolls. Mommy, can you make some for me?" Tan Guiren swung Cai Songyin's hand coyly. She actually didn't really like to eat pork floss egg rolls, but the snack took a long time to make and required much effort, so that way it would stop Cai Songyin from continuing to dwell on her unhappiness.

Cai Songyin understood her daughter's intentions and stroked her face with pity. "Ok, Mommy will make pork floss egg rolls for you."

While Tan Guiren and Cai Songyin were making pork floss egg rolls in the kitchen, Tan Dongbang and Gu Yanran were in riding gear and were riding in the East Mountain Racecourse outside the Imperial Capital.

"Mr. Prime Minister, what you think about the trial on Monday?" A reporter had somehow sneaked past the strict security of the East Mountain Racecourse and raised up his phone to interview him.

Tan Dongbang was shocked and quickly jerked his harness back. The horse raised its hooves so high up it was nearly standing on two legs. The reporter quickly darted away to avoid being trampled. He then moved closer from the side and raised his phone asking loudly, "Prime Minister Tan, what do you think about your wife's trial on Monday?!"

"Who are you? How did you trespass onto the East Mountain Racecourse?! Where's security? Secret Service? Where the hell are they?!" Gu Yanran saw what was happening and quickly came forward to shield Tan Dongbang as they ran back.

The reporter saw Gu Yanran and recognized her as the Prime Minister's new personal assistant. He quickly raised the phone up to her. "Miss Gu, do you know what the Prime Minister thinks about trial on Monday? So the Prime Minister doesn't have time to be with his wife right now but came to the East Mountain Racecourse to ride? Does that mean he is feeling very confident about the case, or are the rumors about the Prime Minister and his wife being estranged actually true?"

Gu Yanran stiffened and secretly thought the reporter was very keen. How did he get in here? With a solemn face, Gu Yanran stopped her horse and said with raised brows, "This is where the Prime Minister is riding. I'm warning you, leave right now. Otherwise, this will be considered obstruction of public safety once the security and Secret Service get here."

However, the reporter obviously had strong backing if he could get past the strict security, so he naturally was unperturbed by her words. He instantly used his phone to record. "Miss Gu truly is a bold person, but are these words representing the Prime Minister's thoughts or your own?"

Gu Yanran was just about to say, "My thoughts are what the Prime Minister thinks," but instantly knew that was inappropriate. She had almost been set up by this reporter. Smoothing the anger from her face, she smiled. "Please don't be upset. I'm only thinking about your safety. You can feel free to stay if you don't want to leave. There's a lounge here, so you might want to rest for a bit and have some water and snacks. I'm sorry that we can't host you properly."

Gu Yanran's unexpected change in attitude made it difficult for the reporter to continue his questioning. He could only shut off his phone sheepishly. "Ok, I wish Miss Gu and Prime Minister Tan a happy weekend." After the reporter left, the scene immediately aired on TV.

Tan Guiren and Cai Songyin were making the pork floss egg rolls in the kitchen as they chatted. The wall-mounted TV was on as always in order to liven up the large, empty house. But suddenly, they both saw Tan Dongbang and Gu Yanran appear on TV! "I can't take it anymore! This is their weekend talk?!" Cai Songyin suddenly threw the dough on the ground. "They take me for a fool?!" She furiously grabbed her phone and called Tan Dongbang. It rang for a very long time before someone answered it.

"Hello? Who are you looking for?" The gentle voice and even tone belonged to none other than Gu Yanran.

Cai Songyin only felt rage blind her as she blurted out, "Why do you have Dongbang's phone?! Have him speak to me!"

Gu Yanran smiled subtly as she passed the phone to Tan Dongbang. "Your wife is calling." As she spoke, she sat behind Tan Dongbang and continued massaging him.

Tan Dongbang took the phone and laughed as he answered, "Songyin, what is it? Did something happen?"

"What is it?! You dare ask me that?!" Cai Songyin was enraged, "Aren't you having talks? Why'd you go to East Mountain Racecourse?! Why is Gu Yanran handling your phone?!"

"Don't be upset Songyin. Your screaming is so uncouth. In that aspect, you really have to learn from Yanran. Her temper is so good. She's never lost her temper in front of anyone, no matter what happens." Tan Dongbang said evenly, "Also, she's my personal assistant, so of course she's going to take care of my phone."

Cai Songyin nearly spat blood. She was so angry, she wanted to lash out again, but Tan Doongbang continued, "You're going to trial on Monday, and your current state won't do. You need to control your emotions so you won't fall into traps, no matter what anyone says to provoke you. Did you watch TV today? That was someone deliberately targeting me. Do you not trust me?"

When he said this, Cai Songyin calmed down somewhat, but she didn't fully believe him. "Really? This is for my own good?"

"Of course. Yanran is doing this for you, too. She said to give you some anti-provocation experiments so you won't get angry in court," Tan Dongbang said before hanging up.