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740 This Wont Be Taken Lying Down 6

 Song Jinning gave Cai Songyin an icy stare. Swallowing her fury, she replied coolly, "You're mistaking me for someone else. I'm not Mrs. Huo." She walked around Cai Songyin to leave.

Cai Songyin instantly understood and quickly grabbed Song Jinning's arm with an apologetic smile. "Director Song, my mistake. I was too overwhelmed today with all the media and all the important guests attending this inauguration. I was confused with everything going on. Please forgive me!" Cai Songyin was secretly irked as she apologized. What status do the Huo's have, anyway? And what status do the Song's have in the face of the Huo's? Also, Song Jinning's father, Song Haichuan, passed away 17 years ago. So what if he was regarded as a fallen hero? The Song's are a dying family.

Cai Songyin had assumed Song Jinning would certainly want to get back together with Huo Guanchen, so she intended to lend a hand by calling her "Mrs. Huo." She didn't think Song Jinning would be so superficial. Not only did she not accept the kindness, but she insulted Cai Songyin in front of all these other people. If it wasn't for her daughter's future happiness, Cai Songyin really wouldn't want anything to do with Song Jinning. Who would want to stand next to a demon like her?!

Cai Songyin had hired a professional institute to investigate Huo Shaoheng's family for the sake of Tan Guiren's marriage, so she knew Song Jinning was actually 49, and as a woman who was nearly 50, she was two years older than Cai Songying. However, seeing Song Jinning like this, with so much plastic surgery she looked like an unaging demon, she appeared even younger than her daughter! Song Jinning had a thin waist, long legs, and the mermaid evening gown's curves happened to accentuate her S-shaped body perfectly. Her face was as soft as white jade, and even close up there were no visible flaws. Her skin was even more youthful than Tan Guiren's.

Cai Songyin always thought she was still curvy and beautiful even though she had aged, but standing beside the plastic Song Jinning, she basically looked like an old hag. Cai Songyin looked down on superficial women like that from the bottom of her heart. However, this superficial woman had birthed a good son, so for her daughter's sake, she had no choice but to feign kindness. Although Cai Songyin was secretly thinking that, she didn't reveal anything of it in her expression. She continued to hold Song Jinning's arm warmly. "Director Song, please be gracious enough to forgive my mindless slip of the tongue."

Song Jinning was unmoved by Cai Songyin's pleading. She extricated her arm and replied calmly, "Don't overthink it." She still wanted to walk outside.

Cai Songyin had no choice but to drag her daughter over. "Little Darling, this is Director Song. Quickly, help Mommy apologize to Director Song."

Tan Guiren had been secretly staring at Song Jinning. Tan Guiren could tell Huo Shaoheng had inherited his handsome features from Song Jinning. However, Huo Shaoheng's masculine complexion must be from Huo Guanchen. Huo Shaoheng was a combination of both his parents' best features, so he was a rare beauty. As a result, Tan Guiren had a very good impression of Song Jinning. She didn't need Cai Songyin to prompt her again before saying sweetly, "Hello, Director Song. You've maintained yourself so well. Can I learn your maintenance secrets when we have a chance in the future?"

As soon as Song Jinning saw Tan Guiren, she recalled listening to Fan Jian and Little Ning chat in the car about how their Special Operations Forces had rescued Tan Guiren from New York. Although they didn't specify who went to rescue her, with Song Jinning's intelligence, it was easy for her to piece together the situation from Huo Shaoheng's simple statements. As a result, seeing Tan Guiren was like seeing the mortal enemy who wanted her son dead. However, Song Jinning had been educated well from the time she was young, so she curbed herself from saying anything cruel. Nonetheless, she completely ignored Tan Guiren and didn't even say anything polite in reply. The atmosphere in the private room instantly grew awkward.

Cai Songyin shot a look at the people inside the private room. The few relatives from the Tan and Cai families all found excuses to leave and closed the door before walking out. The only ones left in the private room were the Huo's, Song Jinning, Cai Songyin, and Tan Guiren. Cai Songyin glanced at her watch. There was still half an hour before the inauguration would officially begin. It was still cocktail hour, so everyone was making connections and catching up. She had wanted to take the opportunity to sweet talk Song Jinning to help her daughter leave a good impression for her future mother-in-law, but Song Jinning was completely unyielding, so Cai Songyin could only look at Huo Guanchen, as well as Grandfather Huo and Huo Jialan, in hopes they would help ease the tension.

Huo Jialan's expression was a bit peculiar, but she still walked over to say to Song Jinning, "Aunt, you've always been forgiving. You're not going to give Miss Tan a hard time, right?"

Song Jinning glanced coldly at Huo Jialan before looking away and saying without hesitation, "I'm not your aunt, so don't pretend to be familiar with me. I remember that you watched your own mother die without doing anything. Don't pretend to be a good person here with your sweet talking."

The blood completely drained from Huo Jialan's face. Lips quivering, her eyes instantly filled with tears. Covering her face, she ran back to Grandfather Huo's side and cried silently. Grandfather Huo looked at her but recalled how her mother died, so he also felt some animosity and decided to stay quiet and drink tea as he watched the drama unfold.

Huo Guanchen saw that Song Jinning was being too rude, so he walked over to help Tan Guiren out. "Jinning, Prime Minister Tan's only daughter, Miss Tan Guiren, is smart and obedient. She's also very filial." He then said to Cai Songyin, "Mrs. Tan, you have such good fortune to have a daughter like her."

Cai Songyin's rigid face finally broke into a smile. She had been right, Huo Guanchen was elegant and humble. He spoke with versatility and would always keep other people's egos in mind. In contrast, although Song Jinning was so beautiful she seemed ethereal, her social skills were much too terrible. Also, her personality was so blunt, she would easily make enemies. No wonder Huo Guanchen would support her daughter.

Cai Songyin arranged her face into a smile and returned the compliments. "Thank you, General Huo. Director Song, you've maintained yourself so well. We are both the same age, but looking at the two of us, no one would ever believe that. Who knew you would have a son that old? The first time I saw you, I thought some famous celebrity had arrived. Oh, that's not right. What famous celebrity would have a face like yours? They could never catch up, even if they had plastic surgery!"

Song Jinning ignored the secret jabs in Cai Songyin's words with a smile. "My son is filial and capable. I don't have to worry about him, so it's only natural that I look young." She then glanced at Tan Guiren and didn't hesitate to shoot back at Cai Songyin, "Your daughter is too capricious. Not only did she hurt herself but also others, her family, and her nation. No wonder you look older than your actual age. I hope that you can discipline your daughter properly from now on instead of trying to rank on the top searches everyday. Don't get innocent people killed for your sake. Everyone has their own parents, so there's no such thing as one life being more precious or worth more than anyone else's."

The words were too harsh, and Cai Songyin's smile suddenly flaked off piece by piece like stucco on a wall. Tan Guiren's expression also fell instantly, and she was so embarrassed, she wanted to dig a hole in the ground. She forced herself to not cry immediately. She could tell Song Jinning was talking about her kidnapping in the United States, but she had been a victim. Perhaps Huo Shao's mom didn't know that yet, so Tan Guiren didn't blame her.

Huo Guanchen felt like he had been slapped in the face. He had just complimented Tan Gurien for being smart and obedient, but Song Jinning had argued word for word and accused her of being too capricious. "Jinning, what's wrong with you today? Did you forget to take your meds?" Huo Guanchen said unhappily, "Don't forget to give some respect. She's a younger person, too. Miss Tan is so obedient, how is she capricious?"

"If I have to remember to give respect, then who'll remember to spare my son's life?! Huo Guanchen, don't blame me for revoking your parental relationship with my son if you're going to disregard his life!" Song Jinning was enraged as she stabbed her finger at Huo Guanchen's nose and shot back, "She said she's obedient?! Her father was running for Prime Minister, so why didn't she return to the nation as required by law?! You're saying that's not being capricious?! Forgive my blindness, but I can't see how a person like that is obedient and filial."

"You...!" Huo Guanchen was enraged. He balled his hands into fists and snarled, "Shaoheng is a soldier! Protecting the nation and protecting its citizens is his responsibility! Even if he sacrifices his life, that's for the sake of the nation and the citizens! Don't bring shame to his name!"

"I'm bringing shame to his name?!" Song Jinning couldn't help sneering. Even her well cultured personality was infuriated by Huo Guanchen. "Soldiers are also human, so soldiers can't sacrifice their lives for people who are too eager to die! I wouldn't stop my son if many innocent people were being hurt, but I would lament the loss of my son if he lost his life for people who are whining and eager to die! If that happens, I will make the people who get my son killed repay with their own lives!"

"Song Jinning! You're taking this too far!" Huo Guanchen nearly shouted.

"I'll take it even further for my son!" Song Jinning didn't hesitate to snarl back.

Tan Guiren finally burst into tears and continuously bowed to Song Jinning. "Sorry... Sorry... Sorry... Director Song, it's all my fault... Sorry..."

Cai Songyin was heartbroken as she quickly hugged her daughter to calm her down like a toddler. "Little Darling, don't cry. Little Darling, don't cry. It wasn't your fault. Don't feel bad."

Song Jinning couldn't stand listening to it anymore and said unhappily, "Mrs. Tan, is this how you teach your child? You don't teach right from wrong. No wonder your daughter is so capricious."

Cai Songyin couldn't stand it anymore and sneered, "Director Song, maybe you're mistaken. Did your son rescue my daughter? Your son doesn't admit it though..." She was still angry about what Huo Shaoheng said over the phone the other day.

Song Jinning was unperturbed. Arching her elegant brows, she replied sternly, "When did I ever say my son rescued her? I was expressing vehemence for the sake of the nameless warriors who sacrificed in silence! Also, you people don't have any desire to learn from your mistakes at all. Don't turn your shame into pride. It's hard to guarantee that misfortune won't spread to my son in the future. I'll say all the blunt words required today. Don't ask for my son if anything happens in the future. He's a major general of our nation, not your private bodyguard! If you dare bother my son for personal matters again, I'll have to ask the Senate if the Prime Minister taking special privileges would be considered abusing power for personal gain. Should the Senate impeach him? Would you believe that I can immediately request impeachment procedures from the Senate to make your husband the first Prime Minister in history to be impeached on his first day in office?"