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 He Zhichu's expression suddenly darkened, but it only lasted for a moment before he resumed his typical aloof look. He replied slowly, "Huo Shao really is good at fooling people. Although I can't compare with that skill, I didn't lose after all." So he didn't need to suffer the shame of shelling walnuts for Huo Shaoheng. According to Texas Hold'em rules, folding in the middle of the game didn't constitute a loss. He Zhichu had only used the rules reasonably to his advantage.

"This is not merely fooling, but also involves the high-level theories of psychology, advanced mathematics, logic, and the study of interpersonal relationships." Huo Shaoheng pushed his cards. "I could play an entire royal flush if I wanted to." But because Gu Nianzhi had been staring at his hands the entire time, he didn't want to make any moves. With Huo Shaoheng's typical habits, he would always cheat if he gambled. When the Special Operations Forces taught their personnel gambling skills, the most often repeated phrase was that there weren't nine tricks in ten gambles, but ten tricks in ten gambles. There was no exception to this, and the only difference was in varying levels of trickery. Huo Shaoheng had taught Gu Nianzhi these skills, too, including how to cheat and switch out cards. When he thought about it, the tides had really changed. By teaching his disciple, he was no longer able to cheat as the teacher. As he considered this, an inadvertent smile appeared on his face.

Yin Shixiong smirked as he whispered, "Chief, stay restrained. You only got a draw from one round of cheating. Why are you smiling so smugly?"

Huo Shaoheng smoothed his face as he rubbed his chin with one hand. "I was smiling?"

"Do you need a mirror?" Yin Shixiong didn't hesitate anymore. "How about I ask Qiqi to borrow her makeup mirror for you?"

Huo Shaoheng glanced at Yin Shixiong coolly, and that was enough to make him deflate. He sheepishly went over to Ma Qiqi to watch her shuffle the deck. Gu Nianzhi had already looked away and no longer stared at Huo Shaoheng. However, he sat beside her so she couldn't completely ignore his interaction with Yin Shixiong. Gu Nianzhi smiled and said to He Zhichu, "Professor He, you actually only got derailed because you were paying too much attention. If you calmly count cards, then other people can't trick you."

He Zhichu's expression brightened instantly, and his shimmery, sultry eyes nearly overflowed with tenderness. He looked at Gu Nianzhi and smiled as he replied casually, "Ok, but I don't really know how to count cards. Nianzhi, teach me when you're free."

"Ok, no problem. When we get back on campus and have some time, I'll talk to you about it." Gu Nianzhi promised instantly.

Huo Shaoheng's expression darkened as he rose. "You guys keep playing. I'm going for a smoke." Gu Nianzhi didn't even look at him and continued explaining the steps to counting cards to Ma Qiqi and He Zhichu. Yin Shixiong pressed his ear against the wall and was laughing so hard inside that his stomach was about to burst. However, he wouldn't dare go check on Huo Shaoheng, even if he had all the courage in the world, so he decided to take the remote to turn on the TV in the chess and card room.

No matter which channel he played, every single one was broadcasting the Prime Minister's inauguration. Gu Nianzhi got up to get tea and glanced at the TV to see all the guests arriving on the scene. A bright red carpet was laid in front of the National Center for the Performing Arts, stretching from the front steps to a very long distance away. The street lights on either side of the sidewalk were as bright as day, fully illuminating everything that was happening there. An area was reserved for reporters, and countless reporters squished together there as they carried video cameras, cameras, and recording pens while asking about the arriving guests.

There were also some people squatting in the corner counting the luxury vehicles. The walkway in front of the National Center for the Performing Arts was barricaded, and a group of police stood at the front to maintain order. On the other side, many regular civilians were let inside to share the joy of the Prime Minister's inauguration in order to create an atmosphere of universal celebration. Of course, the group of civilians wasn't randomly let in. Before they were let inside, they had undergone a lottery ceremony on the official website of the office of the Prime Minister and had their names verified, along with a background check by the Secret Service. These people came from all parts of the Hua Xia Empire and encompassed a very broad area, so it was very representative of sharing joy with the masses.


Gu Nianzhi came back with tea and saw the doors of the luxury cars on TV open as important figures representing the Hua Xia imperial military, government, and business world emerged one after another. She actually recognized a few of them. For example, the man who had just emerged from a bullet-proof military vehicle with a red flag was the white-haired General Ji. Walking beside General Ji and whispering quietly in his ear was another silver-haired senior, Speaker Long. In addition, Bai Jiancheng, the Minister of Domestic Affairs, walked with a tall, curvy, beautiful woman-his daughter, Bai Yueran. She was also the Director of the Legal Department of the Special Operations Forces.

Afterwards, Gu Nianzhi also saw the Huo's. Huo Shaoheng's father, Huo Guanchen, was in full military uniform, and even though he was already in his fifties, he was so well maintained that he only appeared to be in his early forties. Although he was already a certain age, the years had been kind to him. The precipitation of time had increased his aura of a mature and reliable man; he was elegant, yet carried the signature fierceness of a soldier. Huo Guanchen walked with a young woman and an energetic senior. Gu Nianzhi recognized the energetic senior as Huo Shaoheng's grandfather, and the young woman was Huo Jialan. So they have returned from France to attend the Prime Minister's inauguration. Huo Jialian wore a Dior haute couture evening gown. As she looked back on the red carpet with a smile, her eyes were enthusiastic and seemed to be full of a smug confidence. This scene was rather interesting. Gu Nianzhi simply cradled her tea and watched TV on the couch.

"Nianzhi, what are you watching? You don't want to play anymore?" Ma Qiqi called out to her from the card table.

Gu Nianzhi didn't turn back before replying, "I'm watching the Prime Minister's inauguration tonight. You guys come watch it, too. This time it looks like a celebrity event. It seems more lively than before, but it also feels a bit crass."

"That's easy to understand." He Zhichu walked over and sat with her as he replied coolly, "The new Prime Minister's wife has a good relationship with the media. She likes events like these."

Gu Nianzhi nodded. "You mean Cai Songyin? She's the only thing on the news the past few days." Actually, the news was also reporting on Tan Dongbang and Cai Songyin's daughter, Tan Guiren, but Gu Nianzhi didn't want to mention her name, so she pretended she didn't exist.

"Our new Prime Minister's wife is pretty good looking." Ma Qiqi also came over and sat on the rug in front of the sofa. She hugged a teddy and suddenly pointed at the TV. "Look! Isn't that the new Prime Minister's family?!"

They saw a black extended Cadillac slowly drive up to the excited crowd before parking by the red carpet. Not only were the reporters excited, but the sardine packed crowd of onlookers on both sides of the barricades also began to get restless. The scene was nearly transformed into a sea of phones as everyone raised up their devices to frantically take photos of the Cadillac. However, Cai Songyin, Tan Dongbang, and Tan Guiren sat in the car and didn't get out right away.

Tan Guiren asked Cai Songyin quizzically, "Mommy, we're here. Why aren't we getting out yet?"

"No need to rush." Cai Songyin wore a red mermaid gown for the occasion. It revealed one pale shoulder and arm, and because of the cold weather, she also draped a mink collar around her neck. "We'll step out once the helicopter doing the live broadcast gets into position. That way, the recording angle will be the best. Today our daughter is the star of the show, so we need to debut at the most perfect moment," Cai Songyin explained as she adjusted the fox fur shawl on Tan Guiren's neck. "Little Darling, are you cold?" Little Darling was Tan Guiren's baby name.

"No." Tan Guiren was thinking the car was so warm, how could she be cold?

After a while, Cai Songyin glanced at her watch and saw it was about time. Just as she was about to open the door to walk out, she noticed some commotion outside the car. This commotion was even more intense than when the Tan's car appeared in front of the National Center of Performing Arts. Could someone even more important than they were have arrived? Cai Songyin didn't believe it. Tonight belonged to their family, so she wanted to see who was being so rude. Cai Songyin turned around to look coldly.

Not far from them, a pearly blue Bentley Mulsanne was slowly driving up. The blue was like a pearl as mysterious as the ocean, instantly attracting everyone's attention, and it instantly obliterated the Tan's normal-looking Cadillac. This was a real luxury vehicle! Also, looking at the plaque on the car, it must have been custom made. Cai Songyin's face had already fallen. Just as she was about to open the door to step out, she saw that the Bentley door was also opening. A woman in a coral mermaid evening gown slowly stepped out. She merely stood on the red carpet, but the moon and stars in the sky crept away into the clouds, hesitant to compete with her beauty. Even the bright street lamps dimmed from the woman's brilliance. The clamoring crowd in front of the National Center of Performing Arts instantly quieted. Everyone's eyes were on the glamorous woman whose beauty seemed to glow. All the video cameras were pointed at her, and all the phones and cameras captured only her.

After a while, she raised her hand and waved to everyone in the most elegant way. She then turned to glance at the extended Cadillac Cai Songyin was in with a subtle smile. That smile was like clouds breaking to reveal the moon, the east wind whistling through a thousand flowers and trees. After seeking her a thousand times in the crowd, one only had to look up randomly to see her standing amid the brilliant lights. Everyone had a different notion of a beautiful woman, but in that moment, everyone present seemed to think that she was the true epitome of beauty.

Cai Songyin saw the woman's outfit clearly and scowled. She was wearing nearly the exact same thing! The only difference was that Cai Songyin's mermaid gown revealed half her shoulder and one arm, while the other woman was completely covered up. Cai Songyin saw her slightly plump arm and suddenly felt very uncomfortable. What she hated more was that the woman walked out first, so she would come after. It would give the audience the impression that she was a lesser version!