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719 Waiting for You

 Since it was like that, He Zhichu felt that there was no need to say more. Aunt Qin had been pregnant and even lost the baby...

After He Zhichu hung up, his brows furrowed for a long time before he sighed. He massaged his temples and checked his voicemails. Gu Nianzhi's clear and sweet voice sounded in his ears. He Zhichu couldn't help but smile at that voice.

It was about six or seven o'clock in the evening. Gu Nianzhi had just returned from dinner and had her shower. Di Capital was already turning cold in October, so the weather at night was rather chilly. She wrapped herself up in her bathrobe and exited the bathroom. While she was drying her hair with her fluffy towel, her phone rang. She walked over to take a look.

It was He Zhichu's number.

Gu Nianzhi answered the call. "Professor He! You are indeed a busy man!"

He Zhichu was sitting on the sofa in his apartment in the professor's building with an arm resting on the sofa's armrest. He looked extremely relaxed, albeit cold and aloof. However, his voice was extremely gentle. "You're back in school, Nianzhi?"

"Yes. Just." Gu Nianzhi sat on the chair in front of her desk. She put on her Bluetooth earpiece and began talking to He Zhichu. "Professor He, can you send me the schedule for this semester, please? I want to see how many more credits I require in order to graduate."

He Zhichu was taken aback. "Graduate? You want to graduate so badly?"

"Yes. I've thought about it. In order to get my master's, I don't actually need many credits. The important factor would be the final thesis. As long as I can complete all the credits, then complete my thesis, the school should allow me to graduate early, shouldn't they?" Gu Nianzhi began whining. "Professor He, you're my professor. You wouldn't stop me from graduating early, would you?"

He Zhichu sighed and felt his headache worsen. "Nianzhi, you're still young. Why would you want to graduate early? I think it's best for you to remain in school for a couple of more years..."

Gu Nianzhi shook her head. She looked at the scenery outside her window and suddenly wanted to rant. "Professor He, I know that I'm still young. However, who said that only people who are older can enter society? For so many years, I've been protected too well by Huo... Shaoheng and have cut contact with all of society. Now that I'm independent, of course I would love to return to society as soon as possible."

Without the bed of roses that Huo Shaoheng had fabricated for her, she would rather let herself become stronger and create her own world for herself.

"Independent?" He Zhichu did not agree with her. "What are you talking about? Huo Shaoheng would allow you to leave him?"

Gu Nianzhi smiled bitterly. She did not tell He Zhichu about the breakup. She merely said softly, "Huo Shaoheng is busy as well. I just want to graduate early and get a job, so that I'll be able to support myself." No matter how well Huo Shaoheng treated her, this episode only taught her that she was no better than an orphan who was staying with her savior. The only difference was that she could finally break free from that savior and work hard for herself now.

Even though Gu Nianzhi did not mention anything, He Zhichu already felt some form of sensitivity in the air. He sat up straight and asked slowly, "Nianzhi, you've quarrelled with Huo Shaoheng?"

Gu Nianzhi avoided the question. "Professor He, please help me and allow me to graduate early. This is really important to me."

Seeing that she was trying hard to avoid the question, He Zhichu confirmed that there was something wrong between her and Huo Shaoheng. This was within his expectations as well. Since the time Gu Nianzhi was crying and bawling in Germany, He Zhichu had already felt that she would break up with Huo Shaoheng.

Of course, he was also clear that Huo Shaoheng wasn't the type of person who would agree to a breakup just because she said so. Huo Shaoheng was similar to him. They liked having control and wouldn't allow anything to affect that. However, coincidentally, both of them had met someone who was dying to get out of their control. It was the same person-Gu Nianzhi.

"I'll send you this semester's schedule. I'll also send you the schedule for next semester. If you're able to hang in there, you can finish the 15 credits you're short of, which would be equivalent to five classes, then you'd be able to begin writing your thesis and complete your internship during the second half of next year." He Zhichu opened Gu Nianzhi's file and looked through it quickly before giving his advice.

Gu Nianzhi immediately replied ecstatically, "I can finish 15 credits in four months! That's not a problem. I'll see if I can complete my thesis at the same time."

He Zhichu sat up straight and said sternly, "Think it through properly. If you're going to take so many classes and still do your thesis, your body won't be able to take it."

"I'll be fine. I was born with amazing health!" Gu Nianzhi laughed and poked fun at herself. He Zhichu was speechless.

After hanging up the call, Gu Nianzhi turned on her computer to access her email. She wanted to check on her classes as soon as possible.

He Zhichu sat on the sofa for a long time thinking about it before deciding to call his law firm in America.

The next day, when Gu Nianzhi checked her bank account balance, she was shocked to realize that there was a huge amount of money in it! This amount was more than enough for her to get that house!

Gu Nianzhi tried to think about it, and the first thought in her mind was, Did Huo Shaoheng give me money again? However, after she had calmed down, she checked the source of the transfer and realized that it was from the law firm in America.

Gu Nianzhi called He Zhichu. "Professor He, I just realized that a huge sum of money was transferred into my bank account from the law firm in America. May I know the reason, please?"

He Zhichu smiled and leaned against the window. He held his phone in one hand and fed his fish with the other. "Your commission for Li Haiqing's case. This is the bonus for the first period."

"So much?!" Gu Nianzhi looked at the account balance happily. "No wonder everyone wants to be a lawyer. What an amazing future being a lawyer has!"

He Zhichu laughed. "Money face... Since when have you been short on cash before?"

Gu Nianzhi was embarrassed. She made a face at her phone. He Zhichu wouldn't be able to see it, anyway. Then she smiled happily. "Professor He, scholars love money so that they're able to put it to good use. So why can't I like money now? Moreover, I feel proud that I'm earning my keep. Is there a problem?"

"No problem. Of course it's okay." He Zhichu laughed gently. "Don't forget that there's still a civil lawsuit for Li Haiqing's case. After it's closed, you'll be able to get another commission."

Gu Nianzhi nodded eagerly. "Yes yes yes! Thank you, Professor He, for giving me this opportunity! Please look out for me more in the future as well!"

"You're my assistant. Who should I look out for if it's not you?" He Zhichu was in a great mood. He patted the crumbs in his hand and said, "When will you be returning to class? Are you feeling better already?"

"I'm completely well!" Gu Nianzhi looked at the schedule. "I'm good anytime. I want to give it my all in these four months! All I will be doing will be studying and losing weight!"

He Zhichu did not know what to say.

After putting down the phone, Gu Nianzhi began drafting a study plan. She selected her classes. In order to register for them, He Zhichu and her course instructors needed to give her letters of approval so that she would be allowed to take all these classes together.

Due to the long duration of Li Haiqing's case and experiencing kidnapping, she had missed the due date of class registration. If she wanted to take these classes, she'd have to submit an appeal.

The professor's and course instructors' approval would definitely be necessary. On top of that, she'd need to find the professors of those classes to allow her in their classes as well.

After settling everything and registering for all five classes, she also had managed to fix her title for her thesis. By the time everything had come to an end, it was already Thursday night.

Gu Nianzhi was returning to her dormitory from the library and saw a familiar silver gray Mercedes Benz Bentayga SUV by the lobby. This was Huo Shaoheng's new car. A couple of steps further and she saw Huo Shaoheng smoking as he leaned against his car door. He was tall and muscular, wearing his army uniform. His sleeves were folded as he leaned against his car, back facing her.

Gu Nianzhi nodded as she smiled. "Are you waiting for someone?"

Huo Shaoheng threw his cigarette butt away and replied. "Yes. For you."

"Anything the matter?" Gu Nianzhi showed him her books. "I'm very busy."

Huo Shaoheng did not know what to say. He controlled his emotions and smiled. "I've done a background check on the people staying around the area of the house you wanted to buy. They're all decent with no prior records."

Gu Nianzhi was stunned. What does he think he's doing? Finding a criminal? Gu Nianzhi pouted secretly and replied politely, "Thank you, then. I just had plans to sign for the house tomorrow."

Huo Shaoheng nodded. "I'll go with you."

"Qiqi will go with me." Gu Nianzhi rejected his offer. "You're too busy. I'm not that important for you to bother with."

Such politeness, but so sarcastic. Huo Shaoheng's eyes darkened. Shaking his head, he replied, "It's okay. I'm willing to."

But I'm not... Gu Nianzhi almost said it out loud. However, seeing that Huo Shaoheng was serious about it, she felt that it had become habitual for him to show concern towards her. He still treated her as a kid...

I cannot get my own house on my own, I cannot drive on my own, I cannot drink... Gu Nianzhi looked up and took a deep breath. She suppressed the unhappiness. She knew that once Huo Shaoheng had made up his mind, no one would be able to change it. Therefore, she didn't want to waste her energy.

"Alright, up to you, then." Gu Nianzhi nodded at Huo Shaoheng and left.

Huo Shaoheng did not follow her this time. He merely leaned against the car and took out another cigarette as he looked at her disappearing back view.

Yin Shixiong did not dare to make a sound in the car. When Gu Nianzhi left, he finally popped his head out and asked softly, "Mr. Huo, are you and Nianzhi really over?"

"Do you think it's possible? Nianzhi likes to dream as she's still young. How old are you already? Still dreaming?" Huo Shaoheng glared at him and lit his cigarette with the lighter Gu Nianzhi had given him.