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706 I Need To Consider It Well

 She really wanted to break up. The words suddenly flashed across Huo Shaoheng's mind. Throughout all these years, Gu Nianzhi had called him "Uncle Huo,""Huo Shao," then finally, "Mr. Huo." This was the first time she had called him by his full name, but this first time it left her mouth was also when she was asking to break up.

Huo Shaoheng felt very conflicted, and his arms instinctively tightened to hug her closer. He pressed his cheek to the top of her head. "Nianzhi, I know you're very sad and upset. But don't make any decisions at a time like this, ok?" Huo Shaoheng patted her back and felt how she trembled in an attempt to hold back her sobs. He felt horrible.

Gu Nianzhi sniffled and pushed herself out of Huo Shaoheng's arms to glance at his solemn expression. "This is not the most sad and upset I've been. I only made this decision after thinking about it for a very long time." As she spoke, she turned on the iPad she had been holding the entire time and opened up her list of assets. "These are the things you have given me over the years, so I shouldn't accept them but give them all back to you." Gu Nianzhi pointed to the real estate and bank account statements, as well as the investment accounts. "But as for the clothes, shoes, bags, and skincare products you bought me, I won't be returning them. I don't like other people using my things."

When He Zhichu had played the recording of Gu Nianzi's heartbreaking words through the airplane communicator yesterday, Huo Shaoheng already knew Gu Nianzhi had been completely heartbroken this time. He had mentally prepared himself for Gu Nianzhi's request to break up, but he didn't think she would ask so soon and also quickly divide their mutual assets. Intelligent girls leaving the vortex of love became so logical and calm it was astounding. Huo Shaoheng both pitied and loved Gu Nianzhi when she was like this, yet he also felt a trace of guilt. However, while their relationship started when Gu Nianzhi asked, that didn't mean it would end at her request.

Huo Shaoheng pursed his lips, undeniable resilience appearing on his tight jawline. He still continued to hug her as he listened to her say the words that cut his heart. Leaning over, he used one hand to lift up her chin and gently peck again and again at her pink, curvy lips. His attractive baritone was like a devilish spell cast upon people's hearts. "Nianzhi, I know it, I know it all. No one will use your things... It's all yours, everything is yours."

Gu Nianzhi's tears streamed down as she tried to forcibly remove Huo Shaoheng's hand from her chin, however, she couldn't move it no matter how hard she tried. All she could do was look up passively and allow him to continue kissing her lips. There he was again, treating her like a child. Every time he made her upset, he thought kisses and hugs would make her feel better? Gu Nianzhi was angered and suddenly opened her mouth as he tried to kiss her again. She lunged at him like a little leopard and bit hard on his lower lip. Her tiny, perfect pearly teeth instantly left a row of tiny bite marks on his lower lip. She bit down hard until she tasted a hint of sweet blood on the tip of her tongue before slightly releasing her teeth. She had made him bleed...

They were very close to each other, breaths intertwining. He was panting slightly, but she was completely rigid like a small animal guarding against him. Huo Shaoheng's eyes slowly darkened. How could she stop loving him just because she said so? Did she even ask him? His right hand instinctively secured the back of Gi Nianzhi's neck, and he lowered himself to kiss her once again. Gu Nianzhi was even more furious, and her tiny mouth opened to bite with her tiny pearly teeth once again. However, Huo Shaoheng latched onto her lips and sucked hard. As soon as she opened her mouth to bite down, he used one hand to hold her cheeks like a vice. Just like that, his tongue darted into her mouth and caught the tiny tip of her tongue in an intimate dance. Gu Nianzhi mumbled as she continued to struggle in Huo Shaoheng's arms. Her arms couldn't move him, so she used her legs, too. As soon as she stretched her long legs, Huo Shaoheng used his other hand to hold her down and fluidly leaned forward. He pushed her down on the sofa, and her long legs happened to wrap around his lean waist.

Gu Nianzhi instantly realized she had made another mistake. How stupid of her to compete with Huo Shaoheng's physcial strength! Not only was she not his opponent, but even a dozen of her could be defeated by him single-handedly. In her desperation, she began to cry out in pain, "Let go of me! My arm is going to snap. It hurts..."

Huo Shaoheng immediately recalled the video of Gu Nianzhi began electrocuted by Als. His body became rigid, and after a moment, he finally calmed down enough to help Gu Nianzhi sit up on the couch.

She quickly pushed him away and stood up from the sofa. "Huo Shaoheng, we broke up already. You can't hug and kiss me whenever you like."

Huo Shaoheng looked up at her, his eyes so dark they appeared bottomless.

"Are you listening to me? Say something..." Gu Nianzhi glared at Huo Shaoheng. "Are you agreeing or not?"

Huo Shaoheng was slightly agitated as he sat on the couch and waited for himself to calm down. He finally looked at her and replied lazily, "I'll consider it."

Gu Nianzhi was dumbfounded. He dared to beat around the bush! Gu Nianzhi felt even more repulsed and looked down to pick up the iPad from the sofa. She opened the list of assets and printed out two copies, one for herself and one to pass to Huo Shaoheng. "This is yours, and when I have time to go to your official residence, I'll find all these things and return them to you. Also, I need to take back my clothes, shoes, and bags."

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Huo Shaoheng finally glanced at the list and replied slowly, "You already returned the apartment to me. Where will you put all your stuff?"

Gu Nianzhi originally wanted to say she would leave it in her dorm, but then realized that she had an entire 350-square-foot closet for just her things at Huo Shaoheng's official residence! Her entire dorm at B University wasn't even that big. "I'm looking for a house. I have enough money to afford the down payment." Gu Nianzhi blinked and inadvertently revealed her plan.

Huo Shaoheng rubbed between his brows. "Just stay in the apartment on Third Ring Road. You don't need to return it to me."

"No thanks. I hate that place more than anything." Gu Nianzhi immediately refused. Because Gu Yanran lived on the floor above her, she no longer wanted to force herself to suffer anymore. She'd clearly express something if she didn't like it, so what if she didn't consider the big picture?

Huo Shaoheng understood. After a moment of silence, he replied, "Ok, then we can discuss it later. Your injuries haven't healed yet. You need to recover first."

Gu Nianzhi didn't argue with him because she knew there was no point in doing that right now. Obviously, Huo Shaoheng still believed she had the sudden urge to make a fuss and assumed she'd be fine after a while, so she would use her actions to prove she wasn't simply making a fuss. With this thought, Gu Nianzhi also calmed down. "Fine. Brother Chen also asked me to recover first." She rubbed her arm. "You twisted my arm earlier. I don't know if it's dislocated."

Huo Shaoheng stood up and grabbed her arm. He squeezed it, then her joint, examining it. "There is no dislocation."

Gu Nianzhi shooked her arm and suddenly recalled how she had nearly perished several times on the Alps and hurt her arm, but then quickly recovered. Gu Nianzhi asked directly without evasion, "Huo Shaoheng, do you and Brother Chen know about my special body constitution?"

Huo Shaoheng squinted. "What do you mean?"

"When I was being hunted down in the Alps, I was injured several times." Gu Nianzhi stretched out the arm that had been shot and rolled up her sleeves to reveal a smooth, pale arm that was completely flawless. Even the pores weren't visible. "See, does this look like it has ever been shot?"

Huo Shaoheng's hands trembled slightly before he reached over to grab her arm and stroke it with his other hand. He moved down inch by inch. "Where were you shot?"

Gu Nianzhi pointed to the front section of her left elbow that faced outwards. "Here..." She then pointed to her left leg. "I fractured the bone when I fell off a cliff, but it healed in less than two days."

Huo Shaoheng half kneeled and rolled up the hem of her yoga pants to examine her calf. He certainly didn't seeing signs of a previous fracture.

"Isn't that right?" Gu Nianzhi asked again, "Is that why you and Brother Chen never allow me to go to other doctors?" They knew about her special body constitution, so they didn't want her to end up a lab rat.

Huo Shaoheng rose and nodded. He wasn't going to hide it from her anymore. "Right. You have a rather special constitution, but it's not to an outrageous extent. We only wanted to prevent unnecessary trouble, so we didn't want you to go to other hospitals."

In that respect, Gu Nianzhi was truly thankful for Huo Shaoheng and Chen Lie. They loved and protected her like a human instead of seeing her as important experimental data. Gu Nianzhi was extremely grateful for Huo Shaoheng when she thought about the extent Ye Zitan would go to for experimental data. But being grateful and loving someone were two different things. Gu Nianzhi nodded and was about to thank him when she heard knocking outside the door.

Yin Shixiong's voice called out, "Chief, Secretary Cao from General Ji's office is here. He says he will be escorting you to go see General Ji."

They had stopped calling and decided to physically bring him there. Huo Shaoheng had also prepared to explain the situation to General Ji today. Straightening his military uniform, he glanced at Gu Nianzhi. "Rest well. We'll talk when I come back."

Gu Nianzhi smiled and said noncommittally, "Business is more important, Chief. You'd better deal with your superiors."

Huo Shaoheng was speechless. He left her private room and closed the door behind him.

"Huo Shao..." Yin Shixiong walked out but immediately pursed his lips tightly at the sight of Huo Shaoheng's face. His lower lip had obviously been bitten, and what was going on with the tiny row of bite marks?! Yin Shixiong suddenly imagined the erotic scene of "Gu Nianzhi rebelling and Chief forcefully repressing her for 300 rounds..."

"What?" Huo Shaoheng glanced at him. "Did you see a ghost?"

This is even scarier than seeing a ghost alright! Yin Shixiong keep staring blankly at Huo Shaoheng's lips and gestured to his own. "Chief, your lips... What's going on?"

Huo Shaoheng stiffened and opened the door to return to the bathroom to look in the mirror. The cut on his lower lip was still bleeding, and the tiny row of bite marks on his full lips were indeed obvious. They looked like a branding.