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704 Don’t Be Like This

 Ye Zitan was taken away, so Gu Nianzhi and Chen Lie also left the Disciplinary Committee Building. Chen Lie was absentminded the entire way and couldn't concentrate at all. In the end, he didn't want to return to his office and said to Gu Nianzhi, "I'll go rest in my dorm for a while. Nianzhi, can you go back to the ward by yourself?"

Gu Nianzhi didn't have a fever anymore, but Chen Lie was still worried. He wanted to observe her for another two days and hadn't discharged her yet. Gu Nianzhi nodded. "Brother Chen, have some proper rest. When you're finished resting, can I be discharged and go back to campus?"

"Yeah, we'll talk about it when I come back." Chen Lie waved without looking back and turned down a small path leading to the dorm.

Gu Nianzhi went back to Chen Lie's office alone and sat on the sofa outside the private room. She sighed deeply. Ye Zitan was taken away and would probably never come back. Gu Nianzhi thought about it carefully and discovered she had no extra sympathy. Perhaps she really didn't have the mindless kindness of people who helped the hand that struck them down. Or maybe Ye Zitan's final words to her diminished the last bit of sympathy. Leaning on the soda, she draped one hand over her forehead as she quietly thought about what happened. Although Gu Nianzhi had shot down Ye Zitan's final words as she said them, it was impossible for her to not have any doubts at all.

"The time you were raped to that extent, all covered in injuries..." Ye Zitan's words continued to echo inside her head, and her face blanched as she recalled the past events. Gu Nianzhi clearly remembered that although she had been dosed with an aphrodisiac at her college classmate Feng Yixi's birthday party, she was able to find Chen Lie before the effects took over. At the time, Chen Lie took her to the Special Operations Forces Base in C City. However, she didn't remember what happened after she arrived on base, and by the time she woke up, it was two week later. She had also missed the interview with He Zhichu because of this.

If Ye Zitan was telling the truth, then she would have only been assaulted during the time she lost her memories while she was at the Special Ops base. But that was Huo Shao's territory, so how could such a thing happen? Based on her sense and logic, Gu Nianzhi thought Ye Zitan was lying. But Ye Zitan also swore she saw Gu Nianzhi "covered in injuries," and when she woke up it, was indeed Ye Zitan caring for her...

What had happened, exactly? Also, she clearly remembered her first time was with Huo Shao. Her thoughts instantly jumped to how her first time with Huo Shao wasn't on the bed but in a bathtub. That was a bit strange. Did she bleed at the time? Actually, it hadn't happened that long ago, but she couldn't remember the details clearly. Rubbing her forehead with frustration, Gu Nianzhi smoothly picked up the iPad on the couch and started to play a game. Only playing games could distract her when she was in a foul mood.


Huo Shaoheng came back from the execution grounds and somehow ended up at the base hospital building. He took Yin Shixiong to the floor Chen Lie's office was on and paced in front of the elevator for a while. Yin Shixiong followed behind him for a bit but suddenly had an exciting thought. He instantly got the epiphany, is Nianzhi playing coy with Huo Shao? So that's why Huo Shao avoided visiting her all this time... Then why would he follow him and be a third wheel? It'd be hard for Huo Shao to coax Nianzhi even if he wanted to. Yin Shixiong decided not to go. "Huo Shao, I'll go see what's happening with Little Ze. Can you go to Dr. Chen's office alone?"

Huo Shaoheng didn't turn around but raised his hand in a wave to indicate it was fine. Yin Shixiong sighed in relief and smoothed over his curious expression before running off to find Zhao Liangze for some "communication." Yin Shixiong was so excited, he couldn't stop himself when he saw Gu Nianzhi, who typically obeyed Huo Shaoheng like a deity, finally "rebel." He must share it with someone. He couldn't be the only one shocked. Little Ze needed to get a shock, too. He might as well share his feelings.


It was only a little over ten meters from the elevator to the Chen Lie's office, but Huo Shaoheng felt like he had walked for a very long time. When he arrived at the door, which was slightly ajar, he quietly stared at it. After a while, he finally reached out to push it open. Gu Nianzhi was playing on her iPad on the couch and assumed Chen Lie had returned when she heard the door. She didn't look up before saying, "Brother Chen, why are you back so soon? Are you all rested now?"

No one answered her. Gu Nianzhi suddenly felt tension in the air and looked up awkwardly to see not Chen Lie, but Huo Shaoheng standing at the door. The light from the hallway illuminated him from behind and cast a huge shadow. He stood at the doorway, his deep set and inky eyes staring at her unblinkingly. How long had it been since they last saw each other? Gu Nianzhi couldn't figure it out in the moment. She looked at him but didn't feel the blossoming joy from before. Instead, she recalled how he and Tan Guiren dismounted the plane as soon as she saw him. That gentle smile and natural movement of helping her stand up, as well as how smoothly he accepted the bouquet-all the scenes flashed across Gu Nianzhi's mind to instantly destroy any lingering feelings for him. She originally thought she would cry and scream when she met him again, venting all her grievances before ending their relationship. However, she realized she was as calm as water as she nodded to him. "Mr. Huo came."

Huo Shaoheng looked down at her. "Nianzhi, do you have to be distant?"

"Then should I call you 'Uncle Huo?'" Is that intimate enough?

Huo Shaoheng tasted the blood rise at the back of his throat. The corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably as he finally came inside and closed the door behind him. He walked to Gu Nianzhi's side and asked calmly, "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes, much better. Thanks for the concern." Gu Nianzhi shut off the iPad and stood up to give Huo Shaoheng the seat. "Please, have a seat. Do you want tea or coffee?"

Huo Shaoheng put his hands in his pockets and continued to ask, "Where do you feel unwell?"

"Nowhere, I'm great." Gu Nianzhi was very polite. "Thank you for taking me to Brother Chen."

Huo Shaoheng sighed and his tone grew low. "Nianzhi, don't be like this..."

"I'm exactly like this. Sorry it doesn't meet your expectations." Gu Nianzhi turned around and looked directly at Huo Shaoheng. "Actually, I wanted to speak with Mr. Huo about something, too, and had originally thought with how incredibly busy you are, I might have to wait six months or a year for you to spare time for a small potato like me. I didn't think I'd see you after only waiting for a day."

"Don't fuss." Huo Shaoheng reached out and tried to grab Gu Nianzhi's hand. "You know I always have time for you."

"I certainly don't know when you have time." Gu Nianzhi stepped back to avoid his hand. She thought she would cry but didn't. She didn't want to sound too caustic and appear like she was being jealous, nor did she want to continue leaving such an impression on Huo Shaoheng. Maybe her expression was so terrible in Huo Shaoheng's memory that no matter how hard she tried, he just assumed she was being fussy.

She had gone through life and death in Germany yet was only giving the impression of "being fussy" with him. Gu Nianzhi finally felt bitterness in her heart, and her nose began to sniffle. Tears swirled in here eyes, but she didn't cry. Looking down to inhale deeply, Gu Nianzhi recalled Ye Zitan's words. The question that had been rolling around in her mind earlier could not escape her lips when she faced Huo Shaoheng. She wasn't shy, but she instinctively knew that with Huo Shaoheng's abilities and capabilities, it would be much too easy to fool her. So in order to find the real answer, she mustn't try asking Huo Shaoheng, but Chen Lie. Chen Lie was a chatterbox, so it was much easier to lure him into revealing the answer. Gu Nianzhi lost herself in her thoughts and didn't notice that Huo Shaoheng had grabbed her hand. She struggled. "Let go."

"Nianzhi, we have to talk properly." Huo Shaoheng used only a bit of strength to pull her down to sit on the couch again. Gu Nianzhi struggled again and finally escaped from his hand, then turned around to bring the iPad over and cradled it. She contemplated not dragging things out, since it would hurt more the longer it took to resolve.

Huo Shaoheng looked at Gu Nianzhi, who was within arm's reach, and wanted to hug her badly, but she appeared like she would lash out as soon as he touched her. He controlled himself. They had been apart for a few months but ended up in this state when they finally reunited. Huo Shaoheng raised his arm and draped it on the couch's armrest. His long legs stretched out lazily while his other arm rested on the back of the couch behind Gu Nianzhi so he could almost hold her.

Gu Nianzhi toyed with the words in her head several times before looking down and finally saying with difficulty, "Mr. Huo, thank you for the care over the years. I'm very thankful."

"Nianzhi, look at me. What did I teach you before? It's rude to not look in someone's eyes when you're speaking to them," Huo Shaoheng replied calmly as he discreetly inched closer to Gu Nianzhi.