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695 Never Retreat 6

 Gu Nianzhi was almost hoarse from crying. It was the exact opposite of how sweet she'd usually sound. However, he knew very well that that was Gu Nianzhi. He had thought that she had already hit the threshold of her pain when she was electrocuted, but hearing her cry like that, he finally understood that there was something even more painful for her than that.

"I'm wrong... Serves me right..." Those two phrases hit Huo Shaoheng like bullets, shattering him easily. There was a moment that Huo Shaoheng's mind was completely blank. What he saw wasn't the clear blue skies dotted with stars and the private jet that he yearned so much for. He only felt empty and aimless in life. He felt like an aimless tourist in the middle of a desert without any rations or water. However, he passed out right when he saw a sea of green in front of him.

He heard her voice echoing from a distance. Just echoing... The words came from the bottom of her heart. They entered his ears and stabbed at his heart. She revealed her darkest self. He could see her pain-the pain that tore her apart when she wanted to let go but couldn't bear to.

His expression did not change. He was still holding onto the jet's controls, looking ahead, like he wasn't affected at all. However, that moment was so harsh. He could only say that he could understand how she felt, how painful it was. It was just that he felt it twice as much as she did. Even so, he was a man, and he firmly believed that a man should not cry, even if he was bleeding. No matter how seriously injured, he would just take it with a smile.

Even if he were to be bombed at that moment, he believed that his spirit would still return to look out for his nation. When that time came, he would rather turn into wind. Whenever she felt the breeze around her, it would mean that he was back to visit.

However, that girl whom he could not bear to let go of, that girl who left such a huge impact in his heart, that girl who made him fall in love so much that he treasured her life more than his was injured all over-because of him.

How could he not know that Nianzhi was in Germany and in such a situation? But even in that situation, she saw him exiting the plane with Tan Guiren. When she was at her most vulnerable, when she needed help the most and yearned for him the most, his complacence hit her vitally.

Huo Shaoheng smiled slightly.

In the ten years that he was in the army, he had been tortured, shot, and fought so hard that he placed his life on the line countless times. He had had a skin graft on a huge area on his back, and a shot to his shoulder almost went through his body. He was merely lucky that the bullet missed his spine. Otherwise, he would have been paralyzed.

However, all that pain was nothing compared to Gu Nianzhi's words just now. Those injuries only hurt him physically, but the pain she dealt him was emotional. He had known that being with her was a high-risk bet, but since she had placed her bet, he could only accompany her until the end. When she did not want him anymore, he would be left with nothing, bankrupt.

This girl, who would be turning 19 in a week's time, this girl who had followed him since she was 12 years old used such a method to hurt him. Those people were really planning well... They had finally discovered his weakness. Therefore, they used it to the best of their advantage and stabbed him hard. However, if they thought that he would be defeated just like that, they were totally wrong.

Holding his breath, Huo Shaoheng looked ahead and spaced out for just a moment before getting back into focus. "You could still record when Nianzhi was in so much pain. He Zhichu, I thought too highly of you. You actually tore open her wound to show it to everyone. Don't you think that you're such an *ss? Nianzhi trusted you so much and therefore told you her darkest secret. You repaid her trust with this?"

Actually, He Zhichu had regretted it the moment he played the recording. He knew that Reinitz had harbored ill intentions when he sent him that. Reinitz had recorded it in his home. That "home" was not his real home but a secret spot of the FIA's. Therefore, it was normal that there would be recording devices everywhere. He had known Reinitz's intentions and hadn't thought about showing it to anyone. However, he lost his cool when Huo Shaoheng was so persistent.

Now that Huo Shaoheng had guilt-tripped him, He Zhichu tightened his fists and replied, "If anyone else were to say that about me, I would've accepted it. I was an assh*le and betrayed her trust. However, you aren't allowed to say the same, because you should be the first to listen to this recording! Why? Getting angry?! Can you just screw off and not let her see you anymore?!"

Huo Shaoheng replied calmly, "It's not up to you to say if she should see me. You got to let her say it personally. Similarly, you wanted to bring her to America. Did you seek her consent?"

"She was injured so badly by the Geheime Staatspolizei that she is still in a coma. You still want me to ask her? Ha..." Of course, He Zhichu would not allow Gu Nianzhi to talk to Huo Shaoheng. What was there left to say? When you have given up hope on someone, you just have. No matter what the person said, nothing could be changed.

Huo Shaoheng had expected Nianzhi to be injured. He replied even more calmly, "Precisely because she is injured you should hand her over to me. Only I can take care of her safely."

Huo Shaoheng's words had a hidden meaning, and He Zhichu understood. He Zhichu knew about Gu Nianzhi's special condition better than anyone else, maybe even better than Huo Shaoheng. This was also the exact reason why he had contemplated bringing her back.

Huo Shaoheng still had not gotten full control at home yet. There was the mastermind whom he still had not managed to arrest. He was worried that if Nianzhi went back with him, the same thing would happen all over again. However, this time around, he had realized that his worries were redundant. As long as she was with him, no one would dare to take her away.

These few times when those people wanted to harm Nianzhi, they had gotten him to go away first before they dared to attack. What did that mean? It meant that they were afraid of him to the extent that they did not dare to do anything while he was around. Therefore, as long as Nianzhi stayed with him all the time and did not leave his sight, she would be safe, and he would be able to strike without worries and get rid of those culprits one by one.

"You? It was exactly because of you that landed her in this state!"

"Are you sure? Precisely because I wasn't with her, that was why they dared to attack. He Zhichu, you know the logic behind teaching people how to fish instead of giving them the fish directly? If you want to protect her, you cannot just let her stay within your sight 24/7. Without freedom, you're no different than those kidnappers!" Huo Shaoheng reasoned with He Zhichu patiently. He did not want to anger him, as Nianzhi was still with him.

"Me kidnapping her?!" He Zhichu could not take it anymore. "If it was in the past, I would still be grateful that you had saved her and took care of her. However, now, look at you! What did you make her go through?!"

Seeing that He Zhichu would never listen to him, and sensing that there were more fighter jets arriving to spy on them, Huo Shaoheng knew that there wasn't any time left. "He Zhichu, think about it. She was fine these six years with me. However, the moment she went to your side, all the harm began to befall her. You really think that she got into this because of me?" Huo Shaoheng didn't see the need to be patient anymore. Instantly turning the jet 90 degrees, he focused on a foreign fighter jet at their nine o'clock direction.


Huo Shaoheng's jet shot a series of smoke bombs. Smoke was everywhere in the blink of an eye. Then, very quickly, a fighter jet with a medical flag appeared and left the nine o'clock direction.

"See that? There are more than just our jets out here," Huo Shaoheng reminded He Zhichu. "Don't hesitate anymore. At least let Nianzhi recover before we come to a decision."

"What do you mean?" He Zhichu was flustered. He saw the Japanese jet that Huo Shaoheng chased away just now as well. "You guarantee?"

"You can record what I say right now. If I go back on my word, you can release it to anyone you wish, including Nianzhi and my superiors, or my colleagues and subordinates, and let me have no reputation left."

With a grim expression, He Zhichu relented. "Fine. You said it. Repeat your words, I'll record them." He turned on the record button.

Huo Shaoheng said clearly, "I, Huo Shaoheng, am willing to wait for Gu Nianzhi to be conscious before coming to a decision as to whether she wants to stay in our country or go elsewhere. She will make the decision on her own."

He Zhichu recorded it and played it back for Huo Shaoheng. "Hear that now? If you refuse to let her go, I'll have means other than this."

"I believe so." Huo Shaoheng didn't mind. "With your connections, I believe that you would have your way as long as you wanted to play me out."

"Good that you know." He Zhichu left the cockpit and entered Gu Nianzhi's room. Gu Nianzhi was still asleep. He Zhichu saw that her cheeks were flushed and stopped. He placed his palm against her forehead and was taken aback that she was boiling. She was running a fever. He Zhichu calmed down and called out to her softly, "Nianzhi? Nianzhi? How are you feeling?"

Gu Nianzhi knew that she was running a fever as well. She felt hot all over, and her lips were cracked. Her throat felt like it was burning, too. She croaked softly to acknowledge that she had heard He Zhichu and opened her eyes weakly.

He Zhichu caressed her head and asked, "Nianzhi, are you willing to go home with me?"

Gu Nianzhi squinted and replied softly, "Professor He, aren't we going home?"

He Zhichu hesitated and asked slowly, "Yes we are. Come back with me to America, okay?"

"Why are we going to America?" Gu Nianzhi furrowed her brows. "That isn't my home. My home is the Hua Xia Empire. I want to go back to Hua Xia."

"You still want to go back to Hua Xia? I thought you had severed ties with Huo Shaoheng. Do you still find yourself unable to leave him?" He Zhichu smiled bitterly. No wonder Huo Shaoheng sounded so confident when he was speaking to him. He knew that she would make this decision...

She loves him. Therefore, he will always win. This spot was actually his. How could Huo Shaoheng steal it from him?!

Even though Gu Nianzhi was running a fever, she could still think clearly. She shook her head. Even though she was hoarse, her words could be clearly heard. "No. I want to go back to Hua Xia because that's my home. My studies, career, and friends are all there. As for Huo Shao, I have nothing more for him." Now that she had spoken his name, she realized she already did not have any more feelings for him.

"Nothing more? If he insists?" Of course He Zhichu was worried. He did not believe that Huo Shaoheng would let it go.

Gu Nianzhi remained silent for a while before replying, "No. He's not someone like that." If she insisted on a breakup, Huo Shaoheng would never cling onto her. After being with him for so long, from back when she was 12 until she discovered what love was, she had used all her attention to look at that man who was so unreachable. Even though she had lost totally, she had no regrets. If she hadn't loved that much, she wouldn't have known what she wanted.