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693 Never Retreat 4

 "Hehe, I'm only going home. I am anxious to go back home. You have a problem with it?" He Zhichu spoke Hanover German with a hint of reservation and arrogance. His German was every bit as good as Reinitz's.

"Yes, it's good to be home." Reinitz was silent for a moment and then asked, "How is she doing?"

He Zhichu paused and looked in the direction of Gu Nianzhi's cabin. "She's ok. She was awake for a bit, and then she went back to sleep again."

He owed Reinitz one for what he did. If Reinitz had gone all out against him, He Zhichu would be in big trouble. It wasn't that he couldn't save Gu Nianzhi, but if he had killed that many people who were German Federal Intelligence agents, some people would be angry with them and would use powerful weapons to attack them.

Actually, He Zhichu didn't want to drag Gu Nianzhi into it when the German soldiers went after him. He wanted her to have a happy and healthy life with people. Even more so, he didn't want her to become a fugitive.

"Good." Reinitz took a very deep breath. "Let her rest. This was recorded in my home. I think you will need it." Reinitz hung up the phone up and transferred a video to He Zhichu.

He Zhichu opened it. It was the sound of Gu Nianzhi crying into his chest, "...I'm just a beggar that he picked up! I shouldn't have wishful thinking! I don't deserve him! I reap what I sowed! I deserve it! I deserve it! I deserve it!"

He couldn't listen to it anymore. He pressed the pause button. One hand rested on his forehead as he propped himself up on the round-backed armchair. He had an ice-cold expression and looked like he had to make a very difficult decision.

Right then, a flight attendant walked over and knocked on the door. She said with a surprised expression on her face, "Mr. He, there is a Mr. Huo Shaoheng who wants to talk to you. He's connected to the plane's intercom." To be more accurate, it was the communication system that the plane used to contact the ground control tower. Most of the time, only the pilots used it.

He Zhichu furrowed his brows. "Ask him what he wants to talk about." He didn't want to talk to Huo Shaoheng at all. He didn't have a choice before, but now he didn't care. He had to take Gu Nianzhi home.

The flight attendant quickly said, "The pilot asked. Mr. Huo said he wanted to ask if Miss Gu Nianzhi is on our plane. He also asked when we will arrive at their airport. He will personally come pick you and Miss Gu up."

He Zhichu shook his head as he laughed. "How did you guys answer him?"

"We answered by giving him the air route you gave us. The pilot said that Miss Gu is on the plane, and that she has been unconscious the whole time. Also, he said that we are going to America, and we won't be stopping at their airport." The flight attendant said it very clearly. They indeed answered the way He Zhichu had instructed them, by telling them the air route.

He Zhichu wasn't surprised Huo Shaoheng could get in contact with his plane, but he was surprised that he was able to do it that fast... When Yi Shixiong contacted him three day ago, he said Huo Shaoheng didn't know about it. He Zhichu laughed coldly to himself. The Special Operation Forces' leader couldn't even protect a girl. How does he even have the nerve to talk to me?

"Ok, you guys answered very well. You may hang up." He Zhichu waved his hand as he dismissed the flight attendant. He Zhichu looked at Gu Nianzhi after he walked out of the study. Seeing that she was still sleeping, he went to another cabin to make preparations for his return.


Even though Gu Nianzhi's eyes were closed, she couldn't fall asleep even after a long time. It felt like there was a hole in her heart, and that all of her emotions were leaking out from it. However, she didn't feel sad or depressed at all. She just felt relaxed like never before. It turned out that letting go wasn't as difficult as she thought it would be. It was just so relaxing. There was nothing in her heart. There was no more belief of any sort. What should she fill the blank space with?

I should fill myself up first.

Once she got back, she had to study hard, graduate early, then find a job. Then she could live a quiet and carefree life, and stay far away from that social stratum that she did not belong in.

Gu Nianzhi closed her eyes and started to slowly count sheep in her head. She fell asleep again.


Huo Shaoheng had a grim expression on his face. His hands were on the Special Operation Forces' Central Control Room's control panel's front desk. In front of him was a microphone of excellent quality. He had already waited for several minutes. He Zhichu still refused to talk with him.

Zhao Liangze stared at that air route and nervously said, "Huo Shao, that plane is already flying toward the English Channel..." He had already found out about it from the pilot. He Zhichu wanted to take Gu Nianzhi to America.

Huo Shaoheng looked at the control panel with a deadpan face for a moment. He turned toward Zhao Liangze and said, "Go over there and be my assistant."

Zhao Liangze quickly got out of his seat. He then sat in the other seat at the control panel. "Huo Shao, what do you want me to do?"

"Hack into the plane He Zhichu is on and change their route. Before they realize it, the plane must be flying to our country's air defense area," Huo Shaoheng said as he focused all of his attention on turning on his supercomputer and logging on to his account. He started to look for the frequency He Zhichu's plane gave off from the ground control and satellite communication system. As long as he could find the frequency, he would have the opportunity to hack it.

He Zhichu's plane wasn't a tightly guarded military plane, nor did he know that Huo Shaoheng would do something like that. That was why Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze found the frequency He Zhichu's personal plane was giving off from the ground control and satellite communication system in less than five minutes.

Huo Shaoheng performed the main tasks while Zhao Liangze assisted. They got into He Zhichu's personal plane's autopilot system. The more automated stuff there was, the better long-range control would be. Modern aircraft was highly automated. There wasn't much the pilots had to do. As long as they entered the route, they just had to continually communicate with ground control. The difficulty level of it was no more than that of driving a car.

After five minutes, Huo Shaoheng had already secretly changed He Zhichu's plane's route. At that time, the plane had just flown over the English Channel. The blue sky and the blue coastline enhanced each other's beauty. Even the pilots were bewitched by it.

Right then, the plane quickly flew toward the Hua Xia empire. The pilots turned on the autopilot. They were only paying attention to communicating with ground control.

Huo Shaoheng also helped them clear their obstacles. In advance and along the way, he informed ground control. He told them that the plane was the Hua Xia Empire's private plane, and that it needed to take that route. He asked them for their cooperation.

It was not easy changing the route so suddenly. It was only because Huo Shaoheng used the influence of his country that he could change the other party's route so easily without the other party knowing.

They stared at He Zhichu's plane nervously. They waited for two more hours until they could confirm the plane was flying over the Ukraine's sky. Only then could they let out a breath of relief. But Huo Shaoheng was still worried. He ordered Yin Shixiong, "Go over to the air force and make sure the best fighter planes' tanks are full and ready to take off." This time, no matter what, he must have Gu Nianzhi back in the Hua Xia empire safely. Only there could he really protect her.


He Zhichu went back to the cabin Gu Nianzhi was in to read. He was also sleepy. Seeing how soundly she slept, he was affected. He went to sleep on the other bed next to her with his clothes on. The light on the plane turned off. Even the flight attendants went to sleep. Only the pilot and the co-pilot were awake.

After half an hour, the pilot and co-pilot were discussing among themselves. At that moment, after seeing that everything was fine and that the air current was smooth, they decided to sleep, too.

It was a ten-hour flight. They hadn't rested well the past couple of days. They decided to take the opportunity to sleep a bit. When they both woke up after sleeping for three hours, they realized that they were not facing the sky-blue Atlantic seacoast but a closely compacted city of lights.

The two pilots were speechless for a moment.

"Where is this?"

"Are we in America yet?"

"It doesn't look like it..."

Both of them asked and answered themselves, and they both looked at each other. They saw the fearful expressions on each other's faces.

"What happened?"

They panicked a little and looked over the plane's flight record. Very soon, both of them screamed, "This isn't the route we put in to go to America!"

"Where are we going?!"

Only after they analyzed it for a bit were they able to confirm the destination of this route-the Hua Xia Empire international airport's terminal three!

"This is bad, this is bad! Did we enter the wrong route?" The pilot's face was pale. "After all, Mr. He originally wanted to go back to the Hua Xia Empire."

"Right. Right. I also remember, but he then changed his mind..."

They felt dizzy. They dawdled a bit. Then the co-pilot knocked on the cabin He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi were in. He Zhichu woke up with a start from the knock. He rubbed his eyes, got up, opened the shade on the window, and looked outside. He only saw densely packed bright lights. The sky was dark, and one couldn't see what country was under them. He stood up and opened the door. When he saw the co-pilot, he nodded. "Are we almost there?"

The co-pilot's face was completely red as he mumbled, "Mr. He... we... we might have taken the wrong route..."

He Zhichu was speechless.