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683 Can’t Laugh!

 He Zhichu knew that since the Federal Intelligence Agency in Germany was a mess right now, he might have to wait for their reply. He could not gauge how long he had to wait, but he dared not be too optimistic. Therefore, after sending the letter, he did not merely wait for their reply, because he could not wait any longer.

He Zhichu began to look for partners of senior ranking political figures in Germany. As long as they were able to get a hold of the person from the Federal Intelligence Agency, he could agree to any of their terms.

On the Federal Intelligence Agency's end, they were in a state of panic. Their mail receiving system was down for emails and instant messages, as well as traditional letters, faxes, or deliveries. All forms of communication to them were shut off.

Als brought the staff from Bureau 1 and the military soldiers from the German army to secure the whole headquarters. The soldiers who were in full uniform and the FIA agents in plain clothes surrounded the headquarters. They forbid anyone from entering the place, and no one could come out, either.


Reinitz sat in the central control room alone for a day and a night. He had not rested for 24 hours already, watching his tracking program scan through the entire backup of the FIA. As expected, the hacker began her work three days ago.

Reinitz began to sift through the documents that were looked at. It was clear that the FIA consisted of a domain network and peripheral network. The domain network was entirely separated from the peripheral network. Therefore, if someone wanted to hack into the peripheral network from the domain network, it would be totally impossible unless there was a traitor among them to provide them with a passageway. However, those documents indicated that the hacker came from an internal server instead of someone who came from outside. Could there really be a traitor?

But if there was really a traitor, with such a talent for programming and such a daring form of imagination on top of a brain with such genius calculation, how could this person not be popular by now and still allow someone else to be the traitor? That wasn't logical.

Reinitz moved his mouse and continued checking the documents. Finally, when it was almost five in the evening, Reinitz found that there weren't any sudden login records that were erased. He followed that new found lead and found the computer model that was used. He was taken aback.

He looked at the serial number of the computer and knew that it belonged to someone from the bureau. Then, he checked on the owner of the computer. It was Dina, who was that lady boss from the bar where Gu Nianzhi was. Reinitz suddenly realized who the "little pink pig" was...

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Because even though the owner of the computer was Dina, she had loaned that computer to Gu Nianzhi for the past few days. What did Gu Nianzhi do with the computer? He already knew by now.

He did not expect this at all... They did not know that Gu Nianzhi was a genius when it came to programming! She was really unexpected. Who would have thought that an 18-year-old prodigy law student was also a genius in computer programming?!

That Huo Shaoheng from the Hua Xia Empire really surprised them time and again. They were definitely caught off guard this time. Why is this guy so darned lucky? Reinitz looked through all the documents that were tampered with and closed the window silently. Then he rubbed his temples.

After spending a full 36 hours in front of the computer, he couldn't take it anymore, no matter how strong he was. Upon exiting the central control room, Reinitz sighed a long sigh, and his face was nothing but weariness. With a hand in his pocket and a cigarette in the other, he lowered his head and exited the building. Standing in front of the building, he lit the cigarette and took a long puff.

Now that it was clear that Gu Nianzhi had hacked into their system and shared information, she had sent that information back to the Hua Xia Empire, hadn't she? Reinitz took out his phone and checked the news from the Hua Xia Empire. He remembered clearly that the entire Hua Xia Empire was busy collating the votes for their prime minister election. Due to Bai Jiancheng, one of the favorites from the elections, showing concern for the female student, Li Haiqing, who studied abroad in Germany, they began to notice him for the election as well. Moreover, it was the weekend. Many Germans were by their televisions, waiting for the news of the election in the Hua Xia Empire.

It was safe to say that this election was the most exciting one in a decade. This was because the previous elections all had one clear favorite way before the election ended. However, this time, there were two favorites, and the results kept going up even before the election ended.

Reinitz looked at his phone. It was about five in the evening in Berlin. It should be about midnight now in the Hua Xia Empire, which also meant that the deadline to cast votes had just ended. They should be doing the counting and tabulations of the votes now. Really, no one knew who the winner would be until the final minute.

It was lucky that the entire Hua Xia Empire was focused on the election. Therefore, Reinitz concluded that they would not immediately focus on the information that Gu Nianzhi had sent back. Or rather, they would not get down to work on it immediately. But if he wanted them to return what was already sent to them? Haha... In the era of electronic information, how would it be possible?


To everyone in the world at this time, the Hua Xia Empire was tabulating the results of the election. At the same time, Huo Shaoheng, who was in Cuba, received a call from General Ji. He explained to Huo Shaoheng the reason why he had to remain overseas.

Smiling, Huo Shaoheng replied, "I understand. Please don't worry."

General Ji was relieved. "It's finally all going to end. Our citizens were tense for such a long period of time. It's finally time to put an end to it." He continued, "Now, I want you to take on a new mission."

Huo Shaoheng stood up hurriedly. "Please advise, sir."

"Actually, the results of the election are already out." General Ji paused. "Tan Dongbang won. Now the organization hopes that you will be able to fly to America immediately and bring Tan Guiren back to the Hua Xia Empire with the army's private jet. You have to escort her out of America before we announce the winner of the election internationally."

Huo Shaoheng nodded absentmindedly. "Yes, sir." He would not complain to General Ji. Even though he did not feel that the actions of the Tan's were not necessary, he could only remain silent and unbiased.

"Okay, Shaoheng, you know that I have high hopes for you all along. I hope that you won't disappoint me." With that, General Ji hung up.

Huo Shaoheng felt strange. He had a weird feeling that General Ji was unhappy with him, but he did not probe further. He would be back soon, anyway. It wouldn't be too late to speak to him personally by then.

Upon hanging up, Huo Shaoheng looked at his phone. His finger hovered over Gu Nianzhi's name for a while, but eventually he controlled his desire to call her. He wasn't an 18 or 19-year-old chap who could not control his emotions. He was able to control them no matter how much he missed her.

He had been on missions in the past as well and disappeared for well past six months. However, he had not missed her this much before, even though they had only been apart for three months, 28 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes and 24... 25 seconds.

He had not contacted her at all for the past few months, short of sending her a birthday gift. Would she be upset with him? From how Huo Shaoheng remembered it, Gu Nianzhi never truly got angry with him before. (Whining didn't count...)

Due to the nature of his job and habits that he had formed over the years, she was neglected sometimes. However, she would only be upset on her own for a while before smiling at him again and making up. He actually felt sorry for such a sensible girl. Therefore, he wanted to make it up to her this time. He was going to give her a surprise. All the wait would be worth it just for this surprise. It was because the first thing he was going to do after getting back was take Gu Nianzhi to register for marriage. He had already prepared all the required documents.

He really couldn't wait. He could even imagine Gu Nianzhi's cute reaction. When she knew that she would be registering for her marriage, her already large eyes would be even bigger. They'd be round, black, and so clear that they would look like the eyes of a baby, and they'd be looking around at the world and at him, full of curiosity... That was a pair of eyes that Huo Shaoheng could not resist.

The corners of Huo Shaoheng's lips curled. Turning around, he commanded Zhao Liangze, "Inform the American Embassy that we want to get to America. Ask them to do all the necessary paperwork for us. Our flight will depart in ten miutes."


Reinitz was standing underneath a tree in front of the central control building. He had just finished smoking a cigarette. Flicking the cigarette butt away, he drove in the direction of the bar where Gu Nianzhi was staying. His phone rang while he was on the way. Reinitz answered the call with his Bluetooth earpiece.

"Reinitz, I heard that you have discovered who the 'pink little pig' was?" Als sounded nervous and sadistically excited.

Reinitz instinctively denied it. "Nope, but I've got leads."

"What? I thought you had already found her." Als was disappointed. "What leads? Do you need my help?"

"Not for now. I want to confirm something first." With that, Reinitz hung up and continued driving. It was already six in the evening when he arrived at the bar.

"Reinitz! You're here!" The blonde lady boss walked to him, seemingly nervous. "How was it? Are things better there? Who did that? Such an atrocity!"

The corners of Reinitz's lips twitched. He wanted to laugh but could not bring himself to. He did not stand on ceremony with Dina. "Where is Cereus?" he asked blatantly.

"You mean Gu Nianzhi? She's still in that small room." Dina looked unimpressed with Gu Nianzhi. "All she knows is how to sleep all day. No idea why would she be so tired. She's just like a pig!"

Reinitz remembered the pink little pig on the computer screen and actually laughed.

Dina was shocked. "You can still laugh at this juncture?!"

Reinitz clenched his fists and coughed into them. "Do you want me to cry now, if I can't laugh?" With that, he brushed shoulders with Dina and went to look for Gu Nianzhi.