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681 Can’t Be Any Cooler Than Tha

 "Checkmate." Gu Nianzhi said the word slowly and watched the little pink pig on the laptop slowly disappear. She then made a finger gun with her hand and aimed it at the screen and made a bang sound. The last thing she did before the Federal Intelligence Agency website completely collapsed was send a private message to He Zhichu's official social media account. Inside was only a German word: "GESTAPO."

Gu Nianzhi didn't write anything else, not even her own name, because she didn't know if there were other words that were being blocked. Once the block was activated, she would lose her only chance.

During that time, all the hackers around the world noticed the huge change on Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's website.

"Little Pink Pig!"

"Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's internal network has collapsed!"

"Little Pink Pig did it!"

"Oh my goodness! Simply awesome!"

"She is my idol! My goddess! Totally!"

"How do you know it's a she? Not a he?"

"Are you stupid? Would a man use little pink pigs?! This definitely is a woman, and it is a young delicate little girl!"

"Hahahaha... I have lived to witness history being made!"

Every Blue Planet hacking organization's screen was flooded with comments like these. This dream-like attack was like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves as it departed. Can't be any cooler than that!

Since then, the world of international hackers had another code name, "Little Pink Pig." Her achievement had spread throughout all of the Blue Planet hackers' organization. Even some big countries' Blue Planet intelligence agencies' honkers were deeply impressed with it, and they all secretly wanted to recruit her.

It was because she breached Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's internal network by herself. She took all of its information as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. It caused Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency such a massive loss that it was impossible to know how bad it was. "Impossible to know how bad it was," was not an exaggeration. It really was impossible to know how bad it was. Secrets from the time of the Gestapo would no longer be a secret after tonight.

No one was more excited than the hackers from Eastern Europe. Due to historical reasons, hackers from Eastern Europe hated Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency more than any other country's. They hated that agency more than any of Germany's other departments. These hackers had also diligently tried to breach Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's internal network. But after all these years, they had never really breached the internal network.

But tonight, someone did it!

These hackers from Eastern Europe had become die-hard fans of Little Pink Pig. Many of them displayed their support of Little Pink Pig. Their symbol was that of Little Pink Pig's butt.

However, Gu Nianzhi didn't know about the commotion she had caused, because she didn't know that every country's intelligence agency's internal networks were constantly attacking each other. Attacks from hackers, honkers, government officials, and residents never stopped. That was why this brilliant act of "Operation Engulfed" she directed was witnessed by many people. They only saw a small portion of it, but they were all masters in their fields. They all saw what caused the devastating change to the internal network perfectly clearly.

The main reason why Gu Nianzhi was capable of making such a mess of Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's central control systems was because she was a part of the Federation Intelligence Agency's internal network systems. In order to get her protected local area network, they tried to trick her, make her lower her guard, and tried to get her information illegally. It was actually the Federal Intelligence Agency's internal network's territory. That was why it was easy to go against the current. All those strong and undefeatable things were all breached from the inside. That was also the easiest way to completely defeat a person, a race, and a country.

Gu Nianzhi's action imperceptibly fit in with this theory.


It was unavoidable that when Gu Nianzhi started Operation Engulfed, the Hua Xia Empire's Special Operation Forces also noticed it. And they were more fortunate compared to other countries' intelligence agencies, because they got a steady flow of "blessings" from Germany!

Thousands upon thousands of emails that had top-secret marks on them were sent to the Special Operation Forces like snowflakes. They were sent to tens of thousands of Special Operation Forces' email accounts. When they opened them, they were all in German. And just by translating a bit of them, everyone looked like they were dreaming.

"This, this, this... could the Little Pink Pig be one of us?!"

"Who, who, who? Is it Lieutenant Colonel Zhao?!"

"No! Lieutenant Colonel Zhao is with the boss in Cuba on an official assignment. How can it be him?!"

"Then who?!"

"No matter who it is, this person has done a great service for our country. Good gracious, this much totally wiped Germany's 'Gestapo' clean..."

"It can be said that this kind of great service is a kind of service that no one has ever achieved before or will achieve again in the future."

The Special Operation Forces' central system's employees looked at the unending stream of email. Their facial expressions looked like they were gazing at rare treasures. But rare treasures had a price. This intel was priceless.

It was just too bad that right now was the eve of the Hua Xia Empire's prime minister general election. The Special Operation Forces usually didn't interfere with politics, but that year's election was special. The two candidates were Bai Jiancheng and Tan Dongbang. They all asked Special Operation Forces to participate. They needed them to monitor the electronic voting system throughout the country, because they both felt that only the Special Operation Forces could remain neutral, and that they would be impartial. One could even say that these two thought they had people in the Special Operation Forces, so even if they were partial, they would be partial toward their side...

They got General Ji and Speaker Long's permission. Under Deputy Chief's supervision, the Special Operation Forces formed a group of the most loyal members who had great technological skills. He stationed them in the central control room to monitor the electronic voting system throughout the country. This was also the reason why Huo Shaoheng couldn't come back to the country at that time.

General Ji actually didn't want the Special Operation Forces to be involved in politics. However, he couldn't refuse because the candidates asked in the guise of it being the citizens' will. In the end, he could only find a way to not drag Huo Shaoheng into it. Whatever the outcome might be, Huo Shaoheng could still continue to be the impartial and unblemished Special Operation Forces' major general and leader.

No one was allowed to leave the building or contact anyone from the outside before the voting results came out. That night, they were originally completing the final confirmations and maintenance before the vote to give it a good kickoff. They never thought they would encounter such a big situation.

Besides the Special Operation Forces, the Hua Xia Empire's secret service also noticed Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's peculiarity. However, their focus was on the election that would take place the next day. They were too busy to attend to other things.


And in the midst of this storm, the inside of Germany's Federal Intelligence Agency's central control room was so quiet that it was scary. Reinitz looked composed as he patted Als' shoulder. "Don't worry. Let me take a look."

He sat down in front of the central control system and quickly entered one command after another with his long, slender fingers while saying, "This hacker is a woman. She can't be over 25, might even be younger. She's a genius, but still a bit childish. If you happen to find her, give her to me. I can help train her and turn her into one of the best hackers in the world."

"Just because of the little pink pig, you believe this person is a woman?" Als looked extremely gloomy. He was on the verge of violent insanity.

"Not only that. Seeing her programs and her style of handling matters, they all point to a female," Reinitz calmly said as he hit the enter key.

Als kicked the desk out of frustration. "Who cares if this is a man or a woman!? Hurry up and locate those emails!"

"I am looking right now."

Als stood behind him. His eyes were in a daze. He couldn't hold it in any longer and said, "Didn't you already find those emails? How come you are still searching?"

Reinz's voice was full of approval and appreciation as he replied, "A person has to be a genius to be able to write this type of program. Changing zeros to ones and ones to zeros, changing everything with ease. She also took extreme circumstances into consideration, only acting at critical moments, causing all the documents to disappear. She totally gave it lots of thought. She's amazing."

Als looked at him unhappily. "You are complimenting our enemy. You know you are doing something very dangerous?"

Reinitz tilted his head and looked at him. His blue eyes sparkled, and it looked as if there was no pressure behind them. Als didn't say anything. He stood nearby while looking ferocious as he watched Reinitz's continual search.

An hour later, Reinitz shook his head hard and sighed. "I have never seen such a smart programmer. The person capable of writing this program is really a genius, totally a genius!" After saying that, he turned his chair and looked at Als. "Als, if you can find out who she is, you must recruit her. Get her to help you, and you will most definitely win against your enemies with a surprise move."

"Better than you?" Als threw out that sentence. He was very unhappy that Reinitz had poured water on his own aspirations in order to make others look more impressive.

"Hehe, her technique is inferior compared to mine. This is a new hacker. But she's really talented. With time, she could easily surpass me." Reinitz shook his head as he smiled. Again he said, "Believe me, if you find her, hand her over to me. I will train her to be the best hacker." The enemy was too good, good to the point that Reinitz's heart had become aroused in his love for talent.

Als sneered. "When I find her, I will tear her apart! How dare she cause our system to become like this! It's enough to get her locked up for the rest of her life!"

Reinz coughed. "Are you sure?"

"I will skin her, even if she is a woman!" Als stared at him.

He saw Reinitz's hands stop. Again Als asked, "Found it?"

Reinz shook his head. "No."

"Then why aren't you still searching?!" Als became very impatient. "The whole department's information was transferred! Why aren't you searching?!"

"How am I supposed to search?" Reinitz profusely praised the young programmer again. "Genius! Definitely a genius! Can't believe this person even used the wheat and chessboard theory on her program to transfer the email. Based on this alone, she already suppressed 99.99999% of this world's software engineers."

Als was dumbfounded.