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680 A Big Move!

 Gu Nianzhi's "devourer.exe" was like a small beast exploring its way, and it carried her to the internal central control system of the German Federal Intelligence Service. She traversed within the intranet and anxiously searched for the information she wanted to find. When she had escaped that night, four Chinese people had died in the woods by the bar. Gu Nianzhi was certain the two of them were criminals pretending to be someone else, while the other two were real Hua Xia Imperial Special Operations Forces personnel. Rubbing the diamond earrings on her earlobes, she considered it for a second but didn't take them off in the end. This was her only contact with Huo Shao, and she didn't want to remove them, even though she knew the danger of wearing them. She wanted to access Als' intranet and find information about the four dead people.

That morning, the blonde bar owner told Gu Nianzhi about the murder in the woods, and she assumed it became another well known case in Germany if even a bar owner knew about it... But afterwards, she didn't see any news online at all, so it was like she had imagined the events that night. Now she finally understood that the bar owner knew all the details, not because the case was prolific within the population, but purely due to her being in cahoots with Als. She might even be personnel from the Federal Intelligence Service and had only told Gu Nianzhi about it probably to glean information from her. Unfortunately, Gu Nianzhi had no idea why the Hua Xia Empire sent personnel over, so she didn't even have an opportunity to leak any intelligence.

Shrugging, Gu Nianzhi continued to dig through the German Federal Intelligence Service's intranet. From the website infrasture, the German Federal Intelligence Service was mainly divided into eight major systems. Bureau 1 was the main intelligence service with Als as the Director General. Gu Nianzhi's fingers paused as she dug up Bureau 1's encrypted file. The password was very simple because some idiot intelligence personnel had created a .txt file and saved it with the encrypted file. The .txt file was named "password.txt...." Inside were all sorts of passwords for various encrypted files, so when Gu Nianzhi accessed password.txt, she had the key to all the encrypted files.

She froze when she opened the encrypted file-it was a summary list of all intelligence personnel, including undercover German Federal Intelligence Service personnel in various countries... She even saw the list of undercover personnel in the Hua Xia Empire! One could search high and low only to find it when one least expected! Gu Nianzhi didn't hesitate to upload it to her own cloud drive.

Bureau 2 managed signals, and Bureau 3 analyzed intelligence, while Bureau 4 was encrypted with the most complicated password, which wasn't listed in the stupid password file. Gu Nianzhi glanced at the external description and discovered Bureau 4 was the administrative level of the German Federal Intelligence Service. It was a bunch of officials, so she was too lazy to look into it. Consequently, she didn't waste energy cracking the password and skipped over it. Bureau 5 was counter international terrorism. Bureau 6 was responsible for technical support, so the personnel monitoring her right now should be from there. Gu Nianzhi's hands itched, and she drew a pig's face on Bureau 6's encrypted file... Bureau 7 was in charge of training intelligence personnel. While Gu Nianzhi wasn't interested in the training procedures, she thought Huo Shao and his men would be, so she carefully selected a few files to upload to the cloud drive.

Lastly, Bureau 8 was in charge of counter-espionage activities. Gu Nianzhi perked up and instinctively knew that the information related to the four Chinese men would be saved there. She clicked on it and sifted through file by file, looking through all the pictures. Three hours later, her eyes were nearly blind when she finally found a folder related to the four dead Chinese men! Opening it, she saw it wasn't merely all sorts of photos of the incident's scene and the deceased from various angles, but also the Federal Intelligence Service's analysis report.

Gu Nianzhi quickly glanced over it and discovered that Als and his men had discussed whether this was the opportunity to take advantage of the identification of the dead Chinese men to issue a diplomatic note to the Hua Xia Empire and question why they had sent intelligence personnel to Germany! Afterwards, it was vetoed, and while the personnel wasn't named, they were coded as the name "G" on the file. "G" said that firstly, the identification was fake, so if they pretended to not know any better and used them to question the Hua Xia Empire's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they would only shoot themselves in the foot and reveal that Gu Nianzhi was in their hands...

Gu Nianzhi shook anxiously when she suddenly saw her name on the encrypted files, and her hand nearly slipped off the mouse. Her heart almost leapt out of her throat, and it took her a long time to calm down. She quickly downloaded the files to upload onto her own cloud drive.

However, the network connection suddenly slowed down, and her uploads paused midway. Gu Nianzhi's heart sank. Could someone have discovered her? Glancing at her watch, she saw four hours had already passed. She had been too greedy and spent too long on her first hack into the enemy's intranet-too many traces were left. Gu Nianzhi knew she was being too clumsy, and Zhao Liangze would be sure to scold her if he found out. But this was such a rare chance, and she didn't want to give up the opportunity to help Huo Shao and the Special Ops learn the secrets of the German Federal Intelligence Service.

The seconds passed, and Gu Nianzhi's fingers flew over the keyboard as she continued to code for faster processing times. Ten minutes later, her uploads were still paused, and her program's alarm system had already been activated. This meant the enemy may have already discovered there was a problem with her surveillance and that there were external parties accessing their intranet. What should she do? If she gave up this chance, she may never be allowed to access it again. Also, if Als and his men had a talented hacker within them, then there was a chance she could be discovered here...

To give up or continue, that was the fatal question. In the split second battle between humanity and fate, Gu Nianzhi finally made her decision. She would make a big move! Let's show these arrogant white people that even an anxious bunny can bite back! She wouldn't attack until she could make the one fatal shot! Closing her eyes, Gu Nianzhi began to initialize the final system on devourer.exe. Soon after, she let go of the cursor and watched the program she created begin to wreak havoc on the German Federal Intelligence Service's intranet.


At the same time, alarms sounded continuously in the central control room of the German Federal Intelligence Service. The sharp blaring cracked through the base, where the sun had just cast the sky into a milky white.

"Hurry! Hurry! We have an external attack!"

"Where? Where?!"

"The intranet, you idiot! The intranet has been compromised!"

"Initialize emergency systems! Pursue the intruding program! We must trace the origin IP to this program!" Seeing the situation get more serious, their most capable software engineers sped over, but it was already too late. If they didn't take the final measures now, all their secrets would be destroyed. This was worse than the highest commanding officer of the German Federal Intelligence Service being a mole from a foreign country, because it meant the possibility of exposing all the German Federal Intelligence Service's secrets all the way back to the time of the Gestapo! All the Germans in the central control room stared at each other, their faces ashen as they mumbled, shook, and had no idea how to deal with the current situation.

Als screamed, "It's too late! Stop tracing the IP! Cut the power! Cut it now!" The moment the main power was unplugged, Gu Nianzhi's "devourer.exe." intensified and exploded with its last attack. It transformed into hundreds of millions of mini programs. Like white blood cells devouring bacteria, it wiped everything out, and its speed increased exponentially. All the files in the German Federal Intelligence Service's intranet were destroyed by a locust-like attack. From encrypted to unencrypted files, system files, and data files were all swallowed and shrunk into packets, then were forwarded to external emails at lightning speed. Even with such a large amount of files, the speed was so high that it had completed all consumption procedures and initialized the self destruction sequence in the time it took for the entire system to gradually cut power.

Als called Reinitz over for the serious emergency, and where he stood in front of the central control system of the German Federal Intelligence Service's huge host machine, he only saw a bright circle of light flash on the screen. A cute pink pig walked out of the ring of light and rolled at them twice before turning around to reveal a short tail wagging on its plump butt. The ring of light gradually shrank until the pink pig disappeared inside it.

Boom! Als punched the host machine viciously, his eyes ablaze with anger. "They've gone too far! They'll wish they'd never gotten caught!"