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654 Don’t Overthink I

 "You already told me many times," Reinitz disagreed as he helped her sit up. "What do you want to eat? Do you want to shower?" Gu Nianzhi immediately noticed her entire body felt uncomfortable and dirty. Looking down, she noticed she was wearing only a hospital gown and nothing underneath it. Reinitz saw her staring and said gently, "Two female nurses helped you get changed. Can you move? I can ask them to help you shower."

Gu Nianzhi relaxed as soon as she heard female nurses had helped her change, but she shook her head at Reinitz's offer. "I can shower myself. But..." She rubbed her stomach. "I'm a bit hungry and want to eat something before showering." She knew she must look like an unkempt mess right now, but she didn't care about Reinitz seeing that side of her. Because she treated him like a friend, there was no need to constantly show off her best side to him. If Huo Shaoheng had been there, Gu Nianzhi's first instinct would be to immediately shampoo, shower, and change. However, she and Reinitz had already seen each other's dirtiest and most embarrassing sides when they fled for their lives on the Alps.

Reinitz laughed. "What do you want to eat?"

"I want McDonald's." Gu Nianzhi licked her lips and had a sudden craving for junk food. Because it was high-calorie and tasted good, this happened to suit her current state.

Reinitz replied, "I'll have someone buy some for you, but you can only have one meal of fish and chips. If you want to have something else, I'll take you out when you get better."

Gu Nianzhi nodded happily. "Ok, I need to treat you to dinner for saving me."

"You're only going to treat me to dinner?" Reinitz cocked his head at her, his blue eyes shining with amusement. "That's not enough."

"Then what do you want? Tell me, and I'll do it, as long as it's within my capabilities." Gu Nianzhi shrugged indifferently.

As long as it's within your capabilities? Reinitz swallowed his words and smiled. "One dinner isn't enough. You owe me at least three."

"No problem!" Gu Nianzhi reached out. "Here, let's high five as a promise!"

Reintiz reached out with a smile and high fived her three times. "Remember that you owe me three dinners."

"Of course, of course!" Gu Nianzhi's strength gradually recovered, and she was speaking more energetically. Seeing Reinitz, she recalled Mother Hanna and couldn't help asking, "Right, do you have news from Mother Hanna?"

"Oh, yes." Reinitz handed to his phone to her with a smile. "See, this is a new photo from her. She's at the St. Joseph's Hospital in Berlin. We can go see her when you're better."

"In Berlin?" Gu Nianzhi frowned. "That's so far. Won't it be hard to get there?"

Reinitz burst out laughing. "Cereus, you're in Berlin right now!"

"I'm in Berlin?!" Gu Nianzhi was shocked. "I'm not in a small town by the Alps? I'm not near Munich?"

"There aren't such good hospitals there." Reinitz pursed his lips and was still anxious about the situation. "You were too ill, and I had a doctor from Berlin pick you up."

Gu Nianzhi scanned the room and confirmed she was actually in a very high-end ward. There were many pieces of medical equipment she hadn't seen before. Recalling her peculiar body constitution and incredible healing abilities, she began to resist and dislike all the instruments. Shifting on the bed uncomfortably, she looked down and muttered, "Reinitz, I'm all better now. Can I get discharged? I can't sleep or eat here..." She knew she had said something wrong as soon as she spoke.

As expected, Reinitz laughed. "You can't sleep here? Hmm? You only woke up after sleeping a full three days and nights..."

Gu Nianzhi closed her eyes and was mortified, but tried to stay calm. "I wasn't asleep, I passed out." Passing out for three days and three nights sounded a lot better than sleeping that entire time. Reinitz didn't correct her and chuckled as she kept trying different excuses to get discharged. Of course, he refused, but he was already in a better mood as she tried to weasel her way out, especially after she babbled so much. He shook his head and couldn't help laughing as soon as she pouted. Gu Nianzhi couldn't convince him no matter what she said, so she got frustrated and turned away angrily. "I need to shower, so you can leave."

"Didn't you say you needed some food before you wanted to shower? You're not hungry anymore?"

Gu Nianzhi was speechless. Then the two of them bantered in the room until someone knocked on the door. It was the person who Reinitz had asked to buy fish and chips. Gu Nianzhi couldn't help turning her head when she smelled the delicious aroma, and her gaze fell on the red box with the M logo in Reinitz's hands. All the McDonald's in the world were the same. Reinitz took the fish and chips out of the box and set them down on the disposable hospital food tray to place before Gu Nianzhi. Looking down at the golden fried fish filets that were still steaming with heat, the delicious smell was enough to make her swallow hard. She finally gave up and picked it up. Reinitz didn't say anything but poured a cup of milk for her and heated it in the microwave. He sat quietly and watched her eat. Gu Nianzhi ignored him as she ate and drank. She threw away the tray after finishing the food. "I need to shower."

"Ok." Reinitz slowly stood up. "I'll wait outside. Call me when you're done."

"Why do I need to call you? I'm going to sleep after." Gu Nianzhi continued to snort and looked away unhappily.

Reinitz took out a cigarette from his pocket to play with, his slender fingers very nimble. "You don't want to see Mother Hanna?"

Fine, you win. Gu Nianzhi deflated instantly and stopped bickering with Reinitz. Face flushing, she removed the blankets and got off the bed to head to the bathroom.

"Wait a second." Reinitz called her back, and from the pile of exquisite boxes on the couch, he picked out a light gray oversized sweater with elbow-length sleeves, a thin black A-line wool skirt, and a set of underwear. He passed them to her. "Take these and wear them."

Gu Nianzhi noticed how naked she felt under the gown, and although she didn't want to, she still accepted the clothes from him and asked, "What about my own clothes?"

"They're in the wash."

"Oh? What about my things?!" Gu Nianzhi got anxious, because everything in there comprised her precious belongings that had survived the deadly ordeal with her. She treasured them now.

"They're all here. I took them out for you and put them in here." Reinitz passed a black plastic bag to her. Inside were her Swiss Army knife and keys, a Zippo lighter, one sanitary napkin, and her wallet. Gu Nianzhi relaxed and took the black plastic bag and the clothes with her to the bathroom.

She had still been weak earlier and had difficulty even sitting, but now she was able to get out of bed and go shower shortly after she had food. She was recovering so quickly... Reinitz contemplated it as he watched her disappear into the bathroom. He then turned to leave. He closed the door to Gu Nianzhi's room, and standing outside were two Germans who looked like bodyguards. They saluted Reinitz as soon as he walked out, but he didn't even look at them. "Watch her carefully. No one is allowed inside."

He took out a pack of cigarettes and walked to the smoking zone. Most of the hospital was non-smoking, so smokers had to go the designated areas downstairs in front of the stairwell. Reinitz lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply, his eyes staring blankly ahead. He seemed to be thinking of nothing, yet also a myriad of things at the same time. Since meeting Gu Nianzhi, then escaping for their lives together on the Alps and recalling how Gu Nianzhi was as a person... Reinitz looked down and threw the cigarette butt into the trash with a flick of his fingers before heading back to the hospital.

He thought he was overthinking it, almost forgetting what he was supposed to be doing. When he returned to Gu Nianzhi's room, she had already finished showering and sat on the couch in a daze. From behind her, he could see her long, seaweed-like hair draped against the light gray sweater, and the black high-waisted A-line skirt accentuated her thin waist like a newly sprouted willow tree in the spring. Reinitz stood at the door to admire her beauty for a while before knocking on the door and coughing quietly.

Gu Nianzhi composed herself and looked back to see Reinitz had returned. She stood up and quickly walked to him. Looking up, she smiled brightly. "Reinitz, didn't you say you were taking me to see Mother Hanna?" Without visiting her personally and confirming that she was ok, Gu Nianzhi knew she couldn't feel at ease.

"Right now?" Reinitz glanced at his watch. It was only 10am. "Ok. But are you feeling well enough?"

"I'm great." Gu Naiznhi twirled around, her skirt fluttering naturally to reveal the beautiful curves of her long, slim calves. "I'm all better now."

Reinitz looked away and said softly, "Ok." It was like he couldn't bear to refuse any of her requests. Walking out of the ward, he used his phone to call a cab, then notified St. Joseph's Hospital. He came back inside to say to Gu Nianzhi, "We can go now." Gu Nianzhi was still carrying the black plastic bag as she made her way to him.

Reinitz said, "Why are you holding that?" He frowned, the plastic bag didn't match with the elegant outfit at all and was a total eyesore for his taste. Gu Nianzhi wouldn't relinquish the plastic bag no matter what, because her things that she refused to part with for even a moment were inside. Reinitz was helpless against her stubbornness, so he could only allow her to take it. He took her out of the Charlotte Hospital. They got into the cab but instead of taking her directly to St. Joseph's Hospital, Reinitz took them to the Hermes flagship store in Berlin.

Gu Nianzhi stiffened when she saw the store from the cab. She turned to glance at Reinitz, and her eyes sparkled like she was thinking about something. Reinitz looked back at her with his deep blue eyes that were also very empty. Gu Nianzhi resumed her normally gleefulness. "Reinitz, why did you bring me here?"

"To buy a bag, of course. You'll only embarrass me in front of Mother Hanna if you take this plastic bag to the hospital," Reinitz remarked casually and opened the door. He got out first then walked around to open the door for Gu Nianzhi. He was very polite and was a perfect gentleman. Gu Naiznhi didn't want to get out, but she considered it and knew it was even more awkward to refuse to get out of the cab. She finally got out but didn't go inside Hermes. Standing beside the cab, she squinted at the tall store doors and shook her head at Renitz. "No thanks. These bags are too expensive. I don't want one and can't afford it."

"I'll gift it to you," Reinitz replied softly and reached out to take her hand and walk her inside.

"I can't accept that." Gu Nianzhi cocked her head and refused his kindness once again. She wasn't someone who didn't understand the importance of things. She accepted all the luxury goods from Huo Shaoheng with peace of mind but not from Reinitz.

He stared at her and replied softly, "It's only a gift. What you mean you can't accept it? Don't overthink it."

Gu Nianzhi was speechless. She felt like she was fighting a losing battle. Blinking, she was about to find another excuse to refuse and suddenly recalled she still had her wallet with bank and credit cards inside. Although the limits weren't as high as Huo Shaoheng and He Zhichu's, it was still plenty to buy a Hermes bag. If she used her own card to shop here, then it could potentially leave clues for the people trying to find her... Gu Nianzhi immediately changed her mind and giggled. "Ok, I was overthinking it. How about this, I'll buy it myself." She then glanced at Reinitz again. "How did you know I liked Hermes bags?"

"Really? I didn't know. Guess it was a coincidence." Reinitz chuckled and took her hand to walk into the Hermes flagship store. The employees inside bowed to them, especially to Reinitz. He walked into the world class luxury store with his back straight, appearing so elegant that he was reminiscent of old European aristocratic blood. This was a completely different person than the half-naked mountain man chopping firewood Gu Nianzhi had met in the beginning.

Gu Nianzhi's gaze fell on the classic and new styles of handbags in the store's display. Her eyes sparkled, and she secretly thought about how Reinitz had so many sides to him, from the gentle and honest Alps mountain dweller, to the aristocrat in the Hermes flagship store. She didn't know how Reinitz had grown up...

Reinitz bent down and spoke to her in English, "Which one do you like? Have them show it to you." Gu Nianzhi focused and immediately noticed the spring season's new Chaine bag, the Verrou. It wasn't too big and was perfect for her belongings. It was also a pure blue that reminded her of the sapphire lakes they had seen in the Alps. The price was not too high, only $8,000 USD, and while it was more expensive than most bags, it was still a lot less than other Hermes ones. And most importantly, it would not be over Gu Nianzi's credit card limit. She pointed to the blue Verrou bag. "This one. It's convenient for carrying." Small, exquisite, light, good sized, and brightly colored-this one had all the criteria Gu Nianzhi had for a bag of that size.

Reinitz had also noticed the same bag at first glance, and the price should be within acceptable range for Gu Nianzhi, so she wouldn't be concerned with accepting it as a gift. He nodded to the employee. "This one, bring me a new one."

The employee appeared troubled. "This bag... There's only this one for now. If you want it, then..." Gu Nianzhi instantly knew that Hermes was using a scarcity tactic as soon as the employee said it. They were never willing to simply sell something but had to force customers to buy a bunch of random things like belts, accessories, and scarves for the so called purpose of "building a relationship." Once there was a relationship, the employees would finally tell customers the bag they wanted was in stock! It was all a big show. Customers should be able to buy what was in stock, if they could afford it. Otherwise, they wouldn't buy it. What was the point?

Gu Nianzhi pouted and was about to say they should go when Reinitz took out a card from his wallet and remarked coolly, "Do you have stock now?" The employee's eyes widened at the sight of it. It was the Hermes VIP Gold Card! Cardholders had to spend seven figures in US dollars annually to qualify for it. Of course, such cardholders could buy whatever they pleased as long as Hermes had it in stock.

"Yes, yes! Absolutely!" The employee immediately changed her attitude and was bending over backwards with respect. Gu Niaznhi frowned from the side and looked down disapprovingly. She noticed her new shoes. They were a pair of famous red-soled Christian Louboutins. The uppers were fine-quality, black calf leather with leather soles, however, the bottom soles that hit the ground were bright red. When walking, the bright red soles were slightly visible and had a self-restraining sense of allure when they were walked in.

Gu Nianzhi knew Reinitz had bought them for her, and it was one thing to buy her designer goods, but it had to be this brand for some reason... Reintiz's tastes were probably similar to his personality. As Gu Nianzhi pondered, she quickly glanced at him. Reinitz was looking right at her, and they locked eyes. Then they both looked away like nothing was happening.

Gu Nianzhi found her LV wallet in the black plastic bag and took out a black card to pass to the employee. The employee didn't accept it but only smiled at Reinitz. Reinitz took the black credit card from Gu Nianzhi and gave it to the employee. "Charge it to this." With one hand novement, he had already swapped his own black credit card to pass to the employee and kept Gu Nianzhi's in his palm. Reinitz's movements were so quick, he seemed to be performing a magic trick. Neither Gu Nianzhi nor the employee noticed that the card the employee took was already swapped.

"Ok, thank you." The employee accepted the card and walked to the back of the store. She went to the storeroom to find a brand new Verrou bag along with dustbag, then took it to the register to process the transaction. Finally, she brought the receipt over for Gu Nianzhi to sign. The card number printed on the receipt was blacked out with X's for security.