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648 He’s Back

 The embassy staff had very limited capabilities, so most of the time they required domestic internal departments to give authorization before being able to act abroad. It was because they were much too rigid with regulations, which caused a delay in acting, that Huo Shaoheng's Special Operations Forces was established.

The two American lawyers nodded and sat in the small conference room, carefully filling out Gu Nianzhi's information from her resume. They weren't familiar with her, but since she was an employee of their law firm, their human resources department had her detailed information. The two American lawyers immediately contacted their American law firm. It was 2pm in the United States, and after some trouble, the two lawyers finally managed to reach the director of human resources to tell him about what had happened to Gu Nianzhi.

The director of human resources was very concerned when he heard Gu Nianzhi may have gone missing in Germany. He had immediately sent Gu Nianzhi's resume to them and also sent a text to a number He Zhichu had especially left with the law firm's high ranking executives. Only the law firm's executives knew this number, not the other employees. He Zhichu had told them if the law firm ran into serious trouble that needed a quick solution, they could text that number if he had gone back home. Otherwise, they were forbidden to contact that number.

In all these years, they hadn't actually used this number to contact He Zhichu before, so this was the first time. In order to comfort the two American lawyers, the director of HR said to them, "I've already forwarded your message to Lawyer He. He'll reach out to you." The director knew Gu Nianzhi was hired into the firm by He Zhichu and had been personally trained by him. According to the rules, a newbie lawyer like Gu Nianzhi had no way of skipping all the steps to start with direct mentorship from someone at He Zhichu's level, who was both a lawyer and a law firm partner. But what were rules if they were not to be broken? He Zhichu had personally requested Gu Nianzhi as his mentee, so the HR department knew better than to preach rules to him. The law is only human, and everyone who reached the level of executive were all experts in social interaction.

The two American lawyers in the Hua Xia Consulate in Munich immediately spoke when they heard their message was forwarded. "We've also tried contacting Lawyer He, but his phone isn't working. It keeps going to voicemail."

"Really? I'm not sure, but I already texted him to see if he'll call you back." The director of human resources indicated he had already tried his best, but didn't say that the phone number was not privy to other employees...

The two lawyers saw that the law firm had already tried their best and didn't ask for anything else. They left after finishing filling out Gu Nianzhi's information at the embassy. The information there was, of course, Gu Nianzhi's official identity in the Hua Xia Empire. It included her father, who appeared later, Gu Xiangwen. This was also on the information from the American law firm.

The deputy consul of the Hua Xia Consulate in Munich didn't know who Gu Nianzhi was when he read the information. Because this deputy consul didn't know Gu Nianzhi, he also had never been in contact with the people or the department at Huo Shaoheng's level and caliber. Also, Gu Nianzhi's personal situation had changed. Firstly, she had gotten a new passport and nationality when her father, Gu Xiangwen, was found. She no longer used the identity the Special Ops had given her, but the identity of a Barbados citizen gaining Hua Xia citizenship. So this time, she had traveled abroad using the legal identity. And because her identity was resolved, someone used it as a reason to lower her security level to that of a normal Hua Xia citizen. She no longer enjoyed the highest security privileges Huo Shaoheng had given her, and because of these two reasons, the deputy consul at the embassy didn't realize the gravity of the situation when he went over Gu Nianzhi's personal information. He relayed the news of Gu Nianzhi's disappearance back to the Hua Xia Ministry of Foreign Affairs as per protocol to await domestic review before their range of action could be determined.

However, the two lawyers didn't know about the procedures, so they started chatting after leaving the consulate and returning to the Hilton Hotel. They had a positive impression of the staff at the Hua Xia Consulate in Munich and were in a good mood since their day had been a success. They went back to their rooms to clean up and saw Smith and their other colleague come back with long faces. As soon as they saw their sullen expressions, they knew that they hadn't been successful.

"What the hell is this? Don't tell me you went to file a report, but the police refused!?" One lawyer jested, only meaning to lighten the mood.

He didn't expect Smith to roll his eyes and reply with exasperation, "Such pigs! They really dared to reject the case!"

Everyone was speechless.

"I was actually right? Why?!" The lawyer who had joked around was very confused. "Why wouldn't they accept a case like this?!"

"I'm telling you, the Munich Regional Police is at a different level. They first said we're not Lawyer Gu's immediate family, so we can't report on her behalf. Smith argued back and said Lawyer Gu is an adult, so she doesn't require immediate family to report on her behalf. Then they said we don't have enough evidence and refused to file the case for us. They kept insisting Lawyer Gu was having too much fun and forgot to contact us. They refused to admit she's gone missing!" The other lawyer who went to the police station with Smith kept shaking his head and sighing. "How could this be?! This is ridiculous! I can bet that Lawyer Gu didn't forget to contact us because she's having too much fun!"

"Is there even any common sense?!" The other two lawyers who just returned from the Hua Xia Consulate in Munich were also enraged. "This is ridiculous! We need their consulate to step in at a time like this!"

"Right, you guys went to the consulate for Lawyer Gu's country. How did it go? What are they going to do?" Smith poured himself a glass of red wine and gave it a swirl before downing it in one gulp.

"Oh, their embassy was great! The deputy consul came out to help us and had us fill out a form with Lawyer Gu's information. I think he has to talk with his superior." It was apparent the situation with the Hua Xia Consulate in Munich was more positive than Smith's had been.

"Really?" Smith finally felt a bit better. "If the embassy can personally report the case, I think those sleazy police officers would file it right away!" He raised the wine glass fiercely, then set it back on the bar.

Another lawyer piped up, "We also called the director of human resources at the law firm. He happened to be in the office and sent all of Lawyer Gu's information to us. He also said that he had already texted Lawyer He to let him know about this." Gu Nianzhi was personally mentored by He Zhichu, so he had to be notified if something happened to her.

"He texted Lawyer He? Will that work? Does the director know that we haven't been getting through to Lawyer He's phone?" Smith questioned. "We've made so many calls between the four of us, and he still hasn't gotten back to us!" He slapped the table and was getting indignant when his ringtone suddenly sounded. He looked at it with annoyance but suddenly froze. Smith picked up the phone with shaking hands and was so excited, he shouted, "It's.... It's Lawyer He!" They were nearly at their wit's end from not being able to reach him for so many days now. The other lawyers in the room also got excited but stayed quiet as they stared at Smith. Smith decided to use the speaker phone.

He Zhichu's voice rang out from the speaker. His English had their typical tongue rolling American accent. "What happened? The director of human resources didn't explain clearly what happened to Nianzhi."

Smith inhaled deeply and said with all seriousness, "Lawyer Gu has been missing since ten days ago."

The phone was quiet for a long time, and they weren't sure whether He Zhichu didn't understand or was shocked. He was silent for so long that Smith assumed the call had ended. Finally, He Zhichu stated simply, "I'll come back right away," and hung up.

Smith and the three lawyers in the room stared at each other for a while and seemed to exhale collectively. "Ok, Professor He is coming back soon." Their backbone would return as soon as he arrived.


He Zhichu was in his room, sitting before the window with a hand supporting his head and the other draped on the sofa's armrest. He sat still looking at scenery outside. It was evening, and the setting sun was like a round salted duck's egg pressed to the western skies to give off the last trace of heat. There was a huge gingko tree outside his window, and when the evening breeze came though, countless little yellow and green leaves fluttered down. A woman wearing a plain-colored silk top and pants was carrying a wicker basket and bending over to pick up the fallen leaves under the ginkgo tree.

She seemed to notice someone staring in her direction, so the woman looked up and smiled at He Zhichu through the window. It was Wen Shouyi. He Zhichu wasn't looking at her, but his vacant stare was in the direction of the ginkgo tree. He kept thinking about Gu Nianzhi's incident. He had just left, and she got in trouble... Coincidence? Last time was the same, as with the one before it...

These things kept happening over and over again, so He Zhichu could only think that there was still someone by his side sabotaging him. He thought he had gotten rid of those people a long time ago, but it looked like it wasn't the case. The main culprit was still lurking by his side. No matter who this was or what background they had, he would make sure to have them wish for a quick death as soon as he rooted them out!

That was also why He Zhichu hadn't wanted to bring Gu Nianzhi back yet. He wasn't certain that his own surroundings were safe. He originally thought Gu Nianzhi was guaranteed to be safe if she stayed with Huo Shaoheng, so he let her be with him, even though it killed him inside. But now it looked like that also wasn't the case. Inhaling deeply, He Zhichu closed his eyes and massaged his temples to quell his rage. After some time, he picked up his phone to call his staff. "Prepare immediately, I'm going to Germany." Ten minutes later, He Zhichu went to Senior Mr. He's room to say his goodbyes and made a series of preparations to obtain his approval before leaving home.

By the time Wen Shouyi received the news and came by, He Zhichu had already left. "Auntie Qin, has the young master left?" Wen Shouyi asked worriedly. "Senior Mr. He just had his craniotomy. He dared to leave all by himself?"

Auntie Qin was arranging flowers patiently in her room. She plucked fresh greenhouse flowers from the basket and replied coolly, "Senior Mr. He's surgery was a great success. He has nothing to worry about. Also..." Auntie Qin didn't say anything more but merely smiled. The somewhat dim room seemed to suddenly flash like lightning, so brilliant and alluring it couldn't be ignored. She slowly looked up to glance at Wen Shouyi. "Yi, come help Auntie Qin finish arranging these flowers." Wen Shouyi went over to kneel by Auntie Qin to patiently arrange all the remaining flowers and plants.

Auntie Qin stroked her shoulder, her hand so fair and smooth it was like it was carved from white jade, and it felt even colder. "Yi is still the best. I don't even have to say anything, and you can arrange it exactly how I wanted."

"Auntie Qin taught me everything. How can I not understand what you like?" Wen Shouyi joked good naturedly but didn't dare look at Auntie Qin's face. It was too beautiful. Every time she looked at it, she was transfixed, even as a woman. But Senior Mr. He... Sigh, how could he not appreciate her? Ever since Senior Mr. He's first wife passed away, he ignored even a gorgeous woman like Auntie Qin. But it was this blind devotion that was irresistibly attractive to women. Perhaps Auntie Qin felt that way? Wen Shouyi quietly picked up the floral arrangement and said, "Is this for Senior Mr. He's room?"

"No." Auntie Qin sighed gently. "We cannot go into his room before he recovers."

"What?!" Wen Shouyi lost her composure and shrieked, "How could that be?! Auntie Qin is his wife!" Although she was his second wife, they were still legally wed.

Auntie Qi shook her head indifferently. "The young master gave the order. Who would dare rebel? But it doesn't matter, as long as Senior Mr. He recovers, it doesn't matter what I have to do." As she spoke, she placed her porcelain hand on her belly where a new life was growing.

Wen Shouyi sighed and praised her. "Autine Qin, hearts are human, after all. I'm sure Senior Mr. He will appreciate you one day."

"I hope so, too." Auntie Qin cocked her head to look out the window. Her large eyes sparkled like a starry sky, and she seemed to glow.


At 7am the next morning, a private jet from Boston landed at the Munich International Airport. He Zhichu emerged, expressionless, and was completely surrounded as he took a VIP passage to pass through customs. A customized, bulletproof, and elongated Rolls-Royce Phantom was already parked outside the airport awaiting him. The Munich police received notice and even provided two squad cars to clear the roads from any obstruction and escort him to the Hilton Hotel. The people and cars on the street all darted away, and everyone was curious which nation's leader was in the Rolls-Royce Phantom surrounded by police cars.

"Is there a leader of a nation visiting Munich lately?"

"Or maybe it's a private visit." Someone also chimed in, "That wouldn't be reported on the news, but they would still receive the same level of welcome."

"Oh, that is possible."

As everyone chatted, someone posted photos of He Zhichu's Rolls-Royce Phantom on social media to have people guess which nation's leader was making a private visit to Munich. However, they didn't imagine that the freshly posted photo would be immediately pulled offline, and the uploading IP address would also be locked out. The phone's owner also received a call from the police telling him that taking a photo of the car owner without permission and also uploading it on social media was a violation of privacy, so he was subject to punitive claims.

Before a sentence was even discussed, just the punitive claim alone was even more frightening than going to jail. Someone was bound to be released from jail one day as long as it wasn't life imprisonment. However, a punitive claim could subject the rest of someone's life to poverty and force their head down forever. To deal with such people, punitive claims were far more painful than jail time. Because of this, no one else dared to upload photos of He Zhichu's Rolls-Royce Phantom.

He Zhichu arrived at the Hilton Hotel in record time. Smith and his colleagues received the call early in the day, so they immediately got dressed neatly to await He Zhichu at the hotel's entrance. When the Rolls-Royce Phantom appeared, escorted by police cars, Smith and his colleagues didn't even consider that it was He Zhichu's car. So when He Zhichu emerged from it, along with an entourage of security to enter the Hilton Hotel lobby, Smith and his colleagues were completed floored. They stood frozen and finally followed them to shout, "Lawyer He!"

He Zhichu stopped and turned back to see Smith and three other lawyers run over. He nodded and waved his right hand slightly to have his security team open the way. Smith and his colleagues walked over and were stunned into silence by He Zhichu's entourage. He stood in the midst of all the burly bodyguards and remained cool and indifferent as ever. His shimmering, sultry eyes were completely devoid of emotion and although his figure was not as strapping as the bodyguards', his aura was incomparable, like a king's; the world was all his.

Smith couldn't help feeling fear and awe, completely different from his previous mindset of treating He Zhichu like his boss. "Lawyer... Lawyer He..." Smith greeted him with trepidation, and his eyes kept darting towards the bodyguards next to He Zhichu. Only ten days had passed, but the previously elegant and modest He Zhichu had disappeared. His current state made the people who knew him before feel he was foreign yet familiar. He Zhichu only took one glance at Smith and the other lawyers to know what they were thinking, but he was not in the mood and didn't have time to explain it to them.

"Come with me," He Zhuchu replied coolly and turned into the hotel lobby before entering the elevator. Smith and his colleagues quickly followed and managed to find space in the elevator packed with bodyguards.