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627 This Was the Cruelest of All

 The moment a man lost his balls, he wouldn't be a complete man anymore. Everyone felt a tinge of sympathy towards Seth. Even though this wasn't the worst, the doctor continued, "The muscles in his penis were severed while it was erect. As intervention was delayed for too long, we are unable to repair it. Therefore, we'll have no choice but to cut it off as well."

Everyone's hearts skipped a beat. Now, this was the cruelest of all. It was already hard enough for a man to be without his balls, but Seth was going to lose his penis, too.

The man who brought Seth back looked at the woman, who was out with him earlier, meaningfully. Both of them had the same thought: That lawyer was so cruel! She wasn't just cruel in her heart; she was ruthless in her actions as well! To be specific, her legs were ruthless. Seeing Seth like this, he was in this state because of that lawyer!

The man was secretly relieved that he had to answer a call and did not stay in the car to do bad things just now... Had he not answered the call, he did not know if he would have been lucky enough to escape such "cruelty."

The doctor stood up after he finished talking. "Take him to my clinic. We can't do surgery here."

Everyone went to seek advice from their boss. Then, two of them came down, carrying Seth, who was already under general anesthesia. They headed directly to the doctor's little clinic.

The plump, round-faced lady could not understand upon hearing the report from her subordinates. It can't be? H3aB7 wasn't as good as she thought it was?

It began raining. The lady sat in front of her French windows for a while before looking again through the footage that her subordinate had sent to her. She confirmed that Gu Nianzhi had been injected with H3aB7, as she had lost her mobility and consciousness almost immediately after the injection.

It was only what happened in the car afterwards that she did not know, as her subordinate was not present, and thus could not record it. From Seth's injuries, one could deduce that he did not manage to get fresh with her, and Gu Nianzhi had jumped off the cliff, so she did not manage to gain anything, either...

Toying with a golden pen, this lady chuckled softly and began giving orders. "I want to see her if she's alive, or, if she isn't, I want to see her body." Grasping the pen in her hand, the tip of the pen poked her so hard that her hand was bleeding, but she did not let go.

She did not believe that the H3aB7 did not have any effect. The strength and potency of the medication was confirmed after testing on tens of thousands of volunteers. It couldn't be that Gu Nianzhi was the special one. She refused to believe that this possibility existed, but understood that there must have been other reasons.

However, they weren't important anymore. Gu Nianzhi had fallen into her trap and fell off the cliff. If she was so lucky to escape death from the fall, she wouldn't be able to run from her second round of killing. The second round of killing would be assassination from anywhere in the world.

She hummed a little tune as she turned on her laptop. Then, she opened a program that controlled the satellites and linked herself up with Europe's Copernicus global satellite navigation system. Upon her edits, this system could detect the corners of the entire Alps, helping her to locate the person she wanted to find. There'd only be a ten-meter margin of error.

However, they were within Germany and there were American soldiers around. Therefore, they were not allowed to use weapons that were too advanced. They weren't allowed to use helicopters, for instance. Otherwise, the lady would have used a military helicopter to fly around the Alps and end this fight with Gu Nianzhi with a sniper.

Sadly, she could not use this plan. The moment the helicopter took off, the Americans would find out through their radar. It wouldn't be easy to get off the hook if they were found out. She wanted to get rid of Gu Nianzhi, but she did not want to sacrifice herself along with her. Therefore, she had to be extra careful and secretive. Even if the plan got exposed in the future, no one should be able to trace anything back to her.

Moreover, she couldn't stay here for long. She had to go back tonight. She could only devise a plan that was extremely detailed and think of all the possibilities before asking her men to carry it out for her. They were not supposed to deviate from or change a single detail of her plan, and she was only supposed to command through phone calls.


Summer was coming to an end, and autumn was arriving. The temperature in the Alps during this time at night dropped quickly. Another round of heavy rain fell in the mountains. The rain finally stopped around midnight. Gu Nianzhi woke up due to the cold.

The moment her brain regained consciousness, so did the rest of her body. She felt pain all over. The pain wasn't sharp, however, it felt more like the thumping pain of bruises. Like when she was in the car, she did not dare to open her eyes nor move before ensuring her safety. However, even with her eyes closed, she could feel that she was lying on grass. There was also the sound of a river flowing. It should be nightfall by now, because her eyes could not feel any sunlight.

She was also extremely tired and cold. It wasn't a normal type of coldness. She was not wearing any winter clothing. She only wore a running outfit, and it must be all tattered and torn by now.

After listening for a while more, she heard the sound of bugs. Other than that, she could not hear anything else. There... should be... no one else here... She had fallen from the cliff. Those men shouldn't have chased after her.

Gu Nianzhi familiarized herself with her surroundings again and began to use logic with herself. If they were to chase her, they would've carried her away instead of allowing her to wake up on her own here.

When she fell, she had blacked out due to the fall. Finally, Gu Nianzhi slowly opened her eyes. Her long, thick lashes fluttered like a pair of fans opening up. The first thing she saw was a sky filled with stars. Her gaze traveled downwards and around. There wasn't another person in sight.

She tried to move, but her left ankle was extremely tender. The pain in her ankle was way sharper than the pain she had previously felt. Tears fell from Gu Nianzhi's eyes. It wasn't because she wanted to cry, but it was a natural reaction to the immense pain she was feeling.

Using her arm, she supported herself and tried to sit, trying her best not to move her left ankle. After she managed to sit up, she looked at herself. The Hermes bucket bag was still around her. Its quality was amazing. Her clothes were tattered and torn, but the bag was still in perfect condition, other than a thin layer of dirt and grass. After brushing it off, it was as good as new.

She still remembered using the four sharp edges of the bag to hit the critical part of that *sshole, Seth... Knowing that the bag was still with her, she felt more at ease. She had her phone in the bag. She could call the cops for help. However, before she called for help, she wanted to inform Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze about having a traitor close to Huo Shaoheng!

She instinctively felt that it could never be either of them, because if it was, it would be extremely easy to attack her or Huo Shaoheng. The person wouldn't have to go through all this.

As she got lost in her thoughts a little, Gu Nianzhi took her phone out of her bag and checked it. The phone was fine. It had not gotten wet, so she could still use it. Placing her finger on the button and unlocking the phone, she opened her call records and called Yin Shixiong. No one picked up from his end. After a while, her call was diverted to voicemail.

Gu Nianzhi could not say the truth on the voicemail, so she said, "Brother Xiong, please return my call. I have something really important to tell you regarding Huo Shao." She wanted to try calling Zhao Liangze next, but it was the same. Her call got diverted to voicemail. Instead of leaving a message, Gu Nianzhi hung up.

Looking at the phone glumly, she called the Munich police number 110 for help. It rang for a while as well. Just when Gu Nianzhi thought that no one was going to answer the call, someone picked it up. The sweet voice of a lady came from the other end of the call. "Munich Emergency hotline. May I know who is on the line please? How can I help you?"

Gu Nianzhi just managed to learn some basic German recently, so she only understood some of the things that the person was saying. Instead of using German, she spoke in English. "Hello, someone kidnapped me from the Kögnissee and drove me up to the Alps. I just managed to escape. Please help!"

The receiver on the other end of the line seemed to be in shock. After a while, she replied in English that was not as fluent, "Please do not panic. Let me know your name, social registration number, residential address, and your current location."

Gu Nianzhi looked at her GPS and informed the lady of her location. Then, she continued, "I'm not German. I'm Cereus, a citizen from the Hua Xia Empire. I was here for business." She only told the lady her Christian name. Of course, she did not include her social registration number since she did not have one, as she wasn't German.

"Okay. I've got it. Please wait there. We'll be sending people to rescue you immediately." With that, the person hung up.

Gu Nianzhi heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she wanted to call Smith to inform them of her situation, so they would not be in too much shock. She also had to inform them that Seth had escaped. Did her colleagues know that she was missing when she did not return? Gu Nianzhi thought about it and looked around again.

She felt that she could have been in a cove surrounded by tall trees. The trees were most likely the ones she saw along the road. Just a couple of steps from her, there was a small stream, or rather, a small river. It reflected the moonlight beautifully.

Gu Nianzhi raised her head to look at where she had fallen. Had she been unlucky, she could have fallen into the river when she was unconscious and drowned. Even though it was not deep, it was sufficient to drown an already unconscious person. There was grass on both sides of the river. It had just rained, so it wasn't hard to sit on. In fact, it was rather comfortable.

After knowing that there weren't enemies around who wanted her dead, Gu Nianzhi felt much more relaxed. Did those people think that she had fallen to her death?