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625 Useless

 Seth was half suspicious about what the man told him. "Of course." The man was very confident about the H3AB7. "Women are ruined for the rest of their lives once they get injected with this stuff. They can't survive without men and will sleep with them even without asking for payment!"

"Really?! It's that amazing?! She won't struggle?!" Seth's eyes widened, and he deeply regretted not getting a hold of this stuff sooner!

"Absolutely not," the man replied lazily and turned around to glance at the unconscious Gu Nianzhi. With her fair and flawless skin, perfect face and figure, she especially had the aura of a delicate and petite girl. It was hard not to squish and destroy her. He wanted to... break her. Licking his lips, the man discovered he was feeling parched from just looking at the unconscious woman in the back of the car. He secretly considered getting in on the action later. This woman was already completely destroyed once she was injected with that stuff and couldn't survive without a man. His boss wouldn't let her live anyway, so she was only going to die. As Seth was excitedly asking about the effectiveness of H3AB7, he pressed harder on the accelerator, and the car was going faster and faster. As they discussed it animatedly in the front of the car, laughing lewdly from time to time, they were completely unaware the person in the back was already awake.

Gu Nianzhi remained lying motionlessly but had actually awakened a long time ago. Less than five minutes after the man tossed her into the car, she had already regained consciousness. What just happened quickly flashed through her mind as she tried to think over the entire incident. She recalled falling into the trap. Opening her eyes slightly, she looked around and discovered she was lying in the backseat of a car. She could feel the bumpy surface of the mountain road as the car drove over it, but she had no idea where they were going.

Because Gu Nianzhi hadn't figured out the situation yet, she wisely stayed quiet and continued to lay motionless, feigning unconsciousness. Luckily, these people might just be too confident about "H3AB7" and absolutely did not expect the person in the back to regain consciousness in the end. They hadn't even wasted effort tying her up. Her movements weren't restricted, but she didn't dare to move rashly. There were two men sitting in the front, and she was a powerless woman. There was no way she could fight against them, so she had to play it by ear. She could clearly hear the men's conversation. What shocked her was that one of the male voices belonged to the vicious scumbag, Seth!

"I hated her from the beginning! I didn't think I'd actually get my hands on her!" Seth didn't attempt disguising his voice. It was heavy with hate and lewdness.

Gu Nianzhi tried hard to not frown at all because she didn't want to make any movements to alert the two men. She perked up her ears to keenly listen to them spit excitedly as they discussed the effects of H3AB7. After a moment of shock, she only wanted to snicker.

They were speaking in German, and Gu Nianzhi's quick study of the language finally found some use. After listening to the gist of their conversation, she could practically understand everything they said. She wasn't unfamiliar with H3AB7 and remembered that Yamaguchi Aiko (or Youko?) had specifically told her that she was once inflicted with this aphrodisiac, so she was shocked that she could be fine... But Gu Nianzhi knew she was ok and was certain Chen Lie had treated her with the antidote, so the drug shouldn't work on her.

Now that she thought of it, could this H3AB7 be like a virus? Because only by being infected with a virus could someone develop immunity, making it useless on her. She discreetly checked her body, and it was definitely not as serious as what the lecherous men were saying. She didn't feel anything weird and was absolutely normal. Either H3AB7 wasn't as powerful as the men were saying, or she wasn't injected with it... Gu Nianzhi's hands slowly curled into fists, and she lowered them down towards the seat. It seemed like she still had the strap of her Hermes bag on her shoulder, so it should be somewhere between the two rows of seats.


The SUV sped down the twisting and turning mountain roads as the rain fell heavily. They quickly drove deep into the Alps. The road was built on a small mountain range, and the two sides were remnants from the Ice Age. It seemed like it had been cut open with an axe, and it was so deep, it appeared bottomless. The road went along the Alps, and there were cliffs on both sides, as well as towering trees growing from the steep slopes of the cliffs. They could only see the tops of the trees from the road, and they appeared like bushes. However, the trees were a dozen meters tall and towered like skyscrapers, which meant the cliffs on the sides of the road were very deep.

At the bottom of the slope were lakes left from the Ice Age, just like the Königssee. But because these were deep in the mountains, they were more natural and dangerous than the Königssee. Many vicious beasts lived amid the mountains and lakes, and thus the hunting season in the Alps was very famous.

For now, Gu Nianzhi didn't know where she was going, so she could only squint to determine direction from the light coming through the car window. However, the rain was getting heavier, making the car windows were a blur, cloaking the glass with deep yellow rain droplets. Earlier, Gu Nianzhi had determined they were driving southward, but now she had no idea.

Just as she was feeling uneasy, a phone suddenly rang inside the car. It wasn't her phone but an unfamiliar ringtone. After some time, the man sitting in the front passenger seat picked up and answered, "Hello." He then continued mumbling not in German but what seemed to be Spanish. Gu Nianzhi only knew how to count to ten in Spanish because she had once been curious enough to memorize it from Huo Shaoheng. Now she had no idea what the man was saying. However, he only spoke a bit before telling Seth in German, "Stop the car, just right here. I need to get out for a bit. My boss is calling me."

Seth was ecstatic and nodded quickly. When the man got out of the car, Seth looked out the car window and saw it was a small road on the side of the Alps highway. The road was a dead end, so they could only go back the same way to get back onto the main road. Because of that, there were very few people there. Sun seldom shined on this area, and humans rarely frequented it. It was raining hard today, and no one would rescue Gu Nianzhi even if she screamed her lungs out in a place like this. Also, from what the man said, the woman wouldn't cry for help anyway, since she couldn't wait to sleep with a man...

Seth turned around with a smirk, his greedy eyes scanning Gu Nianzhi's body like searchlights. Then he picked up his phone and planned to take nudes of Gu Nianzhi as blackmail. Locking the car door, he laid down his seat and shifted over to her. The car's interior wasn't too narrow, but Seth was built like a giant, tall and strong. Most cars weren't spacious enough for him, so he practically took up the entire interior as soon as he moved. To shift himself to the backseat, Seth could only half kneel and bend over. Looking at the camera on his phone, he slowly inched towards Gu Nianzhi. He moved and reached out to her to unzip her top. Gu Nianzhi was wearing sportswear, and the zipper in front of her chest was half open, so he only needed to pull it down to open her jacket. Seeing Seth's disgusting hand reaching for the zipper on her chest, Gu Nianzhi couldn't pretend to be unconscious anymore. Suddenly sitting up from the seat and raising her long legs, she kicked hard and aimed viciously and directly at Seth's crotch!

"Ah!" Seth did not expect Gu Nianzhi to wake up and kick him in resistance! Searing pain throbbed at his crotch, and with a shake of his hand, he dropped the phone. He instinctively pressed his legs together and used both hands to cover the erect and crucial body part Gu Nianzhi had nearly flattened with one kick.

Gu Nianzhi hit the bullseye with one kick and immediately jumped up from her seat. She raised her right fist and jabbed Seth's temple fiercely! This was a self defense technique Huo Shaoheng had taught her. It's results were maximized when the target was lying down. By first kicking the target's crotch so they had no other way of reacting to anything but the pain, she would then quickly hit the weak point on his temple to immediately knock him out. If a strong man punched someone's temple, it could result in immediate death. Gu Nianzhi wasn't strong enough, so she could only knock Seth out.

His huge figure wavered a bit before he fell onto the seat he had reclined. Gu Nianzhi quickly grabbed her bag from under the seat, then stomped fiercely on Seth's crotch several times before using her bag to fiercely hit him in the same spot. The Hermes bag was very high quality, and four pointed square feet were on the bottom of it. Clad in metal, they were almost like high heels. When she aimed precisely to hit someone hard with them, they were like tiny points that were very destructive. It felt like a sharp knife was stabbing his crotch, then gripping around it to cut it off!

Seth was regained consciousness briefly, and he kept wailing horribly from the pain. Covering his crotch, he rolled onto the floor of the car. Gu Nianzhi saw that the space was too small, so if Seth fought back too hard, she wouldn't be able to handle it. She quickly opened the door. As soon as she opened it, the bean sized raindrops hit her in the face. Wiping the rain off, she was just about to jump out of the car when Seth screamed from behind, "Stop her!"

The rain thundered down, muffling his cry, but the man and woman in the car behind saw Gu Nianzhi run out of the car. They shared a glance and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

"Wtf! How could she even escape?!"

"H3AB7 is useless now?!"

That was impossible! They'd both witnessed the potency of this aphrodisiac before... Their minds tossed in confusion, but it was what it was. Seeing Gu Nianzhi dart in front of them, they could only go after her!

Gu Nianzhi hated not having a gun at that moment. Otherwise, she would have killed that scumbag with one shot. He had already ruined the life of one innocent girl, and now he wanted to harm her, too! Carrying her bag, Gu Nianzhi ran aimlessly on the unknown mountain road. The heavy rain continued to pour, and with such large raindrops, they hurt her face as they fell.

At that moment, the car behind Seth's started.