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624 It Really Works?

 Seth woke from his dream with a shudder. The first thing he did was glance at his watch, and the hour hand was pointing directly at the ten o'clock position. Looking out the car window, he confirmed the sky was already bright. The people outside the car saw him wake up and left to return to their own SUV. His companion in the car was also already awake and fiddling with the radio tracker and cell signal blocker as well as a fake cell service signal base.

At ten o'clock sharp, Gu Nianzhi took the luxury vehicle He Zhichu rented to the Königssee. She thanked the driver after getting out of the car and directed him to return to pick her up when she called. The driver assumed Gu Nianzhi was sightseeing and didn't think much about it. He smiled and recommended a few attractions as well as several famous restaurants in the small town of Berchtesgaden. Gu Nianzhi noted them all and gave him a friendly wave before seeing him drive off.

When the driver left, Gu Nianzhi finally looked up at the scenery around the Königssee. She had looked at the photos on her iPad all night and thought she knew the place very well already. But when she got to see it in person, she finally realized the real thing was even more beautiful than the pictures! It was exceptional, because with the rise of photoshop, many photos nowadays didn't reflect the real thing anymore. She didn't think there was still a place where the actual scenery was even more stunning than photos.

Reaching out both hands, she stretched out her arms to take in a satisfying deep breath. Although the air was not an oxygen bar like the Black Forest in Frankfurt, the level of oxygen here seemed no worse. The Königssee before her eyes had water so crystal clear, she could see the swimming fish and pebbles at the bottom of the lake. With light blue water, emerald grass, towering trees with leaves drenched in yellow and red as well as snow-capped mountain peaks, the beautiful scenery was enough to dispel any wayward thoughts.

There were many tourists by the lakeshore, but no one was noisy as it seemed like they were all stunned by the sheer beauty of the scene. Everyone held their breath and busied themselves with taking photos from different angles. Although there was quite a crowd, the lake and mountains still appeared serene and peaceful. Gu Nianzhi walked around the area and saw the bustling crowds and many cars parked nearby. She was secretly thinking about which one Huo Shaoheng had driven there.

In the car, Seth could see Gu Nianzhi's tall, curvy figure in the distance. She wore a dark purple athletic top with matching pants that she often sported when she went out sightseeing. She paired them with white Coach sneakers and a small bucket bag that looked like it was Hermes from the label. She stood slim and graceful under the crooked willow tree by the lakeshore and also wore a pair of Prada Baroque sunglasses. The weather was somewhat mild, and when she cocked her head, something on her ears glimmered brilliantly, making her appear like she was part of a portrait and unbelievably stunning.

Swallowing hard, Seth's throat tightened and felt himself get hard. Just as he was about to open the door to get out, the person in the car behind him had already walked over and said to him, "You wait in the car. We'll bring her over." Seth looked again to see the man was with a woman in a dress. Together they walked towards Gu Nianzhi.

There was an increasing number of tourists, so it was getting crowded in the prime sightseeing location. Of course, it didn't get to the point of people pushing each other, as busy as it got, but it was just more crowded than typical places in Germany. Gu Nianzhi turned around to look at the lake and was wondering which direction Huo Shaoheng would be coming from.

In the silence, in the lake's reflection, she could see a man wearing sunglasses with a woman in a dress hug each other as they walked over. They were obviously a couple. Gu Nianzhi smiled and stepped aside to get out of their way. But the couple kept looking at each other and continued to head in her direction. Unaccustomed to being so close to strangers, Gu Nianzhi also couldn't move aside anymore, or she'd fall into the lake. In her hesitation, she was about to turn away when the man behind her suddenly raised his arm at lightning speed, a cold glimmer of light in his palm as he swiftly stabbed a silver needle into her back.

Pain pricked Gu Nianzhi's back like she had been stung by a wasp. She suddenly understood. She had fallen into a trap! Huo Shaoheng hadn't sent that text message! Also, was Huo Shaoheng really the one who had sent her that scarf? Someone set a trap! There was a mole within the Special Operations Forces! Huo Shao was in danger!

In a split second, Gu Nianzhi had already clearly thought out the entire cause and effect. But she could no longer support herself, and everything went dark before her eyes as she slumped softly to the ground. When she fainted, she didn't worry about her own safety but was more concerned about Huo Shaoheng...

The woman with the man quickly strode over to support Gu Nianzhi's shoulder. Half propping her up and half holding her, she quickly took her towards Seth's car. The man also followed behind them, his eyes scanning around with vigilance. The tourists around them were still enraptured by the beautiful scenery, and most were using their phones to take photos or videos. Several people taking photos with their phones happened to record Gu Nianzhi's situation. Of course, they didn't understand what was happening at the time, so nobody was concerned. Their cameras captured a beautiful, young Hua Xia girl sightseeing by the lake, then a couple walking over. It seemed like they were meeting a friend. The girl was so excited, her knees went weak, and she had to be supported by the female friend as they left.

The pair stuffed the unconscious Gu Nianzhi into Seth's car, and he was so excited he nearly lunged over. They quickly held Seth back to stop him from making a scene. "Hurry up and go! Do you want to get caught here?" The man thought Seth was simply a beast with no human characteristics who was always ready to copulate. Not only was he shameless but also brainless. There were so many people there, and he actually wanted to do that female lawyer right there and then! He was not a typical idiot! The man shoved Seth aside coldly, got into the car, and barked, "Hurry up and drive!"

Seth snickered and also knew he was being too impatient. Quickly starting the car, they sped off. The woman returned to her own car and also started the car to follow Seth. They drove quickly and soon arrived near the Alps. The mountain roads were rugged and narrow, so only one car could travel in each direction. There were also very few people around at that time, so it'd be easy for them to kill Gu Nianzhi and dispose of her body if anything happened. Seth was anxiously excited in the driver's seat. Gripping the steering wheel, he kept turning around to glance at the unconscious Gu Nianzhi, and he asked the man sitting beside him, "That B7 or whatever you injected, it really works?"