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623 Appearing Again

 The lady wearing a pair of Prada minimal baroque eyewear looked at him for a while before raising her hands and clapping softly in the air. With that, the men in black standing around her moved to stand at a further distance away. They turned around and faced the other direction.

Seth was confused. He did not know what the lady wanted. Looking to his stepfather for assurance, he was shocked to realize that his stepfather, who could basically do anything he wanted in Roslau, was extremely respectful towards her.

Who on earth is this lady? Seth was thinking about it when the lady spoke. Her voice was deep, and her German was not exactly accurate. However, her use of the language was correct. It seemed like she put in quite a bit of effort to learn the language. "You're Seth?"

"Yes." Seth nodded and looked at his stepfather again. However, his stepfather still had his head bowed and stood beside the woman respectfully, like a subordinate.

"I heard that you got played around by that female lawyer from the Hua Xia Empire," the woman said, smiling.

Seth finally managed to get a clearer look. Even though the shades covered more than half of her face, this lady was of Asian descent! Just like the girl whom he raped and that female lawyer from the Hua Xia Empire, this lady was of the same race as they were. Seth began to be cautious, as he did not know what she wanted.

"You want revenge?" the lady asked without waiting for Seth to speak.

Seth raised his head sharply and stared at the lady. "You mean it?"

Seth's stepfather nodded along, his voice filled with gloom, "Of course the lady's words are real. Seth, you cannot let that lawyer go."

Seth snorted and said vengefully, "If she lands in my hands, I'll show her who's boss! But..." He changed his mind and continued, "The issue of my escape and revenge... Thanks, Dad, for worrying for me. I will not let that b*tch get away with this!" His swung his fists around, and his voice drifted into the distance.

The woman coughed slightly, covering her mouth with the back of her hand. Her voice was muffled as she said, "Tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning, that lawyer will be waiting for someone alone at the Königssee. We will capture her, and she'll be all yours." With that, the lady opened her hand and revealed something small and white in her palm.

"What's this? Drugs?" You could see the lust in Seth's eyes. He was already thinking about Gu Nianzhi's amazing figure and couldn't help but to gulp a little. It was normal for gangs to use drugs to control women.

"Drugs? Ha, this is way better." The lady closed her hand. "This is H3aB7. Remember this. Someone will bring this and meet you tomorrow." The woman left after she finished talking, leaving York there.

Seth looked at the woman as she was leaving and turned to look at his stepfather. "Dad, is this for real?"

York nodded seriously. "Seth, go to the Königssee tomorrow morning and take that lawyer away. I will not let anyone who goes against us get away with it!"

Seth breathed a sigh of relief after hearing what his stepfather said. He was still skeptical about what the lady had told him just now. It was the first time he had met her, and she wanted him to get rid of the lawyer? Wasn't she a little too trusting? "Why do they want us to get rid of the lawyer?" Seth asked suspiciously. "Did they get sued by her as well?"

York looked at Seth meaningfully. "Their grudge with her goes way deeper than ours. They just need someone to kill her, and we happen to want to get rid of her as well. They've promised me that as long as you're able to kill her, they'll take you to America to get your looks and identity changed so that you can have a brand new life and a legal identity there."

"Really?!" Seth was overjoyed. He had intended to escape to North Africa, as he knew that that country was extremely poor and undeveloped. Only their major cities had decent living conditions. Of course, it was way behind America.

"They're able to do almost anything they want. Their influence isn't something we can imagine. They were the ones who helped you escape this time around as well." York had obviously been paid off by the lady. "Even if they were just boasting, the amount of money they've paid is real."

"Money?" Seth looked at York suspiciously. "How much?"

"A hundred million US dollars to get rid of that lawyer and give you a new identity, on top of bringing you to America." York looked at Seth calmly. "I've already deposited five million euros onto this card."

Seth was over the moon the moment he heard that he could have five million euros to splurge. No matter if the new identity could work, the cash had already been paid up. Moreover, he hated Gu Nianzhi to the bones as well, so the suggestion was totally beneficial to both parties.

He initially suspected the other party was thinking this up as a trap for him to fall into, but realized if that really was the case, then why did she help him escape from prison? Wouldn't she be doing unnecessary things, then? Therefore, he believed that she wanted to use him to kill the female lawyer.

Since his life had been ruined by two girls from the Hua Xia Empire, he was willing to be the one to get rid of Gu Nianzhi. Anyway, they had paid them a handsome amount. How could this not be a deal that benefitted both sides? Seth nodded confidently. "No problem. I'll love the hell out of her tomorrow!"

Nothing but the smooth, milky skin and supple breasts of Gu Nianzhi appeared in his mind. Seth licked his lips that were going dry and chuckled evilly. After he was done assigning the task, York left the place as well.

Seth got into the SUV that he had parked along the road. He was by himself. The car's gas tank was filled to the brim, and there was sufficient food and drink for him to drive down south to Italy. He had intended to flee to North Africa from Italy to hide for a while, but since the lady had promised him that she could get him to America if he could get rid of the lawyer, he wouldn't have to go to Italy anymore. He was off to anywhere but Germany for now. With an evil expression on his face, Seth started the car and drove into the darkness.

After he got on the expressway towards Italy, Seth felt slightly more relieved. He was dying after being locked up for two months. If he was sentenced to a lifetime in jail, he'd rather die.

There weren't many cars at midnight on the expressway-his was the only one. There were occasional 18-ton trucks as well. After driving for a while, Seth felt bored and turned on the radio for some music. Suddenly, he saw an SUV driving up behind him. Then, the SUV sped up and drove in the left lane beside Seth's car. After that, he began closing in on Seth.

Seth was fuming-this guy was forcing him to stop! He stepped on the accelerator and wanted to speed ahead. However, when he sped up, the car beside him followed suit! He was about to tailgate the car in front of him. Taken aback, he stepped on his breaks. The wheels on his car screeched, and his SUV finally began to slow down.

The car on his left began slowing down as well. Seth was furious, but he did not dare to speed up again, driving towards the Königssee for the next two hours according to the traffic rules.

The Königssee was located in Berchtesgaden, on the border between Germany and Austria. It was the most beautiful lake near the Alps. Seth had been there countless times, but he felt that it was the most exciting this time around.

After he arrived at a town near the Königssee, he had no intention of staying at a hotel. He stopped his car in a shaded area near the lake and got out of his seat angrily. The SUV that had been following him stopped as well, right behind him, like it had no intention of hiding.

Seth walked over to the car and knocked on the car's window. "Dude, you did that on purpose, didn't you?"

The window of the car came down slowly. A man in shades looked back at Seth. He opened his palm and revealed a white hypodermic. "You know what this is, don't you? I'm here to help you. Would you have been able to escape from the hospital if it wasn't for us?"

Seth understood. This was the man sent to help him, according to the lady. He looked into the car and saw that there was someone else as well. However, her head was lowered. She was sleeping soundly.

"You're worried that I am unable to handle her on my own?" Seth snorted loudly. "I can strangle that girl with just an arm."

"We're not worried, but we just need to keep a lookout." The man did not get out of his car, but he took out a cigarette and lit it. "No matter what, it's an important mission. The girl is cunning as hell. If she brings someone along, I can help you in the dark." They had come in a pair. Partly, they were there to spy on Seth, but they were also there to prevent Gu Nianzhi escaping.

Seth was shocked. "I thought you guys said that she was going to come alone?!"

"Yes, she should be, but what if she doesn't?" This man was extremely careful. "We don't want to take any risks." They only wanted to see her die using the most cruel and embarrassing method. Those were their boss's instructions. They did not know what feuds their boss, who was a small-sized lady, had with the lawyer, or why she wanted her dead with such cruelty...

This man flicked his cigarette and fell silent.

Seth contemplated for a while and nodded. "I shall go back for a nap. Wake me up when it's time."

The man knew that Seth was a simple minded guy who only used brute force. Therefore, he acknowledged half-heartedly and got lost in his thoughts while looking at the beautiful lake in front of him.

Time passed quickly. Before long, the sun rose, its rays shining through the clouds, reflected beautifully on the surface of the Kögnissee. However, almost immediately, some dark clouds floated over and blocked the sunlight.

The couple in the SUV behind Seth did not sleep. They were staring blankly at the willow tree in front of their car. This was the place where the lawyer would arrive later on.

Seth had only cared about escaping the entire night. He was too nervous in the beginning, so he did not feel tired. However, the moment he arrived at the Kögnissee and stopped his car, tiredness overcame him. He put his seat back and laid down, falling into a deep sleep until someone knocked on his window. "Get up. It's almost ten o'clock!"