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620 Scum with Double Standards

 Gu Nianzhi looked up all the myriad of tiny windows. They were all in rows like a prison. Nodding her head, she followed Smith into the hospital. After displaying their identification at the information desk by the entrance, they asked for Seth's room number.

"Seth is in Room 147 on the third floor." A fat nurse handed the visitor pass to Smith.

Being a rare blonde-haired, blue-eyed, handsome man, Smith winked at the nurse, and she looked like she was about to pass out before happily pointing to the elevator. Gu Nianzhi shook her head with a smile and followed Smith to the stairs. It was on the third floor, so they didn't need to take the elevator. They had just walked up the third-floor hallway when they ran into Seth's parents, York and Ramona.

Smith and Gu Nianzhi stopped, and Ramona lost her temper as soon as she saw them. "What are you doing here?! My son was nearly beaten to death! Are you happy now?! Satisfied?!"

These foreigners sure have unreasonable double standards...

Gu Nianzhi was secretly chiding her as she stood aside quietly to allow Smith to handle the situation. Smith was also a very humorous person who hated nothing more than scum like Seth. He shrugged dramatically and spread his palms. "He didn't die? What a shame..."

Gu Nianzhi snorted, her shoulders shaking. Quickly averting her eyes, she avoided looking at Ramona's angry, frog-like face because she didn't want to embarrass herself by laughing maniacally. Perhaps Smith's blonde hair and blue eyes intimidated Ramona and York from saying anything, but upon seeing Gu Nianzhi holding back her laughter in the back, the couple couldn't stand it anymore.

"Why are you laughing?! You still dare to laugh?! If anything happens to my son... I'll..." Ramona glared furiously at Gu Nianzhi, her massive body practically four times the size of hers. She walked over menacingly and couldn't be ignored.

Gu Nianzhi covered her mouth with the back of her hand to clear her throat and stop the laughter. Looking at the imposing Ramona, her expression was cold, and her clear voice was reminiscent of He Zhichu's.

"What are you going to do? Are you threatening a lawyer? Fine-come at me." Gu Nianzhi lifted her hand and waved her ever-present phone at Ramona. "See this? I've started recording, so every word you say will be used in court as evidence to prove you threatened the lawyers. If anything happens to me, you'll be the first suspect."

Ramona shook angrily, and her normally ruddy face turned purple, as if all her blood was surging to her head. "You... You...!" She reached out to point to at Gu Nianzhi with shaking arms but was frightened by her phone and didn't dare to say another word.

Not far from behind them, several police officers heard the commotion and were looking in their direction. York furrowed his brows and grabbed Ramona's arm to drag her away.

Gu Nianzhi leaned over to glance at the couple through the veil of her sunhat. York happened to turn back at the moment, his lethal glance locking onto Gu Nianzhi like a poisonous snake. Gu Nianzhi squinted and snorted quietly before turning back and heading to the ward with Smith.

When they arrived at Seth's room, Smith displayed his identification and the visitor's pass from the nurse. He spoke elegantly in German. "We are the plaintiff's lawyers, and because the defendant was hospitalized after being beaten, this is a serious matter we must verify." This was legally permitted.

The two police officers guarding the room had no positive impression of Seth, so they opened the door without resistance to allow Smith and Gu Nianzhi inside. Gu Nianzhi followed Smith inside Seth's room. Although the hospital was inside a castle, the wards were built no differently than in other hospitals. White beds, sterile equipment, classic couches, and chairs-it was a highly equipped room. Unfortunately, the patient lying in it was a filthy person inside and out.

Smith stood before Seth's sickbed to assess his condition. Seth had his eyes closed, and both hands were cuffed to the bed. His face was swollen and bruised, with bandages around his forehead. One leg was even in a splint.

Gu Nianzhi walked over slowly to regard Seth's wrapped-up leg, "What's wrong with his leg?"

The nurse coming over to change his dressings replied in broken English, "...Fracture."

"Really?" Gu Nianzhi wanted nothing more than to open the splint to see for herself, but she resisted the urge to make the ridiculous request due to the nurse's vigilant expression. Instead, Gu Nianzhi just clenched her fist and viciously pounded down on Seth's leg hanging from the ceiling.

"Ah-!" Seth screamed horribly, opening his eyes and starting to curse furiously. His eyes were bloodshot, and days without shaving had left his face hairy, like a frightening wild human. Smith quickly shielded Gu Nianzhi behind him.

The nurse walked over to check the splint on Seth's leg to ensure that it was still fine before telling Gu Nianzhi rigidly, "The patient needs rest. Please leave the room."

Gu Nianzhi was worried that Seth was feigning injury to avoid legal punishment, so she deliberately tested the authenticity of his leg injury. She had hit him randomly, and he'd shrieked as if he was being mauled, so it was probably real. Gu Nianzhi didn't believe that someone like Seth-with the brain power of a single-celled paramecium-would be capable of faking it so realistically.

Although she had confirmed Seth's injury, she was displeased to have been scolded like that by the nurse. To Gu Nianzhi, sociopathic scum like Seth had no human rights; she didn't want to treat him like a human, because he didn't see others as human. The pain he'd inflicted on Li Haiqing when he'd murdered her was 1,000 times worse than Gu Nianzhi striking his leg just now!

As expected, Seth was all too happy to torture and murder others, while prodding him slightly would make him cry like a baby. Scum with such double standards deserved to die.

Gu Nianzhi became stubborn and replied coldly to the nurse, "We must question the doctor. Please have the attending physician come here."

The nurse had been very protective of Seth and was insistent about it, but Gu Nianzhi was even more stubborn than her. In the end, the nurse had no choice but to give in. Retreating a few steps, she stuttered, "The-the doctor?"

"Yes." Gu Nianzhi removed her visor now and twirled it in her hand. "Have the doctor come here. Hurry up." Her voice wasn't loud, but it carried a tone of authority.

The nurse slumped her shoulders and dashed out of the room. Soon afterward, a doctor wearing a stethoscope rushed in.

Smith put his hands in his trouser pockets, also displeased by the nurse's earlier attitude. Now that the doctor had arrived, he didn't wait for Gu Nianzhi. He said coldly, "We are the plaintiff's lawyers. According to the law, we must question you. Please answer carefully."