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603 Letting Go to Expose Yourself

 Handling the plaintiff on his own and not wanting a defending lawyer? Seth's heart clenched, and he moved around uncomfortably on his chair. He looked back at his parents, who were sitting in to listen to the court proceedings. His stepfather had a straight face and shook his head slowly at him. Of course, he couldn't allow Seth to defend himself. He knew his stepson well enough to not let him do that.

Gu Nianzhi took note of everything that had happened and smiled to herself. Doesn't look too tough to handle. She understood Seth's character well. From the information she had, he was a biased, selfish man who lost his cool easily. He did not have a high IQ but firmly believed in himself instead of the judgment of others. She wouldn't have set a trap like this if weren't for that. Allowing Seth to expose his flaws in front of all the citizens of Germany, or rather, the whole world.

Therefore, she continued, "Are you asking for help from the Bureau Chief of Roslau, who also happens to be your stepfather? I'll remind you again; no matter what, you can't keep mum forever. Since that's the case, why don't you answer the plaintiff's lawyer's questions?"

Seth was convinced. He was indeed worried that someone would say the wrong thing. Even though his parents had said that his lawyer was really good, what if he said something wrong, too? Seth already had. His mother told him to base his actions on "mental illness," so that it would be easier to get him off the hook, but that stupid, good-for-nothing lawyer ruined it... So much for being "famous." He did not want to have a record. He did not want to be locked in prison his entire life.

Just when Seth was in a dilemma, Gu Nianzhi turned to the judge and said, "According to procedures, it's my turn to question the defendant. Your Honor, please approve."

The judged glared at Gu Nianzhi and almost said, "Not approved!" However, he remembered that there were members of the media in the court. Even though York had said that he had already bribed them, he could not be too obvious. What if they leak information anyway? He just proceeded with the protocol. It wouldn't affect his final judgment, anyway. Nodding, he said, "Defendant, please answer the plaintiff's lawyer's questions."

Upon the command from the judge, Seth had no choice but to walk to the stand and take his seat. Folding her arms, Gu Nianzhi stood confidently in court. Her beautiful face looked like that of the finest white tallow jade, supple and attractive.

Seth looked Gu Nianzhi over and was reminded of the Hua Xia female student he had killed after raping her multiple times. She was slim as well, but wasn't as pretty as this lawyer, and she wasn't as fair, either. Such supple and fair skin... It must feel good touching it... He almost became hard just thinking about it.

Seth's eyes stared fixedly at Gu Nianzhi's chest. Gu Nianzhi's Armani suit was well tailored to her figure. It made her already slim waist look even smaller and accentuated her breasts. Seth's face looked disgusting.

Gu Nianzhi was furious, but she knew that the court hearing was being streamed live, so the more he leered at her, the easier it would be for her to expose him. Therefore, she ignored Seth's stares and began questioning him calmly. "Mr. Seth, may I know where you were on the evening of May 11th a year ago, which was the night that the victim, Li Haiqing, was murdered when she went for a jog, please?"

"I was sleeping in my condominium apartment with my girlfriend, Niya." Seth smiled lecherously and looked at Niya, who was also one of the defendants. Niya lowered her head deeply and hunched down, like she really wanted to disappear in the courtroom. Her shame was evident.

Gu Nianzhi continued her questioning. "Were there any witnesses other than your girlfriend?"

Seth thought for a minute before shaking his head. "Nope."

"What a waste." Gu Nianzhi raised her finger and shook it from left to right. "Your girlfriend is also a defendant in this case. Therefore, using her as your alibi is not valid under the law."

Seth's expression fell. Anger flashed on his initially calm face. "Why is that so?!" Seth asked Gu Nianzhi with his teeth clenched.

"Even though I'm not obliged to answer your question, seeing that you've been defying legal procedures, I shall, just so you can stop being a law-ignorant person." Gu Nianzhi paused and said quickly before the defendant lawyer could utter a word, "Because the chance of her collaborating with you and helping you cover for your mistakes is too high."

The defendant's lawyer was indeed slow. He only called out at that moment, "Objection! The plaintiff's lawyer is derogating my client!"

"Objection approved. Counsel, please watch your words," the judge warned Gu Nianzhi, showing his bias plainly for all to see.

Gu Nianzhi shrugged. "Your Honor, even though I feel that it wasn't derogating when I said that the defendant was a law-ignorant person, I can't do much if you choose to be biased towards him."

"How is this not derogation?!" The defendant's lawyer sneered, waving an arm and showing his anger. Actions like these could easily affect the members of the jury. "It's not the first time! You've said that my client was an idiot, was crazy, and now you're saying that he's a law-ignorant person?!"

"I apologize for saying that he was crazy and was an idiot. However, saying that he's law-ignorant... That's a fact," Gu Nianzhi said a matter of factly and began, "Defending lawyer, have you forgotten about the definition of derogation? I cannot sue you for derogation just because you argue or scold me in the streets."

The defendant's lawyer was speechless. I should be the one suing you! How did it become you suing me?!

Gu Nianzhi turned around and faced the jury. "In order to prove derogation, you'll need three points. First, it has to be scandalous. Second, the plaintiff has to have evidence that he or she was being slandered. Third, publishing. Even if the first two points were proven, you would be unable to support the third point. As long as I did not publish myself saying that your client was being an idiot, derogation can never stand. You wouldn't even be able to open a case.

"As for being law-ignorant, according to the nature of derogation, it has to be a pseudo truth. If it was an objective truth, then even if it harmed your client, you cannot be sued for derogation. Your client is law-ignorant. That is an objective truth. Therefore, if it has harmed you or your client's precious pride, too bad. I'm not taking back my words."

"You're being unreasonable!" The defending lawyer sneered. "We're not even fighting a derogation case. Why would you say so much nonsense?"

"Oh, so you know that we're not fighting a derogation case? Then who was the one who said that I derogated his client?" Gu Nianzhi raised her eyebrows and looked at Seth. "Your client speaks better than you."

This defending lawyer was actually capable, but he had no sense of conscience. Therefore, for cases like these where the plaintiff had all the evidence, and no one else dared to take it, he was the only one who dared to. This was because he felt that he had the backing of Seth's parents, and all he needed to do was just get this over and done with, as the final judgment had already been decided under the table. No one expected that a young lawyer who wasn't afraid of anything would decide to go against them.

The defending lawyer narrowed his eyes. I definitely have got to show her who's boss, he thought. If not, it was okay if he lost his reputation, but it would be a disaster if he lost the case. He would have to deal with Seth's parents if he did.

The judge was outraged by Gu Nianzhi's words and wanted to retort. However, when he thought of the final judgment that he had to make, he controlled himself and looked at the draft of the concluding speech he had to give later instead.

Gu Nianzhi snorted, turned around, and questioned Seth again. "So, on the 11th of May last year, what exactly were you doing with your girlfriend?"

Seth kept quiet and refused to say anything more.

"You can't be silent. If you remain silent, I'll just take it as you do not have any alibi," Gu Nianzhi said calmly. She produced a set of documents and announced to the people in court, "This is Seth's statement when he turned himself in at the police station."

Seth was stunned. Gu Nianzhi took the statement to him. "Is this your signature?"

Seth took a look and nodded. "Yes."

"You said in your statement that you met the victim on the 10th of May and had intercourse with her one day before she died. You did not meet her on the 11th of May, is that correct?"

"Yes. I met her one day before, and we had sex." A strange smile appeared on Seth's face. He looked at Gu Nianzhi, and his fingers trembled.

Gu Nianzhi kept a stern face and took out another document. It was a forensic report. "Mr. Seth, since you say that you met the victim and had intercourse with her one day before, then why did her body and clothes still contain traces of your semen when she died? Even if she did not shower for a day, she would only have traces of your semen in her. Why would the clothes that she wore to jog the next day still be stained with your semen?!"

He had neglected that... Seth's eyes were darting around. "...How... How would I know? Perhaps that was her fetish..." he stammered.

"Fetish my foot! Are you being stupid, or are you treating all of us like idiots?!" Gu Nianzhi felt that this excuse was absolutely ridiculous and an insult to everyone's IQ.

"Objection! The plaintiff's lawyer has once again humiliated my client verbally!" The defending lawyer stood up and glared at Gu Nianzhi.

The judge was expressionless. He turned to Gu Nianzhi and said, "Counsel, please watch your words. It's already the third time."

Chuckling, Gu Nianzhi spread her hands. "Your Honor, I am inferring reasonably. Of course, if you feel that, along with the defending lawyer, it is not allowed to have reasonable inference, then what is the point of us having this debate?"

The judge lowered his head uncomfortably and laughed. "Of course you're allowed to make reasonable inference."

"Then I infer that from his atrocious words that the defendant is treating us like idiots. Is it not allowed? Or do you and the defending lawyer feel that wearing clothes stained with semen to go out the next day is perfectly normal, too?"

The defending lawyer finally shut up along with the judge.

He Zhichu had been translating her words into German. His cold, clear voice was devoid of any emotion, and it was a stark contrast to Gu Nianzhi's strong and passionate debate. At least they had managed to convince the Germans, who were watching the live stream.

Gu Nianzhi produced another set of documents. "The victim, Li Haiqing, went missing on the evening of the 11th of May last year when she went for a jog. Then, her roommate made a police report. Her body was only found two days later, stark naked, in the little forest behind the building the defendant, Seth, was residing at, and her clothes were only found after the police officers dug around in 50 tons of garbage!"