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599 Sue You for Contempt of Cour

 "Who else could it be?" He Zhichu smiled wryly at Gu Nianzhi. "Ok, Father. I have to go now. I still have a case here, and I'll be sure to come see you once it concludes."

Senior Mr. He sighed. "Is it Nianzhi? Aren't you going to bring her home?"

He Zhichu kept quiet, and Senior Mr. He spoke so quietly that Gu Nianzhi didn't overhear it. She also wasn't listening because she was only thinking about how it was actually Professor He's birthday. No wonder he asked her to have cake with him just now; it was his birthday cake. He Zhichu ended the call, and the elevator had arrived at their floor. Gu Nianzhi stepped out of the elevator, and her huge eyes suddenly glittered as she smiled at him. "Professor He, happy birthday!"

He Zhichu was not very affected by her casual but sweet words. "No need to be so polite. Birthdays come along every year, so it's nothing special."

"How is it not special?" Gu Nianzhi felt very guilty. "Professor He, I'll get you a birthday gift." Seeing He Zhichu so alone that no one was spending his birthday with him, Gu Nianzhi's heart softened.

"Ok then, I'll be waiting." He Zhichu didn't pretend to be polite at all, his shimming, sultry eyes flashing quickly. "But this is the... first birthday gift you're getting me. You must make it thoughtful. If it's no good, I won't accept it."

Gu Nianzhi was speechless. How could this be? He was getting a gift but being so picky about it?! Gu Nianzhi couldn't help grumbling to herself, but of course she would never dare to say it out loud. She smiled and spread her palms. "Then what should I do? Professor He has everything from planes in the sky to small needles and thread. What do you lack? If you need something, I couldn't afford it, anyway."

Slap! He Zhichu gently slapped her open palm. "Think about it yourself. Aren't you very smart? If you can't even think of this, then I think your brain is all for show." He then turned back to his suite. Gu Nianzhi was left standing alone in the hallway and wanted to stomp her feet at his straight and noble backside.

That evening, He Zhichu called for a meeting and told them that he just received a call from the prosecutor saying the defense had found a new lawyer, and the trial would resume tomorrow. The four assistants and Gu Nianzhi began preparing for the next day's trial together. They delegated the work so that some were researching the background of the newly hired lawyer, and others went to find the cases he had previously represented.

Gu Nianzhi was in charge of reenacting the case to prepare for all sorts of questioning from the defense. Like on a battlefield, they wielded spears while the defense had shields, so they needed to see who would be the stronger force to either attack or defend. Everyone discussed the case until late at night before going back to their own rooms to sleep.

Early the next morning, the six of them took the business car to the Munich District Court for the trial. This time, their courtroom was different from the previous one. The seats in the last one were like those from a middle school classroom, while these were thick, heavy black benches arranged in long rows on either side of the room that gave an air of oppression.

Gu Nianzhi walked inside and couldn't help breathing more quietly when she saw the black chairs. People sat down on either the defendant or plaintiff's side, and the judge entered on time soon after to announce that court was in session. The prosecutor began debating with the defense about the ages of the defendants. The man and woman had big, ruddy faces and stood as tall as brick walls. They appeared closer to 30 or 40, rather than recently turning 22 as the defense claimed. However, there were no issues with the defendants' birth certificates, and when the case occurred, it was true they were both only 21. According to German law, the difference between 21 and 22 was definitive leap. German criminal law stipulated that suspects between the ages of 18 and 21 were sentenced according to youth justice laws if they had not reached the maturity of adults, so today's topic was whether or not the two suspects had reached adult maturity.

Gu Nianzhi was very angry. It was obvious these two scumbags were adults, and they had even committed the adult crimes of rape and murder. She didn't understand what the point of contention was, but the defense lawyer obviously didn't think that way. As long as he could safely designate his clients as underage, then their sentencing would become much lighter. There was no death penalty for underage offenders in Germany, and the heaviest sentence was only 15 years in prison with two years release on parole. According to the male suspect's family background, he probably would take a leisurely stroll around jail and then be released. Gu Nianzhi was deeply dissatisfied and balled her hands into fits. She sat on the long bench behind the plaintiff's bench, her tiny face scrunched up.

The defense lawyer kept drawling on. "The newest scientific research proves that adult maturity is not merely determined using age or appearance. Just like the case of transgender people, the gender recognized by the individual themselves is their true gender! You can't only look at a person appearing as a woman possessing female characteristics and say she is a woman. Perhaps in her heart, she may consider herself a man. So you must respect her choice and call her a man..."

Gu Nianzhi's teeth nearly cracked from her gritting them. Where did this weirdo lawyer come from?! He was challenging their common sense and righteousness! Not only did Gu Nianzhi express her indignation, but even the Germans present at trial were continuously snorting. If it weren't for the solemnity of the court, she guessed there would even have been people crying out...

However, the defense lawyer completely ignored everyone else's reactions, because he only cared about the judge. "Your Honor, my clients weren't yet 22 and were only 21 when the case occurred. Also, their mentality proves that they have not yet reached adult maturity. I urge Your Honor to bring this case back to Juvenile Court for review."

"Objection." The prosecutor immediately raised his right hand. "The defense lawyer's claims of judging maturity levels are too subjective. This is not something the world of law can define. As for whether or not the defendants have reached adult maturity, we can look at the maturity of their bodies and teeth." The prosecutor spoke as he presented a medical report to the court. "This is a medical examination performed by a medical professional. From their physiological states, they are completely mature."

"Objection!" The defense lawyer saw things were going badly and immediately jumped up. "I already said that merely looking at bodies and appearances isn't enough to determine true maturity." He cited journals and even new theories from Harvard University's neuroscientists, angering the prosecutor so much he was stunned silent!

What nonsense! Gu Nianzhi couldn't stand listening to it anymore. Psychological maturity, as if! You think the world revolves around you?! Why don't you defend yourself by saying that you were afflicted with acute anger issues the moment you killed someone?! Gu Nianzhi swallowed her anger and stood up after obtaining He Zhichu's permission. As one of the lawyers hired by the plaintiff's parents, Gu Nianzhi was qualified to support the prosecutor against the defense. "Your Honor, the latest research results from Harvard University cannot be used to determine whether or not the defendant is truly mature." Gu Nianzhi thought the defense lawyer was just being sly and kept changing concepts to brainwash everyone, so she didn't fall for his tricks or get so angry she couldn't speak.

The defense lawyer began to shriek, "Harvard University is the best university in the world, and their neuroscience department is also one of the top of its kind in the world. How dare you say it can't be used as a standard?" He was a bit wary of Gu Nianzhi, since this little girl only had to appear once to send the the previous defense lawyer packing his bags, in danger of even losing his lawyer's license. This new lawyer had fully prepared, but unfortunately, he had almost no information about Gu Nianzhi at all. He had no way of finding any information to analyze Gu Nianzhi's style of debate in court.

Gu Nianzhi walked out from the auditorium behind the plaintiff's stand and walked before the defense lawyer to answer crisply, "American public schools also allow transgender students to choose whether they want to use men's or women's bathrooms. May I ask if that is allowed in German public schools?"

The defense lawyer pursed his lips tightly and refused to answer Gu Nianzhi's question. This question was obviously a trap, and he would be falling into it as soon as he answered it. His previous defense would also be completely wiped out.

"Please answer me." Gu Nianzhi waited a moment and began to urge him when he still refused to speak. "Your Honor, the defense lawyer still refuses to speak. Should we change the defense lawyer once again?" Gu Nianzhi could only ask the judge for help. Defense lawyers were not allowed to stay silent when questioned by the plaintiff's lawyer. While the defendant had a right to remain silent, it wasn't the case for the defense lawyer.

The new defense lawyer could tell Gu Nianzhi was using the same trick and couldn't help smirking. "What? Are you going to sue me for racism, too?"

"No, I won't sue you for racism." Gu Nianzhi raised her brow. "I'll sue you for contempt of court."

The defense lawyer was flabbergasted as he stared at Gu Nianzhi. Mouth gaping, he finally huffed, "What are you trying to say?"

"I'm asking you a question, please answer it. Will German public schools recognize American public school regulations for transgender students?"

The judge finally spoke. "Defense lawyer, please answer the plaintiff's lawyer's question."

The defense lawyer slumped and considered it for a long time before finally replying, "No." But he then immediately said, "But that isn't the same as Harvard University's standards for measuring maturity."

"It's indeed not the same. Sir, I think your defense must have been prepared in a big hurry. Did you just find this argument recently?" Gu Nianzhi shrugged. "Actually, why did you have to trouble yourself with that, anyway? A difficult science like neurological medicine isn't suitable for you, and it's even less suitable for your client. He looks mentally retarded and neurotic."