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593 The Aura of a Lawyer

 Yin Shixiong was relieved knowing that Gu Nianzhi was going with He Zhichu to Germany for the lawsuit. Since the incident in Barbados, Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze had completely changed their opinion of He Zhichu and believed he would never hurt her in any way. He smiled. "Ok, make sure to learn from Professor He properly so our Nianzhi can be a real lawyer in the future!" He then reminded her, "There are many fun places in Germany. Once you get there, make sure to walk around a bit during your free time. It can be a paid vacation."

Gu Nianzhi wasn't expecting Yin Shixiong to agree to easily and even encourage her to take the opportunity to play. Didn't that mean Yin Shixiong was deliberately allowing her to be with Huo Shao? Gu Nianzhi couldn't help getting even more excited. Her jaw dropped, and she wanted to ask about Huo Shaoheng sending her the silk scarves, but before she could even mention Huo Shao's name, Yin Shixiong had already interrupted her. "Nianzhi, you know we have our military discipline."

Huo Shaoheng's current whereabouts were top secret, and Yin Shixiong didn't want anyone to poke around the truth, even if it was Gu Nianzhi. Now that Huo Shaoheng was in the middle of a critical and very dangerous situation, even Yin Shixiong and his men, who were in the loop, didn't even know who had betrayed him. This person was clearly right by their side and most likely had some extraordinary background. Gu Nianzhi saw that Yin Shixiong completely refused to continue the conversation. She read his mind and understood that no one could know about it.

After speaking with Yin Shixiong, she then called Zhao Liangze and told him the same thing. Zhao Liangze had the same reaction as Yin Shixiong and asked her to learn properly from He Zhichu, then take some time to travel. Actually, Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze were just speaking logically and didn't think that Gu Nianzhi had a preconceived notion, somehow assuming everything they said was hinting at what she wanted. As a result, she looked forward to her trip to Germany even more.

When she boarded the airplane three days later, not only did Ma Qiqi especially take the time to see her off, but Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze also came. "Professor He, thank you for taking care of Nianzhi." Yin Shixiong shook He Zhichu's hand politely. "She's young and not sensible. If she offends you in any way, please do bear with her."

"Yes, Nianzhi is very mature, and you won't have to worry." Aside from bringing Gu Nianzhi, He Zhichu also had four American lawyers as assistants, and they would be flying out from the US. He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi would be flying from the Hua Xia Empire to meet them in Germany.

He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi waved goodbye to Yin Shixiong, Zhao Liangze, and Ma Qiqi before going through security. Yin Shixiong saw that Gu Nianzhi and He Zhichu had disappeared, so he said to Ma Qiqi, "Qiqi, do you need us to drive you back?"

Ma Qiqi had hailed a cab but quickly replied, "Ok, thank you, Mr. Yin."

Zhao Liangze snickered. "Just call him 'Big Xiong.''Mr. Yin' sounds so weird when you say it all the time."

Ma Qiqi blushed at Zhao Liangze's words and didn't even react before Yin Shixiong smacked him upside the head. Yin Shixiong said to Ma Qiqi, "Don't listen to his babbling. You're Nianzhi's classmate, so you can call me 'Brother Xiong' like she does."

"Hmph! Who wants to call you 'Brother Xiong?!'" Zhao Liangze refused to back down. "Qiqi, call him 'Big Xiong!'"

Ma Qiqi smirked and called him, "Brother Xiong."

"Ha! Qiqi is obedient. Let's go. Brother Xiong will take you back to campus." Yin Shixiong patted her shoulder happily and took her to the parking lot.


Gu Nianzhi and He Zhichu took a longhaul flight to Munich. The American law firm had already booked four suites for them at the Hilton Hotel in Munich. He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi each had their own suite, while the four lawyers shared two suites between them. Gu Nianzhi's suite was next to He Zhichu's and as expected, it was smaller and less grand than He Zhichu's. However, it was a standard suite in a five-star hotel and was very nice for her to stay in alone.

After arriving, they had only rested for a few hours when the sun had already risen, and it was time to attend the trial. Gu Nianzhi quickly showered and changed into a women's Armani slim-cut suit that He Zhichi had packed for her. The slim trousers made her legs appear as straight and long as a supermodel's. Her long hair was arranged into a bun at the back of her head, revealing her luminous, fair forehead, and highlighting her large, dark eyes that resembled two shiny grapes. She appeared sweet and alluring to everyone who saw her. Coming out of the hotel room with her briefcase and laptop, she saw that He Zhichu was already waiting at the door. He also wore an Armani suit that matched Gu Nianzhi's like they were a couple.

Gu Nianzhi was speechless. He Zhichu seemed to understand what she was thinking and remarked coolly, "This is the uniform of our firm, and as an employee of the firm, the secretary also ordered two suits for you."

Gu Nianzhi's mind was put at ease, and she nodded. "Thank you, Professor He." She then glanced at the other four lawyer assistants. They were all wearing Armani suits, so she felt relieved. She followed He Zhichu to elevator and smiled. "No wonder everyone wants to work at the big law firms. Even the court uniforms are from world-renowned brands. Just for that alone everyone works hard to become full time employees!"

He Zhichu remained quiet, but a subtle smile appeared on his face. However, he had already resumed his normal expression when Gu Nianzhi looked back. He replied calmly, "Eat lots later. The first day in court is always nerve wracking, so don't go hungry."

"Yes, Professor He, don't worry. I'll make sure to eat lots!" Gu Nianzhi ended up eating too much because the breakfast buffet was too delicious. The plump Bavarian weisswurst sausages were filled with ground beef mixed with smoked pork, green onion, ginger, lemon, celery, onion, nutmeg, and cardamom as seasonings. They were boiled in the morning and dipped in mustard when eaten. Gu Nianzhi loved the texture of Bavarian weisswurst sausages, so she ate three in one breath.

Finally, He Zhichu couldn't stand it anymore, and she only stopped when he prevented her from having more. Gu Nianzhi looked longingly at the last Bavarian weisswurst that ended up in He Zhichu's stomach. She secretly thought about how if Huo Shaoheng were there, he wouldn't stop her from eating, but he would make her run a ten kilometer cross-country run after she ate to her heart's content... She was in a bit of a daze and turned a cup of hazelnut coffee in her hand without drinking it.

"You don't like the hazelnut coffee?" He Zhichu raised a brow. "Want a cappuccino instead?"

"...No thanks." Gu Nianzhi snapped out of her daze and quickly sipped it, gushing, "This coffee is special. I can actually taste the hazelnut."

"This is hand-milled hazelnut coffee. You think it's artificially flavored instant coffee?" He Zhichu rolled his eyes at her. "Ask if you don't understand something. Don't embarrass me."

"Yes, yes, yes, Lord He is correct!" Gu Nianzhi was happy to be the "yes man" by He Zhichu's side.

He couldn't help laughing and reached out to stroke her head. "Naughty."

Gu Nianzhi said, "Professor He, I'm your assistant. You're not respecting me by doing that, and it's hard for others to respect me, too." Gu Nianzhi spread her hands. She had always wanted to fight back against the high-ranking German police and officials guilty of malpractice. She did not want to be treated like a child.

"I understand. Is this ok, Lawyer Gu?" He Zhichu appeared serious and looked straight at her.

Gu Nianzhi nodded with a smile. "That sounds about right. Professor He, today is the first day of trials. Will it take a long time?"

"Typically not, but it also depends on how the trial goes." As they spoke, the other four assistants also finished eating, and they all went to the hotel's entrance. He Zhichu's luxury business vehicle was already awaiting them at the hotel's entrance. They didn't know Munich at all and weren't there to drive around and travel, so they didn't have the time to look for addresses. For the sake of convenience, He Zhichu decided to find a rental company and hire a luxury business car with a driver always on call to service them for the duration of their stay. He Zhichu took Gu Nianzhi and the four other assistants to the car and said, "Go to the Munich District Court."

The driver was a middle-aged white man and had a standard Germanic face. His English carried a bit of a German accent, and he spat out words like a machine gun. He didn't stop chatting and loved to converse, so Gu Nianzhi had to smile the entire ride to the court. When they got out of the car, she noticed her cheeks were already sore from all the smiling. She reached out to massage her cheeks. He Zhichu stood coolly at her side, unconsciously emanating the aura of a lawyer. The marshals at the court's entrance saluted him solemnly. Gu Nianzhi also grew stony faced and straightened her sleeves before following He Zhichu along with the other four assistants inside the court.

This was the first time she had experienced a German court. Compared to the courts in the Hua Xia Empire and the United States, the Munich District Court appeared very plain. It was a square room with two rows of simple desks on both sides. It resembled desks in a classroom in the Hua Xia Imperial middle schools. One side was for the defendant, and the other was for the side representing the plaintiff.

He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi finally met the parents of the victimized Hua Xia female exchange student, Li Haiqing. They were a very normal middle-aged couple, and it was obvious that they weren't very well off. Their clothes must have been recently tailored before they went abroad because they looked uncomfortable. Their faces were wrinkled with anguish, and the mother's eyes were swollen, so she must've cried for a long time.

Gu Nianzhi was stunned. She knew very well how extremely difficult it was for a normal family like that to support a child studying abroad. When she was in her undergraduate studies at C University, there was a classmate from a common background wanting to study in America. His family had pinched money to save enough for a year's tuition, while he had to work to cover his living expenses and future tuition. The classmate often worked long hours at his part-time job. It was very difficult, so he appeared much more haggard than the other classmates.

Although German universities were free, living expenses were no small sum. Also, the new generation of young people in the Hua Xia Empire were often only children and with the couple's age, it was very unlikely they would have another child. In other words, their daughter had been their only child and only hope, but she had been completely destroyed by the two German scum!