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590 Very Entitled

 Although asking for Huo Shaoheng's contact method from the Huaxia Empire was a very roundabout process, Tan Guiren had no choice. She was only thinking that since her parents had asked Huo Shaoheng to help her on a domestic level, shouldn't they should have his contact information? But she was feeling abashed and didn't know how to explain it to her parents. Since Huo Shaoheng had given her such an important task, she didn't want to botch it.

After thinking about it all night without sleeping, Tan Guiren developed dark circles under her eyes. She finally had no choice but to call her parents back home.

"Mom, it's me," she said.

Tan Guiren had been rescued nearly a month ago but didn't want to go back. Although her parents were anxious, they hadn't forced her and had only assigned more security to protect her. Since her identity was known to the American police, they had also increased patrols on her street, and she was much safer than before.

Tan Guiren's mother, Cai Songyin, was nervous as soon as she received her daughter's call. "Guiren, are you ok? Listen to me. Come back soon. You're worrying us."

"Mom, I'm ok." Tan Guiren comforted Cai Songyi quietly for a long time before asking, "Mom, do you have that Major General Huo's contact information?"

"Major General Huo?" Cai Songyin stiffened, then remembered that he was the military Major General they had asked for assistance from. She quickly replied, "What is it? You want to speak with him?"

"Yeah. I need to talk to him about something, but I can't get a hold of him," Tan Guiren said hesitantly. "Can you ask his friends and family back home, or colleagues and superiors, if there is a way to contact him?"

Fewer than a dozen people in the Huaxia Empire knew the truth about Huo Shaoheng being stranded. Even Tan Guiren thought he was fine and only continuing his mission.

"Oh? Is that so? Is this urgent?" Cia Songying was worried about her daughter being in danger again. "How about you come back first? I'm really worried about you. Your grandparents all really miss you."

"Mom, let me rest for a few more days," Tan Guiren said gently. "It's much safer here now. Things are a mess back home, and I don't want to be chased down by the media all day."

Even though she was hiding in America, the domestic media was relentless about pursuing her and even tried calling her all the time for interviews in order to get firsthand information. That was, until there was a domestic ban on all reports about Tan Guiren, so she could relax. But the ban would probably be lifted as soon as she went home.

"Don't worry. Your dad is busy with the election right now, and there is a lot of security at home. The media won't be coming here." Cai Songying tried to convince Tan Guiren for a while, but she only relented in saying that she would consider it. At least she wasn't rejecting it outright like before.

"Mom, can you help me find a way to contact Major General Huo?" Tan Guiren switched her hand holding the phone. "How did you get him to rescue me in the first place? Can't we find that person again?"

"It was a friend who recommended him to us in the beginning, and they said that your safety would only be guaranteed if he went. They weren't wrong. only Major General Huo could save you from such a dangerous situation."

Tan Guiren's face flushed at her mother's words. Rubbing her earlobes, she whispered, "Then can you ask your friend how to contact Major General Huo?"

Cai Songyin was growing suspicious at the way her daughter repeatedly asked for Huo Shaoheng's information. She nodded with a smile. "Ok, no problem. My friend doesn't have his contact information but only knew how amazing he is. We still have to contact the military to get Major General Huo's information."

Ending the call, Cia Songying contemplated some more before directly calling General Ji.

General Ji's personal secretary received her call and knew it was Tan Dongbang's wife, so he quickly asked General Ji if he wanted to take it. General Ji happened to finish a meeting and was reading some information, so he replied, "Connect me to her."

The personal secretary forwarded Cai Songyin's call over.

"General Ji? Sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask if you have Major General Huo's contact information," Cai Songyin said politely. "My daughter had something to ask him."

General Ji was stunned speechless. Was this family in over their heads? How very entitled they were!

"General Ji? Are you still listening?" Cai Songyin waiting for a long moment but didn't hear General Ji give a reply, so she thought the phone malfunctioned and began tapping it.

General Ji finally grunted and replied coldly, "Sorry. Shaoheng is not here. You can talk to him when he returns."

"But my daughter has something urgent to ask him. You also know that my daughter is alone abroad. If something happens to her-"

Cai Songyin hadn't finished before General Ji raised his voice and said, "Is it our fault your daughter is alone abroad? Why don't you people bring her back home?!"

Cai Songyin flushed dark red and quickly replied, "My daughter is coming home very soon, but she really needs help right now. She needs to talk to Major General Huo."

General Ji was sick of bantering with her and said cooly, "Talk to the consulate if you have a problem. Shaoheng has business and isn't available at your beck and call." He hung up.

Cai Songyin stared at her phone, unable to believe her ears. How rude was General Ji! She went to her husband Tan Dongbang in a huff and complained endlessly about General Ji before mentioning Tan Guiren's request. She said quietly, "Our daughter has always been haughty and too good to consider anyone. It seems like this time is different, somehow. She's interested..."

Thankfully, Tan Dongbang still had a clear head and replied angrily, "Stop messing things up. Do you know what the situation is right now-for you to speak to General Ji like that? Major General Huo has a special identity, and you still tried asking for contact information! Do you want to ruin my career?"

Cai Songyin flushed once again but refused to back down. "What did I even do? I only asked for his contact information! He can just say no. Why make it sound so horrible?"

"It's not me saying horrible things, it's what you said that's horrible." Tan Dongbang shook his head. "Carefully think about your tone with General Ji. Was it disrespectful? Truthfully. I hadn't even been elected as Prime Minister, and you already dare to speak with General Ji like that! How far will you go when I really get elected?"

"I..." Cai Songyin recalled her earlier attitude and saw that she had acted quite entitled. Feeling a bit guilty, she muttered, "I was only doing it for our daughter. She suffered through that, and it was our fault. Now that she is interested in Major General Huo, shouldn't we help her as her parents? I recall that Major General Huo isn't married and doesn't have a girlfriend, right?"

Tan Dongbang frowned. "How can she be interested in Major General Huo? They only met for a few days. They haven't been together every day. Aren't you overthinking this?"

"I'm her mother! I can tell what she's thinking from a single thing she says! How am I overthinking things?!" Cai Songyin was desperate. "Fine, fine. I'll tell Guiren that we can't get Major General's contact information for the time being. I'll ask what's the matter and see if we can help her."