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 "What do you mean, 'your family, my family?' Don't you feel ashamed?" Gu Yanran couldn't help laughing at Gu Nianzhi's "greedy" expression. She reached out to tap her delicate little nose. "See, now you're a girl growing away from the family. You're already moving all the money to your husband's family. What will we do in the future?"

"How can I be a girl growing away from the family?" Gu Nianzhi had a quizzical expression and spread her palms. "Sis, didn't you say that I can't spend other people's money? Then it should be ok to spend my own. I haven't even married. How do I have a husband's family and my own family?" The logic was a circle, so Gu Yanran had no idea how to answer.

Ye Xuan snorted with his arms crossed. "All you ever do is bug your sister."

"Aren't you sick of it?" Gu Nianzhi was finally angered by Ye Xuan's snide attitude and shot back, "Don't forget, you're not a Gu, so how does our family business have anything to do with you? Why are you concerned with how my sister and I spend money? My dad sponsored your education, he didn't hire a saint to judge our Gu family!"

Ye Xuan was even more angry but couldn't refute the logic behind every one of Gu Nianzhi's words. He could only sneer. "Well can't I step in to correct injustice? Mr. Gu sponsored me, so I can't allow you to treat your sister that way."

"Who are you to my sister? Why do you care how I treat her?" Gu Nianzhi refused to back down. She walked to her car and yanked the door open without looking back. "I'm having dinner with my sister today. Unrelated people should not invite themselves."

"Who did you call an unrelated person?" Ye Xuan lunged over to block Gu Nianzhi from shutting the door. "Speak clearly! You disappeared for a whole seven years, and Yanran had to support the entire family! Do you know how much she suffered? Do you know how exhausted she was? How can you treat her like this?"

Gu Nianzhi rolled her eyes internally but glared at Ye Xuan coldly and barked at him in a quiet voice, "Let go!" Her eyes were lethal, dark, and shimmering with danger. Ye Xuan stiffened. "I really don't know what kind of education you got in the States." Gu Nianzhi pouted. "I see that you have a limited IQ. You think correcting injustice is what you're doing right now? I was the one who went missing for seven years, but Sis is the one who suffered? How did she suffer? Did she not have clothes and food, or was she homeless? No, right? The Gu's are richer than the Barbados government, and my sister is the only person in control of the fortune. You tell me, how did she have a hard life? If that's the case, then shouldn't other people just kill themselves?!"

"What do you know?" Ye Xuan snorted. "You only know about money..."

"Haha, you and Sis were the ones bringing up money all along." Gu Nianzhi sneered. "I'm just driving a car, and one of you wants me to return it while the other forbids me to buy it with my own money..."

"Your own money? You..." Ye Xuan almost couldn't hold back from finishing his sentence.

"Ye Xuan! This is between me and my sister! Don't get involved!" Gu Yanran suddenly shouted at him, forbidding him from continuing.

He slammed the door with a large bang and went back to his side of the Bentley. "Are we still going to the supermarket?"

"No, let's order food from a restaurant." Gu Yanran watched Gu Nianzhi speed away, her eyes dim as she sat back down in the car.

Ye Xuan sat in the front driver's seat and peered at Gu Yanran's expression from time to time. She appeared completely exhausted and shocked, which greatly concerned Ye Xuan. "Yanran, what is it? Don't take Gu Nianzhi's words to heart. She's always been ungrateful. Did you forget how she almost got you drowned in the swimming pool when we were little?" Ye Xuan comforted Gu Yanran. "There's fate between people, and even though you tried so hard to look for her these seven years, she doesn't care at all."

"Ye Xuan, I can't allow you to speak about her like that. She's still my sister no matter what and a Gu. I'll educate her properly." Gu Yanran didn't seem to want to talk about it anymore. Propping her head up with one hand, she leaned against the window and looked at the scenery outside in silence. It was the middle of summer, so the weather was hot, and the setting sun was scorching enough to soften the asphalt roads. There was air conditioning in the car to block out the powerful heat and provide a pleasant chill for the people inside.

As Ye Xuan drove, he could see Gu Nianzhi's flashy red Ferrari darting between traffic. She was very fast and continued to cut people off and switch lanes, so he was beginning to despise her more and more. He frowned. "Although Gu Nianzhi wasn't likeable before, she was never this repulsive. What happened to her all these years?"

"What else? Good luck, I suppose..." The corners of Gu Yanran's lips lifted into a smile, her voice growing quieter. "...She's always had good luck..."

"What did you say?" Ye Xuan didn't hear her clearly from the front of the car.

"Nothing, I said Nianzhi is very good." Gu Nianzhi nodded with a smile. "Focus on driving, I'll order the food." She unlocked her phone to find a three Michelin star restaurant to order a seafood feast to be delivered to her apartment.

Gu Nianzhi arrived at the apartment parking lot first. She carried several bags to her unit and had just finished putting everything away when Gu Yanran called. "Nianzhi, come upstairs for dinner."

Gu Nianzhi answered, "I'll be up right away. Is Ye Xuan still there?"

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"He is." Gu Yanran laughed cheerfully. "Nianzhi, Ye Xuan grew up with us and was your childhood friend. Don't be too harsh on him. He isn't a bad person and is loyal to our family. Please, for my sake, let's have a nice dinner together tonight?"

Gu Nianzhi was very repulsed by the term "childhood friend." She carried her phone and keys to the door and replied unhappily, "Sis, you can't just say anyone is a childhood friend. He's yours but not mine. Don't get it wrong."

Gu Yanran giggled quietly. "Nianzhi, looks like you forgot it all. You used to like Ye Xuan a lot back at home..."

"Stop!" Gu Nianzhi couldn't help rolling her eyes. "Sis, I already said I don't remember the past, especially what happened when I was little. Can you stop talking about such ridiculous things?"

"How is it ridiculous?" Gu Yanran leaned against the window and spoke to Gu Nianzhi gently with the utmost patience. Ye Xuan went downstairs to pick up the food, so he wasn't in the apartment. She looked around at the cozy decorations with a soft sigh. "Ok, Nianzhi. You don't like to hear about the past, so I won't mention it again. I know you have someone else in your heart now, and I don't blame you, but people ought to not forget where they came from."

Gu Naiznhi also sighed and urged her kindly, "Sis, I really will have to think that you recognized the wrong person if you keep acting this way. Are you actually not my sister?"

"Oh? Why do you say that?" Gu Yanran was obviously shocked by Gu Nianzhi's comment. "What did I say wrong?"

"Of course you're wrong. I was only 12 when I disappeared seven years ago. Sis, how can you I say I had a change of heart?! Are you telling me I was dating before I was even 12?"