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546 Concern

 He Zhichu snorted again before returning to his seat. His expression was as cold as ice, and it didn't appear he had any appetite. Gu Nianzhi didn't even dare to look up at He Zhichu but sat next to Huo Shaoheng and quietly took the bowl and chopsticks before looking at the dishes served on the table. He Zhichu had ordered all of Gu Nianzhi's favorite home cooked dishes such as lotus root and sparerib soup, pearl dumplings, eggs fried with chilies, wild rice, meat stir-fried with chilies, and sour potato strips. Some dishes were a bright green, while others were an eye-catching soft yellow and crisp white.

Gu Nianzhi's eyes fell on the lotus root and sparerib soup. It was Huo Shaoheng who had taught her the habit of having soup before every meal, and He Zhichu also had the same habit. However, he had no appetite right now and only watched Gu Nianzhi quietly. Huo Shaoheng picked up the ladle to serve Gu Nianzhi a bowl of lotus root and sparerib soup. She sipped it daintily as she watched He Zhichu, then looked at Huo Shaoheng to ask with hesitation, "Professor He, aren't you eating?"

Huo Shaoheng picked up his own bowl when he heard her. He served himself a large bowl of rice and ate it with the eggs fried with chilies, wild rice, and meat stir-fried with chilies. He Zhichu ordered a bottle of red wine and poured a glass for himself. Huo Shaoheng set down his bowl and also filled his own glass before raising it to He Zhichu. "I didn't even get to properly thank Professor He for your help in Barbados last time. Unfortunately, I'm going abroad right away and don't have time to treat you. When I come back, Nianzhi and I will make sure to treat Professor He to dinner and you must attend."

Gu Nianzhi also set down her spoon at his words and looked at He Zhichu with a nod. "Professor He, you must come."

He Zhichu cast his eyes down at the glass of red wine in his hand and raised it to swirl. Placing it by his lips for a sip, he didn't look up before replying, "We'll see." He then thought about it and said to Gu Nianzhi, "Nianzhi, you're my teaching assistant. Did you finish planning my schedule for the next month? You know better than me if I have any spare time."

As his teaching assistant, Gu Nianzhi certainly had to help He Zhichu organize his daily schedule. She knew exactly what he was doing, who he was meeting, what lectures he was holding, and what classes he was teaching. She had to plan at least two months at a time. Gu Nianzhi had a great memory and thought about it right away. "Professor He has a bit more free time this month, but next month will be busier. I will check Professor He's scheduled to confirm a time to treat you to dinner."

"Yeah." Professor He answered but didn't speak again. He sat quietly drinking red wine alone and quickly finished a full bottle. Gu Nianzhi typically grew full from soup, but because she especially exerted herself physically today, she ate two more bowls of rice after finishing the soup.

Neither He Zhichu nor Huo Shaoheng spoke. Gu Nianzhi looked up quietly to meet both men's eyes that were dissimilar shapes but were giving her the same sharp look. "Hey, why are you guys looking at me like that?" Gu Nianzhi set down her bowl and chopsticks. "Can't you let me eat my food in peace?" They were like two cheetahs eyeing prey. Their stares were way too aggressive, and Gu Nainzhi found herself unable take it...

There wasn't much food left after they finally finished dinner, so there was no need to take it home. He Zhichu didn't eat anything in the end, and when Huo Shaoheng went up to pay, he was informed He Zhichu had paid the bill a long time ago. Huo Shaoheng stayed quiet and returned to the private room to see Gu Nianzhi chatting with He Zhichu.

He Zhichu drank on an empty stomach, so he was already a bit drunk. However, he didn't blurt things out or do strange things like most drunks. His eyes were especially bright when he got drunk, so his shimmering, sultry eyes increased in allure. If he were to flirt with girls right now, he could woo whoever he wished--except for Gu Nianzhi... Seeing him like this, Gu Nianzhi asked Huo Shaoheng with concern, "Huo Shao, let's take Professor He home? It doesn't look like he can drive."

"Yeah." Huo Shaoheng agreed without protest and flanked He Zhichu with Gu Nianzhi to help him out of the restaurant.

Although He Zhichu could still control himself inside the restaurant, he lost all inhibition as soon as he stepped out of the Hubei cuisine restaurant. He stood alone on the steps and refused to come down. All he did was smile at Gu Nianzhi and not say anything. Gu Nianzhi started sweating nervously but managed to finally stuff him into Huo Shaoheng's car to drive back to the professor's building in B University.

He Zhichu's suite was on the 28th floor. The three of them rode the elevator directly to the 28th floor and finally arrived at the entrance of He Zhichu's suite. "Professor He, please open the door." Gu Nianzhi pointed to the keyhole. The suites there could either be unlocked using password and key, or fingerprint. Gu Nianzhi thought He Zhichi would have a key on him for sure but didn't expect to only have him smile at her quietly even after she asked several times. He wouldn't tell her how to open the door. Gu Nianzhi finally couldn't take it anymore and pressed He Zhichu's hand on the fingerprint lock to get scanned. With a loud click, the door opened from their fumbling around. Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi helped He Zhichu into the room and put him on the sofa so he could lay down. Gu Nianzhi even brought He Zhichu a tub of warm water so he could wipe himself.

"That's good, Nianzhi. It's ok, we can leave now." Huo Shaoheng thought it was about time and mentioned taking Gu Nianzhi back.

Gu Nianzhi set a towel by the edge of the tub and asked He Zhichu, "Professor He, make sure to eat some real food when you get hungry. A glass of red wine is nothing." Huo Shaoheng had already walked out before Gu Nianzhi followed behind him. As soon as she got into Huo Shaoheng's car, she began chattering away. "Huo Shao, do you think Professor He will be ok? Do you think Professor He has a housekeeper? Do you think Professor He damaged his liver by drinking on an empty stomach?"

Huo Shaoheng glanced at her before replying coolly, "How about I take you back to care for Professor He if you're so worried?"

Gu Nianzhi let go of Huo Shaoheng's hand with a sheepish smile. "I was just saying. What is Huo Shao getting upset for?" She had said and done many stupid things in the past, but Huo Shao never minded and certainly never scolded her in public before. Now he was actually being sarcastic to her... Gu Nianzhi wasn't accustomed to Huo Shao acting that way. Their car turned onto a tree-lined path leading to the south entrance. Gu Nianzhi blinked. "Where are we going?"

"To the apartment." Huo Shaoheng slammed on the accelerator and the speed gradually increased as they came out of B University's south entrance. The high-quality sportscar purred loudly as it sped forward. Unfortunately, they were on the Fourth Ring Road of the Imperial Capital, so it was packed with traffic despite it being the weekend.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Gu Nianzhi rested her head against the window as she watched the thick throngs of traffic and mumbled, "How much longer will it take?"

Huo Shaoheng glanced at the map to see that there was an accident ahead causing such a big traffic jam. Since this road was blocked, he would find another one. Luckily, he had the most convenient and updated phone GPS, so they were able to find a back road to take. From the back road, it was only a short distance to Gu Nianzhi's high-rise apartment. They got out of the car in a better mood. Holding hands, they walked into the elevator and watched the number on the display inch closer and closer to the level of Gu Nianzhi's apartment. With a chime, the elevator door opened and standing before the apartment door was none other than Gu Nianzhi's sister, Gu Yanran.