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521 Duel 2

 Huo Shaoheng had just finished his sentence, but the smile on the black nurse's had already frozen. She snapped back into reality after a few seconds and stammered, "D-d... Discharge him?!"

"Yes, we're here to discharge him." Huo Shaoheng kept his sentences short and simple. "My men will be completing the discharge documents now. Please move. We'd like to pack his things for him."

As Huo Shaoheng spoke, the men outside had already received instructions to bring the legal proof of identity given to Gu Nianzhi by the Barbados government-her Barbados passport and proof of direct relation-to the administration building of the hospital to get on with Gu Xiangwen's discharge procedure.

The people from the administration were shocked upon seeing the documents. They didn't want to proceed with the discharge, but it couldn't be helped. These people had provided all the evidence required for the discharge. What else could they do? Rules were rules, even if Gu Yanran had left instructions for them.

"Please... Please hold on. We will have to verify the documents." The people from the administration department stammered and ran off to their office to call Gu Yanran.

Gu Yanran had left a number here to contact her directly should there be an emergency. Even though the people from the hospital did not know who that number belonged to, they had tried it a couple of times in the past, and their problems had been immediately resolved.

However, this time around, they couldn't get through no matter how they tried.

Huo Shaoheng and the men were waiting for approximately 10 minutes outside. When they saw that the people who were supposed to handle the discharge disappear into the office, they knocked on the counter.

"Where're you guys?! Do you need so long to verify those documents? Can't you just check directly with the government?!"

The people from the administration department tried for about half an hour but still couldn't manage to get a call through to the number they had. With the people outside rushing them, they had no choice but to abide by the rules. If not, they might be charged with illegally holding a hostage...

The people from the office emerged slowly, frowned, and began to proceed with the discharge procedure.

Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi were seen packing Gu Xiangwen's belongings in his ward. From his breathing apparatus to his daily change of clothes, they packed everything that could be hauled away.

The black nurse stood to the side and rubbed her hands. She repeatedly told them, "He hasn't recovered... Where are you taking him?"


in 30 minutes, the people on Gu Yanran's side were beginning to panic.

"Should we report this to Miss Gu?"

"Can't we check what happened again?"

"We've sent people over, but they didn't give us any form of response..."

What they didn't know was that the men they'd sent had been defeated and locked up in a small room, waiting for the entire incident to be over before they could be let out by the Hua Xia Empire's Special Forces Elites based in South America.

Waiting for them didn't seem like a good idea. When they finally decided to report to Gu Yanran, it was already 40 minutes later.

"What? You can't get through to the hospital?" Gu Yanran asked in shock. "There isn't any network, either? Then don't you know how to send people down to check? It's not that far from here, is it? Just about a 10-minute drive!" She looked up from her breakfast in the garden's shelter and glared at her subordinate.

"We've sent people, but we can't contact them, either..."

Gu Yanran's brow furrowed. She stood up in an instant.

Sh*t! she cursed in her head. Someone must have found out... It's too late.

Gu Yanran's expression darkened, and she made a decision.

"Quick! Bring more men and inform the security company. Get them to provide us with military aid. I'll go with you guys!" she commanded as she took her phone out and sent a text for help.

Upon sending the text, she threw her napkin, turned, and left in a flash.

Gu Yanran left so quickly that she stepped on a corner of her tablecloth on accident. The tablecloth was pulled from the table. The silverware on the table was thrown onto the ground as the tablecloth was pulled. However, Gu Yanran was not disturbed by the noise and left hurriedly all the same.


After 40 minutes of going over the discharge procedure, it was finally done.

Even though Huo Shaoheng and the rest of the guys were worried, they pretended to be calm, as they didn't want to raise any suspicion. In any case, they'd cut off all forms of communication. They didn't have to be worried that the hospital staff would have anything else up their sleeves.

The director of the hospital arrived at Gu Xiangwen's ward personally and looked at Gu Nianzhi. "You're Gu Xiangwen's youngest daughter? I've never heard of you before!"

"Oh?" Gu Nianzhi tilted her head and smiled, looking cheeky. "Why haven't you? My sister hasn't mentioned me before?"

"Your sister? Oh, Miss Gu. Nope, she hasn't..." The director of the hospital looked Gu Nianzhi up and down and commented, "You're Young Miss Gu. You don't look like your sister at all."

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"How can we look alike if we're not twins?" Gu Nianzhi said cheekily and showed the director her new Identification documents from the Barbados government. "Look, this is my proof of identity. The government stamp is right here. You can check with the relevant department if you're still not convinced."

"But our landlines and networks are down, so we're unable to contact anyone at the moment." The director was still trying to hinder them. "Why don't you just wait for a while longer?"

Gu Nianzhi's expression darkened, and she spoke in fluent English with a British accent. She looked firm and haughty and felt exactly like an unreasonable princess from a wealthy family as she said, "That's your problem. I've provided you with the necessary documents to discharge a patient. I'm not obliged to fulfill your every request at the last minute."

The director was used to outmaneuvering people who tried to reason with him, but when faced with unreasonable people, he was at a loss for words. That was because the wealthy people he served from Barbados were all haughty and unreasonable like her. Now, he truly believed that Gu Nianzhi was the youngest daughter from the Gu family...

Yin Shixiong appeared with four or four strong and buff-looking men, and they lifted Gu Xiangwen onto a stretcher. This was a stretcher that had been prepared by Chen Lie. It had been shipped over upon urgent request from Europe. There was everything a person in his vegetative state would need. Gu Xiangwen was merely being transferred from one bed to another, without any changes in medications.

"Go." Huo Shaoheng waved and shot Yin Shixiong a stare.

Yin Shixiong nodded and brought his people out with Gu Xiangwen.

The moment they arrived in the corridor, there were two identical stretchers. Each of them contained a human in a "vegetative state." These were decoys they had prepared. The objective was to not let people know exactly where they had gone.

However, they had underestimated the abilities of their opponent. Or, rather, they hadn't known who their opponent was, exactly, or where they were...

The three stretchers did not even make it to the lift entrance before a huge explosive sound resounded through the building.

"Down!" Huo Shaoheng commanded. It felt like the explosion was directly below them. He hugged Gu Nianzhi immediately and rolled forward toward a pillar beside the door.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions were heard continuously from outside the building.

The entire building was filled with smoke. A bomb had exploded within the building. They could see the mountains and forests behind the hospital through the front of the building!

Yin Shixiong protected his men and Gu Xiangwen, and he pushed him back into the ward. Sticking his head out of the window for a peek, he saw a couple of masked men in black outside, carrying flamethrowers, shooting flames and moving toward the hospital building.

"Mr. Huo! Take them away! I'll cover you guys!" Yin Shixiong grabbed his sniper rifle from the stretcher, placed it in the window, and began taking aim.


A bullet spun its way toward the masked men and shot the one who was in front-a headshot.

Huo Shaoheng jumped up from the ground and took out another sniper rifle from the stretcher. He didn't even take aim but just fired at the flamethrower of the man who had been shot by Yin Shixiong.


The flamethrower that the man was carrying had two tanks in total. One was pure oxygen, and the other was petrol. One bullet was all it took to blow up the entire tank of oxygen, along with the petrol. The fire that ignited from the shot was enough to turn the man carrying it into ashes within a minute.

Normally, anyone who saw this would be so afraid that they'd flee in horror. However, the remaining masked men were clearly not normal people. Not only did they not back down, but they even began aiming in the direction the bullets had come from!

The flames looked like devils from hell, shooting directly at the windows on level three!

Huo Shaoheng and Yin Shixiong quickly ducked to avoid the fire. The flames flashed past them and disappeared within seconds. What was left was thick smoke.

Gu Nianzhi was crouching at the pillar beside the door of the ward where Huo Shaoheng had left her. She observed the situation in shock and felt herself beginning to panic. She almost screamed out loud when she saw the flames coming toward Huo Shaoheng and Yin Shixiong, so she quickly stuffed her fist into her mouth. She didn't want to be a burden to them.

"Call the police! Quick! Call the police!"

"Our landlines are cut off!"

"Run! Run! These thieves don't care about their lives anymore!"

The director of the hospital, Gu Xiangwen's caretaker, and the hospital workers ran around randomly, panicking.

Huo Shaoheng couldn't stand to look at them anymore and told Yin Shixiong, "Escort them out through the back door. I'll distract their fire here."

"No! I'll cover you guys. You bring them out, Mr. Huo!" Yin Shixiong rejected. He couldn't allow Huo Shaoheng to be in such danger again.

"This is a command." Huo Shaoheng did not continue and sat up from the ground. He loaded his sniper rifle swiftly in one motion. "Your aim isn't as accurate as mine. I can get out of this, but you can't. Go!"

It really wasn't the time to be indecisive or to give in to one another. Since his first rebuttal had failed, Yin Shixiong did not insist. He knew that his aiming wasn't as accurate as Huo Shaoheng, but he didn't feel that Huo Shaoheng could get out of this, anyway. However, there were still Gu Xiangwen and Gu Nianzhi to think of-two people who needed him to escort them to safety. So he resolved to send them first before returning to help Huo Shaoheng.

"Then please be careful, Mr. Huo," he said. "I'll escort them out first." Yin Shixiong left his sniper rifle with Huo Shaoheng and took out two semiautomatic shotguns from the stretcher. He carried Gu Xiangwen on his shoulder and tied him to his body. Then he shoved a shotgun at Gu Nianzhi and commanded, "Take this and follow me! Cover my back-if you see anyone running toward you, shoot without mercy!"