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 The several most common ways to generate electricity were hydroelectric, wind power, thermal power, solar power, and nuclear power. Gu Nianzhi quickly recalled the physics knowledge she had learned from the expert instructors at the Special Operations Forces, and combining it with the surrounding situation of the water around the blue hole, she immediately eliminated the possibilities of thermal power and hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity required an extreme flow of water or a large temperature difference in the seawater in order to generate electricity. However, the current geography and water conditions obviously didn't fulfill the requirements for hydroelectricity. Also, hydroelectricity required large scale infrastructure.

The blue hole's surroundings had no trace of human influence because its most natural topography had been preserved, so this completely eliminated the possibility of hydroelectric generation. Thermal power was self-explanatory, as there were no natural resources that enabled it. Aside from the immense infrastructure hydroelectricity and thermal power required, wind-generated power and nuclear power also had stringent requirements for energy generation, so they also needed basic infrastructure. Gu Nianzhi quickly eliminated the possibilities of hydroelectricity, thermal power, wind power, and nuclear power.

Solar energy could be small or large scale and have a complicated or simple generation mechanism. Gu Nianzhi didn't know too much about solar power, but she understood the general principle. Also, the Special Operations Forces base had solar panels installed. She had been curious in the past and secretly climbed onto the roof to inspect them closely. The best solar panels in the world had already advanced into miniature and streamlined models, and even portable models. Like other technologies, all the most advanced technology was used in the military. Solar power was no exception.

Gu Nianzhi's heart trembled, and when she looked at the waters around the blue hole again, she immediately noticed something different. She observed the large and small reefs protruding above the water's surface near the blue hole. The reefs didn't look very different from normal ones, but upon closer inspection, there were irregular surfaces, and the rough-looking ones actually held a secret within.

Gu Nianzhi concentrated on looking at the reefs, and her gaze gradually focused on a spot near her life boat. The location of the reef was quite clever. Half was inside the blue hole's waters, and the other half was outside. If this was truly the solar power she had deduced, then the location was certainly interesting. Looking along the area around the blue hole, she immediately discovered the trick within. The reefs were spread out into stars and chess pieces where the blue hole's waters and the normal ocean intersected, so half were inside the blue hole's waters, and the other half was outside. It would be perfect if they could be used as carriers to generate solar power... Gu Nianzhi's eyes shimmered as she started up the lifeboat to head towards the reef.

Suddenly, shouting and the sounds of fighting erupted from Gu Yanran's yacht. Gu Nianzhi had been focused on her thoughts but was suddenly startled by the noise. She instinctively looked in that direction to see that the middle-aged woman was actually holding Gu Yanran at gunpoint on the yacht's helm! The woman's back faced the ocean, and she was tightly choking Gu Yanran. Gu Yanran kept trying to force the woman's hands away, but she couldn't peel them back. The middle-aged woman pointed the gun at Gu Yanran's housekeepers and security while continuously screaming.

Gu Nianzhi thought that Gu Yanran had this coming since that woman was clearly not a good person, yet Gu Yanran actually decided to save her and bring her on her yacht. Gu Nianzhi looked away to ignore what was happening with Gu Yanran, then focused on jumping onto the reefs. All sorts of reefs in various sizes were littered around where the blue hole's waters and the normal ocean intersected, so Gu Nianzhi had to navigate carefully in order for her lifeboat to avoid the reefs.

When she arrived at the reef closest to her, Gu Nianzhi stopped the lifeboat, estimated the distance between the reef and herself, and then took out a rope of appropriate length from her diving suit. Making a knot, she threw it towards the reef. After throwing it two times, the rope looped around the reef, and with a tight tug and her foot firmly planted on the boat, Gu Nianzhi volleyed herself up and towards the reef! She landed successfully!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Gu Nianzhi almost laughed with relief, but her happiness was quickly extinguished. The reef was charged with electricity, too! She had no idea approximately what voltage it was, and it was certainly weaker than the violet electric arcs on the blue hole's waters, but it was still beyond what normal humans could endure. Gu Nianzhi could feel hundreds of thousands of tiny needles pricking her entire body. At first it didn't hurt too much, but after three seconds, the pain spread throughout her body. Gritting her teeth, she managed not to cry out. Ignoring the pain in her body, Gu Nianzhi half crouched on the reef and began using the simple circuit detector from her diving suit to find evidence of solar panels. Soon after, she found a clue and couldn't help sighing in awe.

She had no idea who was such a genius, as these weren't reefs at all! These were solar panels disguised as reefs! The outer surface employed a very interesting paint that not only disguised the faux reefs' surfaces, but it also protected the normal operation of the circuitry inside as well as increasing the absorption of solar energy by several magnitudes! This was amazing.

The reason why solar power hadn't been mass introduced was because the rate of conversion for solar polar was too low, and due to its low performance, it caused more pollution to the environment. But the "solar panel reefs" near the blue hole's waters were naturally formed and not only had a high conversion rate but also achieved recycling of circuitry equipment in order to minimize environmental pollution. This was why the waters in the area had maintained their natural appearance. By utilizing, modifying, and protecting the environment, such technology was truly mature and could be sustainably developed.

As Gu Nianzhi was appreciating the technology, she also had to carefully avoid the violet electric arcs on the other side of the reefs, near the blue hole's waters. Those were high voltage, and she was sure to die on contact. It didn't matter if she died, but what about Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze? Gu Nianzhi would never allow such a thing to happen. Now that she knew were the power was being generated, the next step was to destroy it.

Looking up to count, Gu Nianzhi saw that there were about eight of the same reefs visible that formed an octagon. There was only limited time, so she couldn't climb onto each one to destroy them. This was the moment a tool of destruction could be used. Gu Nianzhi took a gun out of her diving suit and aimed at several similar rocks nearby. With continuous shots, the rocks were reduced to pieces, completely destroying the outer paint on the rocks as well as the internal circuitry. Two minutes later, the violet electric arcs on the water near the blue hole were visibly diminished and soon weakened. They floated above the sea surface like sparse, blue willow-o-wisps.

Overjoyed, Gu Nianzhi knew she had found the right direction and was about to keep firing at the reefs when a great commotion sounded from Gu Yanran's yacht. "Let me go! Let me go! You can't bite the hand that saved you!" It was Gu Yanran desperately screaming.

Gu Nianzhi quickly glanced back to see the middle-aged woman had somehow stolen a gun and was holding Gu Yanran hostage at the helm of the third floor of Gu Yanran's deck. The woman's back faced the blue hole. "I don't have anything left now! Have your family bring money to ransom you!" The middle-aged woman's loud laughter was magnetic yet harrowing to the brain.

Frowning as she listened, Gu Nianzhi slowly lifted her gun to shoot the middle-aged woman in the back in order to save Gu Yanran. She couldn't exactly idly watch Gu Yanran get killed. But before she could make a move, Gu Yanran's situation completely reversed. The middle-aged woman suddenly stumbled and fell forward, then Gu Yanran somehow got away from her and now held the gun. She aimed it at the middle-aged woman's chest and fired several times before kicking her corpse into the ocean. The seawater was immediately stained red by blood, and the middle-aged woman's corpse quickly floated above the surface, bobbing in the waves. The Yamaguchi Youko that Huo Shaoheng and his men had pursued for so long had died just like that?! And Gu Yanran was the one to kill her?! Eyes bulging, Gu Nianzhi's jaw dropped. However, she was only shocked for a second, then she instantly turned away to find a spot where she could dive into the blue hole's waters.

Her concentration was focused on how to find a spot where the violet electric arcs were the weakest, so she didn't notice that the giant yacht from earlier had already stopped nearby. The yacht was fully equipped, and a lifeboat several times larger than her own was lowered from the yacht and was now speeding in her direction.

"Gu--Nian--Zhi! Come back here!" A furious cry sounded from behind her, and the aloof voice dragged Gu Nianzhi back to reality from her thoughts.

Turning back again in shock, Gu Nianzhi saw He Zhichu standing on a white yacht glaring at her with rage! "Professor He?! Why are you here?!" Gu Nianzhi was pleasantly surprised after the shock wore off, and she waved at him with a smile. She then quickly turned around and dove down into the blue hole's waters were the violet electric arcs were the weakest.

It wasn't that she disobeyed He Zhichu, but that there could be no further delay with Huo Shaoheng's situation. She had no time to explain to He Zhichu. He Zhichu just managed to arrive and witness Gu Nianzhi's slender figure dive into the blue hole's waters that still sparked with the weakened electric current. This was the second time he had witnessed her facing danger. But this time, no one could stop him, so He Zhichu also dove down without another word.