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501 Incomparable 8

 Hearing Yin Shixiong's voice, Gu Nianzhi climbed up from the deck and sprinted to the cabinet where the guns were stored. She took out the longest box and lunged toward Yin Shixiong who was on the bridge. She almost leaped onto the floor of the bridge as another bullet flew toward them and hit their ship.

Yin Shixiong looked extremely pissed and kicked the box out of Gu Nianzhi's arms. He took the box to the back of the rudder. In 15 seconds, he had put together a huge sniper rifle.

Gu Nianzhi had only managed to crawl to Yin Shixiong's legs by this time. Hearing the sounds of the gun being loaded, Gu Nianzhi raised her head and realized that Yin Shixiong had already raised the gun and was walking out of the bridge.

"Stay here. Do not come out," Yin Shixiong told Gu Nianzhi without even turning to look at her. He walked out of the bridge and locked the door from outside.

The bridge was the safest place in the entire ship, as the door and the body of the ship were waterproof. However, the other cabins were not as tough as this. The little room Gu Nianzhi was staying in already had a bullet hole shot through it. However, those bullets would never be able to penetrate through to the bridge.

"Don't close the door, Brother Xiong!" Gu Nianzhi rushed to the door and flung herself onto it. "I can be your spotter!"

Due to the fact that Gu Nianzhi had followed Huo Shaoheng for a long time, she knew a thing or two about the army. For example, she knew that snipers usually operated in pairs: a shooter and a spotter.

Of course, Yin Shixiong would never allow Gu Nianzhi to be his spotter.

Who was she kidding? Huo Shaoheng would most likely blow his top the moment this little princess had as much as a small abrasion. Yin Shixiong would never forgive himself, either. This was the little girl they had brought up on their own; they didn't even have enough time to pamper her.

Gu Nianzhi whammed on the door for a long time, but Yin Shixiong continued to ignore her.

He carried the sniper rifle and crouched at the bow. Using a big float to cover himself, he aimed at the enemy's sniper.

The enemy's sniper wasn't amazing, in his opinion. That was because the sniper used a scope on his rifle, which created a reflection from the sun, totally exposing his hiding spot. He calmly took aim using a set square and calculated the wind speed and the opponent's location.

Two minutes later, Yin Shixiong pulled on the trigger.


His sniper was initially silenced. However, due to the distance, the bullet created noise caused by the friction caused between itself and the wind. Sniper rifles like these were too quick, causing the bullets to travel with such a speed that they would render a silencer useless. When the opponent heard the bullet from Yin Shixiong's gun, it was already right in front of him. It broke his scope and went right into his forehead!

The sniper did not even have time to moan. He fell backward onto the ground and stopped moving altogether after twitching a couple of times.

The middle-aged lady saw that their opponent had struck one of their snipers down from the bridge. She did not falter, and she commanded calmly, "Next."

Another sniper went to take his place, and the one who was shot dead was thrown into the blue hole.


Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze hid among the reefs in the blue hole. The amount of oxygen they'd brought with them was running out. In order to ration their oxygen supply, they were sharing a gas mask, one breath each, in order to extend the duration of their oxygen supply.

"Mr. Huo, will Big Xiong and Nianzhi be okay?" Zhao Liangze signed to Huo Shaoheng.

"...Hopefully they will," Huo Shaoheng signed back.

He said "hopefully" instead of "definitely."

Zhao Liangze's heart sank. He fiddled with the communication device in his hand and came to a decision. "I want to try repairing the communication device again, Mr. Huo," he signed to Huo Shaoheng.

They'd be waiting to die if the device couldn't work. It was obvious that their opponent wanted to trap them in the blue hole in order to kill them. They couldn't get out. They could only pin their hopes on the people above the waters to save them.

Huo Shaoheng knew that they did not have any other choice; they could only try every hope they had. He felt that the device, whether working or not, would not make a difference to the outcome.

"Try it then," Huo Shaoheng signed and turned his attention to the ocean in front of him.

It was blue everywhere in the depths of the blue hole. There were no colorful tropical fish or beautiful coral. Everything was still. Everything except for Zhao Liangze and himself.

Huo Shaoheng looked at the ocean in front of him quietly. What is Nianzhi doing now? he thought all of a sudden. Is she lying on the deck of the ship, sun tanning? Or will she be barbequing crabs, waiting for them to return and enjoy the feast? Or will she be panicking, bugging Yin Shixiong to fix the communication system because she's also realized that the system has broken down?

He felt indescribably awful when he thought of not being able to return this time round. This was his first time feeling this, even after all of his missions putting him at the risk of being unable to return every single time. He couldn't just sit and do nothing.

Hugging his rifle, he squinted and decided that he was going to try surfacing again.

Right at that moment, there were movements in the usually peaceful blue hole. Huo Shaoheng looked up-something was falling down from the top. He turned on the binocular function of his diving lens and saw that it was a corpse.

He had an idea.

"Little Ze, wait here. I'll return swiftly." Turning around, he shoved his oxygen tank to Zhao Liangze and kicked the rock, shooting upward in the direction of the corpse.

In shock, Zhao Liangze realized that Huo Shaoheng had left his oxygen tank for him as well. He was extremely grateful-but worried.

Even though he had gone on many missions with Huo Shaoheng, none had been as dangerous as this one. At such a juncture, with the possibility of only one survivor making it out alive, Huo Shaoheng had actually given him the hope of living.

With such a major general, commander, and a leader, what could he say?

Zhao Liangze's diving goggles fogged up. He knew he should not be crying now, but he couldn't help it.


Huo Shaoheng grabbed the corpse that fell from the top, grabbed his collar, and pulled him to the side of a rock in the blue hole. Upon observation, he realized that the man had died from a shot to the head. This was Yin Shixiong's habitual shot...

Moreover, that shot on the man's head was obviously caused by a bullet from the Special Forces!

Huo Shaoheng felt relieved and worried at the same time. He was relieved that Yin Shixiong and Gu Nianzhi had sensed that something was amiss and began fighting the opponent. However, he was worried that there were only the two of them up there. Would they be able to handle such fierce opponents?

What was more worrying was that he did not know how many people their opponent had.

The moment the thought of Gu Nianzhi being in danger hit him, his expression darkened further.

Turning his arm, he grabbed the corpse by the back of his shirt and put him in front of himself as a human shield. Then he kicked furiously and swam toward the surface of the waters above the blue hole.

This time around, the corpse took the electricity from the fence for him, and he successfully managed to break the surface of the water!

He took gulps of fresh air, and oxygen filled every inch of him. His mind finally felt at least 100 times clearer than it had been just now.


"He managed to get out?" The middle-aged lady on the blue ship removed her binoculars and said angrily, "A bunch of useless junk! You can't even catch people with a net! Shoot! Shoot that man!"

She pointed at Huo Shaoheng who just managed to surface from the waters, and commanded her men.

Huo Shaoheng only managed to get some air before diving back down into the blue hole. A pity he did not have his oxygen tank with him anymore. If he had, he could've used the corpse as a human shield and could have just swum through the fence from the bottom of the blue hole into open waters.

That was because he was nearer to the surface of the Blue Hole than he was to the sides of it. Therefore, he had no choice but to allow himself to surface in order to get some air before attempting to swim to the edge of the blue hole.

The snipers from the blue ship were rather good. They'd almost hit Huo Shaoheng on several tries.

Huo Shaoheng dragged the corpse with one hand and held onto the sniper rifle with the other. He was unable to aim properly and only managed a few random shots, which did not affect the opponent at all.

Seeing that her men did not manage to hit the man in the diving suit after so long, the middle-aged woman deduced that the man was Huo Shaoheng himself. Otherwise, no one would have been as capable.

"Just in time. Both of you can go to hell together and be lovebirds of the netherworld..." The middle-aged woman smiled wickedly and took the sniper rifle from her shooter. She took aim at Huo Shaoheng personally. Her skills were way better than those of her men.

A series of gunshots were heard. The water around Huo Shaoheng splashed quickly. Huo Shaoheng's vision was blurred by the splashes. At that moment, a bullet from the opponent slashed his diving suit and injured his arm.

Soaking an injury in seawater was the literal version of sprinkling salt on one's wounds. Huo Shaoheng clenched his jaw and decided to go all-out at this moment of danger. Raising his head, he saw the blue ship. He threw the corpse in the direction of the gunshots, raised the other hand with the rifle, and began a series of shots. The shots landed right on the ship, and the frequency of the shots was just like those fired out from machine guns.

His gunshots finally managed to catch the attention of Gu Nianzhi and Yin Shixiong, who were on board the Millennium Ota. Gu Nianzhi took the binoculars and saw a figure in the waters, exchanging fire with the opponents who were onboard the ship.

That figure was Huo Shaoheng!

Gu Nianzhi's heart skipped a beat, then sank. She saw blood oozing out from Huo Shaoheng's arm with the high-function binoculars... He was injured! How could he be injured?!

Gu Nianzhi became fierce and mad in that second. Throwing the binoculars aside, she flung herself onto the door of the bridge. "Let me out! Let me out!"

Yin Shixiong continued to ignore her. He continued to take aim using his sniper, shooting his opponents.

Gu Nianzhi knew that Yin Shixiong would not be opening the door for her. In a moment of worry, she looked at the rudder and turned to look at the distance between them and the opponent. Clenching her jaw, she ran to the bridge and familiarized herself with the navigation system within three minutes.

Yin Shixiong's key was still inside the rudder's keyhole. Pale as a sheet, Gu Nianzhi turned the key with all her might and started the engine of the ship. She turned on the auto navigation, and, at the highest speed, she held onto the rudder and drove the ship straight in the direction of their opponent!


"Abandon ship! They're tired of living!"

The moment the men of the middle-aged woman saw that the white ship-which was at least twice their size-was cruising toward them at such a high rate of speed seemingly seeking to die together with them, they jumped off the ship immediately.

The middle-aged woman's subordinate pulled her by the arm urgently. "Yamaguchi-san! Please abandon the ship! They're coming! Our ship wouldn't be able to take it!"

The middle-aged woman did not expect that Gu Nianzhi would be so mad. She was navigating the ship toward them as if she wasn't afraid to die.

She did want Gu Nianzhi to die, but she didn't want to die with her!

"You bitch!"

The middle-aged lady threw her rifle away and looked at Huo Shaoheng, who was almost shot to death in the sea. At the final moment before Gu Nianzhi's Millennium Ota ran into them, she put on her life vest and jumped off the ship with her men!