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500 Incomparable 7

 "What should we do? Mr. Huo, we can't get out!" Zhao Liangze gestured frantically and looked at Huo Shaoheng with despair.

Huo Shaoheng retreated a distance from the blue hole's edge. Although his body could suffer more than Zhao Liangze's body, being electrocuted for an hour was not a pleasant feeling.

"Let's go up and look." Huo Shaoheng pointed to the sea level of the blue hole. They didn't want to surface in the first place, since someone was trying to kill them. Surfacing would make them open targets. If Huo Shaoheng had been the one trying to kill people, he would certainly force them to surface and shoot them one by one like targets. But they had no way of surviving now if they didn't surface.

Although these were Huo Shaoheng's enemies, he couldn't help but admire their technological breakthrough of being able to overcome technical difficulties of the seawater to create a working electric fence. If only they could obtain that technology for themselves... Huo Shaoheng was greatly impressed as he quickly swam toward the surface of the blue hole. Zhao Liangze had no choice but to follow.

One meter, two meters, 10 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters... They were about to break the surface of the blue hole and could even see light seeping through the eerily blue water.

"I'll go up first!" Huo Shaoheng said in sign language to Zhao Liangze. "Don't pop up yet."

"No!" Zhao Liangze instantly held Huo Shaoheng back. Huo Shaoheng was the Major General, so his life was much more valuable than Zhao Liangze's. He didn't want to let his Chief become a target for him. He would never forgive himself.

Huo Shaoheng signaled to him, "I have quicker reflexes than you. I might be ok if I go up. You'll definitely not be ok."

Zhao Liangze said nothing. Although it was the truth, the words made him want to cry. He stared wide-eyed at Huo Shaoheng kicking fiercely and swimming up toward the water's surface.

As Zhao Liangze watched Huo Shaoheng go, he felt his breathing becoming labored. They had almost used up all the oxygen they'd brought. Looking up at the blue surface above, he watched Huo Shaoheng's silhouette shrink into a small dot before quickly moving away. Zhoa Liangze hugged his pile of instruments as he looked up, unable to calm down for a very long time.

Huo Shaoheng approached the blue hole's surface. The light grew stronger and was almost piercing. Draping an arm across his forehead, he used his other hand to hold a tiny instrument to stab toward the water's surface in trepidation.


A wave of violet electricity flashed by, and although Huo Shaoheng's instrument was made of insulating material, it still shook so hard that his wrist went numb. As expected! Even the surface was part of the grid and electric fence! The entire blue hole was completely surrounded by the high-voltage electric fence, like a tightly sealed blue bucket. Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze were the two fish who had been tossed into the bucket. Was this another way of shooting the fish in the barrel?

This was the first time Huo Shaoheng had experienced being totally helpless and unable to cry for help. This was not an exaggeration but a grim reality. Gritting his teeth, Huo Shaoheng had a tense expression as he resolutely continued to use the instrument to test the fence.

Zap, zap, zap...

A string of violet electric arcs flew up from the surface to dance on the eerily blue water. It was as brilliant as maple leaves under the sunlight, sparkling with specks of gold, and so beautiful that it was impossible to look away. However, Huo Shaoheng was in no mood to appreciate the beautiful sight. His heart continued to sink, and, just like the blue hole, it sank lower into an unknown place with no bottom...


Less than one nautical mile away from where Huo Shaoheng was testing the fence, a long and narrow navy yacht silently bobbed on the sea. Its body was very close in color to the blue hole, so it was difficult to discern where it was and where the blue hole was from a distance. It was quite deceiving.

On the bow of the yacht stood a woman dressed like she middle-aged, with thick bangs, a round, full face, large black-framed glasses that covered half of her face, and long hair that reached her shoulders. She wore a slim-cut dress suit, and although she had a slightly voluptuous figure, her curves made her appear alluring.

The woman used binoculars to watch where the blue hole's sea level was emitting violet electric arcs and snickered, "So he's not going to give up? Then let's increase the current."

"Yes." Her subordinate quickly adjusted the instrument to increase the voltage of the electric fence surrounding the blue hole.

When Huo Shaoheng made his last attempt to test the sea level, the voltage happened to be increased. A zap of violet electric shocks completely destroyed the instrument in his hand! If he hadn't reacted quickly enough to drop it, he might have been electrocuted.


Furrowing her brows, Gu Nianzhi stood still on the bow of the yacht. She had already been there for half an hour. Her feelings of unease grew, and the tremors were also getting stronger. Initially, she had only been able to feel them with her eyes closed, but now, she could feel them even with her eyes open.

"Brother Xiong, you really can't feel the shaking?" Gu Nianzhi turned back again to reconfirm with Yin Shixiong.

Yin Shixiong again shook his head but wasn't as sure that Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze were as fine as he'd believed half an hour ago. "Nianzhi, how about we steer the yacht closer to have a look?"

Yin Shixiong stopped insisting because he was also getting nervous. Although he didn't have the same intuition as Gu Nianzhi, his long years of working in the Special Forces had trained his intuition to sense such peculiarities.

"Ok, let's go over there!" Gu Nianzhi pointed in the direction of the blue hole. "I have the strongest feeling from that direction." It could be said that the tremors she'd experienced were all coming from that direction.

Yin Shixiong looked in the direction Gu Nianzhi's finger pointed. He reached out to calculate the coordinates and confirmed it before heading to the cockpit to steer the rudder. Their yacht was a new model that had been released that year, with excellent capabilities and great speed. It slashed through the waves as quickly as a bolt of white lightning.


"Miss Yamaguchi, the yacht is coming over from there." A man with a goatee walked up to the bow where the middle-aged woman holding binoculars stood. He whispered to her and even pointed in the direction the white yacht was coming from.

"That quickly?" The middle-aged woman was very surprised as she shifted the binoculars toward where the white yacht was coming from. "Hmm. Why is she here?"

The middle-aged woman's face fell immediately. However, her large black-framed glasses and binoculars completely covered her face, so no one noticed the split-second change in her expression. By the time she put the binoculars down, she had resumed a normal expression.

"Haha! This is going to be interesting." With a half-smile, the middle-aged woman passed the binoculars to the man with the goatee. "Get the snipers in position. Leave no survivors on that white yacht. Throw all the bodies into the blue hole."

Great. I won't even have to deal with the corpses.

Walking into the narrow cabin, the middle-aged woman almost wanted to laugh out loud. She had planned this for so long, and it somehow was about to be successfully completed today. She thought back to her painstaking plans in the past and how they had all been miraculously thwarted. However, Gu Nianzhi was destined to die, so what did it matter if it happened sooner or later? One would search high and low, only to find it when one least expected. What she needed right now was not only applause but also fine wine-a big glass of it.

Inclining her head, she gulped down an entire glass of tequila. A faint blush quickly tinged her normally pale face, giving her otherwise forgettable looks a bit of allure.


Gu Nianzhi stood on the bow of the white yacht, watching as they neared the blue hole. She was beyond anxious-and was about to put on a diving suit without a second thought in order to go find Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze-when she noticed that there seemed to be something else floating by where the blue hole and normal ocean was divided.

Quickly rushing back to the cabin, she found the most powerful binoculars and splayed against the window to observe the bobbing shape. A boat! There was somehow another boat there! In other words, it was another yacht that was somewhat similar to their Millenium Ota. It was also a streamlined shape, but while the unknown yacht was pointed at both ends like a weaving shuttle, their Millenium Ota was a solid bullet shape. The yacht floated at the edge of the blue hole, and because its paint color was so similar to the color of the blue hole, a normal person wouldn't have easily noticed it. They might have overlooked the navy yacht if not for Gu Nianzhi's keen eyesight and instant intuition that something was amiss.

Gu Nianzhi's instincts told her that the yacht had a deeper underlying purpose for being there, just like themselves. It wasn't here for sightseeing. However, she didn't need to find more evidence because the other people had already raised their black gun barrels to aim at the Millenium Ota.

With a great bang, a heavy armor-piercing bullet arced across the sky and shrilly hurtled toward the yacht's window. Gu Nianzhi only had time to lay down. The bullet went over her head by just one centimeter, cutting straight through to the other side of the yacht. It had punched two holes right through their yacht.

The Millenium Ota heaved violently in the waves, and Yin Shixing was nearly tossed off. Hearing the gunshot and seeing the person with a sniper rifle on the yacht not far away, his face fell as he cursed, "Motherf*cker! I didn't even shoot yet! He dared to shoot first! He must want to die!"

As he spoke, he stopped the yacht. He shouted through the PA, "Nianzhi! Bring me the AMR!"