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 "I really lived there when I was younger?"

Gu Nianzhi frowned with curiosity, her gaze sweeping over Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze's faces. Seeing them stare wide-eyed at her and Huo Shaoheng, she couldn't help but feel shy and excited. Huo Shaoheng was starting to get intimate with her in front of others without shame. Was she finally getting closer to her goal?

Gu Nianzhi's smile grew wider. She rested her chin on both hands as she cocked her head at Huo Shaoheng. "Huo Shao, I don't remember it at all...."

"You didn't remember anything to begin with," Yin Shixiong ribbed her. "It's not strange that you'd forget a little island."

Gu Nianzhi didn't object for once but nodded solemnly, "That's true. So what does this little island mean to me? Why do I have to go see it?"

Although she'd argued with Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong earlier about getting back at them for "starting rumors," she was still affected to a certain extent. The thought of Huo Shaoheng and Gu Yanran being on the tiny sailboat, then spending a night together on a small island, still made Gu Nianzhi a little unhappy no matter how much she trusted Huo Shaoheng. So she instinctively disliked the "little island."

"Seeing a place you were once familiar with might help recover your memories." Huo Shaoheng leaned back in the seat, one arm resting on Gu Nianzhi's chair back and patting her shoulder. "Don't fuss. Come with me to the Gus' little island tomorrow. That's also your home."

"Ok." Gu Nianzhi pouted. "Then what about Gu Xiangwen? We're not seeing him anymore?"

"That's your dad," Huo Shaoheng corrected her. "You can't call him by his name."

Gu Nianzhi lowered her head, mischievous eyes rolling-but out of Huo Shaoheng's sight. A father was supposed to be their daughter's greatest support, but within Gu Nianzhi's memories, Gu Xiangwen was considered absent. It was difficult for her to feel the love of a child toward a parent for him, but the appropriate respect was still necessary.

"Fine." Gu Nianzhi composed her emotions by looking up with a small smile. "How do we get there? Is it far away?"

"It's not easy to find." Zhao Liangze shook his head with disapproval. "Mr. Huo, are you actually going to ask Gu Yanran to go with you too? Otherwise, how would you find the location of the little island?"

Gu Nianzhi listened in confusion, then asked with unease, "Isn't this the Gus' island? How could it not be found? We all have GPS maps on our phones. Don't tell me it can't be found..."

"Haha! Nianzhi, it really can't be found." Yin Shixiong slapped the table. "Little Ze, you explain!"

Zhao Liangze rolled his eyes at Yin Shixiong. He would have explained even without being asked. "Nianzhi, your father is truly a great scientist. Aside from the blueprints and patents, the island itself had anti-GPS signal technology installed on it. So this island cannot be located on any map. If it wasn't by coincidence that Mr. Huo and Gu Yanran happened to drift near that island that day, we would've never known about its existence."

"Is that so?" Gu Nianzhi replied coolly. "If it's not on maps and we aren't locals, then it will be really hard to find. You don't know what you don't know." She expressed her thoughts with the last sentence in English.

"Right. That's exactly what I mean. You don't know what you don't know." Zhao Liangze smiled, sly as a fox, then looked at the confused Yin Shixiong smugly. "Big Xiong, people with low IQs don't understand our conversations."

"Humph! Pretending to be so great in front of me! As if I don't know what you're made of?" Yin Shixiong composed himself and snickered without backing down. "You'd better think of a way to get that anti-GPS technology from the island!"

"This isn't something that can be learned in a day." Zhao Liangze rubbed his chin. "Last time, it was lucky that Mr. Huo contacted us with his phone, so I was able to determine the island's location. Otherwise, we would have no way of going this time."

Without the exact coordinates on the vast sea, and only relying on the luck of a blind cat hunting for a mouse, it could take a lifetime. And the island still would never be found.

Gu Nianzhi glanced at Huo Shaoheng again, her words laced with hidden meaning. "Huo Shao, was that island memorable?"

If he replied yes, then Gu Nianzhi would definitely infer that it was because he had been together with Gu Yanran. But if he said no, then Gu Nianzhi wouldn't hesitate to retort that there was no point in going back since he didn't think it was memorable. Her memories were gone regardless, so there wasn't much point to even going to the island.

Huo Shaoheng knew exactly what logic Gu Nianzhi's words implied since she had grown up under his care. How dare she try to fool him? Huo Shaoheng reached out to stroke her head, his voice as low and alluring as a cello. "Of course it was memorable, because I thought of you while I was there."

"Oh-! I can't take it!"

"It's not fair to make fun of single people! You have to treat us like a protected species!"

Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong were irritated by the couple's loving eye contact, so they began shrieking wildly.

Gu Nianzhi smiled dotingly at Huo Shaoheng, totally ignoring Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong's terrible cries. Taking Huo Shaoheng's hand off her head, she nuzzled her cheek against his palm and asked softly, "Really? You really thought of me?"

The skin on her cheek was unbelievably silky. Huo Shaoheng's palm felt like it was touching a layer of clouds when he was against her skin. He didn't even dare to apply too much pressure for fear that her face would dissolve like a cloud if he pressed too hard. He recalled piloting a fighter jet one time. He had opened the top hatch of the cockpit to reach out and stroke the clouds. They had felt exactly like this.

"Yeah. So are you going or not?" Huo Shaoheng retracted his hand. After all, it was inappropriate to have such intimate interactions in front of his two personal secretaries.

Gu Nianzhi didn't stop him. She turned around to smile at Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong, who were covering their eyes. "It's fine! Enough from you two! Brother Xiong, Brother Ze, are we going to have fun on that island? Let's see what's so great about it that Huo Shao can't stop thinking about it..." She said this purposely, shooting Huo Shaoheng with a sidelong glance. The long and narrow corners of her eyes slightly lifted to appear even more naturally alluring.

Ignoring her, Huo Shaoheng tapped his fingers on the desk. "Big Xiong, Little Ze, make the preparations today, and we will go out to sea tomorrow."

"Aren't we going to let Gu Yanran know?" Zhao Liangze tidied up the materials in front of him before standing up. "It's her home, after all. Wouldn't it be wrong, especially if she found out?"

Since the island belonged to the Gus, what would she think about them trespassing on it?

Coughing lightly, Gu Nianzhi said seriously to Zhao Liangze, "Brother Ze, did you forget about me? I've already been proven as the youngest daughter of the Gus. So, that island also belongs to me. If I say you guys can go, then you can go. Stop just considering Gu Yanran, all right?"

They kept mentioning Gu Yanran, so Gu Nianzhi was getting irritated. Like an only child suddenly discovering that they had a sibling, she would require a mental buffer period.

Yin Shixiong immediately understood with a giggle. "Nianzhi's right. That island also belongs to our Nianzhi, so why would we need more permission if she's inviting us there? Mr. Huo, what do you say?"

Huo Shaoheng wanted Gu Nianzhi to have the domineering attitude of "who can do it but me?" She couldn't lose to Gu Yanran when it came to a forceful attitude. He had no idea what kind of feelings or relationship status the two biologically unrelated sisters had between them, so he could only hope that Gu Nianzhi could be more forceful in the situation so as to not lose the upper hand.

"Nianzhi is Gu Xiangwen's youngest daughter. Her words have more authority than ours." Huo Shaoheng glanced at her with a half smile. "Let's go back to prepare first, and we'll leave early tomorrow morning."

Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong got up to leave first. Gu Nianzhi took her time to stay behind because she wanted to go with him. Huo Shaoheng tidied his data and files, then asked without looking up, "Why didn't you leave yet?"

"I was waiting for you." Gu Nianzhi walked to him boldly and pulled on his sleeve. "Huo Shao, what's with you today? Why did you make me wash my makeup off? You didn't like it?" She had thought it looked pretty good. She'd even looked a bit severe when she'd glanced in the mirror.

Huo Shaoheng shook his head. "I don't like it. Don't do makeup like that again." He paused, then continued, "Don't put on makeup from now on. Your natural face is the best."

"Really? Huo Shao is complimenting my natural beauty?" Gu Nianzhi was already latched onto his arm and leaned her head against it, giddy. "Am I prettier than Gu Yanran?"

Huo Shapheng was silent. Looking down at Gu Nianzhi without speaking, his dark eyes were black like an abyss in the quiet night.

Gu Nianzhi grew nervous beneath Huo Shaoheng's intense stare, so she could only let go of his arm nervously. "Can't I even ask? Huo Shao, you've never complimented my looks before..."

"You still need to be complimented?" Huo Shaoheng raised his brow as he closed the briefcase. "Give you an inch, and you'll take a mile. I'm afraid I'll go blind if I compliment you."

"Why do you say that?" Gu Nianzhi didn't understand his logic. "How would complimenting me make you blind?"

"Because you're too dazzling. My eyes would be blinded." Huo Shaoheng pinched her chin. "Is that good enough?"

So that was the way Huo Shao complimented her beauty.

Happily standing on her tiptoes, Gu Niaznhi smooched him loudly on the cheek. "Huo Shao, I've discovered that you have a pretty special way of complimenting people's beauty. Most people couldn't accept it."

"You can't accept it?" Huo Shaoheng paused in his steps to look down at her. His face remained stoic, yet he silently moved closer to her.

"Of course I can accept it! Because I'm not a typical person!" Gu Nianzhi brandished her tiny fists, her infectious laughter echoing in the conference room.

Huo Shaoheng's mood also brightened. As they walked out of the conference room, Gu Nianzhi's tiny face looked like she had applied blush. Even the corners of her eyes were tinged with the lightest pink. She was positively glowing, and everyone could see her allure wherever she went. However, she hadn't put on a single bit of makeup and was complete barefaced.

Seeing Gu Nianzhi like this, Ye Zitan whispered to Chen Lie, "So it's true that love is the best cosmetic for women..."

Chen Lie carefully studied Gu Nianzhi's even more beautiful face and viciously decided to turn around to Ye Zitan and say with a pout, "Little Ze, you also look the best with no makeup on. You're even prettier than Nianzhi."

The corners of Ye Zitan's lips twitched as she tried hard to purse her lips and stop her urge to throw her thick reference book at his head. She tried to reply calmly, "Dr. Chen, it's better that you call me Dr. Ye." As she spoke, she turned to leave quickly.

Gu Nianzhi was just about to speak to Ye Zitan and hurried over to Chen Lie when she saw her leave. "Brother Chen, why did Dr. Ye leave? I still have something to talk to her about."

Chen Lie's entire face was scrunched together bitterly. He spread his palms. "How would I know? You women are so hard to understand."

Gu Nianzhi had an inkling as she walked around Chen Lie twice. "Hmm? Brother Chen, you really... like Dr. Ye?" She mumbled the word "like" so that no one could overhear and embarrass Ye Zitan.

"What do you mean like? Not like-what does a little girl like you know anyway?!" Chen Lie waved his fists at her. "I'm leaving, I have business."

Gu Nianzhi didn't stay behind to argue with him anymore. She returned to her room to write down a packing list for their voyage and then drove out with Yin Shixiong to make a big shopping trip. They were busy until the sky was full of stars. Huo Shaoheng was nowhere to be seen. Gu Nianzhi wasn't worried because no matter how busy he was, he would be sure to show up tomorrow morning.

As expected, Huo Shaoheng came to knock on her door to get her to go have breakfast before dawn the next morning, before the sun was even up. After breakfast, Gu Nianzhi went back to her room to apply the highest PA sunblock and put on Prada baroque sunglasses that shielded half her face, a baseball cap, and Under Armour sportswear and matching runners, as well as diving equipment.

They took Huo Shaoheng's car to the beach. It was a little past six in the morning, so the round sun had yet to appear over the water. Like a beautiful woman concealing half her face with the pipa she embraced, the sun's beautiful glow already spilled across the land, but it was still half concealed and unwilling to surface. The seawater was a translucent-bright blue like a crystal awaiting an expert to cut and collect it.

"The Caribbean Sea is so beautiful..." Gu Nianzhi sighed with awe, clasping her hands to her chest and closing her eyes to enjoy the sea breeze. "Where's Huo Shao?" She was standing on the dock on the bay with Yin Shixiong to wait for Huo Shaoheng and Zhao Liangze, who had gone to get the boat.

"Over there... That's our boat?"

Yin Shixiong squinted his eyes and shielded his brows to look out at the sea. Soon after, the sound of spraying water and the hum of a motor slicing across the sea's surface broke the silence around the dock.

Gu Nianzhi looked far ahead. In the direction of the rising sun, where the water was a layer of shimmering gold, a pure white, bullet-shaped, single-story yacht was speeding along the ocean surface. It seemed to slice through from the sun.

"That's the Millenium Ota the Consulate just acquired this year. It's 30 meters long with a total of 7,800 horsepower. Can carry 15 people and has three engines. Not only is it quick, but there's also lots of room for us to stow our goodies." Yin Shixiong patted multiple long cases with a bright smile.

The corners of Gu Nianzhi's mouth twitched. She couldn't help but quickly avert her eyes. What was wrong with these people? They didn't even think about how romantic being on the sea was! But instead, they brought small and large guns, then studied how to find the best sniping spots on the yacht. Were they going on an ocean hunt?!