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479 Allowing Them to Let Their Guard Down before Taking Control of Them

 Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze did not respond. They looked at each other and turned toward Huo Shaoheng at the same time.

Huo Shaoheng continued to fly the helicopter and was preparing for a landing. He did not agree instantaneously even though Gu Yanran's suggestion was exactly what he wanted.

Manipulating the thoughts of others had been his strength after all these years of professional on-the-job training and experience. Therefore, he just focused on flying the helicopter at that point in time.

"Sit tight. We're going to land soon."

The three passengers on the helicopter put their seatbelts on immediately. The roaring engine of the helicopter died down in no time.

Huo Shaoheng removed his seat belt and emerged from the pilot seat. "We've landed. Let's go."

Zhao Liangze looked at Huo Shaoheng, full of admiration. He grumbled to Yin Shixiong, "What the hell?! Big Xiong, please stop telling everyone that you're the best pilot. You're just an amateur compared to Mr. Huo!"

"You're the amateur!" Yin Shixiong retorted angrily. However, he looked at Huo Shaoheng full of admiration as well. "But you're really amazing, Mr. Huo! Your landing was perfect! I couldn't feel anything!"

Pilots would know that the hardest part of piloting any flying vehicles would be during their takeoff and landing. It was actually easy in between. And the skills for landing were tougher to master than taking off.

Yin Shixiong felt that his flying skills were top notch, perhaps only fairing a little lower than the best pilot in Hua Xia Empire. But compared to now, he was nowhere near Huo Shaoheng's flying skill. Nowhere near it at all.

Huo Shaoheng ignored the praises from his secretaries and walked toward Gu Yanran. Then he shook his head. "Miss Gu, we're here in Barbados for an official visit. We have duties that we need to fulfill. I'm a soldier from the Hua Xia Empire and not an outsourced soldier, so I do not accept employment at the eleventh hour. I sympathize with what your father went through, but I'm sorry, I'm unable to do much." With that, he opened the door of the helicopter and jumped off.

Gu Yanran was really taken aback this time around. She hadn't expected Huo Shaoheng to reject her flatly like that. She had thought that Huo Shaoheng would accept her suggestion no matter if it was an official or personal note... Could she have thought wrong?

Gu Yanran frowned and looked at Huo Shaoheng's back. She could not understand his words.

Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze were shocked as well. They knew the exact reason why Huo Shaoheng wanted to go to Barbados, but they also knew that it was a norm for them to hide their true emotions in their job. To them, they could only allow people to see what they wanted them to see. For that which they did not want others to know, they would have to keep mum about it. If not, the only path for them to take would be death.

Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze laughed jokingly and told Gu Yanran, "Miss Gu, you're too much! Your suggestion isn't going to work. What did you take us as? We're neither bodyguards nor outsourced soldiers. For someone like our Mr. Huo, how can he be a bodyguard? Yes?"

Gu Yanran jumped. She smiled along with them and explained herself quickly. "I didn't mean that. I mean, Mr. Huo is so kind at heart, and he's so capable. He even didn't mind taking care of someone who's almost a stranger like me. So I was wondering if he would be able to help my father." A tear ran down her cheek. She choked and continued. "I haven't even found my little sister. My father and I have been depending on each other since then. I'd rather die than let anything happen to him."

Zhao Liangze's heart went out to her. He did not know Gu Yanran well and thus did not dislike her. However, he did not have any special feelings toward her either. He was merely treating her like a normal lady.

However, this time around, his impression of her was that of someone who did not mind sacrificing herself for the whereabouts of her father. Zhao Liangze suddenly felt a sense of respect for her. Moreover, he knew that Gu Nianzhi might be her little sister. Even though they had different DNA...

Zhao Liangze knew that he was soft-hearted, so he kept quiet and jumped down from the helicopter.

However, Yin Shixiong was different. He smiled as he passed a piece of tissue to Gu Yanran. "Now, don't cry anymore, Miss Gu, Mr. Huo has official duties to fulfill; time really isn't on his side to help you out."

Gu Yanran accepted the tissue and dried her tears. Yin Shixiong took the opportunity to caress her back and took some loose strands of hair from her.

Truthfully, Gu Yanran's hair was really messy at the moment due to the entire ordeal. Her long hair was messed up on her back; it was an easy task to get as much as he wanted. However, just to be safe, Yin Shixiong kicked a small metal plate used to anchor the plane to the corner of the helicopter exit. Since Gu Yanran wasn't paying attention, the metal plate tripped her.


Gu Yanran fell and hit her nose onto the metal railing of the door, and her nose began bleeding.

Yin Shixiong ran over immediately to check on Gu Yanran, handed her a handkerchief for her bleeding nose and a tissue to stop the bleeding.

Gu Yanran was thoroughly out of sorts. Embarrassed, she refused to meet Huo Shaoheng after getting off the helicopter. Instead, she requested that Yin Shixiong send her home.

"I've got to ask for permission," Yin Shixiong quickly replied.

He went over to where Huo Shaoheng was and whispered: "Mr. Huo, I've gotten Miss Gu's hair and blood sample. But now she's asking me to send her home..."

Huo Shaoheng glared at him and replied, "Give me the things." After taking the things from Yin Shixiong, he continued, "Little Ze and I are not outsourced soldiers, but you are? Or you've gotten yourself a sideline of being a bodyguard and a chauffeur?"

Yin Shixiong was extremely embarrassed by Huo Shaoheng. Scratching his head, he said sheepishly, "Aren't I doing all this for Nianzhi...?"

If Gu Nianzhi was really Gu Yanran's little sister, Gu Nianzhi would be the one who would be caught in the middle if they fell out with Gu Yanran now.

Huo Shaoheng had already thought about this, but he didn't really care. Gu Nianzhi belonged to him. He would never put her in a dilemma. However, things had to be prioritized, and what was important right then was finding her father, Gu Xiangwen.

Gu Yanran's suggestion just now was actually what Huo Shaoheng wanted, but he did not want to agree immediately, as it would have been overly obvious. Huo Shaoheng hadn't thoroughly understood Gu Yanran as a person. Therefore, he wanted to be more cautious.

And those masked snipers who escaped-if they had more people, and if those people were hiding somewhere observing them and they helped Gu Yanran bring Gu Xiangwen to America, they'd fall right into the snipers' trap and give them all leads to Gu Xiangwen.

Huo Shaoheng had strategized countless secret attacks, and many of them were unsolved in the respective countries to date. They were fighting a losing battle by trying to play hide and seek with Huo Shaoheng. Therefore, no matter what, he would never agree to helping Gu Yanran immediately.

"Get someone to tell Gu Yanran that you have official duties to fulfill and therefore are unable to send her back. Get the Governor of Barbados to appoint someone to send her back instead." Huo Shaoheng got into his own vehicle. "Just get someone to tail her in the dark. Do not let anyone find out."

"Yes, Sir."

Yin Shixiong accepted Huo Shaoheng's command and went to look for the people from the Governor of Barbados.

Many of them volunteered enthusiastically when they heard that the wealthiest person in Barbados, Miss Gu Yanran, needed someone to send her home. Finally, the Governor sent out almost an entire platoon to send Gu Yanran home to the Gu mansion.

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Gu Yanran did not dare to enter her house when she arrived.

It looked exactly the same as yesterday, when she had been kidnapped from the place. However, there were yellow cordons blocking the entrance and a warning from the police indicating that the area was the scene of a murder.

Entering the living hall, Gu Yanran realized that the bodies were gone. In their place were chalk markings of the positions they had been in before being moved away.

The soldier from the Barbados Governor's office who had sent her back sympathized with her. He went up to her and suggested quickly, "Miss Gu, I doubt anyone can stay here anymore. Why don't you come to the Governor's office to stay for a few days? I'm sure Mr. Governor would be more than happy to provide protection for you."

Gu Yanran only felt better after throwing up a lot. Shaking her head, she declined. "It's okay, thank you. I think I'll go to a hotel."

There were only a couple of five-star hotels in Barbados, and all of them belonged to the Gus... The people from the Governor's office knew about this as well, so they stopped trying to convince her otherwise. They merely got her into the jeep and sent her off to the hotel she wanted to go to.

Coincidentally, just as she entered the lobby of the hotel, she saw Huo Shaoheng, Yin Shixiong, and Zhao Liangze coming down from the stairs of the hotel in civilian clothing.