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473 No Choice

 It was merely procedure for Huo Shaoheng to say this. It was the same with the culprits back in the Huaxia Empire - they never expected the masked snipers to respond.

Of course, the masked snipers responded by raising their guns and shooting towards the source of the noise! Huo Shaoheng stopped trying to convince them to surrender. He nodded to Yin Shixiong, and they picked up their weapon and shot in the snipers' direction.

The masked snipers in the living room realized that the nightmare they had just experienced a few moments ago had returned. They'd quite enjoyed shooting at the Gu family servants, but now that they'd become targets themselves, they did not feel very good at all. Still, they were forced to endure the shots. It was either shoot or be shot.

Within minutes, seven or eight masked snipers were dead. Only 2 masked snipers remained alive. They hid behind Gu Yanran and used her as a human shield.

"I'll shoot her if you come any closer!" One of them shouted towards the door.

Gu Yanran was barely alive. She couldn't even lift her head.

She cried as she shouted towards the door. "Let them kill me! As long as I'm dead, my father will be safe!"

"Shut up!" The sniper hit the back of her head with the gun handle. "Bring us to your father now! If not, we'll make you wish you were dead!"

"Jack! We've already searched the house, and we still can't find him! What do we do! Everyone else in this house is dead, and this bitch still isn't gonna give us his location!"

The two masked snipers spoke in Spanish and thought the people from the Huaxia Empire would not understand their language. However, they underestimated Huo Shaoheng. His grandmother had taught him English, French, German, and Spanish from the moment he learned how to speak. His gift in learning languages was comparable only to his mother.

Huo Shaoheng understood.

It seemed like the masked men had already searched the entire mansion, but could not find Gu Xiangwen. That must have been why they gathered everyone in the living hall and killed them one by one in front of Gu Yanran. It was an attempt to traumatize her into revealing the whereabouts of her father.

If Gu Xiangwen wasn't in the manor, then where was he?

Huo Shaoheng hummed softly for a second and nodded to Yin Shixiong expressionlessly. Then he slipped outside the mansion and managed to get behind Gu Yanran and the masked men. His weapon was able to shoot through walls. He'd done the same thing in the Huaxia Empires holiday villa to separate the kidnapper from Gu Nianzhi's classmate. Huo Shaoheng picked up his gun, aimed at the back of the man's head, and clicked.

Bang! The gunshot was heard throughout the entire manor.

One of the masked men fell dead, but the other was brave. He did not seem shocked by his partner's split skull. Instead, he grabbed Gu Yanran, broke the glass, and jumped out of the window.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Huo Shaoheng looked at the land outside the French window and his heart sank. He'd left an area out after all. The Gu's mansion was built near the sea. Little stone hills, streams, waterfalls and jungles surrounded it. The French window in the hallway faced a small waterfall, and when the windows were opened on a good day, the water droplets felt even better than being in an air-conditioned room. There was a pool at the bottom of the waterfall. The last masked sniper grabbed Gu Yanran, rolled into the pool, and swam in the other direction. Huo Shaoheng had instructed the police and soldiers to surround the mansion, but he had missed this spot.

Of course, it wasn't his fault. The Gu family mansion was extremely secluded and heavily guarded. The Special Forces were not as impulsive as the masked snipers. Therefore, the layout of the Gu's family mansion was only known to them by satellite data. They had not expected the Gu family mansion to be built in such a dense jungle and amongst the mountains. It was a tropical forest with plants growing year-round, which affected the accuracy of their land formation diagram.

It was an emergency. If the masked sniper was correct, only Gu Yanran knew the whereabouts of Gu Xiangwen. If the men killed him, the lead they'd been searching for for seven years would vanish. If the lead was gone, they may never get another chance to unravel the mystery of Gu Nianzhi's past

At that moment, many thoughts flashed through Huo Shaoheng's mind. Gu Nianzhi's clear, sparkling eyes were one of them. He couldn't allow himself to dwell on those thoughts. He had no choice but to follow.

He turned around to look at Yin Shixiong and said in a low voice, "contact Little Ze. Track my location. I'll make a move first." With that, he rolled towards the French window and jumped into the pool.

The masked sniper was pulling a drenched Gu Yanran from the pond when he saw Huo Shaoheng following him. He held up his gun and fired a few shots. The bullet hit the water and created huge splashes, which merged together with the water from the waterfall. In the sunlight, it created a rainbow over the pond.

Even though Gu Yanran knew that this was pure physics, the image of an extremely handsome man jumping into a rainbow pool to save her made her heart skip a beat.

"What are you looking at! He's dead!" The masked sniper slapped Gu Yanran. "Follow me!"

He grabbed her by her hair and almost dragged her on the ground as he made his way towards a narrow path.

Gu Yanran looked at the pool and its rainbow and felt her eyes water. She held in a sob, though she couldn't help a wave of depression from washing over her. Just when she was convinced Huo Shaoheng was really dead, the water splashed from the pool again. The handsome man emerged from the water, held up a gun, and took aim.

Gu Yanran almost cheered but controlled herself. However, the sniper who was dragging her realized something was amiss. Turning around, he fired at Huo Shaoheng, and then dragged Gu Yanran onto a small boat by the sea.

"Get in! Be quiet! If you make one more sound, and I'll make sure to use this on you!" The masked sniper pointed the gun at Gu Yanran before tying her up.

When Huo Shaoheng finally reached them, he saw a canoe-shaped boat about to set off to sea. Perhaps the engine was faulty, or the masked sniper did not know how to operate the boat correctly, because he only managed to start the engine after five whole minutes.

"Tuk-tuk tuk-tuk..." The engine of the boat roared. Gu Yanran's mouth was taped shut, her limbs were tied up, and she was thrown to a corner of the boat.

Huo Shaoheng ran to the beach. The boat had just left the coast, but due to the strong current, it could not travel quickly and kept being washed backward. The masked sniper held the gun in midair, pointed it at Huo Shaoheng, and laughed hysterically at him. Huo Shaoheng dove under the water in a blink of an eye. The turquoise sea churned white waves. It looked crystal clear under the sun. Gu Yanran peeked from the boat to look for Huo Shaoheng. Tears rolled off her cheeks. The masked sniper rolled his eyes at her, and she turned her head, hiding her face from him.

The boat moved forward, while Huo Shaoheng chased closely behind.

The masked sniper was frustrated at being unable to operate the boat well. He cursed and swore, and kicked Gu Yanran in his anger. They'd started their mission with more than ten people, each with a task to handle; but their plan had been foiled thanks to this asshole from the Huaxia Empire.

Why did he continue to chase them? Did he really want to die that much!

The masked sniper gave Huo Shaoheng's a cunning look and bit his lip. He pulled the oar and the boat came to a sudden stop. It had stopped moving so quickly that it almost capsized.

Huo Shaoheng was steadily closing in on their distance. The masked sniper couldn't care less about the boat anymore. He held on to his sniper properly, loaded it, placed it on the edge of the boat, and aimed at Huo Shaoheng.