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472 Tracking and Pursui

 The mustard yellow Hummer sped through the tunnels away from the Barbados airport. The group in pursuit hadn't expected another vehicle to intercept the blocked limousine, so they'd chased them on foot and fallen behind. Huo Shaoheng raised his anti-material rifle. He didn't even have enough time to use the scope to lock on the target. He aimed and fired several shots at the Hummer just as it was about it disappear around the corner. His accuracy was eerily perfect, and because the Hummer wasn't bulletproof and the tires weren't specially treated, they were effectively destroyed by the bullets. With a great boom, the SUV's front wheels exploded and blew up the asphalt under the car. In an instant, the road was marred with pits and chunks of concrete everywhere, and the air heavy was with smoke and dust. The obnoxiously loud Hummer made a full 180-degree spin then flipped over.

Zhao Liangze and Yin Shixiong knew Huo Shaoheng's shooting skills were very accurate, but this was on a level bordering awe-inspiring. The two men solemnly gripped their own anti-material rifles and flanked either side of Huo Shaoheng to protect him. A feeling of pride rose in their hearts. This was their Chief! They were willing to die under the leadership of such a man!

Huo Shaoheng had no time to think about unnecessary sentiments. He focussed all his attention on the flipped car in front of them. Huo Shaoheng waited until the car door opened, then he immediately shot at the masked shooters crawling out. A pink cloud of blood sprayed out of wherever the armor-piercing bullet fired at, and the masked gunmen nearly evaporated. The scene was shocking from afar and even more terrifying for the other gunmen near the bodies. They shrunk inside the car and didn't dare to come out. This was the first time anti-material bullets had been shot in Barbados. The local police and soldiers' jaws dropped. They didn't know that anti-material rifles didn't require spotters and could be used directly, like pistols!

"Go get them!" Huo Shaoheng turned around to see the Barbados local police and soldiers finally catch up. He waved to begin directing them. They had been too afraid to go earlier, but their bravado increased once they saw Huo Shaoheng's godly shooting skills. They put on bulletproof vests and slowly surrounded the fallen SUV. But Huo Shaoheng knew things had taken a turn for the worse once the police and soldiers had gathered around the car. They blocked his view, and he couldn't see the silhouettes of the masked gunmen inside anymore. As expected, several shots fired at the crowd around the car and the soldiers and policemen all fell to the ground. By the time Huo Shaoheng had reached them, there were no more criminals alive inside the car, only the severed remains of several people he shot.

"Where did they go?" Huo Shaoheng looked at one of the Barbados police officers with a grim expression. It was more dangerous to have foolish comrades then skilled enemies.

The officer looked up and pointed a shaky finger forward. "They ran off."

"Where did they go?" Zhao Liangze asked in English and held up his gun to defend Huo Shaoheng.

The officer seemed to have some useful knowledge. "That's the direction of Miss Gu's manor, are they-"

Huo Shaoheng's expression darkened. That's where Gu Xiangwen was! Could the masked gunmen really be targeting Gu Xiangwen? But why did they take Gu Yanran hostage first?

"Lead the way to Miss Gu's manor." Huo Shaoheng held the gun with one and held the officer's shoulder with the other. "Have your personnel follow as well."

The officer quickly nodded. "It's just over there! Come with me!"

Huo Shaoheng, Zhao Liangze, and Yin Shixiong, along with a group of armed policemen and soldiers, all ran towards the Gu manor.

The masked gunman tied Gu Yanran's hands and mouth her muffled as they dragged her by the arm towards the Gu manor. They pulled her in front of them to act as a shield, and when they arrived at the iron gates, a masked gunman fired a shot. The lock on the gate popped open.

"What are you people doing!" The guards at the Gu manor were furious and picked up their phones to call the police. The masked gunmen holding Gu Yanran fired directly a guard's forehead. The guard fell over with a thump, his eyes still open.

Tears streamed down Gu Yanran's face, but she couldn't speak with the tape over her mouth. As one of the wealthiest people in Barbados, the Gu family had many armed guards at their manor. The guards realized their employer was being held at gunpoint, and they rushed out to defend her, but as soon as they showed their faces, the masked gunmen shot them all in the head. Pitted against the Gu family guards, the masked gunmen's shooting skills were as effective as Huo Shaoheng's had been on them. They'd been terrified when they'd faced Huo Shaoheng, but now they regained their confidence.

"Come on! Let's go!" The masked gunmen could hear people chasing after them and knew their time was limited. They must quickly complete their boss's plan.


When the Huo Shaoheng and the Barbados policemen and soldiers arrived at the Gu manor, they saw countless bodies fallen around the great iron gates. All the fallen guards were armed, but they had been shot in the head before they'd the chance to use their weapons. Blood stained the ground, and some spots had already turned dark brown. The huge leaves of the tropical plants were splattered with blood.

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"These gunmen are ruthless! What are they planning, a massacre?" Yin Shixiong spat vehemently.

Huo Shaoheng tightened his grip on the anti-material rifle and said quietly, "let's hope we made it in time." There was no time for any more arrangements, so he made a decision immediately. "Big Xiong, come inside with me. Little Ze, stay outside as dispatch, and use the highest frequency on the Bluetooth headset to ensure there's no eavesdropping."

"Roger, Chief." By now, Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze could no longer say they were violating regulations. They could only obey Huo Shaoheng's commands.

Huo Shaoheng spoke to the Barbados local police and soldiers briefly and directed them to surround the area around the Gu manor in order to prevent the gunmen from escaping again. Luckily the Barbados local police and soldiers were accustomed to following orders. Before, they'd followed the Americans, and now they followed Huo Shaoheng. They accepted his commands and surrounded the Gu manor as he'd instructed. Huo Shaoheng, Yin Shixiong, and the best Barbados snipers crawled down the tree-lined path of the Gu manor. The main building of the Gu manor was a four-story villa-style home tucked inside a lush forest. It was distinctly tropical yet had obvious Huaxia architectural influences. The lowest floor was the basement, and there were three stories above it. In no time, the manor's giant rosewood door appeared before them. It was ajar and the men could see a light from inside. The Gu forest was so dense that, even in the middle of the day, there was little natural sunlight, and the house lights were left on.

Huo Shaoheng stopped three meters from the manor and tilted his head to listen for a moment. He heard gunshots, screaming, and crying. The masked gunmen were very vicious.

"Go." Huo Shaoheng frowned and led the group inside. Although he and Yin Shixiong didn't make any noise, the so-called "excellent snipers" were less professional, and their heavy panting and thundering steps carried inside the house.

"Jack! They've followed us!" The masked gunmen panicked. "Hurry up, and get rid of these people! We're running out of time!"

By the time Huo Shaoheng and Yin Shixiong burst through the entrance, several of the masked gunmen were aiming their guns at a group of people kneeling in the living room. They appeared to be servants from the Gu manor. Gu Yanran was facing the door. Her hands tied behind her back, and a gun was pressed to her head.

"Miss Gu, I'll ask again. Where is your father! If you don't tell us, you'll end up like these people!" The masked gunmen in the front raised his semi-automatic rifle and began shooting at the group of kneeling servants. Bullets flew through the room. Huo Shaoheng and Yin Shixiong were forced to roll out of the living room and hid behind the heavy rosewood door. They shared a glance and fired several shots inside. Flanking the other side of the door, they began shouting at the people inside.

"You've been surrounded! Drop your guns and surrender!"