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437 Meeting On the Narrow Path

 The silence in the dormitory was broken by the sound of a ringing phone.

Nianzhi heard her phone from the sofa and went over to take it out of her bag.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was He Zhichu, her home teacher. She knew she'd have to write him a report about the incident. Gu Nianzhi couldn't help but feel worried.

She thought He Zhichu had gone to America two weeks ago. Was he back already? What great timing...

Gu Nianzhi slid open her phone reluctantly and answered. "Hello?"

He Zhichu's cold voice came from the other end of the line. "Are you okay, Nianzhi?"

Instead of scolding her, He Zhichu's first reaction was one of concern. Gu Nianzhi heaved a sigh of relief. "I'm okay, Professor He," she whispered. "Where are you?" Gu Nianzhi asked after hesitating.

He Zhichu remained silent. After a while, he knocked on the door and replied, "outside your door."

Gu Nianzhi turned around in shock. She looked between the door and the security officers and said awkwardly, "erm, my home teacher, Profesor He, is here."

The security officers quickly opened the door. Standing in the doorway was a tall handsome man with extremely sharp features. He wore a long tan coat and exuded an unexplainable sense of authority.

He looked across the room coldly and saw Gu Nianzhi standing next to the sofa. Her face was slightly swollen, and the corner of one of her eye was bruised. He Zhichu strode into the room and went directly to Gu Nianzhi as if no one else was there. He raised her chin gently, looked closely at her bruised eye and pressed it lightly. Gu Nianzhi drew a sharp breath and cowered away from his touch.

She frowned and grumbled, "don't touch that. It hurts like crazy."

"Who did this?" He Zhichu's voice was clear and cold and didn't contain any emotions. However, people who heard it felt an immense sense of stress.

Gu Nianzhi pouted but did not speak. She only looked towards the direction of Miao Yunxiao.

Ma Qiqi pointed at Miao Yunxiao who was on the other end of the living room. "It was her. I saw it."

A chill went down Miao Yunxiao's spine when she saw He Zhichu look at her. "She started it! She hit me first! Look at my face. She did this!"

She exposed the side of her face. A faint handprint could be seen. He Zhichu rolled his eyes and turned to Gu Nianzhi. "Why did she hit you?"

Miao Yunxiao's eyes widened. She could not believe what she'd just heard with her very own ears. He Zhichu was so obviously biased! He was too much! What about his ethics? What about his reputation? Didn't he care about that anymore?

"Professor He, how can you talk like that? It was she who hit me first. You're making me seem like I'm in the wrong!" Miao Yunxiao was panicking. She couldn't allow them to make her the scapegoat.

He Zhichu wouldn't have noticed Miao Yunxiao, but she was making a lot of noise which was giving him a headache.

Looking at Miao Yunxiao again, he asked coldly, "you said she hit you first. Okay, where is your evidence? Witnesses and evidence. Take them out, and we'll have a look."

Miao Yunxiao was speechless. She and Gu Nianzhi had been the only people in the living room at that time. Ma Qiqi hadn't been there, so there was no one else could have witnessed what had happened.

Clenching her fists, Miao Yunxiao turned to glare at Gu Nianzhi. So cunning and scheming! She would have recorded the entire incident on a small camera had she known they were people like this...

"So you said she hit you first without any evidence to back you up? You're from the Law faculty, aren't you? I'd suggest your home teacher reconsider your qualifications to be a Masters student. How did you even pass the entrance exam with so little understanding of how the law works. " He Zhichu mocked Miao Yunxiao mercilessly.

Tears filled Miao Yunxiao's eyes. She was furious! How could he mock her like that? But she didn't dare retort He Zhichu. Everything that came from him was reasonable. From the eyes of the law, she truly did not have any evidence that Gu Nianzhi had started the fight.

Gu Nianzhi could easily accuse her of starting the fight. Like Miao Yunxiao, her words would not be taken into consideration due to the fact that she was also one of the people involved.

"But..." Miao Yunxiao stopped herself. She looked from the expressionless He Zhichu to Gu Nianzhi's calm face then to the security officers in the room.

She felt like they were all mocking her. In a moment of anger and panic, she said, "Professor He, how can you only speak up for her? You can't do that!"

A female voice came from the door. "Professor He is Gu Nianzhi's home teacher. Why would he help you? He doesn't know you."

Everyone turned and saw the law faculty counselor, Gui Suyao. She spoke on He Zhichu and Gu Nianzhi's side the moment she entered the room. Miao Yunxiao felt hopeless. Even the counselor was helping Gu Nianzhi!

Covering her face, she turned around and began sobbing.

He Zhichu frowned. With on hand in his pocket and the other holding on to his suitcase, he turned to Gui Suyao. "Counselor Gui, I was merely stating the facts and had no intention of taking sides. They're both students from the Law faculty, and I'm a professor from the Law faculty. There's no way I would take sides."

Ma Qiqi's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Wow! A true lawyer indeed. Saying such nonsense with a straight face. What a role model!

In order to be an excellent lawyer, one had to be careful not to let people use words against you. One should not admit to anything that wasn't politically correct, even if the person was merely trying to be nice.

Gui Suyao had not expected He Zhichu to be so polite. She felt awkward, and her face turned red in front of the students and security officers.

Miao Yunxiao pursed her lips and thought. The words from this Professor He sounded pompous, and there were no mistakes in his speech at all. It was obvious that he was helping Gu Nianzhi, but no one could put any sort of blame on his words. She had had enough...

Gu Nianzhi didn't even dare to raise her head. She was worried someone would see the smile creeping up the corners of her lips.

The security officers from the living room quickly came over to break the ice. The head officer of the school was a middle-aged man who was almost 40. He smiled and spoke to He Zhichu.

"You're Professor He? We just spoke on the phone. She's your student?" He pointed at Gu Nianzhi.

He Zhichu nodded. "I am her home teacher. May I know if you still have anything for her? I need to take her to the doctor to treat her wounds."

"Please go ahead." The officer nodded. "We'll have them each write a reflection essay and hand them to their respective home teachers. Then we can call this off."

He Zhichu rolled his eyes at Gu Nianzhi. "Out."

Gu Nianzhi lowered her head even more.

"I need to find out exactly what happened today. Sorry for the trouble." He Zhichu thanked all the officers politely and turned to look at Gu Nianzhi. "Follow me. I have things to clarify with you."

Gu Nianzhi nodded. Picking up her bag from the sofa, she followed He Zhichu out of the room quietly.

Miao Yunxiao fumed. "She can leave just like that?"

"What else do you want? You want her to appear in court with you?" The officer mocked her. "In the future, don't call security unless there's an actual problem, okay?"

"An actual problem?" Miao Yunxiao was so mad she couldn't even speak properly. "How can you say that! She - she - she hit me! That's why I called security!"

"She hit you, and you hit her back even harder, right?" The officer shook his head. "Listen to me. Forget it. It wasn't serious anyway. Why harp on it?"


Gu Nianzhi followed He Zhichu out of the elevator. A handsome figure in a Major General's uniform walked towards her.

Gu Nianzhi's eyes grew even bigger than Ma Qiqi's.

What is going on? Why was Huo Shao here!